Disney: The Grand Adventure

Chapter 1: It's kind of fun to do the Impossible.

Her heart was raging against her chest as she kept screaming and falling from the sky trying to grab a hold of something panicking and freaking out that she might die of a heart attack. She looked to see she was getting more and more closer to the ground as she shielded herself from impacting to the ground. But then her body stopped as she carefully opened her eyes staring and seeing she has not touched the ground…. She looked around herself ever so slowly…. But then she fell on the ground with a oof as she groaned "ow." she spoke softly as she tried getting up… wait… where is Noxi?!

Not too long after she got up, she could hear distant screaming coming from above. When she looked up, she saw her friend approaching as her yelling became louder and Noxi landed with a loud thud, landing on Millie. "Ugh…"

Millie felt the impact as she groaned "GET OFF ME YOU TUB LARD!" she muffled under Noxi in pain.

"Oh!" Noxi gasped quickly as she rolled over off of her friend and held out her hand to her. "I'm so sorry!"

Millie groaned softly as she sat up slowly as she laid back on her back and looked up at the sky as she groaned softly "Where are we?" Millie asked still in pain.

Noxi then turned her head to examine their surroundings. "Well… by the looks of it… we're on some kind of… island? I have no clue. But this whole area looks trippy- AH!" She yelled as she walked to its edge and looked down. There was no sea of any kind, except green, mixed with orange light below, and purple in the sky. Looking at the sky, her gaze led her to a giant castle they landed in front of. Well, not castle, instead it's more like a tower. "What is this beautiful place… if anyone's here, we should ask what the hell's going on."

Millie sat up following Noxi arching her back a little as she looked seeing… "I think I'm dead…. I fell down the stairs and I am dead."

She sighed and grabbed her hand, pulling her to her feet. "Come on, this is serious! If you were dead, you'd feel this." She said as she gave her a pinch on her arm.

"OOWWW." Millie yelled slapping Noxi's arm "YA GOBSHITE!"

# # #

Noxi and Millie headed towards the tower seeing that it was very tall, and looked a little gloomy too.

"You don't suppose they have an elevator here right?" Millie asked Noxi "Cause I don't want to climb stairs."

"Even if there are…" she started as she walked up the stairs to the front door. "We'd be getting a lot of exercise." She said. Then she pulled open the door. "Come on!"

Millie sighed as they walked in... the inside did not look like a tower at all… it looked like a inside of a royal castle… Millie and Noxi both were speechless.

"Whoa…" she mused as they looked around and, to their disappointment, there were stairs. "Ugh… damn it of course there'd be stairs, why wouldn't there be?"

Millie was looking around as she saw… pictures…. Wonderful painting and to see they are two girls, one with yellow bright hair and the other black dark hair. She was staring at it showing that the two girls were fighting in the painting and between them in the distance was a mountain with a demon on top? Millie cocked her head at it not sure what it is.

"Weird, they look alike…" Noxi said as they continued to walk. "Whoever lives here must be a really good artist."

Millie nodded walking away from the painting as she followed Noxi… Millie turned and something REALLY caught her eye. She gasped softly and quickly went towards two glass cupboards…. There were two lil daggers in them, One was blue, and one was white.

"Oh my goodness these are so cool." Millie said.

What Millie also noticed at the end of the handles of the daggers… there was a shape that looked like three circles joined together… hmm wonder why.

Then Noxi turned her attention to Millie and looked at the daggers. "Wait, Millie I don't think we should be touching those."

"I'm not gonna touch them, I'm just looking at them." she said as she leaned closer as her breath was fogging the glass "aren't they pretty?" she asked smiling.

"Yeah, they are…" she said as she walked over to take a closer look.

All sudden the Daggers were glowing once Noxi came near. The both girls stood back a little "w-whoa." Millie said.

The girl blinked and stood back as well. "What the hell? That's trippy…"

"Did you do anything?" Millie asked looking at Noxi.

Noxi shrugged. "I don't even know what I did. But that's impossible, how could it be doing that?"

All sudden there were noises coming from the stairs, it sounded like someone was scolding or yelling while the other voice was begging or something to that effect. Millie grabbed Noxi as she pulled her behind a curtain covering their feet. Millie took the Left curtain while Noxi took the right curtain.

"FOR THE LAST TIME MICKEY NO!" a voice boomed, it sounded old and wise but very cranky nonetheless.

"But master please, let me wield the hat just once I-"

The Wizard shushed his apprentice as he looked to the glass containment… the daggers were glowing "it can't be…" he went over to them quickly.

Mickey looked up in bewilderment as he saw his master's amazement. "What's wrong, Master Yen Sid?"

"It can't be." he breathed… "I thought the owners to the daggers are dead." He said stroking his beard slowly. He opened the containment and held them both "They must be near." he gave the white one to Mickey "Go search around this room, someone must be linked to them."

Mickey held the dagger in his hand as he whipped his head around, taking caution as they looked around.

Noxi looked at Millie. "We need to leave! If those daggers glow when I'm near, they'll find us!" She whispered to Millie.

Millie nodded, she was about to follow her friend but Millie's curtain opened as she gasped turning seeing the old Wizard hold the dagger that was blue glow brighter as the old man's eyes widen a little "You?"

"GOTTOGOBYE!" Millie grabbed Noxi's wrist hard dragging her to run.

The Wizard quickly swiped his hand towards the doors closing them and locking them.

Mickey stared in surprise. "How did they get in here?" He asked.

Noxi looked back to to them in fear. "Hey, w-we didn't mean to come in here, we thought this place was empty!"

Millie looked back and forth to find an exit but she had her back against the wall of the door.

"You two?" The Wizard spoke "Where did you come from?" he asked as his face glared down at the two young women.

"See… that's the thing, sir, we have no idea how we got here." Noxi answered. "We sort of fell out of the sky just outside."

"This door was locked. No one should be in here unless you both have Magic." The Wizard spoke angrily as Millie flinched a little. "Only magic can open these door or unless with my permission."

Mickey looked at them.

"That's physically impossible, sir, neither of us have magic." Noxi answered.

"Then if you don't have magic, how come these daggers glowed with you two?" Mickey asked in curiosity.

"Silence, Mickey." The Wizard said not looking at his little helper glaring at both girls still as he grabbed the Dagger from Mickey's hand and then grabbed Noxi's wrist making her grasp the dagger… but then she held it, the dagger grew bigger and bigger… into a sword.

Millie's eyes widen as she could not believe what she was seeing… it was magic… REAL MAGIC!? "N-Noxi." Millie whispered.

Noxi's eyes widened in shock. "How in the world…?"

The Wizard did the same with Millie and the blue dagger became a sword as well as she could not believe her own eyes… she dropped it afraid it was going to come to life but it stopped glowing and it turned small again…

Noxi looked at Millie, then back to Yen Sid. "What is happening?" She asked. "What are we doing here?"

"It looks like I have a lot of explaining to do." Yen Sid spoke.

# # #

"Mickey, bring food to our Saviors!" Yen Sid Demanded his apprentice.

Millie looked at Noxi and mouthed "saviors?" to her in silence making a face only confusion would understand.

Noxi glanced back at her and shrugged in confusion. Mickey bowed his head. "Yes, Master Yen Sid." He said and fled the room like a mouse would when scampering.

"Please, ladies." he spoke as he then made a table and chair appear "Have a seat." he spoke as a floating tea pot appeared pouring tea…

Millie looked at Noxi as she carefully sat down on the chair.

Noxi then sat down in a chair next to her. "So, if you don't mind us asking, who are you?"

"I am Yen Sid, your teacher now." He said sitting down himself across from the two girls. He set the daggers on the table in front of them "As you can see, these… are very powerful weapons."

"I think we go that down stairs." Millie spoke to Yen Sid.

"And just what are those weapons? Where did they come from?" Noxi asked.

"These are swords, they were made from important magic a long time to defeat a darkness." Yen Sid explained as he grabbed a scroll showing a picture of a Dark looking Demon on a mountain "Chernabog."

"That… that thing was on the painting down stairs." Millie said.

"Indeed yes." Yen Sid said "And those two girls on that painting were Savoirs before you were here… and it seems fate has chosen both of you." He spoke hiding his hands in his sleeves.

"But why us? We have no fighting experience whatsoever." Noxi said.

"It's not always the experience… it's the heart." Yen Sid spoke "The Dagger will also channel your inner strength so the experience comes with it."

"But how? What are we even fighting?" Noxi asked. Then Mickey came back with a tray of food. "Who were those two in the painting?"

"Leah and Melissa." Yen Sid answered "But now they disappeared after the battle of course."

Millie looked at the little… mouse who brought in the tray of food, he was small and he was pretty cute.

"Is is possible that they've been found?" Noxi asked.

"Alas… no." Yin Sid spoke to Noxi as he sipped his tea "We all given the thought that… they have fallen during battle…"

Millie furrowed her brow… "so… they did destroyed this darkness… right?" Millie asked.

"Not entirely no, but he is weakened, he can't be conjured unless someone brought some dark magic and learned to resurrect his powers." Yin Sid explained.

"Well... is it a good thing or a bad thing?" Noxi asked nervously before she took a bite of her snack, which was a little cookie.

"Both." He answered her.

"That does not make me feel any better." Millie spoke slouching back onto her chair a little.

"But it is fine for now, he's been asleep for four hundred years… and let's keep it that way." Yen Sid said sipping the last of his tea.

Noxi took another sip of tea. "But I still don't get it. Why would these blades choose us?" She asked as she pointed to herself and Millie.

"You have one magic he does not have… imagination." he spoke.

"Imagination that's THAT powerful?" She asked, and Mickey nods. "Absolutely! Wh-Why, imagination and heart is one of our most powerful weapon to have." Mickey spoke up, but silenced immediately.

Yen Sid glared a little at Mickey for interrupting him. Then he looked back at the girls "And these daggers chose you for that."

Millie looked at Noxi then at Yen Sid "You must be mistaken um… Yen Sid but… we are not warriors."

"No you are not… you're about to be though." He said as he grabbed a big book out of nowhere and plopped it onto the table making the tea set jump as if it had legs and landed on their feet. HE opened the dusty old book looking into the written pages as his fingered followed the lines… he then grabbed a blue pointy hat with stars on them as he then waved his hands around the pages as the words glowed blue. He started speaking an Incantation as the words started to float up from the book as if the Alphabet soup spilled from its bowl. The Words looks like they were going to form something, a picture of some sort… but before it could happen, the ground shook making it seem like an Earthquake.

The girls seemed uneasy as Noxi held onto her chair. What was he even doing? "U-Uh, sir? Is this normal?"

Yen Sid stopped as the words went back into the book as he looked out the window… his eyes widen in shock seeing the mountain was moving and shaking…. "No." he breathed He went towards his window quickly "How can this be!?" he asked.

Millie fell over her chair as the shaking got more worse and the books were falling off from their stacks shelves.

Noxi and Mickey got up to grab as many books as they could from falling. "What is happening?!" Noxi yelled.

"Everyone under the table NOW!" Yen Sid spoke as he grabbed Millie to get under the table, he also grabbed Mickey as well.

Noxi hurried over and got under the table quickly, staying close to Millie.

Everything stopped shaking as it was now silent, Yen Sid held Mickey close to him looking around as he came out still holding his helper… he gently set him down as he looked at the two girls… "We have work to do." he said

Noxi then poked her head out from under the desk. "Whoa, whoa, whoa HOLD ON." She hissed as she crawled from under the desk and stood up. "What just happened?! Where did that even come from?"

"Chernabog, the Demon has awaken… who dare…. It's impossible." he spoke as he paced back and forth "I sealed him with a spell but who would break it?"

Millie looked at him as her eyes followed his pacing "Wait, wait so… I thought you said he was weakened?" she asked.

"He has… but someone is bringing back his power… I fear fate brought you in dire need." Yen Sid spoke looking at the two girls.

The two girls looked at each other. "Uh… with, all due respect, Yen Sid, were not fighters. We've never even face a demon that large." She said then glanced to Mickey then Millie. "But… if fate brought us here for a reason, then… what's the point of not trusting it?" She asked with a hint of uncertainty.

"Wait Wait." Millie said looking at Noxi "Your going with this?! You're OKAY WITH THIS!?" she asked.

"I'm NOT okay with this!" She said to her. "But who else is gonna do it?"

"Not me that's for sure." Millie said "I don't know who I am fighting for or if it's even worth it to fight for."

"Millie, come on…" Noxi said. "We had no idea how we got here, and I sure as hell know that we have no way out of it. Would you rather be swallowed in darkness or be alive with your friend to stop it?"

"I don't know you tell me! I think we will both Die in BOTH SITUATIONS!" She cried out.

Noxi furrowed her brows and glanced to the ground. "... we may not survive but who knows if there are other worlds out there besides this one, facing darkness as we speak?"

"Nope, nope, this is crazy." Millie said.

Yen Sid frowned getting tired of their arguing he looked at Mickey "And you thought this job was easy." he said looking at him.

Mickey nods in agreement and glanced back at them.

"Millie. If you don't want to do this, then you can go back home and wait for me. I'll do this on my own. But… who knows if it's not just this world, but everything else? We won't be able to live normal lives again if we don't attack this now." She said. "Now I want to help, and I'm sure you want to, too. But I can't do it alone."

Millie furrowed her brow as she looked at Yen Sid and Mickey, then she glanced back at Noxi… she looked at the figures back and forth… she was nervous… and was not sure what to think of this…

"... I d-don't know." Millie said softly frightened.

Then Noxi placed a hand on her shoulder. "Millie… I understand that you're scared. And believe me, I am too."

"You don't look like it." Millie said

"Think over night then." Yen Sid said as he looked at the two girls… "I am sure you will figure this out."

Millie sighed as she rubbed her face and walked past them to the door walking down stairs.

Noxi looked to her, watching her leave.

Yen Sid sighed softly as he looked at Noxi as he came to her and gave her the White dagger "This is yours." he said to her softly.

She turned to the wizard and took the dagger in her hands. "I really hope I know what I'm doing…" she said quietly.

"Don't worry… I am sure you won't… she will change her mind… I can see your friendship is more important than her life." He said.

# # #

"It is done." a soft Dark Female voice spoke as she set her hand on the large round dark table as she looked at the others around her… her green hand tracing the carvings on the stone table.

"Our master has awakened… now all we need it time to find what we need to set him free from his Prison." She then showed her face seeing she had green skin with yellow piercing eyes like a cat, she wore a headset that was of horns and she held a scepter with a green glowing orb, her Raven perched onto her staff as she gently stroked her bird.

"Why don't we just take those two brats down while we still have a chance?" A male scurvy voice said.

"Patience, you fool." Another said, one that was holding a scepter, like the green woman's, except his had the head of a cobra. "Chernabog would need time to awaken, to eliminate those two now would be too easy. Although it is a suggestion."

"Who cares, it will make our job easier." a Woman spoke that was deep and sinister her long tentacles spread across the table "Those children won't know what hit them."

The woman with the green skin glared at the other woman with the tentacles "They are the only key to bring the master to life fool, hold your tongue." she spoke as the Raven smirked at the other her mistress was talking too.

"What shall our next move be then?" a soft Death like voice spoke, his bony like fingers laced together staring at the woman with the Raven "Yen Sid has probably told them about us already."

"We wait. We send a few, no, an army to keep them busy." a scratchy voice spoke.

But the voice was hit by a scepter as he cried out.

"Idiot," She spoke "We will not waste a army on petty children." The Raven hid his face snickering under his wings. "We must find out the first ingredient… " she spoke softly.

"What is this, some bakery? What first ingredient would we need?" another voice said having a Falcon onto his shoulder.

Her eyes flashed at as anger coursed her veins "Do. Not. Test. Me." she hissed menacingly "if you must know it's a magic item in the world, each world has one to keep the world balanced… if it's destroyed, then the world is swallowed in darkness." she spoke.

"I see where you're getting at." The woman with tentacles said as she chuckled. "Perfect."

"Each world holds a special jewel in places that are hidden… we must find them… and if not, then we shall have problems won't we?" she asked.

"Hey, babe, no jewels, no problem." A smooth voice spoke as he wrapped an arm around her as she cringed at him "Will find them then bada-bing, bada-boom, darkness takes over." he said with a smile.

She glared at him and bopped him in the head hard with her staff "Hands off Hades," she spoke to him.

Some of the people chuckled at his foolishness.

"Now the world that has a Beacon is calling to us now." she said "Far away in England in the forest where Thieves are among the tree's." She spoke "The first Jewel is there." she said as she showed what it looked like through magic seeing it was in the shape of a heart but it was green like an Emerald. "The life source of that land." she spoke.

"Ooh, that should be easy." One voice said, his voice sounding a bit British. "I shall start looking immediately."

"You realize this is a delicate task." She spoke looking at him as the Raven glared at him.

He nods, waving his hand. "Yes, yes I know. I'll be sure to find it, and destroy it." He said. "Though, must we really destroy them? It does look flashy."

"Idiot, we don't destroy it, we put them in a case," she showed it as she opened it showing their were empty shapes of hearts "They will go in here… once in, the world will be ensued by chaos… if they get it first… it's on you…" she spoke.

He gulps. "Then I shall keep it from them at all costs."

She then smiled… but it was not welcoming and warm at all "good." she said "now off you go then~" she said shooing him away.

He nods and leaves immediately.

"You sure he can get it… he's not very bright."

"He may be a fool, but he won't fail. He values treasure more than lives."

Some of them chuckled finding the sentence funny.

Maleficent waved her crystal ball for a moment to get a glimpse of the children… to be expected they are confused and not from this world… she smirked a little, this will be easy sooner or later.