~Valentines Musical Masquerade Mixer~

~Hello Everybody and welcome to my little Valentines Special Story. Originally I had plans for this to be a one shot, but a whole mess of things happened and it would seem that is no longer the case. Instead this will be a series of mini chapters. (As opposed to the novel length ones of my regular story) I will try to update this semi frequently until the story is officially "complete" but I give no promises as life's been kind of crazy lately.

So this story was originally supposed to have a "simple plot" involving a masquerade mixer thrown at Shinichi's school with Kaito's school coming along for the ride. This changed however after I started to think about the introduction of this story. I decided to set it about a week before Valentines day to give the characters and plot a little time to develop. I actually am not sure where this story is headed any more but I can tell you it will be just as the title says a "musical mixer"

Still about the musical bit… While I was writing this I was listening to some classical pieces. Some of the pieces really struck a creative chord with me. I wanted to share these awesome pieces with you readers so for each section that a musical piece/pieces appear there will be a note like this: *Prelude No 1 Bach* to let you know that somewhere in there a track fits with the given situation. Some are closer than others so please forgive me if the tracks don't always fit perfectly.

As always disclaimer: I own none of these characters. They are all Gosho Aoyamas amazing creations and I ask you to give credit where credit is due. Please continue to support Detective Conan/Magic Kaito by what ever means you see fit. ~

New disclaimer: Okay so it has come to my attention a lot of people seem to be confused about the PAIRINGS for this story. I apologize for the confusion, but originally I had no intent of pairing anyone exclusively together. This is where the "mixer" part of the story comes in.

A mixer is(as defined by wikipedia): A kind of participation dance in a social dance setting that involves the changing of partners as an integral part. Mixing can be built into dance choreography or structured to occur randomly.

In other words: This story has no exclusive pairings because the "partners" are always changing. This is a romance story so you will see some hints of romantic pairings, but most are purely platonic. (With the exception of those who are already married of course) I did this as a fun way to explore relationships between characters

That being said if there are any exclusive pairings you would like to see please let me know via comment/pm. I will see what I can do, though I hold no promises. Already several requests have come in for Kai/Shin so expect to see at least a little of that appear throughout the story. Though I reiterate romance between those two is not the main focus of the story. I truly apologize if that is all you came here to see. Though I thank you for taking the time to read my story. I appreciate any/all viewers of my work and am open to constructive criticism.

All that said please enjoy!~

*Op. 13: Minuet*

Sonoko beamed at best friend Ran as they walked down the streets of Beika, Conan in tow shortly behind them. "Its going to be amazing Ran! You just have to come with us!" she said enthusiastically. Conan inwardly groaned as he half listened to her excited ramblings. She had been going on about something or other for the past half hour after successfully picking Conan up from elementary school.

Ran smiled kindly at Sonoko. She had known her forever. She was pretty well used to her friends habits and eccentricities. "I'll think about it okay? I don't know what I will be doing on that day yet..." Ran murmured, looking a bit sheepish.

Conan had managed to tone out most of their prior conversation. Unless it was something involving him, or a mystery needing to be solved he had no interest in what they were talking about. It had always been this way even when he was in his regular body. He and Ran were childhood friends, but Sonoko was her closest female friend whom she would often rant about "girl problems" with.

Sonoko pouted sticking her lip out in a frown. "Come on, Ran! I do not want to go to this without you! Makoto cant make it, and just think of all the handsome boys who are going to be there..." she swung her bag to her other hand looking desperate. In truth she was rather upset at the fact Makoto would too busy to make it. After all it would of been the perfect opportunity for him and her to spend some quality romantic time together.

Ran continued to smile lightly at her friend. Her mind wandered to Shinichi. Distantly she wondered if he was aware of the event that was about to happen at their school. He had not been to school in so long, and the announcement had come about so suddenly. It was only about a week until Valentines day. The dance was planned for Valentines evening. She shook her head, better to be safe than sorry. "I just do not know Sonoko. I might have plans that night.." Ran stared at her friend apologetically.

Sonoko paused at this a knowing grin crossing her face. She jabbed Ran lightly in the side with her elbow "Plans? Could it be that husband of yours decided to show up?" Sonoko teased, sending a mischievous look Ran's way.

Conan's head shot up as Ran's face flushed red. "N-No! That is not it at all..." she glanced down at the sidewalk.

Conan decided now would be a good time to cut in. "Ne Sonoko what are you talking about?" he put on his best childish quizzical look blinking behind his fake glasses.

Sonoko turned her attention to Conan "Oh is the little brat curious about high school affairs now?" Ran's face turned even more red upon mention of the word 'affair'. Sonoko shook her head staring down at Conan "Listen kid, our school is throwing this amazing Masquerade Valentines Ball with one of the other local high schools. All the people there wear masks and pair up in groups to dance together." Sonoko stood up gazing off into the distance day dreaming. "Ah I could just see myself dancing into the night with some mysterious gentleman...like my wonderful Kid-sama!" Sonoko's eyes sparkled as Conan choked a bit at the mention of Kid.

Sonoko turned addressing Ran once more "Well guess there is no changing your mind then." She sighed. "It really is too bad... I heard that hunk Doctor Araide is one of the coordinators." Sonoko turned around trying her best to look disappointed, but inwardly she was grinning. She had just played her trump card on her old friend. She knew all too well about Ran's crush on the doctor, second only to her feelings for that detective geek.

Ran and Conan each flinched for different reasons at the mention of that name. Ran stammered as she spoke biting her lip. "Well I... suppose I could always... leave early if I needed to..." Ran twisted her hands together behind her back trying her best to calm her beating heart.

Conan's eyes lit up in horror as he cut in desperately "Ran-neechan! You cant!" he quickly took note of the conflicted look on Ran's face. Were those...tears in her eyes? Oh no. Not this again.

Sonoko glared at him "Quiet brat! Who says you get any say in this?" she turned to her friend once more patting her lightly on the back. "You will go then?" she looked at her expectantly.

Ran gave her a small smile as she spoke up seemingly ignoring Conan's plea. She shrugged "Id love to go. It sounds like a lot of fun." In all honesty she was still unsure whether she wanted to go at all. Still it was better than spending another Valentines alone. Her heart held tight to the chance of Shinichi reappearing before then, but she no longer waited exclusively for him.

"That is the Ran I know! Come on lets drop the kid off with your dad and Ill take you shopping for a brand new dress." Sonoko beamed. Any excuse to go shopping was a good one, and she could not think of a better opportunity than this. Besides her friend deserved to pamper herself every so often. Who knows maybe even that deduction freak would show his face once more. He had the last time his love was threatened after all. This was going to be one exciting event.

Meanwhile Conan was left staring at the ground in frustration. He knew he could not really push his luck any further protesting Ran going. After all he did not really have much of an argument to make at this point. He sighed to himself. Sometimes it really felt like the universe hated him. Defeated he followed behind the two girls as they made their way back to the Detective Agency. He would have to accept the situation for what it was...at least for now.

~ *Blue Danube* ~

On the other side of town in the Ekoda district a near mirror image scene was playing itself out. Well at least it would of been mirror image were it not for the fact that one Kuroba Kaito was not in fact a shrunken child sleuth. Though he did share the look of an unshrunk Shinichi Kudo, save for the overly neat hair and signature serious expression. He followed casually behind his two chattering female classmates, one of which whom also bore a striking resemblance to Ran Mouri, as they discussed the big announcement at school.

Keiko was the most animated, excited at the very prospect of the event. "A Valentines Masquerade Ball Konno sensei is really outdoing herself this time!" Keiko grinned at her best friend looking downright giddy. "A dance with Beika High School. I hear they are one of the best schools in the area and really athletic too! I just bet there are a bunch of handsome boys there looking for partners to dance with." Keiko swooned.

Aoko nodded agreeing with her friends assessment. "I am actually glad...dancing on the floor is a lot easier than skiing on the slopes." She blushed somewhat, remembering her embarrassment only a couple of months ago. That event had turned out pretty great in the end thanks to Kaito, but she still would never forget her struggles that day.

"Cheh. As if a tomboy like you could manage to pull off dancing in heels." Kaito added in. Though in all honesty he wondered if she actually had ever danced in heels before. She really did look good wearing them. Not as good as he did, but that was a pretty hard expectation to live up to. He had worn enough heels in his "other" job that he had some experience moving in them. Though it did not matter in this case because he would most likely be wearing a tuxedo to this event. A black tuxedo. He really did not need even more reason for Hakuba to call out who he was. Though that did not mean he could not plan a little mischief as plain old Kuroba Kaito magician extraordinaire. Kaito grinned chuckling to himself.

"I can dance just fine thank you!" Aoko glared at him unaware of the thoughts going on in his head. She honestly was unsure about the heels though. She wore them on occasion though they were rather uncomfortable. Dancing in them was a bit of a different story but certainly not impossible. Of course she could hardly complain about the fact that heels made her look more "mature" either. She began to argue with Kaito again over this fact as he stood there laughing in her face.

Keiko sweat-dropped seeing her two friends at it again. She sighed watching as the two of them bickered senselessly with each other. They did not understand how lucky they were to have one another. She did not have a date to the ball herself, but it just sounded like it was going to be a lot of fun. Much the same as a KID heist. Speaking of which... "Hey did you guys hear the rumor about the prize that is being offered this time around?" Keiko interrupted her friends argument just as Aoko had managed to grab a nearby stick wielding it like one of her infamous mops.

Kaito and Aoko turned simultaneously to face her, Kaito still holding up his arms to guard against the oncoming assault. They blinked at her before glancing at each other confused then turning back to her. "Prize?" They said in sync with one another before turning to glare at each other once more.

Keiko sweat-dropped again but was quick to interrupt them "Mm they say this really generous donor from Beika High School gave this golden ruby encrusted tiara called 'Cupids Crown' as a prize for the most enchanting couple of the night." Keiko's eyes sparkled as she held her hands together imagining herself wearing such a priceless prize alongside a mysterious faceless partner.

Aoko and Kaito both stared at her in shock. A treasure like that being given to some random couple at a high school dance of all things. Just who could be so insane as to do that?

Suddenly a spark of recognition crossed Kaito's eyes. "Say Keiko...this donator they would not happen to be named Suzuki would they?" His face suddenly became very serious as he locked eyes with Keiko.

Keiko paused for a moment shrinking back a bit under Kaito's gaze. "Umm I think so... I mean I am not really sure but the name does sound familiar. Why? Is it someone you know?" Keiko tilted her head to the side her pigtails bouncing as she did so. Kaito was acting rather strange all of the sudden.

Kaito put his hands on his chin in a thinking position doing a near perfect imitation of his doppelganger. "Hmm...not really." Kaito stood there for a moment gazing out into the distance. For all outward appearance he seemed to be trying to remember where he had heard that name before. Inwardly however he was trying to make the connection of whether this was the same family that had challenged him time and time again. It certainly sounded like something they would do.

Aoko's face suddenly lit up in recognition as well, as she suddenly remembered where she had heard the name before. "Oh! Like the Suzuki Financial Group...I get it!" Aoko smiled proudly.

Keiko stared at her confused while Kaito wore a guarded expression still lost in his own thoughts. "I must be missing something..." Keiko put in.

Aoko twirled a bit, excitedly swinging her bag around and nearly hitting Kaito, though he dodged on reflex. "You know the ones that are always challenging that idiot Kaitou Kid!" Aoko paused a thoughtful expression on her face. "Jiro...Jiro..."

"Jirokichi. Suzuki Jirokichi." Kaito interrupted his face still expressionless. Though he now stood with his arms crossed. This certainly made things interesting if that were the case. There were so many questions running around in his mind now. Could this be a plot to uncover his identity? It would be crazy but not completely unheard of from this guy. How did he figure out he was a high school student? Well there was still the possibility he would show up regardless but nevertheless it was odd. What of the Edogawa brat? A high school dance would hardly be a place for an elementary student to show up. He was broken from his thoughts as Aoko spoke up once more.

Aoko nodded ignoring her friends sudden space out. "That is the one.. Dads had to deal with him a few times now. He says he is a pain to work with, but he always brings that little kid with him who has come the closest to actually catching the stupid thief."

Kaito groaned inwardly. "Conan Edogawa." He said under his breath a slight unintentional growl to his voice.

Aoko ignoring this nodded once more. "Right Conan Edogawa...Kid Killer!" she grinned at the name. While it was true that she wanted her dad to be the one to catch KID, she had to admit the prospect of having Conan around to assist in that was a good one. After all he had definitely come the closest to doing so, even ahead of Hakuba who for some reason had grown less active at KID Heists ever since the Nightmare incident. Conan on the other hand seemed to be more active at heists lately... though that may be partially because of Suzuki.

Aoko turned to face Kaito. In every bit that he was a KID fan she was a fan of Conan Edogawa. Her mind wandered involuntarily, thinking about what he might look like if he was just ten years older. Her cheeks grew a bit heated as she attempted to picture a seventeen year old Conan. Surprisingly the image she got was very similar to that of her best friend. Just smooth the hair and a bit and add some glasses... she chuckled at the thought. Appearance aside those two could not be any more different.

Kaito stared back at her scowling. "Just what is so funny? Are you thinking stupid thoughts about that brat?" Kaito lowered his gaze at Aoko before snidely adding "Didn't know you were the cradle robbing type there Aoko..." Kaito sniggered quietly. Though in truth his mind was trying to sort through all of this new information. What were the chances?

Aokos face burned a bright red as she swung her bag at Kaito, he just barely dodging that time. "Bakaito! I am not a pervert like you!" she screamed as she continued her attempts to hit Kaito. She noticed that he seemed deeply distracted by something, but she really could not forgive him for that last comment. Thus began another merry dance between the two of them.

Keiko shook her head and shrugged at her friend's antics. The dance was a week away and yet already these two were waltzing away like a married couple, albeit in a rough form. Kaito was egging Aoko on and she as per usual fell directly into his tactics. Keiko just stood there watching them for a while unable to stop them. They wandered along the river near the edge of town.

Keiko's mind wandered off into a daydream. As she watched her two friends movements she found herself imagining Aoko in a beautiful flowing blue dress, Kaito dressed in a handsome black tuxedo. They really made a beautiful couple. Kaito had always reminded her of a strange Prince Charming while Aoko was more like Juliet from the Shakespearian play.

She watched as they started by circling each other quietly. Aoko stared directly at Kaito, he grinned wildly back at her. She moved forward leaping quietly towards him her dress floating around her in a mix of lengthy fabric and frills. She wore a determined expression on her face.

He caught her in a swift motion swirling around before placing her on the ground. He continued to grin at her backing up a bit, a spark in his eyes. She then proceeded to kick at him while he danced around her movements. This went on for a while as they danced in sync with one another slowing down only enough to size the other up.

They continued in the opposite direction Kaito continually moving around Aoko, appearing on either side of her. Aoko swung her arm to meet his as he twirled her to the side. They chased one another with each barely catching the other in a series of fluid movements. Their feet moved in time with one another, Kaito only slightly out speeding Aoko at certain points.

Back in reality Kaito and Aoko were arguing animatedly as Aoko exchanged several blows with Kaito, only for him to dodge acrobatically. Aoko was at a disadvantage fighting mostly free handed. Though being out in the open allowed for a lot more free movement range. She had to be careful as Kaito had already stolen several glances at her underwear during the duration of their fight. She had also nearly tumbled into the riverbank a couple of times though Kaito had been quick to catch her each time.

For all extensive purposes to the outward observer it really would appear as if they were dancing with one another. Kaito was clearly leading her on while Aoko came within a hair's length of him with each successive strike. Still the fight ended almost as quickly as it started, as the two finally noticed the dazed look on Keiko's face. Kaito barely caught Aoko's bag, as she whipped it down towards him, he gazed curiously at Keiko's glazed eyes. "Now what are you day dreaming about?" Kaito asked curiously.

Aoko pouted quietly pulling her bag back in defeat, though she also looked at Keiko curiously. How long had she been standing there like that? That was a bit unusual for her friend.

Keiko's eyes snapped back to reality as she blushed lightly at both her friends shaking her head. "Its nothing..." she smiled sheepishly at them as Kaito raised an eyebrow at her, and Aoko gave her a bit of a concerned look. She quickly changed the subject. "Umm so do you guys really think this Cupids Crown is the real thing then?" she felt like this was a safe enough subject to broach.

"Who knows?" Kaito said suddenly shrugging, his face returning to his usual mischievous grin. "Guess we will just have to find out next week huh?" Inwardly he thought to himself he would have to find out sooner, that is if he had anything to say about it. Still he could not look too interested without giving something away.

Keiko nodded. "I guess you are right...oh Aoko have you picked out your dress for that night yet?" she turned to face her friend who had finished trying to maim Kaito, and was now standing staring at the ground as if lost in thought. She had a deep frown plastered on her face.

Hearing her name she glanced upwards. "Hmm? Oh...umm no I havent yet. I was thinking about just dressing casually actually... I mean this is kind of an odd event..." In truth this event was something none of them were used to. Though it seemed Konno- sensei had fallen head over heels for the idea and gotten numerous supporters to back its creation. It was a first that much was certain, and it did sound like fun in concept.

Keiko smiled kindly at Aoko in understanding though she noticed Kaito was surprisingly quiet. "Konno sensei said its supposed to be formal though..." she blushed twisting her hands awkwardly. "I am not sure what I am going to wear either. I dont have alot of dresses..." now it was her turn to stare at the ground.

There was a couple awkward moments of silent before Kaito finally spoke up. "Eh you two should not take everything so seriously." he interjected as both girls turned to stare at him. He stood casually his hands behind his head. "The events supposed to be fun after all...just wear what you want." Kaito paused watching their reactions. Noticing Aoko's surprise and continued frown he cheekily added "Though...if you want I am sure I could choose a couple of outfits for you two. I know that I could find something that will fit your figures perfectly!" he cackled.

Aoko suddenly gave him a full powered punch that would of made Ran Mouri cringe, this time hitting him dead on the face leaving him sprawled across the ground. She breathed a bit of hot air through her nostrils flexing her fist before turning around and grabbing Keiko. "Come on there is still time in the day... lets go shopping. We'll leave this pervert to his senseless stupidity." Aoko dragged her friend off towards the shopping district leaving Kaito behind to stare after them.

"Tch...Women." he grumbled to himself as he brushed himself off. In truth he had actually let her hit him that time in order to relieve some of the tension that hung in the air. "Aoko...you're fine just the way you are." he whispered to no one in particular as he continued to watch his friends retreating figures. Rubbing his sore jaw he got up to head in the direction of one of his KID safe houses. Well there was no shame in pointing her in the right direction though. He grinned a half grin as he went to collect a few things. Time for some quality dress shopping with the girls...then home to research this "Cupids Crown" Looked like it was going to be an entertaining day all around.

~Post note~

~Thus ends "chapter 1" of Valentines Masquerade Musical Mixer Hope you all enjoyed. The next part should be up pretty soon. Though from here on in updates will most likely be infrequent due to life and all that. Thanks again for reading! See you all next chapter!~