VMMM Chapter 7

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~Concerto no 21 in C major~

Aoko sighed as she walked into yet another store with her friend Keiko, chattering aimlessly at her side. "I'm still not sure about this whole thing, Keiko. I mean, Kaito's right, I don't even know how to dance. Plus, we haven't found anything worth wearing to such a formal event…" she bit her lip, frowning deeply.

Keiko looked at her friend sympathetically. They had just spent the past couple hours wandering from store to store without much success. Though, honestly, Aoko had been rather distracted all evening. No doubt thinking about her beau, even if she wouldn't openly admit to it. "Come on, Aoko. Just one last store, I promise. Besides, I have a really good feeling about this one!" She gave her friend a warm grin, trying her best to be encouraging.

Aoko sighed, before nodding slowly. "Alright, I'll give it a shot. It can't hurt, right?" Her face brightened a bit, though inwardly, she was still feeling a bit unsure. She was also kind of wishing Kaito could be here. Much as she loved her best friend Keiko, Kaito always knew just how to make her smile. Even if he was quite possibly one of the most irritating people on the face of the earth.

"There you go. Come on! Like I said, I have a really good feeling about this one. I've shopped here before, and they have a pretty great selection." Keiko continued to grin, pulling Aoko by the hand. The two were so absorbed in the moment, they didn't notice two other girls walking in the same store in a similar state.


Ran and Sonoko had come to the last of a long line of stores, Sonoko enthusiastically dragging Ran along the way. Meanwhile, Ran had been rather distracted all night, thinking about their encounter with Shinichi earlier.

It still seemed so surreal. He had just appeared out of nowhere as usual, but then he had gone so far as to do the very thing she was wishing for the most. He had invited her to the dance with him! No not just invited… promised to be there. While she didn't bank much on his word nowadays, there had been something truly sincere in his expression earlier. She could feel the warmth in her cheeks even now as she thought about it.

She glanced over at Sonoko, who was wearing a rather bright grin herself. There was still something a bit strange about the way Sonoko had been acting around Shinichi earlier. She wasn't blind, she had noticed the strange, excited looks her friend had been giving him. Like she knew something Ran didn't. Had Shinichi said something to her while she was away talking to Kazuha?

Ran shook her head as she and Sonoko stopped in front of a group of dresses. They were in an assortment of colors, but for some reason there was one in particular that caught her eye. She found herself drawn to the mannequin sporting an elegant blue dress. The same shade of blue as his eyes… his favorite color.

"Ooo nice choice Ran, blue, huh? Bet it reminds you of a certain someone..." Sonoko jabbed her friend lightly in the side as she took a matching dress off the rack behind the mannequin. She grinned as she watched Ran's blush grow.

Ran remained silent, though, she couldn't help the memory resurfacing of the time where Shinichi had dressed up in the blue knight's garb for their school play. What an event that had turned out to be. They had come so close to...she blushed even further, much to Sonoko's amusement.

"Well go ahead and try it on! I want to see how it looks on you. Let's see if it passes the official Suzuki test of approval." Sonoko beamed as she shoved the silky blue dress into Rans limp arms. Before she could protest she pushed Ran towards the changing rooms. "I'll wait here." She stood outside by the waiting area, in front of a small group of mirrors.

"Wait Son-" Ran blinked a couple of times as the door closed behind her. Sighing lightly to herself, and shrugging off her friend's enthusiasm, she stared at herself for a moment in the small mirror provided in the changing stall, before proceeding to try on the dress.

She nearly gasped as she stared at the image of herself in the mirror. Despite the muscular tone of her body the dress fit rather well on her shoulders. The blue roses lining the front gave off a feeling of modesty just covering the cleavage area. The elegant silky skirt swirled around her form covering her legs in wisps of light blue satin. It looked like something straight out of a fairy tale. Still...she felt a bit odd wearing it.

Holding her breath a bit she stepped out of the dressing room. She was a bit surprised to her friend Sonoko sitting there chatting with another teenage girl she didn't recognize, with pigtails and glasses. It wasn't all that strange, as Sonoko had quite the circle of acquaintances outside Beika high, mostly from one of the numerous fan clubs she was a part of.

Ran cleared her throat catching her friends attention as well as the strangers. The girls both turned to her, with the stranger eying her in what seemed to be mild confusion as well as shock.

"Ah, there she is! Wow that really looks amazing on you, Ran!" Sonoko grinned at Ran getting up to greet her.

"A-Aoko?" the stranger said continuing to look at her confused.

Ran stared back in equal confusion, while Sonoko stopped in her tracks turning back to face the unknown girl. "Hmm? Keiko, this is my friend Ran, you know, the one I was telling you about."

The girl 'Keiko' blinked, her eyes wandering towards the top of Rans head, recognition slowly crossing her face. She blushed lightly in embarrassment before turning as Sonoko let out a gasp beside her.

Ran was about to ask why her friend was gasping when she saw her point in the direction of the changing room. Slowly turning, she had to pause for a moment as she stared into what she thought for a moment was a mirror. Only to see said mirror blink back at her before gasping in surprise.

The two mirror images lifted their hands at the same time in an interesting imitation of one another, before clasping said hands together. They both stared at eachother silent, blushing lightly as they released each others hands and stepped back.

They stood there in silence for a couple of minutes just gaping at one another until Keiko finally broke the silence. "Aoko! There you are." She trotted up beside the new girl greeting her with a strange grin on her face. She seemed to recover from her surprise rather quickly.

'Aoko' turned to face her friend, recovering just a bit slower before nodding slightly in recognition. "Sorry I took a bit…" she then turned acknowledging both Ran and Sonoko. "Umm…"

Keiko, quickly picking up on her friends confusion, decided to introduce the two others. "Oh Aoko, this is Sonoko-chan, and her friend, Ran Mouri. Sonoko-chan is head of the local magic fan club, you know, the one I go to on Saturday nights? Umm, I hadn't met Mouri-san until today. I'll admit I was as surprised as you."

Aoko bowed politely. "Hello. It's nice to meet you."

Recovering from her initial shock, Ran returned the gesture. "Nice to meet you...ah, Aoko-chan, was it?"

Aoko blushed somewhat, nodding. "Aoko Nakamori...uh, forgive me for earlier."

Ran nodded in understanding. "It's alright. It's not every day one meets their doppelganger. Though, honestly, for us to have picked the same dress…" Ran giggled. "You have to admit, it's a rather funny coincidence."

Aoko continued to blush, nodding, before chuckling herself. "It is…" She looked down at the ground, unsure of what else to say. She didn't notice Ran once again mirroring her expression.

"That dress looks great on you!" The two suddenly said in unison, much to their two friends amusement. They blinked at one another, falling silent once more. Duplicates indeed.

"Well, at least we all agree on that point." Put in Sonoko, breaking the inevitable awkward silence. "You know, I doubt even the 'great' Shinichi Kudo could tell the two of you apart at the moment. You both look gorgeous in those gowns. I'm a bit jealous, actually."

"Sonoko!" Ran said, staring at her friend a clear bit of embarrassment plastered on her flustered features.

"What? It's the truth." Sonoko said grinning.

Aoko and Keiko both blinked confused at that first statement. Keiko, however, was the first to recover. "Umm...excuse me but who's Shinichi?"

Ran quickly blanched, before giving Sonoko a light glare a veiled threat in her eyes. Aoko and Keiko just continued to look between the two of them confused, but obviously curious.

Sonoko ignored her friends glare continuing to grin. "Shinichi Kudo. Ran's boyfriend, and all around detective freak. Surprised you haven't heard of him. Though, honestly, he hasn't been around in some time. He used to be rather famous around Tokyo for his ability to stumble across a murder case everywhere he went. It was one of those irritating traits about him actually." She sighed. "Though, it is partially his fault we're out here searching for dresses."

This caught the other girls attention. Ran had remained surprisingly silent during Sonoko's explanation, though it didn't take much to piece together what she was probably thinking about at this moment. Still…perhaps a change of subject was in order?

"Wait...you guys wouldn't happen to be from Teitan High, would you?" Aoko broke in, unable to hold back her curiosity any longer.

Sonoko and Ran both blinked back in surprise the atmosphere suddenly changing to something a bit more positive. "Yeah that's right. Why?" Ran tilted her head curiously.

"Wow, that's amazing! So you're out shopping for the dance too, then!" Aoko giggled twirling a bit in her skirt.

Sonoko and Ran both stared at her before something seemed to click in their minds. Suddenly, it all made sense. "Ah! So you two are from Ekoda, then! That explains a lot, actually…" Ran stated evenly, dropping her earlier threatening air. "So you're both preparing for the Valentine's dance?"

Aoko and Keiko both nodded, though Keiko was the first to speak up. "Yeah. Though, we had decided that this was going to be the last store we were going to check tonight. It's getting rather late, after all." Keiko glanced over at her friend, who nodded again in return.

"Well, that's perfect." Sonoko laughed. "Ran and I were about to call it quits for the night, too. Hmm…" Sonoko paused her grin falling flat as she thought for a moment before her eyes began to sparkle "Hey, I've got an idea. Why don't all four of us head back to my house for a sleepover!"

All three other girls stared at Sonoko with matched looks of curiosity and shock. Ran was the first to recover, having known her friend long enough to understand that she was being completely serious...if a bit spontaneous. "Are you sure that's okay, Sonoko? I mean it is rather sudden…"

Sonoko shook her head and shrugged. "It will be fine. My dad's always happy to have extra company, and my mom...well she knows you well enough Ran. I'm sure she won't mind a few extra guests tagging along. Besides, we have plenty of room!"

Ran sighed and then glanced over to the other two girls, who were still looking a bit dumbfounded. She could hardly blame them. "Still. You shouldn't just spring something like this on new acquaintances." Ran sighed and turned to the other two. "I apologize for any rudeness. I will admit it does seem like a fun idea. You don't have to come if you don't want to, though."

Keiko broke in, shaking her head and raising her hands in an appeasing gesture. "No, it's fine… it's funny though." she glanced at Aoko with a knowing grin. "Does Sonoko-chan remind you of a certain someone, Aoko?"

Aoko nodded and chuckled. "I get the feeling they would probably get along pretty well, actually. Though, honestly, I'm guessing Sonoko's parties are pretty tame in comparison to his." Aoko blushed a bit at the memory of Kaito's last surprise party. It was certainly an event she would never forget. Though, for some reason, after last year he had stopped throwing such parties. She always had to orchestrate them herself now.

Now it was Ran and Sonoko's turn to be confused. "Oh? And who's this we're talking about now?"

Aoko blushed involuntarily. "No one important…"

Keiko chuckled knowingly at her friend's reaction, though she decided to take a bit of pity on her friend in this case. "He's just a crazy prankster magician from our class. I think I told you about him once, actually."

Sonoko paused, thinking for a moment, before recognition lit her features. "Ah, yes, the one who claimed he was better than KID-sama. I remember now…" In truth, Sonoko had been kind of angry when she had first heard about such a guy. Though, she had to admit, she was curious about him.

Keiko had admitted that his claim, although bold and arrogant, was actually pretty accurate, as he was a pretty amazing magician on par with KIDs skill. Plus Keiko had said later on that he had changed his tune, and was a huge fan of KID consistently following his heists, and ranting about him in the middle of class. He actually sounded like a person she would indeed get along with… at least so long as he stayed away from his original ridiculous boast.

Aoko flinched at the mention of KID, quickly clearing her throat and changing the subject. "Anyway, I think a sleep over sounds like a lot of fun. Uh, we're a bit far from home though. I don't have extra clothes beyond my uniform with me." She glanced at Keiko, who nodded and shrugged.

Sonoko shook her head and beamed. "That's alright, I have plenty of extra clothes at home you could borrow…" When Ran jabbed her lightly in the side, she quickly corrected herself. "Kidding. I can have my driver go and take you home so you can pick up some stuff, if you would like. It shouldn't take long."

Aoko and Keiko glanced between each other and back at Ran, who just shrugged at them which looked a bit odd while she was still wearing the dress. "It's up to you guys. I'm personally not against it. Though honestly, we did just meet today...I'd understand if you want to ask your parents permission first."

Sonoko scoffed a bit at her friend's motherly attitude before sighing. She had a point. "Well, whatever you guys decide is best."

Aoko and Keiko took one final glance at each other and nodded quickly. "We'll do it," they said in unison.

So from there, it was decided. The two doppelgangers, on their friend's request, ended up buying both dresses, though they agreed to look into "modifying" the dresses to fit their unique styles. With that, the girls set off to spend some time together and prepare for the coming dance, as well as get to know their new mutual friends.

There would be much talk of many subjects that night, but the one most frequently discussed would be that of the girls and their respective guy friends. Much to Aoko and Ran's dismay at first, but later, to everyone's amusement, it seemed they had more in common than just their appearance. This looked like the beginning of a rather beautiful friendship.

~*Artists Life Waltz*~

Meanwhile, in a completely different section of town, two male friends walked side by side, completely unaware of how one of them was the subject of conversation. They had just finished debating over some past cases, and were now discussing their plans for the next few days. Well one was discussing, the other was listening, rather annoyed. Seems Hattori had planned on staying for some time. Much to Conan's dismay in this case.

"Oi, Hattori. You know I normally enjoy working on and talking about cases as much as you do, but that doesn't mean I'm actually in the mood to go seeking some out." Conan huffed, crossing his arms. At the moment, he was doing a pretty good impression of a petulant child being watched by his "adult" guardian.

"Aw c'mon, Kudo. I come all da way here ta see ya and ya can't be da least bit friendly?" Heiji grinned down at his friend. "Ya know ya want ta look inta this as much as I do."

Conan sighed, pinching the brim of his nose. "Hattori, seriously, I'm not in the mood to have this discussion. I've got problems of my own to deal with right now. I really don't have time to deal with this." Conan sighed. In all honesty, he was glad his friend had come to visit. It was a good distraction from his earlier worries with Ran and Sonoko, but he couldn't seem to get the dance off his mind. Not to mention he had a crazy feeling that he was being watched… though, where that came from, he couldn't be certain.

There was one positive; despite he and Heiji's combined luck, no one had managed to die tonight. Though he knew it was only a matter of time.

As if to answer his thoughts, Heiji and he both glanced up as there was a scream in the street not far from them, followed by several surprised gasps. Conan groaned a bit inwardly as he noticed a large crowd gathered not far from them. Heiji, with his longer legs, was already a few strides ahead of him, pushing his way through the tightly knit crowd. Conan did his best to catch up to him, slipping just behind him before falling on his butt as he crashed into his friend's legs.

He noticed that Heiji was staring, confused, at something in the middle of the crowd. To his surprise, this something was not a corpse at all, but what looked to be a young woman dressed in semi-formal attire. She had short brown hair and blue eyes. She was currently balancing on one hand, using the other to wave at the audience. On closer inspection, it seemed that she had just landed after jumping from an impressive height. At least that what the scream seemed to indicate.

Heiji was looking on, unsure what to make of this strange spectacle. Just then, he caught the girl turning and winking at him before she did a handspring flip and landed in front of him with a grin. "Hello. Welcome to my show. Glad you could make it." Her voice came out light and airy with just a slight twinge to her accent. She sounded foreign in some way. European, perhaps? He blinked as she stood there, looking him over.

Heiji rubbed the back of his neck sheepishly. Was he supposed to say something to that? Honestly, there was something strange about the girl before him. He noticed as she glanced briefly behind him, he turned around to see Conan brushing himself off, before turning back to the girl. She locked eyes with him momentarily, her grin growing akin to a cheshire cat's before turning and walking away with a showman's gait.

"Well, now that more of the audience has arrived, let's continue with the show." She grinned and began to do a few simple acrobatic maneuvers on the ground as the audience watched with several claps and gasps. She was incredibly flexible, to say the least.

Still Heiji and Conan stood staring, unimpressed. Obviously this performer had already used up her best trick at the start of the show. There was no point in remaining here to see the rest.

They were just about to turn and leave when there was a sudden burst of smoke, followed by several cherry blossom petals falling from above where the woman had just been standing. The two boys glanced around, trying to figure out where she had disappeared, only to see someone point upwards.

Conan and Heiji's eyes widened as they stared at the visage of the woman standing high above on a balcony. They immediately took note of how her clothes had changed into something a bit more sparkly and showy than what she had been wearing before. They also took note of the cloth hanging beneath her, just before it disappeared.

She bowed slightly to her audience before her melodic voice rang out. "Don't take off just yet folks... the show's only just begun." With a flash of a bright grin, she jumped onto the side of the balcony. Then, she slowly slid on an invisible wire down towards the audience once more, though to most of the audience it appeared as if she were floating, suspended in mid air.

Conan scoffed a bit at the display, having seen something similar done before, but he noticed Heiji was actually looking a bit mesmerized by the acts. He could tell his fellow detective was trying to piece together just how such a feat could be pulled off in such a short amount of time.

He chuckled a bit at Heiji's bafflement. In truth, he was rather impressed himself. The female performer, who he was starting to suspect wasn't as innocent as she first appeared, was quite talented. He knew of only one other person who possessed that sort of skill and precision. Still...he kept that idea to the back of his mind, knowing full well the implications.

The acro-magician landed on the ground as before, and continued her routine with music suddenly filling the background. It seemed to be an upbeat techno variant on an old classical track. Her flips became more complicated as time went on, with several new magical flourishes added. These ranged from randomly appearing silk fabric and glitter, to a couple more quick changes to her outfit. All met with wide applause and cheers from the audience, which had begun to grow even larger as time went on.

Conan watched the scene play out before him with a certain scrutiny. There was a magical quality about the woman's movements. Every gesture meant to distract in such a subtle way that you wouldn't be able to tell unless you were looking for it. A couple of times she had seemingly caught Conan staring. Though, each time, he felt a warm feeling light his cheeks as she batted long, fake eyelashes at him before quickly returning to her routine.

Suddenly, the woman landed right in front of Heiji with a simple hop, skip, flip, jump, and a deep bow, as well as a showering of more petals. She grinned at him, grabbing his hand in her own. "And for my last act, I shall require a strong volunteer." She continued to grin as Heiji stared back at her, his eyes lost on her face, as if studying it. "How about you? You seem like you are a pretty strong guy…" Her eyes slid from his chest to his arms.

Heiji was unsure how to react at first, but quickly recovered giving a grin of his own. "Sure. Why not?" He shrugged and allowed himself to be lead to the center of the group. There were several cheers as well as a few jealous looks, as the acro-magician lead Heiji through what almost looked like a miniature dance, showing him off to the audience. She guided him gently in a glide before positioning him and telling him quietly where to stand.

The performer turned to address the audience. "Now remember, I'm a professional. This may look dangerous...well it is. Don't try this without the proper training." She then turned to Heiji. "I'm going to need you to follow my instructions exactly in order to pull this off. Understand?" She locked eyes with him.

Heiji nodded. He had been rather enamoured with the act so far. It was so different from anything he had seen so far that he had found himself getting inadvertently lost in it. Now here he was about to participate in what was probably the grand finale. He glanced briefly over at his small friend. He could see that Kudo had an unreadable look on his face. Was that...jealousy he saw in his eyes? Heiji chuckled. "Sorry...Kudo," he muttered under his breath. "Looks like ya have ta sit this one out." He grinned.

The female acrobat cleared her throat briefly, reminding him of her presence. "Are you ready?" she asked quietly, raising an eyebrow. "I can't have my assistant too distracted. As I said, this is a rather dangerous stunt."

Heiji nodded. "So what da ya need me ta do, exactly?" he asked grinning. He could feel the anticipation around him.

She smiled back at him. "Just follow my instructions, like I said. I'm going to need to use your back and shoulders as a balancing pole."

Heiji nodded, and, on her instruction, bent over allowing the woman to step up on his back. Up close, he could see just how muscular she looked. Still, despite this, she was rather light weight as she stepped on top of him. Standing up as instructed, he just barely helped her onto his shoulders, holding her feet at the heels. The audience cheered, and he had to fight back from taking a bow.

"Okay, now keep that position. I'm going to flip onto my hands. I need you to remain perfectly still while I do this, alright?" The woman's voice came out as smooth as silk.

Heiji still found himself flinching a bit, though. Despite her skill, he was still a bit worried that something could go wrong here. Nonetheless, he did as instructed, and was impressed as he could feel her weight shifting until she was hands over backwards, doing a handstand on his shoulders, he could see out of the corner of his eye her legs spread apart evenly. He heard the cheers of the crowd once more, and glanced back over at Kudo, who was standing with his mouth open, his arms crossed. Heiji gave him a little wave, careful not to jostle the person on top of him.

Said person also did a rather impressive single hand stand, while also waving to the audience. Before quickly bending over backwards and rebalancing her feet on Heiji's shoulders. She continued to wave before lightly leaping off his back, landing on the ground beside him to the sound of more cheers.

She gave a sweeping bow, and grabbed on to Heiji's hand. "Let's all have a round of applause for my wonderful assistant." She motioned for Heiji to bow, and he did so alongside her while the audience exploded in applause. She then turned to Heiji and whispered quietly in his ear in a decidedly more masculine voice "Brilliant job, detective. Thank you very much for your assistance. Oh, and be sure to tell Tantei-kun he needn't worry about the missing watch. He should know better than any I always return what I take. We will see eachother again soon enough." 'She' grinned and with one final wink, followed by a wave, and a dash of smoke 'she' disappeared leaving a dumbstruck Heiji behind.

~*Champagner polka*~

The audience slowly dispersed as they realized the show was over. Heiji, however, continued to stand there trying to piece together what just happened. Had she...that was supposed to be a she right? Did she just play him? He continued to stare off into space trying to collect himself.

Meanwhile Conan, whom had witnessed the entire exchange, trotted up to him glancing around restlessly. "Hattori! Did you see which way he went?" He continued to peer around, trying to determine the direction the target had run off to. He then turned back to face Hattori, who was seemingly lost in his own world. Well that wasn't entirely surprising. This was his first time after all...still. " Oi! Hattori! Snap out of it!"

Heiji blinked a couple of times before his eyes finally settled on the figure of his shrunken friend before him. "Ku-Kudo...wha...what exactly jus' happened? Who was that?"

Conan sighed, before smirking lightly. "KID." He paused. "Though, what exactly all that was...I'm not actually sure. There were no heists scheduled for today that I know of." He sighed again, staring off into the distance. It was likely KID hadn't gotten far, but knowing him, he could be just about anywhere, and anyone at this point. Though, he was still trying to figure out what the point of that whole charade had been. In retrospect, he probably didn't want to know what kind of crazy thoughts went on in that guy's mind.

"KID? As in...that crazy thief ya told me 'bout before?" He stared at Kudo, confusion and slight recognition written on his face. That would actually explain a lot. "Any idea what he wanted? Why was he out here performin' like that? Seems a bit strange if ya ask me…"

Conan shook his head and chuckled, muttering under his breath. "You don't know the half of it." Still he felt he owed his friend some explanation. "I've told you before, KID likes to pull some crazy stunts. If I were to guess...this was probably his way of welcoming you to 'his' neighborhood. Before you ask me how he knew who you were, or the fact that you're even here, I have absolutely no clue. The guy's a complete nutcase."

Heiji just stared at Conan, unsure what to make of that. Eventually, he decided to just wave it off and take his word for it. The fact that the guy had dressed rather convincingly up as a female acrobat really should have been a sign.

"Oh, what did he say to you by the way?" Conan asked curiously. He had noticed how KID had been whispering in Hattori's ear just before his sudden disappearance.

Heiji blinked for a moment, trying to recall. "Oh, ah...he thanked me fer my help. Then he said sumthin' 'bout yer watch and how he always returns what he steals…" He glanced down at Conan, whose eyes immediately widened, as they both looked at his wrist which had a small band with a piece of paper attached to it.

"Why that little…" he grumbled, grabbing at the little piece of paper attached to the fake band. He scanned over the words, his face portraying a number of emotions. Finally, he crumpled the paper in his hands, glaring down at the ground, his face beet red. "I swear, the next heist you have about ten separate soccer balls headed for your face!" he put the note away in his pocket.

Heiji waited curiously for some explanation as to what was written on the page, but he never got one as Conan began to walk away without another word. "Hey wait up!" he called as followed after his friend. "C'mon, Kudo, tell me what was in the note!"

Conan whirred around, glowering. "Trust me Hattori, you don't want to know."

Heiji gulped. Well alright then. He would just have to discreetly sneak a peek later.

Meanwhile, up above a figure watched with a knowing grin. Seemed the ploy had worked to perfection. He now had gotten under the little detectives skin, and he had also acquired two interesting objects which he would return at a later date when he saw fit. One of which was the shrunken detectives prized wristwatch, the other the "strong" detectives cell phone, which he most likely still hadn't realized was missing.

"Alright, Tantei-han, now that I've seen your dancing skills, it's time to arrange a little date." He grinned to himself as he scrolled through the detective's contacts. "Ah! Here's the one!"

Quickly dialing the number, he cleared his throat. It took only a couple of rings for it to pick up. He knew immediately from the screaming voice on the other side of the phone he had gotten the right number. "Ah 'zuha. Sorry I didn' call earlier I got a little...hung up." He held the phone away from his ear. He could already tell this was going to be a very interesting conversation.

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