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The Wysteria 92: Whisper welcomes you


"Whisper Selenite Strand, I suggest you get your guilty butt in here this instant!" A middle aged female's voice echoed around the large cave where several orphans lived. There were ninety two orphans in total... only 20 lived in the cave.

'I wonder if Wysteria is having issues with her dress again?...' A teenage girl named Whisper thought in annoyance, "yes lady Wysteria!" she screeched back before running off to see what was the matter.

Lady Wysteria was the leader of their group, in all honestly she was kinda mean. As soon as Whisper got to Wysteria's alcove the older girl began to rant.

"I swear Whisper, one day you're going to get us all found out if you keep bothering those pesky ninja, one of the observers told me that you dumped water on the fire master again!" Wysteria accused.

Wysteria was always getting annoyed about being found out... being found out for what? They always asked, they always got the same answer-

"Don't you know?" Whisper's thoughts were interrupted.

"Know what ma'am?"

"That you can't do what you want in this society. Do one tiny thing and they call you a radical!" Wysteria once again was questioning the ways of the world.

"Sorry lady Wysteria..." Whisper apologized, "I don't mean to cause trouble..."

"You don't mean to cause trouble?! Well try harder not to because you've caused a heck of a lot of trouble. Now leave me be, I need to rest."

Whisper left Wysteria's alcove and went to her own to change out of her bland grey training outfit. Speaking of training outfits, her's was currently soaked from her little adventure with buckets of water and the fire ninja; Kai.

No matter how soaked her clothes got, she wanted was to see the ninja's faces when she bested them all. That was sure to never happen though because those stupid ninja were elemental master and she was not.

She went to her bed after changing clothes and settled down for a good night's sleep.


Whisper was in a house, a beautiful house, a mansion. There were large windows, a tapping noise sounded from the one furthest down the hall. She went to the window with no fear at all, peering out she saw a boy about her age, clothes tattered, body glowing with ghostly green light. She noticed he had short black hair with an unnatural lime green streak through the front of it. He looked at her with a questioning gaze. She snapped her eyes open; awake.


Whisper awoke, her bluenette hair was tangled, probably from tossing and turning during the dream. She would've liked to think about the dream that she'd had but she had to get up, ready, and on with the day.


"Hi Wispy!" A boy named Drew greeted her cheerfully as she approached him.

"You're up early." He said sarcastically and jokingly. He was her best friend.

"Hello Drew!" Whisper replied back, not caring for his sense of humour, "Got any news on the ninja?"

Drew was what was known to their group as an observer, he did just that, he observed the ninja. He'd probably left super early that morning to return with the reports.

"Yeah actually, Jay and Nya were walking down by Lilly Brook, Cole was sparring with Kai and Zane at the clearing and Lloyd was talking to his uncle. Nothing special." Drew explained.

"Thanks! Bye!" Whisper thanked Drew and ran off towards the cave enterence, leaving her friend clueless in the cave. Whisper wasn't sure what she was going to do, but there was one thing she did know: People were out in the world who knew who the boy from her dream was.


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