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TO CLEAR THINGS UP- I don't think i ever referred to Claire's bro as her twin, she is fourteen and he is 27.

Without further ado:


The Wysteria 92: Furthermore, this should equal that.


"Hey, she gave me the hug... I had no part in this." Lev made a gesture of peace towards the preteen boy who was currently threatening him with a metal slab.

"Untrue. You hurt auntie Claire!"

"Tymmy?" Claire questioned, "Darn, now I know why your powers malfunctioned, Lev..."

"What happened? Who is this kid?!" Lev growled impatiently.

"Tymothy Mariria II. My nephew, my 10 year old nephew."

"Thinking about it, I never did ask if there was anyone named after your brother living in the same town, you should have informed me; my holographic form would not be in serious danger right now. I cannot even mentally attack him, he is too young."

"Geez, Lev... who would've thought your power could be defeated by my nephew who's not even old enough to drive? I mean how old would you be today, like, 1000?" Claire laughed.

"Approximately 13 years, 2 months and 5 days old. This is not a good time to be laughing."

"That's it, who are you?!" Tymothy Mariria II yelled at Lev, "Where is everyone else?!"

With that, Tymothy ran at Lev. A hilarious sight. Just as Lev was going to be impaled, he disappeared and reappeared on the roof of a building, "Claire," He yelled, "Reason with the idiot."


Whisper grumbled, frustrated with Mimeek and Eve for their incompetence in helping the others with their lost memory. Mimeek didn't even try to stop Eve from dragging him away!

She stalked back towards the area where Eve, Mimeek and herself had ran from their amnesiac travelling companions. It was obvious what she saw when she finally arrived there, her friends were gone- because of course they were.


I think the final line is my favorite, When the story is more about your Anti-hero (Lev) then it is about the hero (Whisper) though lol