"How could you do this, Raven?"

She kept her head held high. She had promised herself a long time ago that she would never bow her head because of her own mistakes. She would accept them with pride and dignity.

"How could you do this to me? To us? To Yang?" The man's final words were punctuated with a loud crash as he sent his fist burrowing into a wall. His breathing was heavy as he yanked his fist out of the structure, sending chunks of plaster and wood spraying across the floor before he turned to the still silent woman. She noted that this was by far the angriest she had ever seen the man as he opened his mouth to speak.

"Are you going to say something? Or, are you just going to sit there? You can't ignore this like you do everything else, Raven!" By the time the blond was finished shouting, he was only inches away from her. Their similarities in heights made them eye to eye with one another. She was offered a clear look at the hurt and conflict in his eyes. His emotions made her hesitate yet did not stop her completely as she sucked in a long, slow breath to steady herself.

"I had a duty. You wouldn't comply so I-" To her credit, she didn't even do so much as flinch when the man's fast came screeching toward her head. The attack missed her by a wide margin, managing to create another hole in the wall next to her head. Taiyang's heavy breathing had turned shaky while his now anger filled eyes were piercing deep into Raven's own.

"Don't give me that crap, Raven." The normally docile man growled out.

"It isn't. You know I value family, Taiyang. The experience meant nothing." The woman coolly responded. If she knew how her words would only make the blond much angrier, she would've worded her statement differently.

"What about our family?" Taiyang shouted out. "Do you know value us? Did you value Yang and I when you went out and fucked someone else?"

"I needed an heir and you wouldn't give me one nor would you let me take Yang." Raven shouted back. She wouldn't sit back and be shouted out. No matter how much she cared for the man, she would not be bullied into submission.

"You want to sacrifice a child to be raised by a tribe of murderers, thieves, and rapists! Did you honestly think I would let any child of mine go through that?"

"I knew you wouldn't. That's why I did what I did." There was no remorse in her voice as she spoke. Her gaze remained steady and unwavering while she met Taiyang's. Where the man was emotional, she was stone cold. While he was on the verge of tears, she looked almost bored with the conversation.

"Get out." And just like that, the passion that had once filled the blond flew out of him. His tired voice was a clear indicator of his emotional exhaustion as his outstretched arm fell to his side.

"Get your crap and get out. Get away from me. Get away from this house. Get away from Yang. Just go." Raven didn't even bother protesting the man's decision. She had expected this exact outcome when she made the decision to go through with her plan. And yet, when the day had finally arrived-more than a little too soon for her liking- she discovered that no amount of preparation could've fully armored her against the grief she saw in the man's tired eyes. Guilt surged up within her, threatening to bring her chin crashing downward. But, she remained strong and forced her head high.

She would not break now.

She passed Taiyang without another word. She didn't look back as she began to march up the stairs nor did she when she got to the top of them. Her gaze remained locked forward as she walked, even when she passed the closed doors to her daughter's room. She pushed forward to the room she shared with Taiyang. She kept her attention locked onto the task at hand as she began to collect her things.

The holster holding the bulk of her swords was the last thing she grabbed. She attached the thing onto the strap running across her back with a small yet audible click before turning to face the doorway. Once more, she was not surprised to see Taiyang standing at the doorway of the room.

Their eyes met and Raven found herself overwhelmed once more. It was obvious that the man had been crying. His red, puffy eyes contrasted with his normally bright and blue ones. The excitement usually contained within them had been sucked away, leaving only exhaustion and misery in their place.

"What will I tell Yang?" Taiyang spoke in a soft voice while leaning against the frame of the door. Whether this was a last ditch effort at trying to guilt her in some way, Raven did not know. She would not question the man, though. She would not grant him the opportunity to make her feel more than she already felt.

Silently, she reached over her shoulder and took hold of the hilt of one of her swords. The weapon came free of the holster with a small click and the hiss of air. Raven pulled the weapon clear of the scabbard and drew it in front of her.

"You tell her the truth." Her voice almost seemed to echo through the dark room. With a practiced ease, she slashed at the air with a vertical strike of the sword. As the tip of the blade passed through the air, a portal manifested after the weapon. She finished the movement by driving the sword into the ground, piercing the carpet and wood that laid beneath her.

Without looking back, Raven jumped into the portal. Taiyang wasn't even offered the chance the chase after her as the construct closed shortly after the woman, leaving him all alone. A loud sigh heaved its way out of the men's mouth, breaking the silence of the room before the man turned his attention to the sole item in the room that still belonged to Raven.

A long, single-edged sword stood in the center of the room. Its hilt doubling as a trigger and its cross guard barely existing. Taiyang noted only one thing about the weapon…

The golden color of its blade.

She had grown as he had grown. Raising a child hadn't been easy without Taiyang or the boy's father, the man had been cut down rather brutally in his sleep by the bearer of his child. What had been an unexpected night of pleasure for the male had been his very last.

She had managed it, though. No one could ever claim she did it right. The boy had grown with scars and wounds no child should ever grow with. Yet, it was the nature of her people. If her son hadn't managed to push past simple wounds, he wouldn't make it under her way of life. The fact that he did only proved his legacy, at least her half of it.

Now, he sat before her, tall and proud. A shallow cut black shirt clung to his upper body while a pair of long black pants covered his legs. He was adorned with an assortment of accessories, some holding meaning that even she wasn't aware of. The beads he wore were standard of her tribe yet she did not know why he deemed it necessary to wear nine pairs. From shoulder to hip he wore an orange sash that added a splash of color to his otherwise bland outfit. His spiky blond hair sat unimpeded on the top of his head except for the portion covered by a currently unused white mask.

"It's time." She said, breaking the silence between them. He nodded and stayed silent, yet she could still sense the excitement boiling beneath his skin. She was surprised he was managing to show enough control to not be jumping in his seat considering how long he had been awaiting this day.

"You'll be given the opportunity to survive outside of the tribe. Understand that this is not some type of dismissal. You are still very much a part of this tribe. Do you understand?" When the boy nearly nodded himself into a case of whiplash, Raven decided she had made him wait long enough. She reached down to her side and touched at her scabbard. Memories of a similar scene nearly 14 years earlier flashed through her mind as she wrapped her fingers around the hilt of one of her sword. She quickly pushed those thoughts away as the sword released with a click and a small hiss. It slid out of its confines with an ease granted by constant maintenance. The weapon swung through the air for a brief moment before she raised it at the blond.

"Take this sword and use it. This is my last gift to you." She watched as she grabbed the sword hilt first. He didn't care if the edge of the sword bit into his skin. His excitement had gotten a hold of him and wouldn't be letting go anytime soon.

She released her hold on the hilt as he stood. The weapon sword was immediately deposited onto his back, it supported by the boy's sash. The boy's stoic face broke as a small grin slipped across his features.

"Goodbye, mother. I'll make you and the tribe proud." Raven responded with a nod and nothing more. She didn't think she could talk anyway. She could only watch the blond turned his back on her and walked out the room. The last thing she spotted from him was the orange blade of his new sword before he disappeared behind the curtains of her hut.

"Burn like the sun, my child. Burn."

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