"Don't you fucking touch her!"

The outside felt good. She had been cooped up in her bed for too long.

One of her legs kicked listlessly at the stump she was sat upon. She could feel her father's eyes on her but honestly couldn't find the will to care. Her father always seemed to be staring at her nowadays. The man was not subtle.

She didn't understand what all the worry about.

That was a lie.

She knew exactly why her father had been hovering over her like a hawk for the past two months. The nub of her right arm didn't allow her to forget. The pain was far gone but the sight of it reignited all the emotions connected with it every single time she looked at it.

And it was very hard not to look at it.

She made to clench both of her fists but froze when she could only complete half the task. She rose with a scream, her semblance flickering around her for the briefest of moments. With a quick turn and a growl of effort, she slammed her remaining hand down onto the stump.

She was rewarded with a pained hand as reward for her effort.

"Fuck!" Yang exclaimed. All she could do was let the appendage hang uselessly at her side. Her emotions were becoming too much to deal with once again. Now, she was beginning to realize why she had spent so much time in bed. In her sleep, she didn't have to deal with this. In her sleep, the Fall of Beacon never happened. In her dreams, she still had both arms and Pyrhha and Penny were alive and her little sister didn't look at her liek she was a disappointment and her brother was actually here-

"Yang!" Her father's voice only drove her deeper into her anger. She didn't bother looking at the man, instead taking off into the woods surrounding her home. She couldn't deal with her dad right now. The disappointed look on his face was too much to bear.

So, she ran.

"Go back to Raven!"

"I thought we agreed to work together!"

"I know! But it's still fun to annoy you."

Things had been weird for him Recently. Give or take a couple of months, his life had been completely flipped upside-down.

Or right side up considering his perspective.

"Hurry up! You walk so slow. I want to see Yang."

"You had all the time in the world to see her when you were in the front seat but you chose not to! And we would have seen her sooner if you hadn't been so difficult about me having control. It took months for me to be able to walk without your screaming giving me a headache. Don't be mad at me now that I want to enjoy the scenery a little bit. Yang isn't going anywhere. I can sense her."

Remnant was a whole new experience for him. Well, this part of him. He was still trying to figure out how exactly his brain worked.

"You're the lazy, slacker, hippie version of me while I'm the pragmatic, go-getter, actually do shit version of me. That's how it works. And, unfortunately, you're the one in control."

He supposed that was one way to sum it up. While he couldn't quite agree with his alter ego's complete statement, it was better than anything he could think of at that moment.

A year ago, Naruto had awoken to the most pain and confusion than he had ever experienced in his life. He was clutching one of his father's famous Hiraishin kunai and was in the middle of a freaking desert.

Oh, and some voice that sounded just like his own was screaming in his head.

Now, ever since defeating Kaguya, he had been more than used to dealing with hearing voices in his head. The Tailed-Beast made sure of that. Fortunately, the creatures all had their own unique personalities and voices.

This voice sounded just like him. And had a rather colorful opinion of what exactly was going on with them both.

"You're stealing my body, you fucking thief!"

Stealing bodies? He wasn't Orochimaru. And, as far as he could see, this body was his own. He didn't quite recognize the clothes he was wearing and he had never wielded a sword in his entire life but he was pretty sure that he was still in his own body.

Blond, spiky hair? Check.

Whisker marks? Check.

Hearing voices in his head? Check.

That was his shtick! That was Naruto Uzumaki. Obviously, his time with the war and training under Kakashi as Hokage had allowed him to grow a lot but when it all boiled down, those were the basics of Naruto.

So why was this other voice claiming he was also Naruto.

"As soon as I get back control, I'm going to show you who's the real Naruto."

"I've seen your memories. You won't be doing anything unless your mommy tells you, momma boy. Now stop talking."

And like that, the voice's wild cursing got drowned out as his own thoughts took the main stage.

The sudden influx of new memories that he had no recollection of actually experiencing was his first clue that something was off. Branwen clan? Dust and Semblances? Assassinating heirs to business empires? None of that was him. Or at least, none of that was him from the Elemental Nations. Just like the voice in his head wasn't him. But still was?

All of it was so confusing.

It wouldn't be a stretch to say that his other voice wasn't wrong when he called him a thief. This place obviously wasn't his own. Konoha didn't exist here. Remnant did. Chakra had no place here in a world where Aura was king. This wasn't REALLY his body. He didn't have his chakra and it was very weak compared to what he was used to.

This was not his world.

Yet, he had been placed here. Stolen from his homeland. One moment, he had been stuck within a boring council meeting and the next, he was in this land's deserts. The teachings of the Sage comforted him in his thoughts and actions. There was a reason he was here.

He just needed to figure out what that reason was.

For now, he walked. Unfortunately for him, his counterpart hadn't been the most social of guys. He had only so many places to go where he would be welcomed. The Branwen clan and Raven had been an option that he had immediately shot down. There was no way in hell he would be returning to that woman any time soon.

Instead, he turned to the other side of his family. And that's why he found himself walking through the forests of Patch. Making his way over to the small island had been a pain and a half and being a criminal with very little resources did not help one bit.

Now, he was minutes away from seeing his family. The feelings circulating through his chest were new to him. Besides seeing the chakra projection his mom and dad left him, and his dad's resurrected corpse, he had never met a true blood-related family member. Tsunade came sort of close but not in the same way his sister would.

"She's not your sister!"

"She's close enough. You better be quiet when we see them." He shoved his alter ego even further down into his psyche at the thought while quickening his pace. The mental image of seeing his sister for the first time in … well ever spurred him further.

He managed to make it another ten minutes of straight walking before he came to a stop. Directly in his path was a solitary crow that seemed to be staring him down.

"That's weird." He thought to himself before attempting to walk around the bird. He was shocked when the bird hopped to the side, blocking him once more. Another attempt to swerve around the bird was met with the flying creature blocking him once more.

"What's wrong with this bird?"

"Why are you here?" Oh, it could talk. That's what's wrong with it. Just like that, all his memories of talking birds came surging back to him. There were only so many birds that had that ability and also masquerade as a depressing bird like a crow.

"Uncle." He knew that the grin spreading across his face must have been shocking for the man. Actually, he could tell it was shocking based off of his now human face. The man had transformed out of his bird form with his sword in hand. The look spread across his face told Naruto that the man did not have friendly intentions when it came to seeing his nephew.

"You are dangerously close to a place that you know you shouldn't be. Did she send you?"

"I promise that I am not working with Raven. I came to see my sister." Based on the tightening of Qrow's eyes, that was not the right thing to say. The man squeezed the trigger of his sword, forcing it to morph into it's scythe form.

"Does Raven think she can use Yang's obsession with her to drag her to her side? It's not going to work, Brat." The man spat at his nephew. To Naruto, it was clear that this was not going well. He hadn't expected the warmest of welcomes but this was even worse than he expected.

"I don't have my mom's sword."

"You could have it stashed away somewhere."

Well, there went that plan. With a heavy sigh, the boy lifted his hands into the air in what he hoped was a sign of surrender.

"I really don't mean anyone any ha-"

"You killed Whitley Schnee." The older man pumped his weapon, readying the shotgun dust shell that sat in it's chamber. If it hadn't been clear before, it was made crystal now that the man did not trust the boy at all.

"I did." It hurt him to swallow the responsibility of that action but it was best that he did. Attempting to explain his situation so soon would only throw off the Huntsman.

"But I want to make up for my actions. Raven's ways have kept me blinded for a while. I want to help. Actually help." He could feel the mounting pressure of his alter ego's annoyance at the back of his mind. He ignored the feel once more while focusing the entirety of his attention on his uncle.

"I should have you arrested and handed over to Jacques." Qrow forced out between clenched teeth.

"I think we both know that if you did that, I would run."

The two sat in silence for what felt like an eternity before Qrow lowered his weapon. Naruto nearly let out a sigh of relief just before the man produced a length of rope from out of nowhere.

"I'm not taking any chances with you, brat."

With her emotions properly vented through a good session of punching trees and crying, Yang decided it was about time for her to return home. The guilt of blowing off her father had been eating at her for way too long. It was about time to make things right and apologize to the man. He was only trying to help and she could see that.

So, with that in mind, she cut a quick path through the forests back to her home. It didn't take long for her to find her way, her familiarity with the land helping her greatly. Despite the waning sun, it took her all but ten minutes to return to the everpresent stump that sat in the backyard of her home.

"Dad! I'm home." She announced her presence loudly as she burst through the back door of the home. She was greeted with silence which was just as she had expected. Her dad could be a bit dramatic at times and she wouldn't put it past him to be giving her a bit of the silent treatment. It wasn't as if she didn't deserve it.

She ran through the kitchen area straight to the living room where the stairs were located. She was intent on finding her dad and apologizing. While her usual fire hadn't quite been found, she was still woman enough to know she was wrong.

She was so intent on finding the man that she nearly missed the small party of people in her living room. It was only when she was halfway up the stairs did her brain catch up with her eyes. She froze for a moment before taking several tentative steps backward, her brain not quite believing what she had seen.

"Hey Little Sunny." Her dad's voice was meek. Much more meek than she had ever heard it. He looked absolutely lost sitting on their family's couch. Sat in between him was a boy that looked to be around her age. Blond hair and blue eyes, Yang was finding it quite difficult not to compare the boy to her father. Oddly enough, a thick length of rope tied the boy's wrists together. And to the boy's other side was Qrow who looked as if he had swallowed a whole pallet of bricks.

"We have something to sh-"

"Hey sis!" The boy made to stand but was forced back into his seat by a forceful push from Qrow. Yet, the damage had been done. The two words that the boy had uttered had already sent her mind reeling.

"We agreed that we would sit down and talk about it with her first!"

"I know but I got too excited."

"You idiot. Look at her! She's frozen." Those were the words that set her back in motion. With a wild shake of her head, she returned to reality where all three male occupants of the room were staring at her.

"What did you just say?" Those were the only words she could force out. The boy made to stand up again but Qrow's hand stopped him halfway through the action. The blond shrugged off the hand before leaping over the couch. In an instant, the distance between the two was closed to a mere two feet. Behind the boy, Yang could see Qrow reaching for his weapon.

"I said hey sis. I'm not really used to it but I think that's what you're supposed to say to your sister when you see her for the first time ever." He let out a small chuckle before flashing a bright smile at her.

Yang did the only thing she could think of to do at the boy's words.

She punched him as hard as she could in his jaw.

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