Mr. Know-It-All

As he walked down the hall of Smallville High, he could sense them staring, but then again, they always did. He could feel their stares boring into the back of his head, and he didn't like it one bit. He didn't care that he was different then other people, but they sure seemed to. The pointing and whispering were often too much to bear, and usually he ditched school when that happened, but not today. Today was a very unusual day, a day full of plans and aspirations, and if he played his cards right, he would get exactly what he wanted: The death of Clark Kent…

Clark and Lana were walking down the hallway of the school when they noticed him. His skin was the first thing that anyone noticed, really. It was a white; a pale white, complexion, and it just seemed out of place on him. Clark looked at the boy, and tried to remember his name, and then it came to him: Franklin Whittaker. Clark had heard things about the young man, but wasn't sure if any of it were true. Lana protruded into his thoughts by snapping her fingers at him, which always got his attention. Lana smiled at him, and she asked, "Clark, are you ok? You seemed to be a million miles away." Clark smiled at Lana, and it simply made Lana go weak in the knees, but then again, it always did that. Clark looked at Lana and said, "Sorry Lana, I was just thinking about Frank over there. You know, the new kid."

Lana turned and looked in the direction where Clark had been staring and saw him. She was immediately filled with sorrow at the sight; a young man who seemed pale and sick. He seemed to glare at Clark and Lana for a second and then he hurried away. Lana didn't know what to make of him, and when Lana turned to look at Clark, she saw the same look of puzzlement as well. Lana gently touched his arm, and he snapped out of his reverie, and they continued walking down the hallway together…

Chloe watched Lana and Clark together and she wished that it was her with him, and not Lana. However, she had made a choice and was determined to stick by it. Ever since Clark had gotten sick that day, one week ago, she said she would let him go and hope that he would return to her someday. She snapped herself out of it and saw a pale young man staring at her intently. She smiled weakly at him, and he smiled back. "He seems nice" she thought to herself. The young man suddenly began walking towards her!

Franklin walked towards Chloe with a pasted smile on his face, yet his thoughts conveyed a different intent completely. "Well, there's my instrument in the downfall of the mighty Clark Kent. Yes, she's perfect" he thought to himself. He walked up to her and extended his hand. She gingerly but hesitantly shook it and then spoke saying, "Hi, my name is Chloe Sullivan, and you are?" He smiled back at her, and said, "My name is Franklin Whittaker, and today I just made a new friend."

Frank stared at Chloe, and smiled. Behind Chloe, her typewriter began typing all by itself, unbeknownst to her. It typed out one single phrase "G-A-M-E-O-N" and then abruptly stopped. Franklin followed Chloe into the newsroom, and as they passed the typewriter, he gently ran his fingers over the keys. Once again, the typewriter came to life. Chloe stopped and watched in amazement as it typed out her name. She stopped and stared at Franklin, who smiled at her and said, "What can I say, machines like me." Chloe looked at Franklin and broke out into a huge grin. Franklin smiled back at her, reached out to grab the paper from the typewriter, tore off Chloe's name, handed it to her, and then threw the rest of the incriminating evidence in the garbage.

Franklin said he'd love to help Chloe write an amazing story for her paper, and then began asking her if she believed in aliens. Chloe laughed and said "no" which prompted Franklin to say, "What would you say if I told you I saw one the other day?"