Tsuna yawned as he walked through the forest. He's tired, so damn tired. Last night, he had stay late because of some researching and hacking that he had to do. He smiled though when he knows that his or should he say this world Vongola Decimo's guardian are exist.

Just by knowing this information made him happy. Yes, even though they were not his guardians, just knowing that they were alive and well and kicking made his shoulders a bit light.

He yawned again.

"Didn't get enough sleep?"

Tsuna turned towards the voice and smiled. "Morning Karasuma, nee-san." He greet both of the teacher. Irina Jelavic had of course made him called her nee-sama after meeting him but since it come of as awkward for both of them,Tsuna just called her nee-san which made the women smiled.

"Tsuna-kun~ Mornin'" Jelavic greet him back as she throw herself to hug the younger.

"Calm yourself please, Irina. We're at the school ground right now." Karasuma said, reminding the women who was currently giving him a stink eye.

"You're too stiff, you know. That's why you didn't get laid by anyone at all." Irina smirked.

Meanwhile, Tsuna blush as he heard Irina said about getting laid before sighing and pinching the bridge of his nose.

"Ara, Tsuna-kun, are you blushing?" Irina said as she elbowed him playfully.

"Ahhh, look we're here already." Tsuna said as he jog towards the entrance of Class END building to avoid the one topic that made him slightly uncomfortable. 'I pity you, nee-san. Liking someone who is clearly oblivious with your feeling.'


Tsuna sit on his chair, rearranging all the documents on his desk when his intuition suddenly reacts to something. From the corner of his eyes, he saw someone with a bulkier type body appear. He look at the guy as he trotted towards somewhere where he can see the students are.

"I have bad feeling about this." Tsuna walked towards the window and watched the other students on the field having their PE time with Karasuma.

"Tsuna-kun, what are you doing there?" Tsuna turned towards the voiced.

"Ah, Koro-sensei. I just want to see Karasuma and the other students." He said. "By the way, Karasuma tell me yesterday that there will be a new teacher today, but I didn't see anyone at all."

"Ah, you see..." Koro-sensei said with smiled, his tentacles moving everywhere, I mean when is it its not moving, right?

Tsuna watched the other sensei, waiting for the answer.

With a poker face, Koro-sensei said, "I don't know."

A large sweat-dropped appear on Tsuna's head. "Ah, I see."

Karasuma watched each student as he teach them hand to hand combat. As he watched each one of them, he realized some of them have a natural assassination style. Even so, that was not their future.

The only reason he teach them all this was for self-defense and to kill that annoying pervert yellow octopus. Also, he felt so proud seeing all of them learning and mastering some of the moves he teaches.


Karasuma froze when he felt something moving behind him. He need to move, now! He immediately lashed out.

"Ow..." Karasuma look to the one who he just throw and blinked his eyes in surprised seeing the bluenette on the ground, rubbing his head. Karasuma quickly made his way towards the younger.

"I'm sorry, I swung a bit too hard there. Can you stand?" He said, watching the younger move up.

"I'm okay, Karasuma-sensei. Don't worry." Nagisa smiled.

Karasuma watched him as Sugino help him stand and reprimand him how stupid he was for not paying attention. I know that Nagisa was paying enough attention if he can sneak behind me without me sensing him at all. The ravenet thought. 'He's agile because of his small body build, but he's ability is not worth mentioning so am I just imagining things about that strange presence?'

Far away from them, in a sand box Koro-sensei watched them with an unreadable expression while Tsuna just continued sipping on his espresso.

'Interesting, Shiota Nagisa.' He smiled.

Karasuma walked towards the only building there after declining the student inviting him to have a tea with them.

'In order to break this deadlock, we'll be adding another member to your personnel. There is one man who well-suited for the job.'

Karasuma remembers what he had been told yesterday by the Ministry of Defense.

"So, something interesting out there?" Karasuma look up towards the brunette. "I watched it when you and Nagisa-kun had a little show down there."

"It's just a coincidence, Tsuna. Nothing more nothing less."

"You think so?" Tsuna look at Karasuma with a smirked donning his face. "I don't think its a coincidence, I can see his potential there. If we see through his shy mask, we'll see a deadly assassin there."

Karasuma watched the younger walked towards their small teacher faculty before following him afterwards. He sat on his chair, resting.

"You're right." Tsuna smiled.

"I heard the new teacher coming today," Tsuna said, changing the topic. "Where is he?" Karasuma look at him and just before he can reply the other, he notice a shadow from behind the door.

A slightly bulkier or should we say rounded man stepped through, hefting a few boxes and bags. The man blinked his eyes when he saw Karasuma before a smile (Tsuna think it's a creepier smiles and he hates it a lot together with the man.) appear on his face.

"Yo, Karasuma!" The man greet him before putting all the boxes and bags on the ground just by the wall before exiting the room and walking towards where the students are leaving the stunned Karasuma inside with Tsuna.


'I don't like this.' Tsuna thought as he nursed his headache that becoming more and more painful each time he saw that man. Gulping some aspirin, he stopped what he had been doing.

His HI just tell him something clear now.

'Protect the student!'

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