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I've had this idea for a while now, ever since I read "The one who will inherit my will" by Beyond my mask. However sadly it got discontinued, this will be my own version of Itachi becoming Erza's "big brother" it may have some small similarities, and I mean very small, because I will mostly try making it my own story and not some copy. At first I planned to have Itachi be Zeref's and Natsu's older brother, I also planned on making Itachi one of Zeref's demons however I had no idea how to continue that idea, and this seemed much simpler to continue. Now enjoy "The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail"

Prologue: A new beginning, a new life

"I will always love you." Itachi said his final words to his younger brother Sasuke, as his consciousness slowly faded away. As Itachi's soul left his body he looked down at his younger brother for one last and final time. 'Finally, it's all over.' Itachi thought.

For a moment, it felt like he was floating around an empty space of nothingness, floating around with no concern, no pain, the only feeling that came over him was calmness. That calmness was interrupted as Itachi suddenly felt his soul regaining its flesh, bones, and blood. He saw a blinding light and in the very next moment, he suddenly felt his body to be surrounded by cold water. 'Is this the afterlife? I don't feel like I'm dead, I feel like I'm drowning, I feel alive.' Itachi thought slowly opening his eyes seeing himself to be under water, he could see the moon shine upon the water. Itachi knew how it felt to be alive and how it felt to be dead, considering that he was an edotensei, a reanimated shinobi once, now it felt like it was when he was still alive. 'If I'm alive, why am I here, is this some cruel joke from the God's, to have me die, brought back and die again?' Itachi thought as he felt his body being swept away by the great ocean. 'Oh well, I don't mind dying, after what I have done, I deserve it.' Itachi closed his eyes ready to embrace his fate as his consciousness drifted away.

Year: X776

"Hey Onii-san, are you okay?" The voice of a little girl was heard, while he felt someone with small hands shaking his body. "Onii-san, you're not dead, are you?"

Itachi opened his eyes slowly, things were a little blurry at first, until his vision was adjusted he was greeted by the face of a little red haired girl with a brown eye, but her right eye had an eyepatch over it, she looked like she had been abused for some time considering the wounds on her frail little body, some wounds also seemed to be fresh. Itachi felt pity for the little girl, he wanted to help her but right now he needed to know where he was. "Where am I?" Itachi questioned.

"A place called The tower of heaven. However, this is no heaven." The girl said and crossed her arms around her legs while her expression showed sadness and sorrow.

"H-How did I get here?" Itachi asked still feeling a little dizzy.

"The guards found you washed up on the beach, and decided to make you a slave… like the rest of us." The girl said as Itachi looked around, seeing several children and a few adults as well as an old man.

"Slaves?" Itachi questioned. Slavery wasn't something he was uncommon with, there were some cases on his missions for either the ANBU or the Akatsuki that he would encounter slave traders.

"We are slaves, they want us to build the tower for them, they've captured us from our own villages and forced us to work here. We have tried to escape, but we got caught and then they punished us." The girl said holding her hand above her eyepatch as tears dripped down her only eye.

"I see." Itachi said looking at the other prisoners seeing that they weren't nearly as beat up as the girl. "How come you look like you're the one who's been punished the most?" Itachi asked.

"I said it was my escape plan." The girl said but with a sadden look on her face, not for her damage or pain, but guilt over something.

"Why do you look like your feeling guilty?" Itachi asked.

"A friend of mine is being tortured as we speak, because he tried to defend me." The girl said as she looked like she was about to cry.

"I'm sorry to hear that." Itachi sympathized he then looked at himself to see that his clothes were that of the other slaves. Now that he had established there was one thing he needed to know. "What happened to my own equipment?" Itachi asked in case he even had something when the guards found him, maybe something that could give him answers as to why he was alive again.

"The guards took them to the storage room." The girl said. "Are you a mage?" The girl asked with hope in her voice.

"Mage? No, I'm not." Itachi replied not sure what a mage even was, he saw the girl look down with a hint of disappointment, she must have hoped that whatever a mage was, would rescue her and everyone. "But I am a shinobi."

"Shinobi? You mean like a ninja?" The girl questioned in confusion.

"Yes." Itachi replied a little astonished that she didn't seem to know Shinobi's even existed, everyone should know what a Shinobi was they were known across all the Five Great Nations. Itachi then began looking closer at himself seeing that he was a little younger than he was when he died. 'Has my age altered? Why? How?' Itachi thought. "This may seem strange, but how old do I look?"

"Um, like your around in your teens, maybe thirteen." The girl said.

'Thirteen, huh? Well I do look around the age when I was an ANBU captain.' Itachi thought. 'But still, why did my age altered?'

"Onii-san, what's your name?" The girl asked.

"Itachi, Uchiha Itachi, and you?" Itachi said.

"I'm Erza, Erza Scarlet." The girl said with a smile.

"Erza, that's a beautiful name." Itachi said with a warm friendly smile.

"Thanks, Onii-san." Erza said beaming with slight happiness, but why did she keep calling him that?

"Why do you keep calling me Onii-san?" Itachi asked.

"Well you are older than me, and we are all here to help each other, so we are kind of like a family." Erza said.

"Hn, I guess that will work, but we won't be in here for much longer." Itachi said standing up making a few hand seals and inhaled his breath.

Fire style: Fireball!

Itachi spit out a large blazing fire ball melting the cell bars. Leaving all his fellow cellmates standing and looking at him in awe. "You lied, you said you weren't a mage!" Erza accused with a small cute pout.

"I didn't lie." Itachi argued with an emotionless expression.

"But you used fire magic just now." Erza said pointing at the melted cell bars.

"That wasn't magic that was ninjutsu." Itachi said.

"Ninjutsu?" Erza questioned once again seeming to have no clue as to what he was talking about.

'I have a feeling I'm not in the element of nations.' Itachi thought as back in the element of nations even the poorest will at least have heard of ninjutsu, Itachi then made a hand seal.

Shadow clone!

Itachi made ten clones that went around the tower and attacked the guards while Itachi himself went to look for his things. Itachi was surprised that he could make ten shadow clones, usually he was only able make five.

"That young man seems to be very powerful." An old man said.

"Old man Rob, are there something out there besides mages?" Erza asked with curiosity.

"Not that I know of." Rob replied.

"Well I'm not just going to sit around and do nothing. We all should fight! Fight for our freedom!" Erza said levitating some tools.

Itachi's clones ran all over around the tower beating up and sometimes even killing some of the guards. While the real Itachi jumped around from floor to floor looking for his equipment. 'If this is anything like the prisons back in konoha, the storage room should be on the level where there are no prisoners.' Itachi thought jumping up to the next level, he looked around seeing no prison cells. 'This must be it.' He rushed in several of the rooms not able to find his equipment, he then ended up standing in front of a large door, he opened it seeing several tools, and some clothes, food, and then he saw his own equipment and saw that it was his normal civilian clothes back from konoha, his black shirt with the Uchiha symbol on the back, his shorts, shoes, and some kunai's and shuriken's and some scroll's which contained more kunai knifes and other kinds of weapons. Yet there was nothing that answered his question as to why he was brought back to life. Itachi changed into his civilian clothes grabbed his stuff, and a backpack that he filled with food and other various items, since he had no idea what journey laid ahead of him.

Itachi ran out of the room seeing two guards running towards him with some spears. "Stop right there!" They shouted. Itachi jumped up in the air delivering a kick to one of the guards in the face, then kneed the other guard in the chin, knocking them out cold.

'Now to get out of here. Hn, seems my clones have vanished, I don't feel like I have that much chakra left, for some reason it feels like I'm almost empty, I'm guessing my body lost a lot of chakra when my age was reduced and my body is still adapting to the change.' Itachi thought as he rushed down to find an exit he saw all the prisoners rebel against the guards with Erza leading the attack, he then saw some phantom like creatures with the same symbol as the guards had. They opened their mouths making some red circles that shoot out some kind of blast that killed some of the prisoners making several of them run away in fear that caused Erza to fall down.

One of the phantom creatures charged up another blast directed towards Erza. And for some reason without him realizing it, Itachi found himself running towards the girl trying to save her. 'Damn, I won't make it in time.' Itachi thought as he ran towards Erza. The old man, Rob went in front of the blast taking it head on and sending a wave of fire at the phantom creatures vaporizing them. Itachi jumped towards them going up to the old man supporting him. "Are you alright?" Itachi asked but the widened his eyes as it seemed the old mas was falling apart.

"Oh… it's you… young man… please take care of her." Rob muttered looking at Erza.

"Old man Rob…" Erza uttered as tears ran down her eye.

"Please… protect her." Rob said almost drawing out his last breaths.

"I-I promise." Itachi vowed to protect Erza no matter what it takes, he couldn't deny a dying old man's wish.

"Th-Thank you…" Rob said with a smile as he slowly closed his eyes and his hand fell to the ground, Rob had died.

"NO! Old man Rob!" Erza cried.

"Come on, the fight is not over yet. Let's get you and your friends out of here." Itachi said, placing his hand on her shoulder.

"Jellal." Erza muttered and to Itachi's surprise began running in towards the tower.

"Erza, wait!" Itachi said when suddenly several guards surrounded him. "Get out of my way." Itachi said uttered coldly, not in the mood for this nonsense.

The guards laughed. "You think you can scare us your just one man."

"Numbers don't matter, even one man can have the power to defeat an army." Itachi said morphing his black eyes into red eyes with three black tomoes with a black dot in the center, out from Itachi's body then flew out a murder of crows, then the crows flew around the guards whom looked bewildered then before they knew it, their bodies were like paper and they started to burn away as they screamed in pain and horror. Then the scene changed into the guards on the ground knocked out cold. And Itachi stood over the knocked-out guards as black crow feathers fell around him. "I can't waste my time here I have to find Erza." Itachi said deactivating his sharingan as his eyes reverted back into their natural black color.

Itachi then looked into the direction where Erza ran. "Erza! Where are you!? Erza!" Itachi shouted as he ran around the tower, he searched most of the rooms on the lower floors, when he suddenly heard an explosion. 'An explosion? I thought most of the fights where over. Oh, well I have to find Erza.' Itachi thought running towards the source of the explosion, as he runs through a corridor he sees a blue haired boy with some mark on one of his eyes walking past him while he had an evil smirk on his face. However, Itachi didn't pay much attention to him since he had to find Erza. "Erza!" Itachi walked around when he saw a boat in the distance, that got hit by a wave and flipped over.

"Help!" Erza's voice came from that boat. Itachi jumped out of the tower gathering chakra to his feet and ran on the water. "Cough* Help! Cough*" Erza yelled as she slowly felt her strength vanishing.

"Erza!" Erza heard Itachi's voice before she closed her eyes and fainted.

Erza pov

Erza slowly woke up seeing a campfire in front of her, she slowly picked herself up seeing a jacket fall off her. "Oh, good you are awake." She heard Itachi's voice and looked towards the source and where she saw him sitting on the other side of the campfire grilling fish.

"What happened?" Erza asked with a bewildered look on her face.

"Well you ran away, I went looking for you, and after looking for quite a while I see you on a boat that got hit by a wave and that you almost drowned, I pulled you into shore made a campfire, went fishing, got some fish, and sat here waiting for you to wake up." Itachi said with a deadpan expression.

"Oh…" Erza muttered.

"So far no one else made it out from that tower." Itachi said.

"Itachi onii-san." Erza said when suddenly tears dripped down from her one good eye. "Old man Rob… He…. He."

"Died saving your life, you should be grateful and live on to honor his sacrifice." Itachi said.

"Fairy Tail." Erza uttered.

"What?" Itachi questioned.

"That's the guild old man Rob used to be a member of, I want to find it and join it." Erza said with determination in her eye.

"Guild?" Itachi questioned having no idea what it was.

"You don't know what a guild is?" Erza asked to which Itachi shook his head. "Well, it's a place where mages gather and complete missions given to them by other people, like nobles and even sometimes other mages."

"And Fairy Tail is one of these guilds?" Itachi asked.

"Yes. And I want to join, we should both join Onii-san." Erza said.

'I did swear to protect her, but I need to know where I am first.' Itachi thought as if he still were in the Element of Nations he was still a wanted man, but if he had somehow ended up in a new world then it would be a different story. "I will think about it." Itachi said to which Erza gave a small smile. "Go on eat up, we're going to have a long trip in the morning."

Next day Itachi pov

Itachi and Erza were walking through the forest, trying to find their way to civilization. 'If this is a different world, then no one knows who I am, but if it's not I should keep a low profile when we get to a village, or town.' Itachi thought.

They walked for miles none stop until they reached a small village. Itachi looked around when he suddenly noticed Erza standing in front of a bakery staring at a cake, Itachi looked at the currency mark on the prize and it didn't look like it was ryo. He then saw a couple passing by holding a map. "Excuse me mister, can I borrow that map please?" Itachi asked as the moment of truth was now.

"Um, yeah sure." The man gave the map to Itachi he looked at it and it looked nothing like the map of the element of nations in fact he had seen a map of the entire world, and this looked nothing like anything his ever seen. 'Okay one last thing to check.' Itachi thought handing the map back to the couple.

"Excuse me but have you ever heard of a place called Konoha? Or the Element of Nations?" Itachi asked.

"Nope, sorry can't say I have." The man replied scratching the back of his head.

"I see, thank you for your time." Itachi said. 'That decides it then in some magical way I ended up in a different world. I'm grateful for all this, the second chance and everything, but I'm not sure what to do now.' Itachi thought, there was of course always the option Erza provided for him. 'Oh well guess I'm going to Fairy Tail then, maybe I can learn more about this world then.' Itachi thought looking at Erza and her clothes. 'She's going to need a new pair of clothes. I'm going to need a way to earn some money. Hmm maybe I can sell some of the stuff I took from the equipment room.' Itachi thought. "Um excuse me, but do you know if there is a place where I can sell some stuff?" Itachi asked the man.

"Magical or non-magical?" The man asked.

"Not sure." Itachi replied.

"Um, well the store over there might buy it." The man said pointing at a shop.

"I see thank you very much." Itachi bowed. "Erza."

"Yes?" Erza questioned.

"This way." Itachi said walking towards the shop with Erza following him. They entered the shop and went up to the counter.

"Welcome." An old man bowed. "How may I help you?"

"I would like to sell some items." Itachi said bringing out his bag that was filled with some food and some magical spears that belonged to some of the guards as well as some jewelry that belonged to some of the prisoners before they were taken.

"Well you can keep the food, but some of these items may be of value." The man said inspecting the items.

Itachi placed the food back in the bag. "How much would you give me for all of it?" Itachi asked.

"Well since some of these are magical items and some of the jewelry seems to be worth quite a bit. I would say it should all be worth around 1-2 million Jewels." The man said. "Hmmm, I will give you 1,5 million for it all."

"Deal." Itachi sealed the deal by shaking the man's hand.

"Why did you sell all those things, onii-san?" Erza asked.

"In the towns, we will need money for our long journey, besides you could use some new clothes." Itachi said putting the money in his bag.

"Eh? You don't have to spend any money on me." Erza said.

"I promised to take care of you, that means to make sure you are healthy, feed, alive. And with your current clothes you may catch a cold." Itachi said heading for a clothing store.

"Welcome! How may I h-help you…" The young girl at the counter said but froze when she saw Itachi gaining hearts in her eyes.

"Yes, I would like to buy her some new clothes." Itachi said as every woman in the store began staring at him with hearts in their eyes, some thinking what he would look like when he got older, some whom were his age lusting for him now. Erza saw this and let out a small pout before lightly punching Itachi in the side. "What's wrong?" Itachi asked in confusion.

"Baka onii-san." Erza muttered while still pouting and lightly punching him making Itachi sweat drop.

"Anyway, do you have any clothes for her?" Itachi asked the young woman at the counter making her break out of her little fantasy.

"O-Oh yes, please this way." The young woman said with a small red blush of embarrassment. She appeared to be slightly older than him.

In the end Erza picked a white blouse and a blue skirt, with black leggings and black shoes. "How much?" Itachi asked.

"500 jewels." The woman replied, Itachi took some of the money out of his bag and gave 500 to the woman as payment. "Thank you! Come again!" The woman said as Itachi and Erza exited the store.

"Now to find this Fairy Tail guild." Itachi said. He walked up to a man that looked to be a guard of some sort judging by his armor. "Excuse me. Could you tell me the location of a guild called Fairy Tail?" Itachi asked.

"Fairy Tail, it's in Magnolia." The guard replied.

"Is it far?" Itachi asked.

"Well I suggest you go to the port and take a boat to Hargeon, then there is about a one day's walk to Magnolia." The guard said.

"Thank you for the help." Itachi bowed.

Itachi and Erza walked towards the port, Itachi rented a boat to take them to Hargeon, it cost them in total 600 jewels. Itachi just laid back and relaxed for the entire trip, while Erza enjoyed the wind blowing at her face and through her beautiful scarlet red hair. When they arrived in Hargeon they bid the captain farewell and rented a horse carriage to take them to Magnolia. Itachi opened his eyes when he felt that the carriage had stopped. "We're here!" The driver said.

"Erza wake up. We're in Magnolia." Itachi informed the little sleeping redhead who was sleeping on his lap by shaking her body slightly.

"W-We're here?" Erza woke up rubbing her eye.

"Yeah, come on let's go." Itachi said exiting the carriage with Erza following him.

"Thank you for the trip." Itachi thanked the driver before they headed into town.

"Are we going to join Fairy Tail now, onii-san?" Erza asked to which Itachi nodded.

"Wait here." Itachi said as he jumped on to the top of the tallest building he could find. Itachi looked around at the scenery and saw a building close to the ocean that had a large mark on the sign. 'I'm guessing that's Fairy Tail.' Itachi thought and leaped back down to Erza. "I think I found it, let's go."

"Yes!" Erza said following after her new big brother. They walked until they arrived at the building that had a large sign on it that said "Fairy Tail" They entered the guild and was meet by a dark-haired boy around Erza's age, and he was only wearing his boxers.

"Hey has anyone seen my clothes?" The boy asked as he seemed to be desperate to find them again. Itachi at first thought someone had stolen the boy's clothes, but after hearing someone asking the boy if he lost them again because he kept striping, Itachi now simply thought the boy was either a pervert or he was just clueless.

"Um, excuse me." Itachi said to the young boy.

"What?" The boy asked.

"Where can I find the guild master?" Itachi asked.

"Master! There's someone here to see you!" The boy shouted.

"Thanks for telling me, Gray." Itachi saw a dwarf of an old man walk up to them. "What can I do for you, young man?"

"Greetings…" Itachi was a bit taken back by the man's short stature.

"I'm the third master of Fairy Tail Makarov Dreyar." The master introduced himself.

Itachi decided to not care so much about the man's appearance, as he was an important elder. "Greetings Makarov-sama, I would like for my little sister and I to join your guild." Itachi requested.

"Oh, is that so? Well my boy how about you tell me about yourselves?" Makarov asked with a kind fatherly like smile.

"I'm Itachi Uchiha, and this is Erza Scarlet." Itachi said.

"I thought you were siblings?" Makarov questioned.

"No, not by blood, however ever since we meet she has called me her big brother so I guessed why not, and decided to adopt her as my little sister." Itachi replied.

"Very well then. Why do you want to join Fairy Tail?" Makarov asked.

"I want to join the guild old man Rob was a part of." Erza replied.

"And I promised this Rob that I would look out for her, so where she goes I go." Itachi replied.

Makarov let out a laughter. "Rob huh? How is he?"

"I'm afraid he's dead, Makarov-sama." Itachi replied.

"Oh, I see, how unfortunate. How did he die?" Makarov asked.

"He died saving my life." Erza replied.

"I see, he died a noble man." Makarov said with sadness in his voice as he was grieving over the loss of his friend. However, he knew there was no need in morning over his dead friend. Specially knowing that this is what Rob wanted. "Now then where do you want your guild marks? And what color?" Makarov asked with a sorrowful smile, he was sad that a good friend have died but he was also proud for keeping the Fairy Tail spirit and guiding two lost souls towards a better future.

"Hmmm. I will take mine on my upper left arm and I want it to be blue." Erza said.

Makarov stamped Erza's arm. "Now then Itachi what about you?"

"I will take mine on the back of my right hand and I want it to be red with a black outline." Itachi said and got stamped.

"It's official, welcome to Fairy Tail. Now everyone in honor of our newest members let's party!" Makarov said to which everyone cheered. Makarov looked at Itachi's eyes and saw one thing. 'His eyes, their filled with pain and sorrow, but also…love.' Makarov thought as it was obvious for him with all his experience in life, he could easily see when someone has been through hell by just looking into their eyes, after all like the old saying goes, the eyes are the windows to ones soul. "Itachi my boy, can I talk with you for a bit?"

"Of course, Makarov-sama." Itachi replied and followed the short master into his office.

"Oh please, just call me master." Makarov said.

"Very well, master."

"Now, Itachi my boy. I would like to hear your story." Makarov said as he jumped on the top of a table.

"My story?" Itachi questioned being a little vary of showing that to Makarov.

"Your past, I could see it in your eyes, my boy. Seems you've been through a lot." Makarov said.

"…." Itachi remained silent he didn't know if he should tell him, but if he was to begin a new life he should come clean about his old one. Plus, he could feel that he could trust Makarov, the dwarf master reminded Itachi a lot of Hiruzen, the Third Hokage. And even if he had to be forced to leave, he would know Erza was in good hands.

"I will not tell anyone in the guild. That will be up to you when you're ready." Makarov said.

"I appreciate it, master. Very well." Itachi said as his eyes morphed into sharingan then into a black pinwheel. "This is my story… The story of Itachi Uchiha of Konoha."

And I will stop here for now.

So, I hope that you guys enjoyed my prologue of "The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail". This was the re-written version.

Also, I think I should explain why Itachi was so low on chakra. Since his age was reduced his body had to adapt to the change, plus his body had to adapt to the ethernano that flowed into his body. So Itachi will have both ethernano and chakra in him, he will be able to merge his magic power with his ninjutsu making his attacks more powerful. This will also mean his supply of energy to use will increase.

However, in case people are wondering Itachi will be stronger than most the people in the Fairy Tail universe, as in my opinion Naruto verse is more powerful than Fairy Tail verse. However in order for him to have a challenge he will be on par with Gildarts, well not maybe right now, but soon, for now he will be around Gildarts' level, of course Itachi will eventually become the strongest. And since this is Itachi he will not show his full power until he finds it to be needed, so everyone in the guild will not know how strong he really is, yet that is.

Now in this story Itachi will be paired up with Mirajane, as I think out of all the girls she seems to be the most logical option. She's loving and caring, she loves her younger siblings with all her heart just like Itachi loved Sasuke, and I think she seems perfect to be like the light to Itachi's darkness.

Also keep in mind for those who have just started reading this story, this is the re-written version of the prologue and I have yet at this point to re-write the other chapters, so any spelling mistakes and typos will be fixed later, and some things will be changed as well with certain things. Also originally Erza's honorific for Itachi was "Onii-chan" so if you see that later on in the future chapters keep in mind I'm changing that into "Onii-san" when I re-write those chapters, so no reason to complain about that.

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