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Chapter 1: Life in Fairy Tail

Makarov was stunned, shocked, and shaking, his eyes where wide and sweat ran down his forehead. "T-To think… that someone had to go through… something like that… and not to have gone insane, is unbelievable." There was also rage in Makarov's eyes, but it was not directed at Itachi but rather it was directed at someone who wasn't in this room, someone Makarov saw through Itachi's memories, the elders whom ordered Itachi to kill his entire clan, especially this man named Danzo.

"I will understand if you would ask me to leave the guild." Itachi said with his expression showing a slightly hint of sadness for being reminded of his crimes.

"Don't be foolish my boy. You are a true hero. No one can question what you had to go through in your life. You are welcomed here at any time. Fairy Tail is your home." Makarov said patting Itachi on his back while giving him a warm welcoming smile.

"Master Makarov…I… Thank you." Itachi said with a small smile on his face as this old dwarf of a master turned out to remind him a lot of the Third Hokage, which made Itachi hold somewhat of a respect for the old master.

"No need to thank me my boy. Now we shouldn't keep your sister waiting." Makarov said as they headed back to the main hall. When they entered the main hall chairs where flying from every direction, as a large cloud with fists and legs popping out of it rolled across the hall. "Those darn brats." Makarov sighed at the behavior of his guildmates the ones he considered to be his own children, and truly they all acted like children.

Itachi looked over to Erza who was standing in a corner looking a little nervous as she saw her new guildmates act like wild animals fighting over a piece of meat. "Does this happen often here?" Itachi asked the master while they followed the cloud of fists both with stoic faces.

"Afraid so. But it livens up the place." Makarov said as his eyes where following the cloud as well.

"Want me to take care of it?" Itachi asked as his eyes also followed the cloud that went back and forth.

"Go ahead." Makarov replied.

The brawl continued when suddenly a kunai knife landed on the floor close to them making them stop, and they all looked up as they began to sweat a little at what they saw. "I thought I found a place with powerful mages and yet I find out this place is filled with nothing but children." Itachi said as his red sharingan eyes glowed blood red while he was giving a dark expression that could make the bravest of men feel fear and he was releasing a slight amount of bloodlust just to make them behave. "I suggest you start behaving nicely and civilized around me and my sister. Understood?" Itachi questioned in an even darker tone making them nod their heads in fear. "Good." Itachi said as he deactivated his sharingan and his face went back to his normal deadpan expression and his bloodlust faded.

"Wow, the new guy is no joke." Gray said with a grin and a little sweat running down his forehead from feeling that bloodlust Itachi released earlier.

"Gray, your clothes." A girl around Erza and Gray's age said as she was holding some magic cards in her hand. Her hair is brown tied into a high ponytail, her eyes are large brown, her clothing consisted of an orange dress.

"Damn it!" Gray cursed seeing that he was only in his boxers once again after having just found his clothes.

"Here." Itachi tossed Gray's missing clothes to him which he found underneath a table.

"Wow! Thanks dude!" Gray thanked as he put his clothes back on.

"No problem." Itachi said and walked over to Erza who was hiding in the corner. "Is everything alright?"

"I'm…fine." Erza lied.

"Your nervous, aren't you?" Itachi asked with an amused smile and chuckle as he found Erza to be cute like Sasuke was when he was little. In fact, Erza reminded Itachi of Sasuke a lot, almost like a female version.

"I'm not!" Erza exclaimed with a faint blush.

Itachi poked Erza's forehead just like he used to do with Sasuke, he seemed to have put a bit too much force in it since it was making her back up a little. "What was that for?" Erza asked as she rubbed on the spot on her forehead where Itachi poked her.

"It's okay to be nervous around new people." Itachi replied with a smile.

"It's not just that…" Erza said with a sad expression.

"Then what is it?" Itachi questioned with a raised brow.

"All those people we left behind at the tower…I…I" Erza said as tears formed in her eye, and when Itachi saw this he saw an image of Sasuke crying at the night he massacred the Uchiha clan.

"Look, there was nothing you could have done. And for all we know they all made it out. Besides the best, you can do for those who didn't make it out, is to honor their sacrifice and live life to the fullest," Itachi said ruffling Erza's hair a little.

"Is it really okay for me to live on happily?" Erza questioned with tears still running down her eye.

"I'm sure they would want you too, so don't worry about it." Itachi replied and connected their foreheads together. "Besides I will always be here for you, no matter what." Itachi made a promise to himself, that he would make sure to be there for Erza unlike how he was for Sasuke.

Erza rubbed the tears away from her eye. "Thank you, onii-san." Erza then wrapped her arms around Itachi and embraced him into a hug. Itachi widened his eyes a bit and hugged Erza back. After a few short seconds, he broke the hug.

"It will be alright, you'll see. How about we go shopping?" Itachi asked as he still had some money left from selling all that stuff he took from the tower.

"What?" Erza questioned with a slight surprised expression.

"I'll buy whatever you want, so let's go." Itachi said with a smile.

The market

"You're sure that's what you want?" Itachi questioned seeing Erza trying on an armor while swinging around with a sword, testing its weight, and the feel of it. Itachi didn't think armor was something a girl would ask for, but clearly Erza was different.

"Yes. Why do you ask?" Erza questioned with an innocent look on her face.

"No reason. If that's what you want, then fine." Itachi replied and went up to the counter. "How much?"

"2 thousand Jewels." The man replied.

"Here." Itachi payed the man and walked out of the shop with Erza following him.

"Thank you!" The man said.

"Onii-san, can we go buy some cake?" Erza asked with a pleading look.

Itachi looked at Erza's pleading face and gained a small smile. "Sure. What kind of cake?"

"Strawberry cake!" Erza replied with stars in her eyes as a little drool ran down from her lips.

"Alright then, strawberry cake it is." Itachi said as he and Erza headed towards the bakery. They entered and were greeted by an old man with a mustache.

"What can I do for you?" The old man asked.

"We would like two strawberry cakes please." Itachi replied.

"Coming right up." The man said and went over to the counter bringing two slices of strawberry cakes. "That will be 1 hundred jewels." Itachi gave the man the money and took the two cakes and gave one of them to Erza.

They both went out and sat down on a bench. Erza used a plastic fork to take a piece of the cake. As she ate it she happily kicked her legs back and forth. "I assume you liked it." Itachi commented.

"Uhm!" Erza replied with a happy smile, as she kept on eating the rest of the cake. As soon as they were finished with the cakes they headed back to the guild hall.

"Ah, your back!" Master Makarov said welcoming them by the entrance. "Perfect timing, I wanted to talk to Erza about her eye. I think I know someone who can help you with that."

"My eye?" Erza questioned while holding her right hand over her eyepatch.

"Of course, a pretty girl like yourself should have two eyes." Makarov replied with a warm smile.

"Who exactly are you talking about?" Itachi asked.

"An old friend of mine, Porlyusica." Makarov replied.

"And what makes you think this, Porlyusica can give Erza her eye back?" Itachi questioned feeling curious to know more about to what extent magic can accomplish.

"Well not exactly her original eye, but Porlyusica is kind off our own personal healer." Makarov replied.

"A healer huh." Itachi said and looked over to Erza. "Go with the master and I will go and buy us an apartment." If Master Makarov trusted this healer than he would trust this healer as well.

"Oh, okay." Erza followed the master out of the guild.

Itachi went over to a table where two men sat having a drink one of them was Macao Conbolt, a slim mildly muscular man, with short slicked back dark blue hair. His outfit consisted of a dark shirt, a pair of brown pants that had a belt holding it up. The other man was Wakaba Mine, his hairstyle was a unique pompadour-style that protrudes frontwards from the top of his head in a large curly and fluffy tuft. His outfit consisted of a light brown open jacket, underneath the jacket was a red shirt, he was also wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, and he was smoking a cigarette.

"Excuse me, but do either of you know where I could find an apartment for me and my little sister?" Itachi asked them.

"Hey it's the demon eyed kid. Itachi right?" Macao asked with a smirk on his face.

"Um, yes. But demon eyed kid?" Itachi questioned as he couldn't possibly have gained that kind of reputation yet.

"Yeah, that's what people call you. You've really gotten quite the reputation." Wakaba replied puffing smoke from his cigar.

"I've only barley been here for one day." Itachi said with a deadpan expression and a sweat drop, maybe he was too harsh on those brawlers earlier.

"I know, but what can I say. You basically scared the crap out of half the people here." Wakaba said with a smirk as he let out a chuckle.

Itachi narrowed his eyes in annoyance but decided to let it be. "Anyway, back to the subject about the apartment."

"Oh right, you should be able to find a place to rent a few blocks from here." Macao said pointing in a direction. "It's perfect for an upstart like yourself, you know until you find a more permanent place."

"Thank you." Itachi said and gave a polite bow before heading out to town. Itachi walked down a few blocks as he saw a sign that said "Apartment for rent". Itachi went inside as he was meet by an old man that was wearing a red-white striped west with a white shirt underneath, he had white hair and a big white mustache. "I'm looking for an apartment for two."

"Separate beds?" The man questioned.

"Yes please." Itachi replied.

Itachi payed the prize for the apartment which cost him most of his remaining Jewels. 'I should go on a job soon. Maybe once Erza gets back.' Itachi thought bringing all of their stuff into the apartment.

After Itachi had spent the rest of his Jewels buying some stuff for the apartment, he went back to the guild hall. Once Itachi entered the hall he went over to the request board looking over the different jobs. 'I'll need something that pays well and that's not too difficult.' Itachi thought. "Hn, this one seems good. Get rid of some monsters and it pays 300.000 Jewels. But it says I need at least three people. Well with me and Erza that makes two, but who should I ask to accompany us?" Itachi questioned looking around the guild. 'Why does most of these people look like side characters?' Itachi thought then he spotted Gray who was looking for his clothes, again. "…Guess he will do."

"Damn where did my clothes go?!" The young ice mage questioned.

"Excuse me. Your name is Gray, right?" Itachi questioned.

"Yeah." The boy replied.

"Would you like to accompany me and my sister on a job?" Itachi asked as he showed Gray the quest.

Gray looked at the quest and the payment. "Sure, I'll join you guys. When do we leave?" Gray asked with a grin on his face.

"As soon as Erza gets back we'll leave." Itachi replied.

"Well, when does she come back?" Gray questioned with a raised brow seeming ready to go right now.

"Soon." Itachi replied.

"That doesn't really tell me anything." Gray said with a sweat drop.

"How about in the meantime, you tell me about your magic." Itachi suggested as this was the perfect opportunity to learn more about this world's answer to ninjutsu, magic.

"I use ice maker-magic, I can create things out of ice." Gray said slamming his right fist into his left palm, the air around his palm let out a cold breeze, when Gray lifted his fist up in his palm was a snowflake made out of pure ice.

"I see. Can you only make objects out of ice?" Itachi asked.

"Well every maker mage has their own style, that's what my master Ur always used to say. But yeah I can only make non-living objects." Gray replied with a little sad expression on the mentioning of his master, making Itachi come to the conclusion that Gray's master Ur was no longer alive. "What about you? What's your magic?" Gray asked, changing the subject.

"I don't use magic, I use something called ninjutsu." Itachi replied as there was no reason for him to lie about that. They don't know what ninjutsu even is so him telling them about it couldn't hurt, if they didn't know about it they couldn't do much about it either.

"Ninjustu? The heck is that?" Gray questioned.

"Well from what I understand, you mages use the ethernano that your bodies absorb from around you in order to perform magic, right?" Itachi said to which Gray nodded. "Well I channel something called chakra from my body and use it in order to for example spit fire and other things. However, people who use ninjutsu normally can only use their own main elements in order to make a powerful attack. My main elements are fire, water and wind, so those are the ones I use the most. However, I'm also skilled in genjutsu which basically is illusions, I'm also very skilled in taijutsu which is basically hand to hand combat, and I'm also skilled in shuriken jutsu." Itachi explained and from the look of Gray's face, it was like this was all new to him. Which proved Itachi's thought earlier, that telling them what kind of abilities his able to use wouldn't matter as long as they didn't understand how it worked. "You seem confused by all this."

"Well, a little yeah. But fighting is something everyone knows, and I have heard that there are some mages that use illusion magic. Wait. Shuriken? Isn't that like a ninja throwing star?" Gray asked to which Itachi nodded. "So, you're a ninja, is that it?"

"I prefer to call it shinobi, but yes." Itachi replied and then remembered what Gray mentioned about illusion magic, Itachi thought he would need to study more on illusion magic and see if it was similar to genjutsu.

"Have you ever tried to use the ethernano your body has absorbed?" Gray asked.

"No, why?" Itachi questioned as he did notice that his body had begun to absorb a different energy source in these last couple of days.

"I don't know, perhaps you could master the other elements you don't normally use. And perhaps-" Gray said.

"Making my own attacks more powerful by merging the ethernano with chakra. Is that what you were going to suggest?" Itachi questioned.

"Are you a mind reader to?" Gray questioned with his eyes widen a little due to shock.

"No. You're just easy to read." Itachi replied with a straight face. 'But maybe I should try it, I mean I do feel like I have two different energies in my body. And this could help me improve.' Itachi thought.

"What about your sister. Does she use magic or ninjutsu?" Gray asked.

"She uses magic, so far she's been able to levitate objects. Although I'm pretty sure that's not all she can do." Itachi replied.

"What are you guys talking about?" Erza asked as she and the master had returned.

Itachi looked at Erza and saw that she had two eyes now, same color and everything. "Your eye, it's…"

"An artificial eye. But it looks just like a real one." Master Makarov said as he went over to the bar counter and jumped up.

"Master, I would like to take this job with Erza and Gray." Itachi said presenting the request.

"Are you sure? It sounds a little too dangerous for a first job." Makarov said despite knowing that Itachi could take care of himself and Gray wasn't a weakling either, but he wasn't sure about Erza as the young girl had yet to demonstrate her abilities.

"We'll be fine." Itachi assured.

Makarov sighed seeing as there was no arguing in this. "Guess I can't argue with you, even if I did you would probably still go."

"I'll take that as a yes." Itachi said and Makarov nodded in confirmation, Itachi then walked over to Erza and Gary. "Let's go."

"Go? Go where?" Erza asked.

"On a job, were taking down some monster ants that's been terrorizing a village." Itachi replied showing Erza the quest.

"We're going on our first job?!" Erza questioned with excitement in her eyes.

"Yes, and Gray here will tag along. So, let's go." Itachi said and the ice mage greeted Erza by waving his hand slightly, they then headed towards the door.

"Right!" Erza said determined following after her big brother.

"Just don't slow me down." Gray said with a grin as he followed them.

After sometime our trio where at the moment sitting on the Magnolian train. Erza was looking out through the window enjoying the view of the nature with a big smile, while Itachi and Gray were just leaning back enjoying the trip. "So how are we going to split the reward?" Gray asked.

"Since the reward is 300.000 Jewels, and there is three of us we'll split the reward evenly." Itachi replied.

"Sounds good." Gray said as the conductor announced our groups destination.

"Guess this is our stop. According to the map the village shouldn't be too far away from here." Itachi said as they exited the train.

"So, all we have to do is kill a group of monster ants?" Gray questioned.

"Well according to the job, all we have to do is to kill the queen and the rest will die as well." Itachi replied as he read the job flyer over again.

"How do we find the queen?" Erza questioned.

"She should be in their nest, and if we go in there we will encounter their entire army, so the best option is to flush her out." Itachi suggested as that way they would have a wider area to fight the monster ants, and if they had entered the nest they would be at a field disadvantage.

"How do we do that?" Gray questioned.

"Let's just wait until we see the nest." Itachi replied. They walked a simple pathway for about an hour until slowly in the horizon they began to see top of buildings sticking out from behind a giant wall that must have been put up to defend the villagers from the monster ants.

As they entered the village they were met by all the villagers which consisted of around a thousand people. An old woman with a walking stick, wearing a black hooded cloak walked up to our trio. "I assume you are the mages from Fairy Tail."

"Yes, we are." Itachi replied.

"As you saw from our request some giant monster ants have ruined our crops and fields and even in some cases attacked our farmers and even killed them. And we would like you to get rid of them. I'm the village elder Baba." The woman said.

"I'm Itachi Uchiha, this is Erza Scarlet and Gray Fullbuster." Itachi introduced.

"Follow me, and I will show you their nest." Baba said as they walked towards the fields where they saw a large mountain of earth with several tunnels, and some giant ants at almost the same size as the guild hall crawling into and out of the holes.

"Go back to the village, we will handle this." Itachi said as he analyzed the ants nest. There was one major exit while the other tunnels looked like they only were big enough for one of the gigantic red ants.

"Thank you." Baba thanked and headed back to the village.

"Now what?" Gray questioned.

"Gray, make something to cover those tunnels except the main one." Itachi said.

"Right." Gray said and without a second thought he slammed his fist into his palm letting out a cold breeze.

Ice-make: Ice Cork!

Corks made out of ice were pushed into the tunnel holes except the main one. 'Now let's see that's my chakra and the other ones ethernano, doesn't feel that different shouldn't be too difficult to master.' Itachi thought focusing his energy he found one source that was blue which was his chakra and another which was golden which was the ethernano.

Water style: Exploding water shock wave!

A blue magic circle appeared in front of the main tunnel letting out a tsunami wave of water flooding the nest. 'Hmm, guess I need to practice more.' Itachi thought as usually there would have been more water, and with the magic circle that was formed from him using ethernano the water must have been transported from somewhere. It wasn't that difficult for Itachi to control the ethernano it worked just like chakra with only a slight difference, hence why Itachi thinks he needs to practice using it more.

"Should I cover up the main tunnel to?" Gray asked thinking they could just drown all the ants.

"No, they will just dig them self out before they drown, this way they have to go out one at a time, we can face them one on one until the queen arrives." Itachi said as they began to hear shrieking and crawling coming from the tunnel. "Get ready."

"How do we know which one is the queen?" Erza questioned.

"Well judging by the size of those we saw, I would say the queen should be twice as much bigger." Itachi replied.

A large red claw exited from the tunnel and following that claw a giant ant. "So, they have claws huh?" Gray said. The giant monster ant swung it's claw towards Itachi whom remained motionless and un faced by the attack, when suddenly.


Erza used her sword to slice off the claw of the giant ant making it shriek in pain. As Itachi threw a kunai with a paper bomb tag attached to it, the kunai pierced the giant ant's head and exploded blowing its head of. "When does, the queen arrive?" Erza questioned.

"Since without her they will die, they will probably send a small patrol out first then she will exit along with the rest." Itachi replied as the next one exited.

Ice-make: Ice Cannon!

Gray made a cannon out of Ice shooting a ball of ice at the giant ant piercing its body killing it instantly. "That's two." Gray said and Itachi took note of Gray's abilities, he was skilled using his magic and he seems to have great potential to possibly become one of the most powerfullest mages in all of Fairy Tail.

Another giant ant crawled out with a second one not too far behind. "I'll take care of them." Itachi said as he made a clone, both Itachi and his clone leaped up in the air making different hand signs.

Fire style: Fire ball Jutsu!

Wind style: Vacuum cutter!

Itachi spitted out a large ball of fire while his clone blew wind attacks at the shape of blade cuts. The fire ball hit the two ants first then the wind wave hit them making the fire burn more violently in a blazing inferno. The ants shrieked in pain as they were burned into crisps.

Another ant crawled out and leaped at Erza, Erza dodged its attack and sliced the giant ant's head of at incredible speed. Itachi took note that Erza has great speed despite being untrained and her reaction speed is not that bad either and like Gray she has immense amount of potential. Suddenly they heard an even louder shriek coming from the tunnel. "It's the queen." Erza said and readied her blade.

"Most likely." Itachi said as an ant larger than the guild hall crawled out. Itachi ran up to it and leaped in the air, he brought out four kunai's with paper bomb tags. Itachi threw the kunai's at the queen. The queen responded by spitting out fire that collided with the kunai's making an explosion. "So, their capable of spitting fire huh."

Erza charged at the queen with her sword ready to slice her, the queen blocked Erza's blade with her claw as she swapped Erza to the side. "Ugh!" Erza grunted in pain. The queen seems also to have a harder skin than her subordinates, probably for better protection from any danger.

Ice-make: Ice Hammer!

Gray formed a large hammer of ice swinging it down trying to crush the queen, the queen however, blocked the hammer with her claws in an x-formation.

Itachi then appeared in front of the queen delivering a kick pushing her back.

Water style: Water dragon!

Itachi focused both his chakra and ethernano making a blue magic circle were a dragon made out of water flew out of the circle crashing into the queen. Itachi then formed another set of hand seals, and lightning flickered around Itachi as it all went into his right hand, he then slammed his palm on the ground. 'Never thought I would use a copied jutsu from Sasuke, oh well.'

Chidori Stream!

Itachi sent a wave of lightning at the queen and with the water around her electrifying her. 'The ethernano seems to let me use the other elements just as good as my main elements.' Itachi thought as this was his first time using chidori, a move he had managed to copy thanks to Sasuke during their final battle.

The queen let out a loud shriek as the ground around them began to shake a little. "What's she doing?!" Gray questioned.

"Calling for backup." Itachi replied. As several giant ants dug themselves out from the nest all standing behind her.

"There are too many of them!" Erza said looking at the army of thousands and thousands of giant ants.

"What now?!" Gray questioned.

Shadow clone!

In a puff of smoke Itachi had made ten shadow clones charging at the army of ants. "That should even out the odds. My clones will hold back the other ants we will deal with the queen." Itachi said as his clones charged at the army of giant ants. Erza, Gray and the original Itachi charged at the queen. Erza charged at the queen putting her remaining power in her blade and then.


Erza sliced of both of the queen's claws. As Gray gathered his palm's together releasing a cold breeze and then he slammed his palm into the ground.

Ice-make: Ice Geyser!

A mountain of ice popped out from the ground piercing the queen's gut pushing her up in the air.

Fire style: Fire ball!

Itachi spitted out a fire ball burning the giant ant into a crisp, the other ants slowly fell down to the ground as they melted into nothing more but their bones. Itachi's clones vanished in a large puff of smoke. "Let's head back to the village and collect the reward."

They headed back to the village where all the people were gathered with grins on their faces. "Thank you so much! Here's your reward money" Baba said as she handed two bags with money to Itachi.

"Pleasure doing business with you." Itachi bowed as they left the village.

"Bye!" Erza waved to the villagers as she then followed Itachi and Gray back to the train station.

As they were walking the road back to the train station. "Here." Itachi said as he threw one of the bags to Gray. "150.000 Jewels."

"What? I thought we were going to split it evenly?" Gray questioned in bewilderment.

"We are fifty, fifty. Erza and I live together and this is more than enough to cover the rent, and I don't really need anything else." Itachi replied with a motionless expression as money had very little value to him, if a certain masked multi hearted Akatsuki member could see him now he would call him a moron.

"Wow, thanks!" Gray said grinning from ear to ear, as he wasn't about to argue over getting more money.

After a few days, Itachi, Erza and Gray have started to going on more jobs and after a few weeks they had become a team of sorts. Once they returned to the guild after a job and a long train ride, back to Magnoloia they headed back to the guild hall only to find everyone running around like crazy picking as many jobs as possible. "What's going on?" Erza questioned with a curious face.

"I have no idea." Itachi replied as he watched everyone running around with a deadpan expression.

Gray then playfully hit his fist into his palm. "Agh, I forgot."

"What?" Itachi questioned.

"The S-Class Promotion Trail!" Gray replied with excitement.

"And that is?" Erza questioned.

Gray pointed his finger to the second floor. "Up there are the S-class jobs only S-class mages can go up there. There are some people chosen by the master for the trail every year, sometimes someone wins and sometimes no one wins. The guild actually only has one S-class mage, Gildarts Clive."

"I see." Itachi said. 'So, it's like the chunin exam huh?' Itachi thought.

Suddenly Makarov leaped up to the second-floor coughing gaining everyone's attention, Makarov looked towards the door and saw that Itachi and the others where back. "Oh, hey Itachi! You guys made it just in time!" Makarov said with a smile then he instantly switched to a serious expression. "I will now announce the candidates for the S-Class Promotion Trail!"

"…." Everyone remained quiet in expectation.

"Laxus Dreyar!" Makarov announced.

A boy in the corner that looked slightly older than Itachi smirked. "About time." The boy's hair was spiky blond, on his right eye he had a scar at the shape of a lightning bolt, he was also wearing a pair of headphones, his clothing was a dark yellow shirt with short sleeves with a long sleeved black shirt underneath, he also wore a pair of blue jeans and some black shoes. He struck Itachi as a guy thinking he was stronger than everyone as he looked extremely overconfident in his own abilities.

"Macao Conbolt!" Makarov announced.

"What? Who me?" Macao questioned with a surprised expression.

"Wakaba Mine!" Makarov announced.

"Heh, sure why not." Wakaba said as he blew smoke from his cigar.

"Cana Alberona!" Makarov announced.

"Finally." Cana said with a smile.

"What?! No fair just because she's been here longer than me!" Gray whined.

"Freed Justine!" Makarov announced.

"I'll get to fight with Laxus." A boy with long green hair that reached to his shoulder, he had a sword attached to his side. He seemed to be very excited to fight alongside this Laxus.

"Bickslow!" Makarov announced.

"Alright! Let's do this babies!" A boy that was wearing some sort of knight helmet said as some dolls flew around him.

"Let's do it!" The dolls replied chanting it in unison.

"Evergreen!" Makarov announced.

A girl with long brown hair wearing glasses, she was dressed in a green dress, and she had a fan in front of her mouth as she winked. "Of course, a true fairy as myself was elected."

"And finally…." Makarov paused making everyone lean in exaptation. "Itachi Uchiha!"

""What?!"" Everyone questioned.

"But he hasn't even been here for two months!" One man argued.

"How do you know if his ready?!" Another one argued.

"Judging by what I have heard of Itachi's past makes me confident that he is S-class material and his done a terrific job for the past two months. So, stop your whining!" Makarov shouted and everyone went quiet as they all seemed to trust the master's judgment. "Now I will now announce where it will take place and the rules. It will take place on our guilds sacred ground, Tenrou island. This time there will be no partners to aid the candidates during the trails, there are three different tasks, and who ever survives them all becomes S-class. Meet me by the docks tomorrow morning at Hargeon and we will head out to Tenrou island." Makarov said and leaped back down where he was meet by Erza.

"Um, master. Can I come with you to watch the trails?" Erza questioned with a pleading look that no one could say no to, especially the soft hearted old master.

"Um…well…I don't see the harm. Sure Erza-chan you can spectate the trails with me." Makarov replied with a smile.

"Can I come too?" Gray asked.

"Hmm, sure kid why not, just don't interfere with the candidates. Okay?" Makarov said with a very stern expression.

"Okay, got it." Gray replied.

Time skip: Next Morning

All the candidates plus the master, Erza and Gray where on a ship headed out for Tenrou island. "Damn it's hot!" Gray complained sitting in a sunbed completely naked while across them was Itachi whom had a deadpan expression and was covering Erza's eyes whom was confused while Itachi prevented her from seeing something she did not yet need to see at her age.

"Onii-san what's going on I can't see." Erza said trying to break free from Itachi's hold but to no avail.

"There's nothing to see." Itachi replied with a deadpan expression.

"Gray at least put on some underwear." Cana calmly said.

"Ugh, fine." Gray said as he put on some underwear, then Itachi removed his hands from Erza's eyes while she looked around confused.

"How hard do you think the trails will be onii-san?" Erza questioned.

"No idea, but I don't really care if I win." Itachi replied.

"Onii-san you have to win!" Erza said with fire in her eyes.

"Yeah, yeah." Itachi said with a deadpan expression as he petted Erza's head much to her enjoyment as she beamed with a smile.

"Well after having seen what you can do I would say your biggest challenge is Laxus." Gray said as they looked over to the blond teen that was looking out in the horizon of the vast ocean.

"His last name is the same as Master Makarov, I assume they are related." Itachi said, and he understood what Gray was saying this Laxus had a lot of magic power and he seemed quite skilled and well fit.

"Yeah, he's the master's grandson." Gray replied.

"I see, how interesting." Itachi said as he looked out towards the ocean.

"Can't believe the master would pick a newbie for the S-class trails." Bickslow said talking with Evergreen, Freed and Laxus whom the later wasn't paying much attention.

"Who cares he's cute." Evergreen said looking at Itachi with a hint of lust.

"The master seems to be confident in his abilities, I say we shouldn't underestimate him." Freed said.

Laxus looked over to Itachi and saw his calm face, like he wasn't worried. "He seems overconfident if you ask me." Laxus said as that look of Itachi's pissed him off a bit.

"Even though he may be strong, he's not stronger than you, Laxus." Freed said.

"Yeah, we all know you're going to win!" Bickslow said.

"There's no doubt." Evergreen agreed.

"We're here!" Makarov announced as everyone looked in front of the ship seeing a strange shaped island that had a large tree in the center that looked like it was holding a second island. The boat then stopped as everyone went to shore. "Now I will announce the first trail. There are eight different tunnels over there and one is connected with another, you will draw a number from this box and walk through your assigned tunnel. When you reach the center, who ever had the tunnel connected with yours will fight you and whoever wins gets to move on to the second trail. Understood?" Makarov asked to which all the candidates nodded. "Then stick your hand in that box and pick a number."

Everyone took their hands in the box and picked up a note with a number on it. 'Number 3 huh.' Itachi thought as he and the others ran towards their tunnels.

"Now Erza, Gray, follow me and we will watch what happens live." Makarov said as he walked with Erza and Gray following him and a magical crystal ball popped out of nowhere and floated next to Makarov.

With Itachi

Itachi ran through the dark tunnels as he began to hear footsteps from behind the wall next to him which had to be his opponent. He then saw a light and ran for it the moment he entered that light he noticed Laxus coming out of another tunnel staring right at him. "Well, well, if it isn't the newb." Laxus said with a confident grin.

"Laxus Dreyar." Itachi said calmly and activated his sharingan.

"Don't worry I will end this quickly." Laxus smirked as lightning began to flicker around him.

Lightning body!

Laxus's body turned into a bolt of lightning moving at high speed, Itachi widened his eyes at the speed Laxus showed, then Laxus suddenly appeared behind him and kicked Itachi in the back making him vomit out a little blood as he flew across the room. "Heh, guess that's tha-" Laxus said when Itachi's body suddenly turned into a murder of crows. "W-What is this?" Laxus questioned in confusion as the crows circled around him, then Itachi exited from a group of crows behind Laxus kicking him in the back, sending him crashing into the wall. Laxus crawled out of the rubble. "N-Not bad, and here I thought you were a newb." Laxus said with a wide grin. "This might be fun after all."

'His fast, but it's nothing I can't handle.' Itachi thought. "Hn." Laxus then raised his fist in the air.

Raging bolt!

Suddenly a bolt of lightning crashed into the room above Itachi whom jumped back in order to dodge. The lightning bolt struck the spot where Itachi once stood leaving a burnt area. Itachi then made a few hand seals at immense speed.

Fire style: Dragon flame bomb!

Itachi spit out three massive dragon heads made out of flames directed at Laxus. Laxus then punched his fist forwards sending bolts of lightning at the dragon heads making them explode making a lot of black smoke gather in front of them. Out of the smoke came several kunai knifes surrounding Laxus with paper bombs attached to them. "What is th-" Laxus said as they exploded around him.

Itachi landed in front of the burning cloud of smoke where Laxus stood. Suddenly Laxus leaped out of the smoke with an angry look on his face and his fist covered in lightning, he had some bruises on his body as well as some burn marks on his clothing.

Roaring Thunder!

Itachi then formed a few hand seals and had lightning flickering around his right hand that sounded like one thousand birds, as he leaped at Laxus.

Chidori! One thousands of birds!

They collided with each other and a bright light embodied the entire area. When the light cleared away Laxus stood there with Itachi in front of him, when suddenly another Itachi came out from the shadows, and another one, and another one, they kept coming until Laxus was completely surrounded. "What's going on?! Something feel's different!" Laxus said as all the Itachi's ganged up on him pinning him down to the ground. Laxus then looked up to see Itachi standing above him with his sharingan looking down on him, and then Itachi brought out a kunai knife from his sleeve.

Lightning began to flicker around Laxus as he slowly got up with the other Itachi's still holding on to him. "Don't look down on, ME!" Laxus shouted in anger letting out a huge amount of lightning as all the Itachi's vanished. Then Laxus laid his eyes on Itachi who was standing in the same spot since the beginning of the fight. "He! He! Interesting!" Laxus laughed amused. "You really are something else!"

"I'm surprised that you found out about my illusion, then again it was one of my weaker ones." Itachi said with his normal expression as Laxus had done what normal shinobi would do, he suppressed his energy and released it all out at once.

"Not my first time dealing with them. But I have to know when did you put me under it?" Laxus questioned with his eyes narrowed at Itachi as Laxus had now acknowledged Itachi's abilities as an equal.

"Since you first looked into my eyes." Itachi replied motionlessly.

"All the way back then huh." Laxus uttered as he thought back to the very beginning of the fight when they each exited the tunnels, Laxus had an impressed expression. Laxus then vanished in a flash of lightning appearing, in a flash at various locations. Itachi's sharingan followed every move Laxus made, Itachi then twisted his body around grabbing Laxus's fist throwing him over his shoulder and down to the ground. Itachi proceeded trying to break Laxus's wrist, then in a flash Laxus's used his other hand to send a lightning bolt at Itachi hitting him and sending him skidding back. "Guess illusions is not all you can do, gramps was right you are S-class material no doubt about it. But I'm still stronger!" Laxus said sending another thunder bolt at Itachi, Itachi took out a kunai throwing it at the lightning bolt making an explosion.

Itachi then widened his eyes as his sharingan began spinning around, when suddenly Laxus appeared in a flash behind Itachi delivering a punch. Itachi ducked delivering an upper kick to Laxus's jaw, then he spun his body around and elbowing Laxus in the gut. Laxus then span his leg at Itachi's making him lose his balance then Laxus grabbed Itachi by the waist, Laxus then jumped up holding Itachi above his head. And before they reached the ground, Laxus threw Itachi to the ground, then Itachi turned into a puff of smoke.

A hand popped out of the ground grabbing Laxus's leg pulling him under the ground, sending a lot of dust in the air. When the dust cleared all that was seen was Laxus's head sticking out of the ground, while Itachi was kneeling down looking at Laxus in the eyes. "You're giving up?" Itachi asked.

"Don't count on it." Laxus replied exploding the ground with a huge amount of lightning. Laxus then vanished in a flash appearing behind Itachi with his leg covered in lightning, Itachi turned around and blocked Laxus's kick with his arms in an x-formation, the force of the kick sent Itachi skidding back into the wall. Itachi pressed his legs against the wall and leaped towards Laxus, Itachi then delivered an axe kick which Laxus blocked with his arms in an x-formation and the pressure from the kick cracked the ground beneath him a little.

They then leaped away from each other. Itachi then made some hand seals as well as focusing his chakra and ethernano. A blue magic circle appeared next to Itachi.

Water style: Water shark bomb!

A shark made out of water flew towards Laxus and when it connected it exploded. Laxus then leaped back delivering a punch in the air sending a thunder bolt at Itachi, Itachi then dodged the thunder bolt as it exploded in the ground. Laxus raised his fist.

Raging bolt!

A thunder bolt struck down from the air, followed by another one and another. Itachi dodged two of the bolts, then his eyes morphed into sharingan and then morphed into a black pinwheel. The thunder bolt struck down where Itachi stood. Smoke covered the spot when suddenly the smoke cleared. Laxus widened his eyes in shock. "W-What is that?" Laxus questioned as he saw Itachi covered by a red spectral ribcage with a red skeleton arm sticking out if it as the hand of the skeleton covering Itachi's entire body with lightning flickering around it left from Laxus' attack.


"Wh-What kind of magic is that?!" Laxus questioned with sweat running down his forehead as the pressure Itachi was releasing was immense.

The ribcage faded away as Itachi turned his mangekyou back into normal sharingan. "I don't have time to explain, let's just say it's an ultimate defense." Itachi replied with his eyes narrowed. "Sure, you don't want to give up? You seem to have lost your will to fight." Itachi said with a motionless expression.

"Heh, I must admit I did not expect you to be that strong. I might go as far to call you my rival." Laxus said as he gained a smile, Laxus then had a violent amount of lightning flickering around him. "But I'm not done yet!" Laxus gathered a huge amount of lightning in his palms making a huge sphere of lightning. As Itachi made a few hand seals.

Fire style: Fire ball!

Itachi spit out a large fire ball at Laxus as Laxus threw the large sphere of lightning at Itachi's fire ball. Both the attacks pushed each other back as the power struggle between the attacks tried to overpower one another, this power struggle sent shockwaves that shook the very space of the cave they were in. The flames melted some of the areas and the lightning flickered all around the area destroying some rocks and cracking the walls and the ground of the place a little. The attacks eventually blew up, and the force of the explosion sent both of them back into a wall.

Itachi leaped up in the air as he span around upside down with a kunai between all of his fingers that had a paper bomb tag attached them, he threw the kunai's in different directions, then grabbed two more from his pocket that had a long line of paper bomb tags attached to them, and threw the two of them into the other two, as they bounced from each other and directed the four of them into four new ones, and they bounced of each other, and they directed them into new ones until they were all directed towards Laxus. As they were close to Laxus they exploded in a huge explosion. Itachi then made a few hand signs.

Wind style: Vacuum blast!

Itachi sent a wave of wind increasing the flames violently. Laxus then blew away the flames by letting out a huge amount lightning around his body. Laxus then moved at high speed towards Itachi. Itachi made note that Laxus not only had immense speed, but also very high durability.

Roaring thunder!

Laxus covered his fists in lightning, he delivered multiple punches all which Itachi dodged. Itachi then appeared below Laxus delivering a kick to his jaw sending him upwards then delivering another kick sending Laxus further up, Itachi delivered another kick to Laxus's jaw then leaped above him delivering an axe kick to his back sending him back down on the ground. Laxus got up instantly and with his fist still covered in lightning he punched Itachi in the gut, then suddenly Itachi turned into a murder of crows that flew towards Laxus delivering several blows. Then the crows turned into Itachi who delivered a kick, which Laxus dodged with his speed.

Laxus appeared behind Itachi delivering a punch in the air sending a lightning bolt towards Itachi, Itachi then took out a kunai throwing it at the bolt making it explode. "How do you keep doing that?" Laxus questioned.

"The weakness of that attack is that it explodes when it hits something, meaning I don't need to use any of my own power to stop it." Itachi replied getting into battle stance. 'Ever since I cast him under that first illusion, he's been avoiding eye contact. Luckily I have a perfect method for this occasion.'

Itachi ran towards Laxus and picked up something from his pocket, when he was close to Laxus he threw it down on the ground making it explode in a large puff of smoke. "Cough* Cough* Smoke bomb?" Laxus questioned as he slowly opened his eyes as he saw a shadow in the smoke, with red glowing eyes with a three black tomoes with a black dot in the center spinning around. Suddenly Laxus began to feel drowsy, he fell on his knees and then fell unconscious onto the ground.

Itachi turned his eyes back into normal. "Guess that is the end of that." Itachi said as a secret passageway opened. "Guess that's my exit." Itachi said and ran towards it leaving an unconscious Laxus.

And I will end it here!

Itachi has gone on his first job and thanks to him showing Makarov his memories, Makarov has realized that it would be pointless to not let Itachi participate in the S-Class Promotion Trail. And just in case some are wondering, according to the wikia page for Fairy Tail Laxus doesn't become S-Class until a few years later after Erza joined the guild. And there is no info on when Freed, Bickslow and Evergreen joined the guild. And I know Cana didn't participate this early on in the S-Class Trails but it's fanfiction so I figured why not, I mean it's not like it's a big deal.

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