Chapter 45: Rise and Fall!

In the city of Magnolia, within the Fairy Tail guildhall. Makarov Dreyer could finally breath easily. It was unbelievable to him. They had managed taken down one of the Spriggan 12. It made Makarov all the more impressed with Itachi's former comrades within the Akatsuki. "We somehow managed to fend off their vanguard… However, we're not out of the woods yet."

"Wooo! This brings back memories!" Warrod cackled next to Makarov. Makarov looking bewildered at the sudden outburst from his senior and founding member of his guild. "It reminds me of the good ol' days. When Yuri, Precht and I would battle during the trade war." The old tree man spoke with nostalgia over his former comrades and their adventures.

Itachi's crow clone analyzed the map with Warren. The telepathy mage looking terrified. Itachi saw Warren's concerns as valid, Ajeel's death barely meant much. It had been a victory to them for sure. With Ajeel's death they had managed to prove the twelve weren't invincible. The moral of their troops had increased because of it. But the fact remained they were still outnumbered, and Magnolia still had a deal of Alvarez knights wreaking havoc. And from their reports, Hargeon was the area on the battlefield where they had it the worst. The majority of their forces had been taken by surprise and killed from invading airships.

"Itachi, Warren, any suggestions?" Makarov asked from his seat, realizing the dire situation. The stress of the battle taking its toll on the old man.

"From the looks of it… The Defense Squad in Hargeon needs backup. Whilst both the Attack Squads in the North and South of Ishgar remain uncertain. And our people in Magnolia seem to be gaining the situation under control. But I wouldn't rule out anything just yet. It's still too early." Itachi analyzed. And known to all current members of Fairy Tail, the spirit form of Mavis Vermillion levitated next to Itachi, whispering into his ear.

"We should send some reinforcements over to Hargeon effective immediately." Itachi voiced out Mavis suggestion, without raising suspicion amongst none current members.

"I will go." Laxus stormed in through the guild hall doors. Carrying an unconscious Freed, Bickslow, Evergreen and Ichiya on his back. Lightning striking in the background to signify his anger. "I will track down the bastard who took these guys out."

"… As noble as that is Laxus. You are needed here in Magnolia. Besides, there is no guarantee that whoever did this to Freed and the others will be in Hargeon. We need you to stay focused." Itachi instantly shut down Laxus, knowing it was the better strategic move. He didn't need Mavis to tell him that. "No, we are sending Wizard Saint Beatrice with some spare troops. Send also Macbeth and Erik, they have done their jobs in Magnolia."

"Right, I will brief the council and lady Beatrice then of the situation." Warren nodded, and just as he was about to call up the council. The entire city of Magnolia fell suddenly under a ton of pressure. It was like Ajeel all over again, although slightly stronger. But nothing Itachi hadn't felt before.

"One of the twelve…" Makarov spoke with dread.

"T-There was one more in the city this whole time?!" Warren gasped as this Spriggan had gone under the radar of his sensor. "N-No way, whoever it is they are facing Lucy and Cana!"

"Laxus." Itachi looked to the lightning mage, only to find him already gone. Having taken off like a bolt of lightning the moment he heard who was involved.

On the farther side of Magnolia, there was Brandish of the Spriggan 12. Standing face to face with Lucy and Cana. Small rocks levitating in the air around them from the sheer level of power unleased by Brandish.

"Lu, you fought this chick on Caracolla right? Could you maybe tell me what I am in for…" Cana stood unwavering before Brandish, although the sweat running down her forehead along with her legs trembling gave away her fear.

"Well, Itachi was the one who really fought her. Me and Levy just took down her second in command… But this chick, is bad news… She can change and alter the mass of people and objects within her range. Although she can only focus on one thing at a time. Our best bet, would be to attack her together and keep our distance… But, then again she did shrink the island the size of a mere rock." Lucy like Cana stood bravely before Brandish, although she was also afraid to go up against such a threat.

"As much as I would love to kill Layla's daughter… My priority is to capture Fairy Heart for his majesty. So, where is Mavis Vermillion?" Brandish gave a cold glare at the two Fairy Tail girls whom in her mind were barely worth her time.

Lucy didn't mind Brandish's threats. Lucy's mind was focused elsewhere. She was focused on the broken key of Aquarius in Brandish's hand. "That key… give it back…" Lucy mustered the courage to utter.

"Hn?" Brandish tilted her head sideways, her gaze for a swift second looking to the broken key of Aquarius within the palm of her own hand. "… Give it back? Why would I return something that isn't even yours?" Brandish's glare intensified as she glared daggers of hatred at Lucy.

Lucy gasped as the very next moment, blood spilled out from her side. As what appeared to be a long needle had sliced against the side of her waist. Brandish's foot standing on a broken nail from the building, having tilted it up just enough to change the trajectory to hit Lucy when she altered the length of it using her magic.

Cana sprang into action, wielding a series of magic cards in the palm of her hand. The cards catching fire with flames, and with a flick of her wrist she threw them to circle around Brandish aiming for her back. "Command T: Expansion." A mere pebble grew to the size of a rock wall, catching the flaming tarot cards. The tarot cards bursting in a blazing inferno, melting the pebble.

"You wanna go bitch? No one hurts my friends!" Cana slammed a card to the floor. "The Prayer's Fountain!" Erupting out from the card was a massive flow of water, the water dividing itself into beams charging at Brandish.

"Command T: Reduction." The water shrunk into mere thin shower beams, yet Cana didn't seem bothered by it. In fact, Cana smirked.

"You fell for it~" Cana snickered. As the water beams that collided with Brandish left hand, she felt this sudden surge of pain as the water pierced through her hand. Cana quickly followed up with a second Prayer's Fountain card. And Brandish took action and leaped away from the deadly beams of water.

"Command T: Reduction." Brandish used her magic on the hole in her hand, to shrink it into nothing, essentially healing herself.

"Star Dress: Sagittarius Form!" Lucy leaped into the air, her clothing glowing in a brilliant light that enveloped her entire being. Her outfit changing into a twin-tailed coat and sleeves that left her shoulders and upper back bare. A pair of dark thigh-high boots. And her hair was styled into a typical upper ponytail with two bangs framing her face. And to top it off the zodiac sign of Sagittarius on her left shoulder.

Star Shot!

Lucy wielding a bow and arrow, shot a series of energy-based homing arrows. The arrows homing straight onto Brandish. Brandish clicked her tongue in frustration, levitating up a corpse of a dead Fairy Tail mage, and expanding her body into that of a giant. Brandish used the corpse as a meat shield, catching the arrows that exploded upon contact.

"Using the bodies of the dead as a shield? Damn you!" Cana spat her words out in venom over seeing one of their own being used as a meat shield. "I will blow you away… In the name of our guild and those that died…" A tattoo appeared printed onto Cana's right forearm, a high concentration of light gathering around her arm as she directed it towards Brandish whom was preoccupied keeping off Lucy's fire of arrows.

"Gather! O river of light that guides the fairies! Shine! In order to perish the fangs of evil!" Following Cana's chanting of the spell a massive ring of light suddenly gathered around Brandish. The Country Demolisher sweating a bit at this sudden explosion of ethernano coming from Cana. "Fairy Glitter!"

Command T: Expansion!

Brandish was quick to act, the body she had used as a shield shrunk to normal as she had to redirect her focus. And what followed, was a brilliant tower of light bursting to life in the city. The massive explosion pillar of light nearly penetrating the skies above.

The mighty winds of the explosion, blowing Lucy out from the sky and next to Cana. The Celestial mage shielding her eyes at the blinding light from Fairy Glitter. Cana poured all of her magic power into this attack, aiming to end it as quickly as possible. But something, just didn't sit well with Lucy. This felt too easy. As the light began to fade, Lucy and Cana suddenly found themselves overshadowed by a giant. The shadow cast over not only them but Magnolia as well.

Standing tall, was Brandish as tall as a Perfect Susano'o, as tall as a dragon. She looked down on them as they were mere ants, smoke erupting from her body left by Fairy Glitter. Along with her right leg having suffered some bruises and burns from the blast. "That was quite impressive… You would have made an excellent second in command for one of the twelve. Unfortunately, by expanding the mass of my own body, I also increase its strength and endurance. And now, I will squash you like bugs." Brandish raised her foot, aiming to crush them in one fell swope.

Open Gate of the Golden Bull: Taurus!

Open Gate of the Ram: Aries!

Star Dress Mix: Taurus x Aries form!

Lucy entered her Taurus Star Dress form, mixing it with ram horns growing out from her head. Her arms covered in pink wool arm warmers and a woolen scarf around her neck. With the Taurus zodiac sign on her right shoulder, and Aries' on the left. Using her enhanced strength, Lucy caught Brandish foot, using Aries wool to soften the blow as well. As well as summoning Taurus to help her hold back Brandish's foot, and Aries to increase the amount of wool.

"Go! Cana!" Lucy struggled to hold Brandish back, being almost brought to her knees from the crushing weight of giant form Brandish's boot.

"Right!" Cana leaped back readying to attack as she looked up to glare at Brandish, although what she was met with was not what she expected. "Eh?"

"Mmm, so fluffy~" Brandish smiled and giggled, speaking in a childlike manner. Her facial expression warm and carefree as she enjoyed the comfy wool of Aries.

Cana was so caught off guard that she halted in her attack. Cana looked dumbfounded as she stared at their supposed enemy. "L-Lu… maybe make more of that wool instead."

"Huh?!" Lucy unable to see or grasp what was going on, could only look confused. Yet she complied and with Aries they both generated enough wool to make a bed for the giant form of Brandish. The extreme fluffiness of the wool, causing Brandish to step back giving Lucy some breathing room. To which the Celestial Mage like Cana looked dumbfounded as she saw Brandish hugging the wool.

"Eheheh~ So fluffy~" If she had not been their enemy, both Cana and Lucy would have described this as a cute scene unfolding. "Eh?! Wh-What!? No! No!" Brandish then snapped back to reality, and brushed the wool off, looking a little saddened at having to part ways with its fluffiness. "I must focus on the task at hand…" Brandish like a monster, ripped off the roof of a building and tossed it down onto Cana and Lucy.

Lucy springing into action. "Lucy Punch!" Using the strength of her Taurus dress form, the roof shattered upon contact with her fist. Lucy rushed at Brandish, while Cana threw her tarot cards cloaked in lightning to distract Brandish.

The thunder strikes from the cards stung against Brandish's skin. Yet she wasn't blinded by the fact that Lucy was a greater threat. Raising her giant fist, and Lucy her tiny yet powerful fist. Lucy leaped towards Brandish, and Brandish swung her fist down on Lucy. Both their fists connecting, creating a large boom sound followed by a shockwave the blew away the tiles of the roads of Magnolia, and blew away nearby buildings.

Neither side giving in, both locked in a power struggle. Brandish was amazed that a Celestial Wizard possessed such power. Maybe she owed Marin an apology after all. Lucy Heartfillia, was different from any Celestial Wizard she had ever encountered. Yet Brandish knew, she could end this battle in an instant. All she needed to do, was expand Lucy's heart to the point it exploded in her chest.

The sound of thunder rang in the skies above, and coming raining down onto Brandish's head. Was none other than Laxus, cloaked in lighting delivering a drop kick. "Ouch!" Brandish grunted as the sudden force of impact from Laxus knocked the giant form of Brandish to her knees.

"You are not the one who took down Freed's group… But I'm going to make you tell me who it was." Laxus snarled as he glared down at Brandish, lightning flickering around his bare upper body.

"… Tch! Another one from that guild…" Brandish clicked her tongue in frustration upon spotting Laxus' guild emblem.

"Now then…" Laxus with a clench of his fist, unleashed all of his power at once. Creating a massive flow of lightning surging around him, the ground cracking open from the lighting surging through it. Thunder bolts violently raining down around him. "… Shall we get to it?"

Brandish glared at Laxus, although in her current state he was rather tiny. She was amazed at the sheer level of power emitting from him. 'To think… they had a wizard that could rival a member of the twelve besides that Itachi…' Brandish thought, a smile appearing on her face. Her giant body shrinking back into her normal size.

Laxus, Lucy and Cana all remained on guard. The two girls rather confident they could maybe take down Brandish now that Laxus had come to back them up. They all looked on edge, as Brandish slowly raised both her arms up. "I surrender." Brandish declared, and just like that the tension vanished.

"Eh?" The three Fairy Tail wizards gaped in surprise.

"It would be a pain to continue. I surrender." Brandish held her hands out, awaiting to be cuffed.

Cana reached into her pouch, bringing out a set of anti-magic chain cuffs in the case of an enemy surrendering. Cana steadily, carefully approached the Country Demolisher of the Spriggan 12. Cana carefully looking for even the slightest suspicious movement in Brandish. Laxus doing the same and ready to attack in case of just that.

Brandish merely smiled at how nervous they all looked, truly it was a testament to her might. Cana then cuffed her, and Brandish instantly felt that her flow of ethernano was disrupted. "See? No trouble." Brandish's smile didn't ease their minds.

Laxus grabbed onto Brandish's arm and pulled her with him. "We're taking her to the cells built into the cellar of the guild. Let's go." For safety measures Cana also cuffed Brandish's ankles. Lucy returned Aries and Taurus to the Celestial realm, and returned into her normal form. But before moving, Lucy snatched the broken Aquarius key from Brandish. Her eyes a bit watery over almost having lost what was left of a close friend. Brandish carefreely eyeing Lucy's watery eyes with an emotionless glance.

The walk back to the guild was filled with an awkward silence. And the occasion of Laxus having to blast away Alvarez Knights attempting to rescue Brandish. Once they got to the guildhall, they all stopped for a moment to look at their prisoner before opening the gates. "Cause' any trouble, and your dead." Laxus warned, and Brandish playfully held up her hands.

"No trouble." Brandish smiled playfully at them.

Hesitantly Laxus opened the gates to the guild allowing the captured Brandish to enter. And they were instantly met with looks of suspicion and whispers, as everyone looked on edge at the presence of one of the twelve. Approaching them to inspect the prisoner, was Itachi's crow clone, Makarov and Warrod.

"So, this is one of the rumored Spriggan 12? My word such a young lady." Warrod spoke with intrigue at his first encounter with their nation's enemy.

"And you are Warrod of the Ten Wizard Saints. One of the 4 Gods if Ishgar. God Serena told us all about you and the rest of the Saints." Brandish confidently declared as she looked fearless in the face of Warrod, Itachi and Makarov.

"Brandish… You never struck me as the surrendering type." Makarov looked wary of the presence of Brandish, although he had to admit she was one of the more pleasant members of the twelve.

"Perhaps not Makarov. But I am a negotiable type of person. I would say there is only one other like me amongst the twelve." Brandish greeted Makarov with a small bow.

"… Mmm, very well take her to the cellar." Makarov instructed, waving for Macao and Wakaba to come and escort their prisoner.

"With all due respect, I don't think that is wise." Itachi interjected, he clearly wasn't convinced by this whole prisoner act.

"Her magic power is blocked out. She doesn't pose a threat at the moment. I don't see the problem." Cana voiced out as she handed Brandish over to Macao and Wakaba. Whom both gave a nervous gulp from looking at Brandish's, assets.

"Pfft, just like Marin." Brandish scoffed sounding a bit disgusted from the looks she got from the two older gentlemen.

"I kinda agree with Itachi… Something just seems, off…" Lucy also voiced out her concern. "I mean, she gave up rather easily considering she was able to go toe to toe with Itachi on Caracole island."

"What? You think you, me and Laxus don't equal up to Itachi?" Cana teased Lucy a bit with a smirk. "Relax, okay Lu. We simply had her outnumbered and with a power house like Laxus, she gave up."

"I don't know Cana…" Lucy uttered her mind still not eased.

Itachi's clone leaned in closer to Lucy, whispering into her ear. "Keep a close eye on our new guest." Lucy without looking at Itachi gave a quick nod, and followed after Macao and Wakaba as they escorted Brandish to the cellar.

As Brandish was thrown into her cell, she sat down onto the cold floor. Paying no mind to the guards that were Macao and Wakaba. 'I'm in…' She smirked.


"You want me to what?" Brandish raised a brow, as she had been approached by the ice wizard Invel.

"I want you to let yourself get captured by the enemy. And infiltrate the Fairy Tail guildhall." Invel repeated his request to Brandish. Marin popping out of nowhere from behind him. "Marin shall later infiltrate the Fairy Tail guildhall using his space magic, set you free and then you can destroy them from the inside. Find Fairy Heart, and deliver it to his majesty. With your magic, such a task is only something you can do."

"You can count on me, Brandish-sama!" Marin gave a salute, and smiled brightly at his master.

"So what? I just surrender to them?" Brandish didn't think this would work, according to God Serena there weren't nearly enough mages in Ishgar that could match one of the Twelve.

"No, of course not. You put on a good enough of a show. And surely someone powerful enough will come running to their comrade's aid. Once that happens, and you see the time as right. You shall surrender to them. Tell them you are willing to negotiate terms." Invel finished explaining Brandish's task in this war. With her magic getting Fairy Heart wasn't much of a trouble. In fact, her and Marin were the perfect pair to retrieve such an object.

"Does his majesty know of this plan?" Brandish asked seeing as Zeref didn't bring it up at the briefing.

"No, he wants to destroy them with all our might. But I agree with you on one thing, in the case of Madara interfering obtaining Fairy Heart will be difficult. This is our best option. It is for the best of the Empire, and most of all for our Emperor." Invel stated, holding nothing but Zeref's wellbeing in his mind.

"… For his majesty, and for Alvarez. I shall complete my mission without fail." Brandish accepted her task.

Flashback end

'Now all I need is to sit back, relax, and wait for my loyal pet to set me free.' Brandish smirked and laid down onto the cold floor, wanting to take a nap whilst waiting.

And lurking out in the streets of Magnolia, was the space magic specialist and second in command of Brandish's squad, Marin. "Ufufu, Brandish-sama has been captured. Oh dear~ Time for revenge~" Marin excitedly licked his lips.

Meanwhile, at the port town of Hargeon. The remains of Kagura's squad which consisted of less than a hundred. Were up against a large majority of enemy troops. "How freaking many are there?!" Toby panted as he had tried to use his paralyze nail magic on the knights, but could barely get through their dense armor.

"About 2,000 left I would say!" Yuka shielded both himself and Toby using his wave magic.

"Even after Kagura took out all those ships?" Arania was just about pass out from fatigue. She had about used up the reserves of her second origin.

"Where is Kagura anyway?!" Risley charged like a freight train straight through a horde of enemies knocking them aside.

"I don't think she moved from the port!" Beth ducked as a blade from an Alvarez knight flung over her head, cutting her pigtails a bit. In a swift motion she bombarded him with a giant carrot from the ground.

Trailing Sky Arrow!

Sherria flew in, black wind cloaked around the tip of her foot like a spear, as she thrusted it straight through an Alvarez Knight's armor plate. Followed by a second black wind cloaked kick to the neck, to which all that was heard was a snap.

"Look out, Sherria!" Carla in her human form round house kicked a charging knight. Followed by Wendy unleashing a mighty roar breath attack, blowing hundreds of knights away.

More and more knights were trapped inside the playing cards of Sho. Yet even he started to feel the fatigue on his body. "There are just too many of them!" Millianna stood back-to-back with Sho, using her magical kitten rope to tie up as many knights as possible.

"A real man, faces any obstacle! Dandy!" Wally split himself into various cubes, blasting magic shot after magic shot like a madman.

"Ah, Wally! Behind you!" Once Wally had reformed, a stealth user knight from the empire had revealed himself. Wielding a magic blade, ready to behead Wally. Sho didn't have time to act, and neither did Wally.

"Outta my way!" Coming zooming by, was Sawyer knocking the knight over and snapping his neck in one swift motion. Sawyer stopped up to stretch his legs, although when he looked at Wally, he seemed bewildered. "Huh, hey Richard! There is a guy here that is kinda blocky like you!" Sawyer pointed it out as a joke, unbeknownst of what this would mean for his comrade or Wally.

"Huh?" Richard appeared, and looked over to Wally. Both standing in an awkward silence, staring at each other.

"Uhh, who are you?" Wally lowered his sun glasses, revealing his eyes. And that is when something in Richard clicked, the image of a young bright smiling boy with the same kind eyes coming to mind.

"W-Wally?" Richard stuttered, visibly shaking.

"Yeah, do I know you?" Wally felt himself there was something familiar about this tall blocky looking man before him. But he couldn't quite place his finger on it.

Wally looked even more startled, once Richard began to weep tears of unfathomable joy. And out of nowhere Richard hoisted Wally up in a bear hug. "Wally!" Richard cried his name.

"P-Put me down! This ain't dandy!" Wally squirmed in his brother's embrace.

"Oh Wally, I had always hoped to see you again. Look at you, all grown up. You are no longer the same little boy that so sweetly shared that potato with me." Once Richard said that, something in Wally clicked as well. And he looked in sheer and utter disbelief.

"B-Big bro Richard?" Wally stuttered in disbelief, and was met with the smiling face of his brother. On a closer look, there was a resemblance. "I-I thought you were dead…"

"And I you. Until Titania Erza told me otherwise!" Richard held Wally close, whilst Sawyer although happy for his comrade was a little annoyed, he had to hold of enemy troops during this reunion.

"Bro…" Wally started to tremble, tears building up in his eyes. He quickly wiped his tears, but still smiled as he flicked his sunglasses back on. "Man, it's good to see you…"

"Nya… so touching!" Millianna cried at the heartwarming scene before them.

"Heh, well I'll be damned…" Sho smiled, happy to see his comrade reunited with his brother.

"Uhh, guys! As touching as this is, we have a war to fight!" Sawyer broke the moment, as he started to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of enemies.

"Oh, do not worry little Wally!" Richard beamed with a smile, as the ground before the enemies split open devouring a great chunk of them. "Your big bro will protect you from now on and forever!" Richard declared smiling.

"… That ain't really dandy big bro." Wally sweat dropped.

"Touching to say the least." A slash at blinding speed appeared before sawyer, slashing a wound across his chest. "Although Dimaira-sama wouldn't approve." Standing before them, was a young frail woman with silver white hair in the same style as Dimaria's. Her eyes as red as fresh blood, and her skin as pale as a ghost. "I am Linda, second in command of lady Dimaria's squad." Her arms were bandaged up from her wrists to her shoulders. Her lower face hidden by a black mask giving her the appearance of a ninja. Her attire consisting of a torn red scarf, a black leotard cladded in armor around her flat chest, and her knees also cladded in shining black armor pads. She wielded dual short black swords.

"S-She beat my speed?" Sawyer looked baffled.

"Speed? Such poor imitation of time magic disgusts me. At least when compared to the divine power of lady Dimaria. In her name, I shall carve the true meaning of speed into your minds." Linda bent her right knee down a bit, while sliding her left foot back a bit.

Richard who was just reunited with his little brother, wasn't about to let harm come to Wally and thus put on a serious face. His eyes glowing, liquifying the ground beneath Linda. Yet the assassin saw it coming, leaping up into the air, twirling her body like a dancer. Her blade aiming for Richard's face. "Argh!" Richard cried out, unable to dodge, as Linda's blade sliced over his left eye. Blood gushing out from his eye socket.

Richard quickly altered the liquid ground into spikes beneath Linda, whom weaved and dodged them without effort. Richard suddenly felt a stabbing pain in his back, as a second Linda appeared out from his shadow stabbing him with her blade. "My magic ability, is to create duplicates from my enemy's own shadows. That and speed magic. Next to Jacob-sama, I am the second greatest assassin alive."

More duplicates of Linda leaped out from all their shadows, surrounding them with blades in hand. "Begone, small fry."

"Not on my watch!" Sho then with his quick thinking trapped the duplicates within his playing cards. "No matter how many you make, I will seal them away!" Sho smirked at Linda, whom cast him a deadly glare.

Richard smiled with ease, pleased to see Wally having such a friend. Although their feelings of relief were replaced with a sense of dread. As this sickening magic power filled the air. Giving a chilling feeling of death. Even the Alvarez Knights looked immobilized like them from this feeling, Linda even halted in her steps. "Wh-What kind of warrior does your group have I wonder? That can make even Lady Dimaria use this much power?" Linda pondered on what kind of opponent her master had found.

Down at the port, pebbles and drops of water from the sea levitated in the air around them. Their combined power acting like a natural disaster. Kagura and Dimaria were locked with their blades, neither showing sign of having the edge over the other. Although, Dimaria barely looked to be putting up much of struggle, as she just smiled. "Nice~ Nice~ I like you~! Your reaction speed is top notch!"

Kagura on the other hand, looked like she struggled a bit, as a bead of sweat dripped from her forehead. 'This woman… What is this insane level of magic power?! I can feel she is still even hiding more!' Kagura using all her strength pushed Dimaria back a few steps.

"Ho?" Dimaria tilted her head a bit to the side. "Not bad."

'So, this… is one of the twelve!' Kagura readied herself, entering her battle stance. Dimaria's smile faded for a second, as she looked in awe.

'Her stance… The best way to describe it would be perfect. I can't find a single weak spot in her defenses. Whoever taught her, might be even more efficient with the blade then me.' Dimaria licked her lips with a lusting gaze for battle. "Nice~ Do treat me kindly~" Kagura frowned at this feeling of mockery she got from Dimaria.

'My best bet is to remain on the defensive… get a good look at her technique before-' Unable to finish her thought, Dimaria suddenly appeared before her. Kagura's mind unable to register what happened, as in her eyes Dimaria hadn't moved. Dimaria while smiling slashed her blade down on Kagura.

And, as Dimaria had expected Kagura blocked the strike with her blade. Truly her reaction speed was great. All this managed to do however, was excite Dimaria even more. Pulling a dagger from a knife sheet strapped on her shoulder, Dimaria raised the dagger aiming for Kagura's face.

Kagura intensified her aura, pushing Dimaria's massive blade back and swinging her body around fast enough to knock the dagger out from Dimaria's hand. Kagura followed by raising her blade above her head, and swinging it down upon Dimaria.

"Hmph!" Huffing and moving faster than Kagura could register, Dimaria had stepped aside to avoid the slash. Smiling with confidence as she looked down on Kagura from the corner of her eye.

Dimaria readied herself to strike Kagura with her blade. As Kagura in this situation, which could only be described as bad for a swordsman or woman. As the sheer weight of her blade would prevent one from halting in their swing. However, with her level of experience, Kagura was able to halt her blade mere inches from the ground. And counter Dimaria by swinging her blade upwards aiming for her head.

Dimaria was a bit taken aback, quickly tilting her upper body backwards but not in time for Kagura's blade to cut off some of Dimaria's bangs. Her strains of golden blond hair flowing in the wind before her face. However, it didn't end there as Kagura's blade released a powerful shockwave that hit Dimaria in the chin.

Dimaria flew a little over the ground, blood escaping from her lips and her face looking flabbergasted, trying to register in her mind what just happened. With a swift move, Kagura swung her blade sideways aiming to cut Dimaria in half.

Dimaria clicked her teeth together, and in Kagura's vision she moved like a blur and appeared behind her. Never before had Kagura witnessed such speed, not even from Itachi. While in Dimaria's vision, she had first landed her feet to the ground, before taking a backflip over Kagura and her blade who moved in slow motion. And ending with Dimaria elegantly landing behind her.

"You understand, don't you? If I wanted to, you would be dead right now." Dimaria pointed out, and Kagura couldn't deny it. If Dimaria so wished she could have killed Kagura right there and then.

"… Then why didn't you?" Kagura narrowed her eyes on Dimaria, turning around to face her opponent.

"… Hmm, you are a virgin correct?" The sudden question caused Kagura to blush red and stutter.

"W-W-W-What does that have to do with anything?!" Kagura raised her voice, as her face was flushed. Yet she somehow managed to remain on guard.

"Yeah, that's what I thought." Dimaria huffed with an amused smirk at Kagura's reaction. "To me, sex and battle are kinda the same thing. We haven't even gotten to the climax yet. This is just the foreplay sweetheart. I tend to want to enjoy myself for as long as possible, just like in a battle. Usually, I encounter weaklings that fail to reach the climax, and that is when I kill them. If they succeed however, I will take them as my pets. Just like dear Linda~"

"… Revolting." Kagura spat in disgust, which only seemed to please Dimaria. "To treat warriors with such disrespect… I shall cut you down. And if I am to fail, I would rather end my own life than become your pet." Kagura's fierce determination in that declaration sparked something in Dimara who smiled in delight.

"Nice~ I thought there was something about you…" Dimaria giggled as she got more and more riled up about this battle. "You are just like my sweet adorable Randi!" The two locked blades once again, this time the tremor sent around them rallied the ocean into giant waves, and causing the ground beneath them to sink into a crater. Through all this rumbling, all one could hear was Dimaria's sickening laughter.

Meanwhile, back at the Fairy Tail guildhall. The scanners of Warren suddenly started going haywire as multiple energy signatures appeared out of nowhere. "U-Ummm, guys…" Warren stuttered, as he pointed at the map detecting more energy sources appearing out of nowhere.

"What is that?" Itachi raised his brow, the energy signatures that appeared were all massive. It was like there was no end to it.

"T-They just appeared on the map out of nowhere. The sensors should have picked them up a long time ago!" Warren then halted, reports from the battlefield coming in. "W-We've got reported sightings of enemies with Sharingan…" This put Itachi on alarm.


"N-No… there are three of them… And they just singlehandedly annihilated all the guilds stationed in Bosco." Warren's body quivered in fear. Three people had destroyed all the guilds of one of Fiore's neighboring nations Bosco.

The nation of Bosco was on fire, like all the guilds in Ishgar they had gotten the warning from Warren. And most of the civilians had managed to get out. The guilds of Bosco had prepared to join the war to aid Fiore, but had quickly been taken over. They were supposed to meet up with Sting's squad to join the fight.

Burning piles of bodies were spread across the battlefield like a warzone. Buildings having been reduced to little more than burning piles of rubble. Two Spriggan 12 members Larcade and Bloodman had started the massacre of this nation in search of their missing member Irene. And been meet with unexpected backup from Neinhart.

"I must say… Neinhart's magic is rather… perverse. Although, these three… They are not mages and they do not possess Ethernano." Larcade looked intrigued as he and Bloodman watched the massacre unfold.

"They are rather efficient in battle. Although Neinhart's corpses are supposed to be drawn to people who are close to them. So why they are here I have no idea." Bloodman had noticed their sharingan, and wondered if they were here because Madara was nearby. Or maybe, because Itachi Uchiha was nearby.

A little boy, who couldn't be any older than Romeo. Was backed up against the wall of a burning building. An older looking couple, that probably were his parents, laid dead burnt on the ground before him. The boy was trembling, tears rolling down his cheeks. His shoulder marked with a wizarding guild emblem.

He huffed, gathering his bravery, his hand igniting with a magic circle. Standing tall and looming over him. Was the dark menacing figure of Fugaku Uchiha, his face darkened and only illuminated by his sharingan.

Behind Fugaku moved a female figure, her eyes blazing red with the sharingan. And jumping at her were four attackers all bearing the same guild mark as the boy. The woman, Mikoto Uchiha flashed a set of hand seals, and sprayed them with a wave of a blazing inferno of flames. Their screams of agony echoing for a second, before being silenced the next leaving only the sounds of the fire burning.

While the second female figure that was Izumi Uchiha, was surrounded by at least ten men. Considering her small slender figure, and her being only at the age of thirteen. One wouldn't think she was a warrior. But her slender body made her very nimble. She was easily able to avoid their attacks, and despite her frail figure, she didn't lack any strength. As one kick from Izumi, was enough to twist a man neck a full 360 degrees. Wielding kunai knifes, she made quick work of them.

Mikoto and Izumi soon then joined Fugaku who had cornered the little boy. The voice of Neinhart cackling in the back of their mind. "Do it~" And his spell binding them to comply with his wishes. Although Fugaku managed to struggle and avoid total control, so he remained conscious of his actions. But that wasn't a good thing to Fugaku at least. He only looked at the whimpering boy with a look of pity. "… Forgive me." Fugaku uttered, and then all one could hear was the groaning of flesh and bone being cut open by a blade. As the boy dropped dead before them. "Such an accursed jutsu, it can only be the edo tensei… But these people are not Shinobi. Why are we here to fight?"

Before Fugaku could continue to wonder, he was forcibly moved by Neinhart along with his wife and his oldest son's lover. They were moving in on Fiore. And closing in on Sting's squad, where Itachi had one of his clones. And where their ancestor Madara was also close by.

Back in Magnolia, Warren gasped as another nation up north of Ishgar was being attacked. "The kingdom of Seven is also being invaded and pushed out!"

Laying waste, to the magic guilds in Seven, was the ice mage herself Ur. Her expression looking baffled and horrified at finding herself not in control of her actions. And with her was Zancrow of Grimoire Heart along with Rustyrose, Kain, Azuma.

"What is going on? How come so many with this high energy levels equal to that of the twelve are attacking one area?" Makarov questioned where all these people came from. Did the Empire had more elite forces besides members of the twelve?

"Somethings… not right…" Itachi couldn't put his finger on it, three other people with the sharingan? The only ones he knew off in this world with the sharingan were himself, Madara and Ultear. Did Madara have more children that were working for the empire? Or worse, had Zeref perhaps taken his time to resurrect more dead Uchiha of the past into his demons?

"Ah… More strong energies detected in Hargeon!" Warren raised the alarm with concern. "And even more in the southern isles!"

Within the port of Hargeon once again, making short work of some Rune Knights as they walked out from the sea itself. Once flashing with sparks of lightning, the other oozing with darkness. Yuri Dreyar and Precht now Hades the master of Grimoire Heart. Tore easily through the Rune Knights and their defenses, advancing through town and ignoring the battles going on around them. With one destination in mind, where they sensed those that held them close to their hearts. In Magnolia, the Fairy Tail guildhall.

Following them, was a sickening green wave of magic power. Ripping a bunch if mages and knight alike to shreds. Followed by a maniacal laughter, was the master of Oracion Seis, Zero. Rushing straight into battle, at the presence of two of his traitorous guild members.

And rising from the ocean with them, were the Trinity Raven from the tower of heaven, led by the pink haired swordswoman Ikaruga. Unlike Yuri and Hades, they went straight for the battlefield. Sensing the presence of three that were present at the time of their death at the battlefield. Sho, Wally and Millianna. And finally, was the lone lonely figure, of Simon Mikazuchi. Sensing the presence of three of his comrades, and another he had long thought to be lost.

"Ignore her, Dimaria's got it. Go in for the others." The sickening voice of Neinhart commanded in Simon's head, and so he as well went into battle.

While down in the southern isles, they were still in arial battle over the islands. Blaster fire being fired from both sides and their warships, while their individual ground forces fought bellow. Although soon found themselves overwhelmed, not just from the millions of Alvarez Knights, but also all the resurrected Tartaros members. All brought here to their connection to their fellow demon brethren, E, E.N.D, one in particular also brought here from their connection to Erza being Kyouka. And of course, their connection to their creator, Zeref.

Down on the ground, Bacchus from Quatro Cerberus was making short work of a lot of Alvarez Knights with his drunken boxing. Along with the rest of his guildmates, all acing like wild animals as they attacked the enemy. "Oy! Master! Can't believe you even decided to fight!" Bacchus grinned as he bumped the heads of two knights together.

"Well, even I get tired from standing at the sidelines." The master of Quatro Cerberus, and former member of Fairy Tail and Team Makarov, Goldmine. With a flick of his finger, generated what appeared to be golden dust into two massive shields to block enemy fire. "Gold Dust: Spartan Shield."

Goldmine's magic is the ability to use the dust of gold to form weapons or objects for combat. Goldmine walked towards a group of Alvarez Knights, his shields blocking the fire from their magic staffs. With a heave of his right arm, he pushed the right gold shield forward. The edge of the shield stabbing into the knight's stomach and nailing him to a rock wall. And the second one was sent spinning in the air, decapitating two startled knights.

"Charge!" Coming rushing in on magic mobiles towards the Quatro Cerberus guild, were two battalion of Alvarez Knights, with some on the roof blasting them with energy bolts from magic staffs.

Clapping his hands together, his eyes shining gold underneath his sunglasses. "Gold Hound!" Formed out from the gold dust, was a massive tree headed dog. "Wild." Goldmine smirked as his Cerberus hound chewed up the magic mobiles, along with the knights onboard in an instant. "Makarov may have been the star of our old group, but the rest of us weren't slouches."

"You rock master!" Rocker cheered as he charged with his whirlwind fists through a wave of incoming knights.

"Now that's wild!" Bacchus howled at seeing their master's skills. To them this was a rare treat.

In an instant however, the gold hounded Cerberus exploded before their very eyes from a shockwave. And a looming menacing figure walked out, straightening his gloves was none other than Jacob of the Spriggan 12. "Old man August is probably gonna be angry that I broke from the group. But sitting still and waiting just isn't my style."

"… So, this is one of the twelve Makarov was bitching about?" Goldmine smirked, with a bead of sweat running down his wrinkly old face. "Man, he wasn't joking around."

"Gold Hound Goldmine… You had quite the high bounty on you back in the day, old man. Lucky for you I hadn't grown into my current profession just yet. Along with Pegasus Bob, and of course The Raging Giant Makarov. And fire bird Rob. You made quite the infamous magic team back in the day." Jacob commended the old master, and Goldmine took it as a compliment.

"Heh, why thank you. It's been a long time, since I heard that ol' nickname. I actually hate being in the spotlight."

"Oh, no need for thanks. The Emperor made us study upon all, capable mages in Ishgar. And although you didn't qualify for the level of Wizard Saint, you certainly did for S-class. You aren't that high level of a threat to us to be honest, but in the respect of those from the older generation. I shall grant you a final outstanding battle as a parting gift." Jacob's threat, was met with animalistic growls from the Quatro Cerberus guild members.

"…" Goldmine was at a loss for words. He could see the danger before them clear as day. No matter what angle he looked at it from, he would die fighting this man. Even his elite member Bacchus wouldn't last a second against Jacob.

"Threatening our master? Big mistake. Everyone, let's get wild!" Bacchus charged straight ahead, either blinded by the threat before him or he simply didn't care.

Bacchus and his gang were halted, all trapped within golden cages. "Wh-What the? Master!" Rocker looked to Goldmine.

"Let us out old man!" Bacchus snarled as he glared at Jacob.

"… No, like Fairy Tail… Like Blue Pegasus… Our guild values the meaning of family. And to me, all you crazy kids are my pups. And as the dad, I can't sit by and let my pups get slaughtered. This fight, is mine and mine alone." Goldmine glared at Jacob as he advanced towards the assassin. "I didn't catch your name by the way." Goldmine smiled at Jacob.

"It is Jacob, I am the number one hitman and assassin in the whole world. And one of the mighty twelve." Jacob politely introduced himself with a bow.

"Jacob, you said you respect old geezers like myself, right?"

"Indeed I do, one must respect their elders."

"Then this old dog has one request for you." Goldmine raised his arms generating gold dust around him. "Once this is over, swear that you won't lay a hand on these kids of mine. Swear that you won't harm them or kill them."

"… Considering the situation, normally one shouldn't accept such a request. However, since I am so charitable, I shall grant you your request. Today, I won't harm or kill them. But tomorrow, who knows." Jacob gave a sinister smile.

Goldmine looked with a glare at Jacob at first, before giving a long and tired sigh. "Guess I can't ask for more than that. I am grateful."

"Oy! Old man! Whatever you are planning get the idea out of your head!" Bacchus demanded, sounding like a barking dog. "We can take him together!"

"Yeah, let us take him down together master!" Rocker agreed, and the rest howled in agreement as well.

"You damn kids… never shut up." Goldmine gave them what could only be described as a fatherly smile. He gave them a thumbs up, and turned around to face Jacob.

The gold dust around Goldmine turned into various weapons, like swords, spears, and even hammers. All sent in a raining hail onto Jacob. Jacob however weaved and dodged, shattering some of them with a mere backhand of his fist.

Goldmine quickly rushed Jacob, with a raised fist wielding a gold spiked knuckleduster. Goldmine swung his fist at Jacob, only for the assassin to catch him by the wrist before he could even reach his face. Jacob in a swift motion tightened his grip, the hold he had on Goldmine's wrist was so strong one could hear the Quatro Cerberus master's bones crack.

Fighting through the pain, he threw a second punch with his left fist wielding a second knuckleduster. This time he connected with Jacob's massive forehead, yet the tall dark assassin didn't even budge an inch. "A valiant effort." Jacob commended.

"Not done yet." Planting his feet onto Jacob's chest, an explosion of gold came from Goldmine's soles knocking Jacob back and forcing him to let go of Goldmine's wrist. "I used my time to create that." Pointing upwards in the sky, Jacob saw that a massive shadow had cast itself over them, since it was night time, the shadow was barely seen in the dim moonlit night. Hovering in the sky above was a giant cube of pure gold. "This is the strongest attack in my arsenal… At least I will go all out." Goldmine swung his fist down, and the gold cube came crashing down.

Jacob readied himself, his right-hand bawling into a fist. Jacob took a deep breath followed by a deep exhale. And with great force and speed, Jacob thrusted his fist upwards and into the golden cube. Sending a massive shockwave tremor through it, the cube itself started to crack open. And finally exploded into gold dust, raining down all around them.

Goldmine sighed, not even surprised. Reaching into his pockets he took out a cigar and a lighter, he lit the cigar and puffed on it a few times. Before blowing out the smoke, taking a look at the gold dust raining around him. "Welp, guess I'm done…" Goldmine smiled, despite the situation.

"You put up quite the struggle. You lasted far longer than I expected honestly." Jacob twirled his sore wrist around a bit. He reached into the pocket of his blazer. "Makes me wonder, where did this resolve come from?"

"Huh? Are you just stupid? Or deaf? Didn't you hear me earlier?" Goldmine blew smoke from his cigar and looked at Jacob with a smirk. "These brats are my pups. What kind of man would need a reason? To protect his own children?"

At the sincere words carried with such passion. The wild bunch of the Quatro Cerberus couldn't help but shed tears at their master's words, when they were filled with such heartful compassion. Jacob stood there looking baffled. "Heh, such touching words…" Jacob took out a gun from his pocket, and pointed it at point blank range at the head of the smiling master Goldmine. "The Golden Hound, Goldmine. I shall remember you for as long as I live." And with that, Jacob pulled the trigger.




The shot rang through the battlefield, followed by a still silence. All Bacchus, Rocker and the rest of the Quatro Cerberus could hear, was the thud noise made when Goldmine's body hit the ground.

"Uhh… uhhh…" Bacchus gaped in disbelief, trembling with grief and anger. "OLD MAN!" He cried out in agony. All of the Quatro Cerberus sat still, the golden cages around them falling apart. All of them frozen in their grief and unable to move. All except for Bacchus. "DAMN YOU!" Bacchus charged at Jacob.

"I gave my word, not to harm or kill you. In honor of your master, I shall do just that." With a mere poke to Bacchus forehead, Bacchus froze and fell to the ground. "Don't worry, I merely paralyzed him. He didn't feel any pain from that, he should be up and going soon enough. A minute or two give or take." Jacob assured the frightened looking bunch of Quatro Cerberus. "Well, I really must get going. Have a good night now." Jacob waved as he strolled away casually.

Rocker went to pick up Bacchus, all glaring at the walking form of Jacob with contempt. But neither having the courage to attack the man. All they could do, was weep over the fallen corpse of their master. Their grief was short lived, as knight of the Alvarez Empire continued their assault. Jacob may have promised not to harm them today, but the Alvarez Knights made no such promise. And the Quatro Cerberus, decided to take their anger and grief out on these knights.

Meanwhile, far up north of Fiore. With the forces of Bosco and Seven mostly annihilated. Sting's squad made a valiant effort against the invading forces of the empire. With Sting and Rogue leading the arial assault with the help of their Exceed companions Frosch and Lector. The Dragon Slayer duo using their destructive magic to tear holes in any enemy aircraft.

While on the ground, things were taking a far more hectic turn. Many of the squad members were dropping like flies. Blood exploding out from their throats, and their eyes. "Run! It's the Grim Reaper!" The vails and cries of terror echoed through the area, and admits it all having been pushed over by her fleeing comrades.

Yukino laid alone in the cold snow, a cold nervous sweat running down her face as indeed what one could only describe as the grim reaper stood before her. Bloodman of the Spriggan 12, stood alone as he glared at the fleeing enemy soldiers. His eyes glowing bright mystic purple. What made it more frightening was that their attacks had no effect on him. It just passed straight through, any that touched him ended up choking on their own blood. "Pitiful humans." Bloodman's gruff sounding voice huffed.

Not even having noticed Yukino laying there, Bloodman nearly walked over her had it not been for letting out a small yelp. "Oh? Didn't see you there." Bloodman chuckled, seeing Yukino as a less worthy being than even those that tried to flee from him. She felt lower than any kind of bug in the presence of this monster.

Trembling, unable to move or stand up. She merely cowered before Bloodman, closing her eyes awaiting her fate. "Hold it!" Charging in, was surprisingly Jenny from Blue Pegasus. Accompanied by a handful of wizards bearing the Blue Pegasus emblem. Having come as reinforcements. Jenny utilizing a red armored battle suit, rockets shooting out from her wrists and towards Bloodman.

"Useless." Bloodman scoffed as the rockets passed through his body which now looked kind of dark and foggy like a mist. Suddenly however, a beam of pure light shined into Bloodman. The light causing his body, despite its mist like form to burn. "Ugh!" Bloodman moved away from the light.

"Now, now, don't you go bullying my little darlings." Coming flying in, riding on a majestic white stallion with wings. An actual Pegasus. Riding this majestic beast, was none other than master Bob of Blue Pegasus. The wings of the Pegasus unleashing the burning light that annoyed Bloodman.

"Master." Jenny brightened up, as Bob descended onto the battlefield with his Pegasus.

"Seems we have quite the troublemaker on our hands." Pulling on the railings of the Pegasus, the horse reacting to the dark energy emitting from Bloodman.

"A human? Able to ride a holy beast like the Pegasus?" Bloodman looked somewhat baffled, that a human was able to ride such a holy mythological creature.

"I could smell it from a mile away… You are an unholy creature. You shouldn't even exist on this earth." Master Bob's smile faded as it turned into a glare. "What is more!" The wings of the Pegasus spread shielding Yukino and Jenny along with the Blue Pegasus members. "I can sense your intent to kill these cute little darlings! That is something I cannot allow!"

"… And how do you plan on stopping me? Pegasus although capable of releasing holy-like magical energy. Is not enough to stop me. What is more, you are just a vulnerable…" Bloodman vanished in a flash, appearing with his claw raised to decapitate Bob. Yet like his opponents couldn't hit him, Bloodman merely phased straight through Bob. "What?"

"My magic, allows me to phase through objects, attacks and people alike." Bob's declaration was met with a mere scoff. As Bloodman charged at him again, yet he once again phased through. "You cannot hit me."

"Who said that was my goal?" Bloodman cackled, having left behind a thin dark mist. Bob instantly noticed what it was.

"Bane particles?!" Bob looked on full alarm, feeling already the ethernano in his body depleting. 'This is bad!' Bob coughed up a puddle of blood, although unlike ordinary blood it looked thicker and darker.

"Master!" Jenny unbeknownst of the danger, attempted to rush to her master's aid along with the Blue Pegasus members.

"No!" Bob warned halting them in their tracks. Now it made sense to Bob why people had been dropping like flies around Bloodman. This monster's body was made out of bane particles. Just by being in his presence had poisoned them, to the point where their bodies caved. "Those poor darlings… having to suffer such a horrendous fate…" And now he was infected, what it more these particles worked better than the standard version. Bob's organs were already beginning to liquify.

"Master, what's wrong?" Jenny looked confused.

"Bane particles… he is made out of Bane particles. Relay this intel to headquarters. Run, all of you!" Bob ordered.

"B-But what about you?" Yukino asked.

"Don't you worry about me sweety…! I am going to keep mister creepy here occupied…" Bob was panting, trying to control his rabid increasing breathing. "Pegasus! Get them out of here! And make sure… to look for a new worthy rider… worthy of the name Blue Pegasus." Bob charged straight into Bloodman, pushing him back.

"Fool." Bloodman seeing no need to dematerialize himself from this joke of a threat. With a swift move of his claw, he stabbed his hand through the Blue Pegasus master.

"Master!" Jenny cried out, attempting to reach out. Although the Pegasus snatched her up, spreading its wings generating a massive light surrounding itself, Jenny and the members of Blue Pegasus along with Yukino. They could only look on, barely seeing the scene unfolding through the blinding light. Although from the shadows, they could make out that Bob was ripped in half by Bloodman. The members of Blue Pegasus cried at the death of their master, when suddenly the Pegasus teleported along with all of them.

For Yukino and the members of Blue Pegasus, the scenery changed from the snowy forest with the horrific Bloodman. Into the camp Sting's squad had made up north of Fiore's mountains. Jenny fell to her knees, as the Pegasus before her vanished leaving behind a single feather from its majestic wings.

And back in the forest, the snow was stained red with blood. The mauled body of Bob tossed into a corner of the woods. And Bloodman giving a tiresome sigh as he marched on through the dense woods looking for more victims.

Meanwhile, back within the port town of Hargeon. Kagura's squad were on their last leg. They had been pushed further away from the town, and almost to the very edge of it. Richard, Sawyer, Sho, Wally and Millianna were all panting, and nearly depleted of energy. And standing tall over them, was Dimaria's second in command Linda.

"As Dimaria-sama would say, you all fell rather short." Linda switched the grips of her two short swords, whilst glaring down at the miserable bunch before her. Sawyer's speed had proven to be useless against her, Richard was already injured and now covered in even more cuts and wounds. Sho laid beaten and panting over his shredded deck of playing cards. Wally and Millianna were the only ones left standing.

And Linda, had surrounded them with more than ten of her shadow doublegangers. Stepping up next to Linda, looking down on their beaten forms. Were the revived Historia Tensei warriors, Zero, Ikaruga, Fukuro and Vidaldus Taka. "You two lousy worms… You let that bastard Jellal kill me!" Zero snarled at them, fury burning in his voice as he came looking for vengeance.

"Seems Jellal's failure of former minions need to be disposed of. My such a tragic fate." Ikaruga mused as she sang her last words.

"Guys…" The space around them turned black, and Sho, Wally and Millianna all cried out in pain as they were beaten whilst blinded by the darkness. "I'm sorry…" All Simon could do was apologize as he was forced to beat down on his three former comrades.

"Simon?" Sho was visibly shaking, the sight of their friend who died eight years ago bringing up a lot of memories.

"Y-You are supposed to be dead." Millianna was nearly brought to tears, they all had heard of Simon's gruesome fate from Erza. And how a hypnotized Jellal killed him.

"They all are supposed to be dead…" Wally corrected.

"And we are, although this spell. Is rather interesting. This enemy of yours, seems to know how to bring the dead back to this realm. I have never felt stronger!" Zero was grinning like a madman, feeling the endless pool of magic power residing in his body.

"The downside is being told what to do of course. But as long as we get our revenge, I honestly don't mind." Ikaruga held her blade up to Millianna's chin. Her eyes however, looking at Linda. "You are with the one controlling us, correct? Mind filling us in?"

"You are mere slaves meant to serve his majesty and the Alvarez Empire. Just do what Neinhart tells you." Linda responded. And Zero growled at the tone of her voice, and at being called a slave.

"How dare you?! I am Zero! Master of the Oracion Seis! I am no one's slave-" Zero's body stopped moving, his movement halted by Neinhart.

"Zero, Zero, haven't you learned? I can easily cast you aside when I so wish." Neinhart's chilling voice rang in the back of Zero's head, making the former master of Oracion Seis quake in his boots. Not out of fear, but anger at being forced to obey someone.

The night of the full moon shined upon them, as war and destruction rained down all around them. All the Historia Tensei warriors present were given a simple order, one that all but Simon had a problem obeying. "Kill them."

"Heh, rock on baby!" Vidaldus sang loudly, his guitar playing forcing his hypnotized warriors to move in on them. Amongst those hypnotized were Beth, Arania, Risley from Mermaid Heel. All looking rather pale with a lot of dark gothic makeup and loose revealing clothes. "YEAH! Slice and dice 'em!"

"This, is your final night alive~" Ikaruga sang with her sweet voice, yet her eyes and smile made her seem all the more menacing. She raised her blade up high, ready to decapitate Millianna.

"Not on my watch sweetheart~" A blade sliced straight through Ikaruga, right down from her head and all the way down. Ikaruga gasped as she was split in two down the middle. "Millianna is my little adorable child, I cannot let you harm her." Towering over them, even over Zero. Stood the Amazonian like woman, Master of Mermaid Heel, and member of the council, Beatrice. Her long purple hair tied into a bun, and her body cladded in golden plates of armor. With mermaid decorations on the shoulder pads. "Purge~" In an instance, a pillar of light exploded from Ikaruga's body completely destroying her reanimated body. Thus, her soul having nowhere to cling to, and returned to the afterlife.

"I-Ikaruga!" Vidaldus gasped at how quickly his boss had been defeated. Zero launched a blast at Beatrice, only to find it redirect itself into Fukuro instead. The owl headed man letting out a hoot as his body was reduced into nothing. Before Zero could register what happened he was met with a spin kick to the face, by Erik formerly known as Cobra.

"You two!" Zero growled seeing two more of his traitorous guild members here. Macbeth, and Erik had both accompanied Beatrice here as reinforcements.

"Long time no see, father." Macbeth spoke sarcastically at seeing the man who had made him believe he was his father all those years.

"Fukuro now as well!" Vidaldus shook, seeing even his hypnotized girls backing away in fear. What else is to be expected, these girls are all a part of Mermaid Heel, they know their master's power.

"And you." Beatrice glared at Vidaldus, her gaze filled with anger and disgust. "You turned my adorable darlings into delinquents."

"Y-Yeah! What are you going to do about it?!" Vidaldus regained his confidence. "No way you would even dream of hurting them!" To this, his hypnotized warriors gained courage and approached Beatrice with the intent to kill.

"…" Beatrice remained calm, her expression remaining stoic which brought a nervous feeling to Vidaldus. He couldn't help but think. 'She wouldn't… right?' Which was obvious by the way he was shaking. "Heh, don't worry. I wouldn't dream of harming a hair on they're heads." Beatrice smirked, which caused Vidaldus to look slightly alarmed. "Mermaid magic…" Beatrice uttered

Siren Song!

Beatrice held her dominant hand to her chest. And began singing in what could only be described as utterly divine. Her voice was harmonic and calming like the view of the still ocean during the sunset. "S-Such beauty… Such perfection." Vidaldus stared in awe, in his vision Beatrice looked like an actual mermaid.

The hypnotized members of Mermaid Heel remained frozen on the spot, the singing voice of their master putting them in some sort of trance. Their skin regaining their original color, and their gothic look altering back to their standard outfits.

Her marvelous singing voice even started to reach the knights of the Alvarez Empire. All within her range, began walking towards her, entranced by her beauty and her voice. Vidaldus, although not affected in the same way as the knights being reanimated and all. His inner musician couldn't help but appreciate such a beautiful singing voice. "My~" Beatrice smiled, finding herself surrounded by her adoring fans that were the knights from the Empire. "So many wonderful strong looking men~" Seductively she pulled one towards her. "Want to help me?"

"Y-Yes! Anything!" They whole crowd cheered.

"Destroy him." She nodded towards Vidaldus, finally taken out of his trance. Finding himself surrounded by the Alvarez Knights, all ganging up on him. Vidaldus tried to use his massive hair to absorb the blows, yet eventually he was overwhelmed by their sheer numbers. Bombarded with an endless wave of magic blast attacks, to the point his body was completely vaporized.

Simon stood still at seeing the Trinity Raven destroyed in an instance. Millianna, Sho, Wally and Beatrice eyed him. Simon wouldn't get out of this mess alive, then again it was a good thing for him now. "Can't have you rest just yet. I still need you." Neinhart's voice rang inside his head.

"… G-Guys, looks like I'm leaving…" Simon uttered, his hands forced into generating a speck of darkness.

"Simon! Wait, you need to know! Kagura-chan, she's-" Just as Millianna was to inform Simon of his younger sister, Simon created a giant cloak of darkness that blinded them all. In the confusion Simon made his escape.

"I know… Millianna…" Simon's voice was left behind like an echo.

"Simon…" Millianna uttered as the darkness around them vanished, letting them see their surroundings again.

"That man, he was…?" Beatrice looked to Millianna.

"Simon, Kagura's big brother." Millianna confirmed.

"I see…" Beatrice uttered, seeming to regret not taking down Simon before he escaped. Wanting to spare Kagura the potential pain of having to fight her dead brother.

"Amazed, that you can relax like that…" Linda spoke up.

"Now then…" With the Trinity Raven all destroyed. Beatrice looked towards Linda, whom cautiously looked at the Mermaid Heel master. Flipping her two short swords in the palm of her hands. "Time to deal with this cute little doll." Swinging her blade, Beatrice went into a stance, giving a quick wink to the assassin.

Out from Beatrice's own shadow, popped out the doubleganger of Linda. In a swift motion, without even needing to look. Beatrice decapitated the doubleganger with her blade in an instant. 'She's strong…' Was all Linda could think, as she couldn't even see Beatrice make a move before it was too late. Not only that, she felt the level of magic power within her.

Linda made the first move, and attempted to penetrate the Amazonian woman's defenses. Creating multiple doublegangers of herself, running in circles around Beatrice. The Mermaid Heel Master remaining on guard, and looking rather carefree. Her eyes scanning the movements of Linda and her doublegangers as they passed her line of sight one by one.

The first two doublegangers of Linda attacked from the side. Beatrice parried the blade of the doubleganger on the right, knocking her off balance and in a swift motion slicing the one on the left in half. More started to charge in, but Beatrice moved like a dancer. Countering and blocking various attempted strikes from Linda and her doublegangers. Despite being alone, Beatrice went on the offensive. Her swings were faster than lightning, and as strong as that of a beast. Just one strike from Beatrice was enough to shatter Linda's defenses.

"Your skills with the sword are impressive my dear." Beatrice complemented the little assassin. And in the next moment Beatrice's sword cut straight through Linda's duel wield short swords like butter, and thus through her.

Linda stood in silence, she lowered her arms and dropped the handles of her blades. With Linda having been cut down, her doublegangers vanished one by one. When the last doubleganger had vanished, Linda fell to her knees and in the awaiting arms of Beatrice. "You gave it everything you had child." Beatrice comforted her fallen opponent, gently stroking her cheek.

"W-Would Lady Dimaria… be proud of me?" Linda gasped, weakly reaching out to Beatrice.

"…" Beatrice looked with some pity. She did not enjoy killing anyone. But she understood warfare, she knew war and what it brought and what it meant. "She would." Beatrice spoke to assure her enemy. Linda smiling, shedding a tear even as she gasped a few more times, until she died in Beatrice's arms. A familiar scene playing from a distant memory, Beatrice held a dead man in her arms. Her first love, looking dried up like a mummy in her arms. Giving a sigh, Beatrice closed the eyes of the dead Linda.

In the background, Macbeth, Erik, Richard and Sawyer stood to fight their former Master, Zero. "Do you worms honestly think you can defeat me? Have you forgotten the fear I brought into your hearts?" Zero cackled like a madman at seeing his former subordinates standing before him.

"You've been dead a long-time old man. Things have changed." Sawyer boldly declared.

"We shall see." Zero smirked, holding his hands behind his back. A dark rotating sickening green energy blast generating in the palm of his hands.

Dark Capriccio!

Thrusting his hands forward, Zero blasted forward a spinning wave of dark green magical energy cloaked in fire. Richard leaped into the fray, liquefying the ground beneath him, twisting the ground to take on Zero's blast. Zero's attacks drilled straight through the liquid ground and towards Richard.


Macbeth reflected Zero's attack aside into a crowd of Alvarez Empire Knights. Whilst Sawyer charged like a rocket at Zero, landing a good blow or two into his former master. Then Zero, punched his fist down.

Dark Gravity!

A force of gravity pushed Sawyer face first into the ground, immobilizing him. "See? Nothing has changed." Zero smirked and chuckled at their attempts. Zero twisted his body around, and shot a dark green magic bullet from his finger tip towards Erik. In responds Erik easily avoided, twisting his body aside to avoid the blast.

"Seems you forgot… I can hear you!" Erik generated a dark wave of magical poison energy around his dragon scaled claws.

Poison Dragon: Twin Fang!

Rotating his body, Erik slashed his poison energy covered claws into Zero's chest. Ripping through his body. If Zero had a human body, one would see his ribcage now. However, as a reanimated body, Zero was left with a mere dark hole in his chest, that slowly regenerated like nothing happened.

"I haven't forgotten a thing, Cobra. Just like I haven't forgotten your weaknesses." Zero stretching his arms out, created portals of darkness unleashing what appeared to be waves of dark spirits of deceased people.

Darkness Banshee Shriek!

The spirits let out such a loud shrieking deafening howl. And for Erik, it was much worse due to his enhanced hearing. "AARRRRGGHHHHH!" Erik covered his ears in pain as he fell to his knees, and was met with a kick to his stomach knocking the wind out of him.

Dark Rondo!

Exploding around Zero, was a massive blast of the same sickening dark green energy. The blast dragged away Erik, Richard, Sawyer and Macbeth. "Cobra, Midnight, Hoteye, and Racer… I will drag you all… into the darkest abyss!" Zero cackled like a madman. What followed, was a slashing noise. And getting flung before Zero's eyes, was his own severed arm. It was Beatrice, kneeling down with her blade readied, she slashed away at Zero's other arm. And swiftly span her body around slashing Zero's upper body clean off from his lower body.

With Zero cut down by Beatrice, Zero's magic attack vanished and the four former Oracion Seis members fell to the ground. "You want redemption, right? That is what you and Jellal strive for?" Beatrice asked Macbeth, Erik, Sawyer and Richard. "Then overcome your demons, right here and now." Standing firm and tall, letting Zero regenerate himself. She was set on letting the former Oracion Seis members themselves destroy their former master. By the looks of it, she wouldn't help them any further.

Macbeth, Erik, Sawyer and Richard picked themselves up, glaring at their former master who had gotten back on his feet. Although Zero's focus was on the still calm Amazonian like woman who had cut him down. "You bitch, you got some nerve…" Zero smiled, looking to fight Beatrice.

"We are your opponents!" Sawyer clashed into Zero, kneeing him in his back. Although due to his body, Zero wasn't injured nor did he feel pain.

"Our comradery… has grown beyond the greed you infested us with. We are now bound together by the force of love!" Richard liquefied the ground around Zero, enwrapping him within it like a straightjacket.

"Love? Oh, you poor fools." Zero with a mighty heave of his body, broke free from his binds. "I will drown your so-called love, in a pit of despair!"

Genesis Zero!

A wave of darkness erupted from his fingertips, as Zero unleashed a wave of phantoms seeking to devour all their souls. The sound of the phantoms' moans rang through the area, and only drowned out by Zero's mad cackling laughter.

"As you said… as you know our weaknesses, we know yours in return." Macbeth, copying Zero's movements. Generating darkness from his fingertips.

Genesis Zero!

Unleashing a wave of phantoms, Macbeth countered Zero with his own version of Zero's strongest spells. Each of their phantoms clashed together and wrestled each other for power. Despite the situation, Zero smiled and cackled.

"Midnight, well done my boy! You have even mastered my Genesis Zero! I knew there was a reason I looked at you as my own son!" Zero cackled with a strange sense of pride, although his pride was drowned out by his rage. "Which angers me further! At your betrayal!"

"The name… is Macbeth." Macbeth snarled at Zero for still calling them by their nicknames during their times in the Oracion Seis.

"That's right! Keep him pinned down, Macbeth!" Erik leaped from above, inhaling his breath with a wave of poison.

Poison Dragon: Roar!

Unleashing a mighty breath attack into Zero, Erik and Macbeth's combined attacks nullified Zero's spell. The breath attack from Erik, tearing through Zero's reanimated body ripping him to shreds. "Y-You brats dare?!" Zero grunted. Then Macbeth's Genesis Zero came over him like a tsunami wave. The wave of phantoms drowning the cackling madman.

The phantoms dug into Zero's body, ripping open his reanimated corpse and latching onto his soul. The corruption of the darkness from the phantoms, devoured at Zero's soul. "HAHAHAHAHAHAHAH! YOU FOOLS WILL NEVER BE RID OF ME! I MADE YOU! YOU ARE MINE!" Zero's cackling laughter brought terrifying shivers down their spines, yet they stood firm and watched, as the phantoms devoured at Zero's souls.

Zero's laughter grew weaker and weaker, as his spirit was destroyed by the phantoms. Once the phantoms had fully eaten away at Zero's soul, the madman's cackling laughter finally came to an end. And like ghosts the phantoms vanished into thin air. Macbeth and Erik fell to their knees, supported up by Sawyer and Richard. "That better be the last we see of him…" Sawyer sighed in relief at the defeat of Zero.

"May that crazy bastard find some sort of peace…" Erik hissed underneath his breath.

"Ho? Perhaps they have earned their second chance…" Beatrice hummed, looking at the former members of the fallen dark guild the Oracion Seis. "Huh?" Beatrice flinched, as from the corner of her eye. She saw an entire incoming fleet of Alvarez cruiser warships coming by both sea and air. Her mind drifting over to her ace guild member, and the leader of the Hargeon defense squad. 'Where are you, Kagura-chan?' Her eyes looking over the port town of Hargeon. In the dead of the night, the fire burning through the town shined brightly like a massive lantern.

The sound of clanking metal came from a crater down by the port of Hargeon. Kagura and Dimaria were clashing their blades at intense speed. "Getting tired on me sweetheart?" Dimaria taunted, having suffered no injuries even her clothing hadn't been cut from Kagura's blade. Yet Kagura was panting, winded and out of breath. Her body riddled with cuts, her kimono cut around the sleeves and lower area. And her arms having several thin small cuts, her back having also been cut and her waist along with her thighs. "I made sure not to scratch that pretty face of yours~"

"Shut up…" Kagura grunted, Dimaria's taunting really starting to get to her. Kagura held her blade high, her aura intensifying. From the weight of her aura, the very space around them started to tremble. The rocks vibrating on the ground before their feet, rising up into the air around them.

Instead of looking to counter, or block, Dimaria welcomed the challenge. Awaiting the blow with open arms. It was like she was daring Kagura to see if she could hurt her. As displayed by her mocking smirk and demeanor. "Mermaid Style… Depths of the Sea!"

A massive magic circle formed above them, and Dimaria found herself being pushed down to her knees. Her face looking in bewilderment, Kagura wasn't aiming for a strike. She used her magic to increase the very gravity around Dimaria. 'I can't move…' Dimaria thought to herself, noticing that Kagura despite the gravity moved like it wasn't there.

"The depths of the ocean, the deeper you go the more pressure. However, that pressure does not apply for the inhabitants of the sea. Like mermaids." Kagura leaped to Dimaria, her blade thrusting forward aiming for her head. However, in a mere instant as Dimaria clicked her teeth together, Dimaria's head was tilted to the side. 'She… moved that fast in my gravity?' Kagura widened her eyes, her blade having cut into Dimaria's right cheek. It shouldn't be possible, Kagura couldn't even see Dimaria move. No one should be able to move that fast while under 500 tons of pressure.

Once again Dimaria clicked her teeth together, and before Kagura knew it Dimaria's blade had pierced her sides. Kagura spat out blood, holding her hand over her cut. "Indeed, that may be true for normal people. However, to those who defy logic as myself. It isn't a big deal." Dimaria smirked, dragging her right thumb across the cut Kagura left on her cheek. Dimaria sucked on her blood-stained thumb. "Hmm~" Dimaria hummed in a pleasures tone. "How long has it been? Since I had this feeling? The feeling of blood bumping from my beating heart at such a rate~? The feeling of shivers running through my very being~" Dimaria held herself tight, her body quaking in pleasure with a creepy smile plastered onto her face.

Kagura flinched, cold sweat running down her head, starting to feel a bit nervous. Applying pressure on the wound at her side, and tightening the obi around her waist to stop the bleeding. Kagura stood firm and tall, her eyes glaring and analyzing Dimaria. 'How did she move despite being under my gravity magic? She said something about defying logic itself… Still, this isn't the first she has been able to move at great speed.'

Dimaria vanished before Kagura's very eyes. The spooked swordswoman of Mermaid Heel, frantically looked around. When suddenly the sensation of Dimaria's warm breath blowing down her neck. Kagura frantically jumped away, seeing Dimaria behind her. "So jumpy~" Dimaria teased.

'She's toying with me!' Kagura grinded her teeth in frustration. Kagura's heartbeats were getting unsteady, her breathing more frantic as a nervous feeling started to overcome her. She struggled not to let herself get overcome with fear, knowing Dimaria would love it.

"So, should we get this show on the road?" Dimaria snickered, despite Kagura's gravity still pushing her. Dimaria thrusted her blade forward at Kagura, the massive blade moving as flashes of gold, and at such speed it appeared as more than ten blades flying towards Kagura.

Kagura weaved and dodged, noticing Dimaria's movements switched between restrained from the increased gravity, to blitzing her and nearly stabbing her. Kagura with her lightning-fast reflexes was barely able to block the lethal strike from Dimaria. Her nimble, and bendy body made Kagura able to move around like none other. She was quite flexible and managed to weave Dimaria's slashes. Yet Kagura knew, Dimaria was only playing around. If the Spriggan Warrior Princess got serious, she would without a doubt be dead by now.

Taking a leap, Kagura swiftly slashes her blade down. Cutting Dimaria's shoulder, the Warrior Princess managed to avoid the lethal slash just in time like always. Dimaria did look a bit surprised Kagura had managed to cut her again, and Kagura used her momentum to rush Dimaria. Using the gravity to sink the ground beneath Dimaria's feet, Kagura quickly slashed her sword around aiming to kill Dimaria.

Instead of being met with the sound of groaning flesh getting cut open, Kagura was met with the sound of clanking metal. Staring in surprise as Dimaria had a dagger appear in her mouth out of nowhere, blocking Kagura's blade. Kagura noticing the sheet on Dimaria's shoulder which held a dagger before was empty. Dimaria and Kagura leaped away from each other.

Kagura was panting, looking wary. "So that's it huh…" Kagura uttered, having discovered the secret behind Dimaria's ability. 'That explains a lot…' Her mind going over the weird situations that didn't make any sense which had occurred during this battle. The airships having occurred out of nowhere in the sky. Dimaria having teleported across the battlefield making it appear as speed. "You can stop time?"

Dimaria smirked with glee, seeing her body covered in wounds and cuts. She rubbed her hand across her wounds, letting out a sickening giggle. Feeling the burning sensation from the various cuts in her body, made her quiver with joy. "Time and space… are under my control. That is why, none of you have any hopes of defeating me. Although it is quite fun to see you all try~"

Kagura steadied herself, could such a foe even be beaten? No, there is a secret to her magic ability. There were various cases where Dimaria could have used her ability to dodge Kagura's attacks. There were moments Dimaria could have used her ability to critically injure or kill Kagura. 'There must be some conditions she most hold for time to remain frozen. Otherwise, she would have ended my entire squad in an instant.' Kagura shivered imagining Dimaria slaying all of her squad mates and comrades, by freezing time and slashing their throats open as they were frozen. Such a fearsome foe. 'Can she only hold time frozen for so long? In that case, she was only able to hold it frozen for a few seconds at best to avoid my attacks.' Kagura thought as despite Dimaria's time ability, Kagura had landed several attacks at Dimaria with her blade.

"Still trying to wrap your head around it?" Dimaria smiled at Kagura, whom was nearly at her wits end here.

"I think I understand… That is why, this attack will end it." Kagura glared at Dimaria, steadying herself in a defensive stance. The magic circle in the sky above them expanding into great size, adding to the pressure of gravity. "My blade, the Archenemy, is so powerful it required a total of three seals to keep its power tamed. The first seal was broken, when I took the blade long ago from an ancient temple. The second seal was the sheet of the blade itself. And the third seal…"

Looking around Dimaria noticed only herself and her soldiers were affected by this increased gravity. The sky itself turned into a shade of light purple, as the light from Kagura's magic circle and its power died the night sky. "Ho? This is your big finisher? Nice~"

"Ethernano Blade…" Kagura's blade was cloaked in a bright blue energy. Raising her blade above her head. "Followed by Dark Burst!" And again, added to it a flow of darkness. Using the magic, she learned from Erza. As well as the ability of her deceased brother Simon. She combined the two abilities to her blade. "… The final seal shall come unleashed." Pulling off a sealing tag of sorts attached to the hilt of her blade. The force around Kagura felt massive, the sheer amount of power unleashed from her Archenemy sword created strong winds. Tearing through the ports of the town, as well as rallying up the ocean, making it rise into tsunami waves. The waves clashed into the town, dragging away Alvarez Knights into the deep dark abyss of the sea.

"Oh! Shit… With this power she could be a member of the twelve herself…" Dimaria stood in awe, looking at how the very land around them was reacting to Kagura unleashing the full power of her Archenemy. "Nice~! Nice~!" Dimaria cackled at the challenge. Around her own blade, Dimaria created a form of pure golden light. The light shined so bright it could be described only as utterly divine.

"Here I come!" Kagura gave a mighty swing with her blade, the force and intensity even tearing through the sleeves of her Kimono. And shredding her arms a bit in a violent torrent of cuts from the wind.

Archenemy Final Stage: Mountain Splitter!

Blade of Chronos!

Kagura unleashed a mighty wave of darkness with blue light flashes coming from inside, the wave itself towered beyond the clouds, and the winds unleashed from it tore straight through the ground. It was cutting up the very land itself. And Dimaria with her glowing golden blade, jumped right at it counter it.

Dimaria's blade clashed with the storm slash wave unleashed by Kagura's finisher. The wind shredding through Dimaria's armor around her arm like nothing, it started making ripples in her clothing, cutting into her skin. Yet Dimaria just kept on smiling, with utter joy over having found such an interesting opponent. Dimaria's blade was wavering under the pressure, Kagura's attack even managed to pierce through the magic cloaked around it. And thus, Dimaria's blade broke in half.

Quickly acting, Dimaria's teeth clicked. Kagura having kept a close eye on Dimaria, knew that is what she did to begin freezing time. "Even if you freeze time… you won't manage to avoid the blast in time before time resumes to move."

Kagura's wave slashed forward, creating a scar in the land of the port town and out into the ocean. The water split itself open, dividing itself into two giant walls of water. Kagura's attack kept storming through, all the way until one could see the mainland on the other side. The ocean floor was left with a nasty scar, that vanished from sight as the waves of the split ocean clashed together once more.

Kagura gave a few heavy breaths, clearly drained from that attack. "Done… it's over…" Kagura panted, closing her eyes for a second. Her eyes shot wide open as the sound of flesh being pierced through rang in her ears. And the burning stabbing pain filled her stomach. Right before Kagura's face, was the smiling face of Dimaria. Having suffered a few minor injuries, yet none that were lethal. "Argh!" Kagura coughed up a puddle of blood, as she was starting to bleed internally as well. "H-How? Y-You shouldn't have been able to… keep time frozen for that long…" Kagura grunted as she glared into Dimaria's eyes.

"That's what you thought? Heh, adorable~" Looking down, Kagura saw not only had Dimaria stabbed her, she had done so using Kagura's Archenemy. "I will let you in on a secret. I can keep time frozen for as long as I want. However, I can only keep it frozen as long as I don't come into contact with anyone. The moment I touch someone, time starts moving again. And then, I have to wait a bit before I can stop time again."

Flash towards earlier, when Dimaria had frozen time in the face of Kagura's finisher. The attack itself had stopped before her, the birds in the sky remained frozen on the spot. The waves of the sea remained frozen like a painting, drops of water frozen midair around her. The laws of physic did not apply in this world, gravity didn't mean anything. Dimaria flew herself over Kagura's attack and gracefully landed on the other side.

Skipping like a happy child, Dimaria approached the frozen Kagura while humming in a merry tune. "Seems this is it. Oh well, it's been fun~" Dimaria stood right in front of the frozen Kagura, plucking Kagura's Archenemy out from her grasp. And proceeds to stab Kagura with it, to which time began moving again.

Kagura's right eye was twitching, she began looking rather pale. "Y-You…!" Kagura started to feel a small sensation of fear in the face of Dimaria. She needed to escape somehow, and relay this intel of Dimaria's abilities to HQ. No, if she tried to run Dimaria would just chase her and catch her easily.

"Now then, shall I put a leash on you? My new darling pet~?" Holding an actual dog collar, Dimaria approached her with a gentle smile.


Kitten Blast!

Coming charging in to aid her friend, was Millianna. The cat girl shooting a torrent of orange ropes at Dimaria. "Huh?" Dimaria's expression turned grim, as she looked annoyed at Millianna's interference.

"Millianna! Run!" Kagura would rather become Dimaria's pet, than for Millianna to die. Although as she shouted her warning Kagura let out a gasp, only to see Dimaria already having stabbed Millianna with a dagger whilst she was still midair.

"Don't interfere in our special moment." Dimaria glared a hateful look at Millianna.

"Millianna!" Kagura let out a blood curling scream.

Water Style: Water Sharkbomb Jutsu!

Flame Gods: Bellow!

Blasting towards Dimaria, was a shark made out of water that exploded into her face. The explosion knocking the Archenemy out from Dimaria's hand. Dimaria still needed to wait a bit until she could stop time again. Following the water sharkbomb, was a wave of black flames. Having finished off a good chunk of the Alvarez Knights, and the other having slightly recovered from his battle against the Dessert King Ajeel. Kakuzu and Kisame came to the rescue. Along with the Wood Clone of Itachi Uchiha.

"Huh? Ah! More playmates!" Dimaria's face brightened with a smile, sensing the strong presence in Kakuzu. And despite being injured Kisame still had a chunk of his power left. Despite being a mere clone, this clone wielded some of Itachi's power.

"Damn, this chick is insanely strong…" Kisame whistled out a bit impressed, as with the ability of Samehada he could smell the energy coming from Dimaria. "She might be amongst the top dogs in the Spriggan 12."

"Kisame, Itachi, get these two out of here. I will hold her at bay." Kakuzu declared, as at the moment he was the strongest player they had left in Hargeon.

Itachi's clone grabbed the Archenemy, and hoisted Kagura onto his back. And Kisame did the same for Millianna whom was unconscious. "I will come back the moment I get them to safety." Itachi's clone declared as he and Kisame jumped away.

"Ah, they left…" Dimaria looked a bit saddened, but instead focused on Kakuzu. "And they took my new pet. Oh well, I will make sure to find her once the war is over~"

"I have met many warriors like you. Hungry for battle, and a challenge. But behind all that façade, hides the insecure feelings of a little lonely girl." Kakuzu declared, like he could read Dimaria like an open book.

"Huh?" Dimaria scowled at Kakuzu, aggravated by the looks of it.

"Itachi… I-" Kagura could barely stay awake, having lost quite a bit of blood.

"Don't speak, I will take you to Wendy and Sherria. They can heal you." Saving her strength, Kagura closed her eyes and rested her head onto Itachi's back.

"She needs to stay alive, only she knows the details of that Dimaria's abilities." Kisame and Itachi were both aware of how vital the intel Kagura had on Dimaria was for the battle. And thus, letting Kagura die was not an option.

"I know, how is Millianna?" Itachi asked, as he wasn't certain of the condition of the cat girl.

"She will live… It was merely a flesh wound. No vital organs were hit by the looks of it." As Kisame said that, Millianna's face started rising up a bit. Her eyes closed, and her nose sniffing Kisame's scent. She seemed pleased and at ease. There was a bit drool coming from her mouth.

Millianna smelling the fishy scent of Kisame, smiled and began nibbling on the shark man's neck. "Yummy fish…" She muttered as she nibbled on Kisame's neck.

Kisame looked at a loss for words, flinching at Millianna's teeth nibbling into his neck. "… What the hell?"

Itachi's clone and Kisame arrived at the edge of Hargeon, where Wendy and Sherria were with everyone else. As Master Beatrice had rounded them up to flee at once, seeing a fleet of over fifty Alvarez reinforcement ships coming in by sea and air. "Ah! Kagura-chan, Millianna-chan!" Beatrice seeing two of her beloved guild members on Kisame and Itachi's backs rushed over to them.

"They had a run in with one of the twelve." Itachi's clone handed Kagura over to Beatrice, whom cradled Kagura in her arms like a little baby. "I must go." Itachi's clone quickly left to help Kakuzu in fighting Dimaria.

"My poor little darling…" Beatrice cooed Kagura in her arms, kneeling down before Sherria whom began healing at the critical injured Kagura. While Wendy was healing Millianna.

Itachi arrived at the destroyed port, finding Kakuzu surrounded by Alvarez troops. Itachi quickly had his clone activate the Perfect Susano'o, coming crashing down. Just in time to see Dimaria having sliced off both of Kakuzu's arms.

However, in an unexpected twist for Dimaria, Kakuzu simply reattached his arms with black tentacles. Before Dimaria could retaliate and commence her attack on Kakuzu. Itachi's wood clone had his Perfect Susano'o swoop Kakuzu into his hand. "Huh?"

"Go! The others are retreating into Magnolia!" Itachi's clone informed Kakuzu, tossing him in the direction towards the edge of town where Kisame, Beatrice and the rest awaited.

"Could have given me a warning…" Kakuzu grumbled over being snatched up so suddenly, bringing forth his demonic wings he took flight. Whilst Itachi's clone focused on taking down as many of the incoming Alvarez's ships as possible.

Yasaka Magatama!

Tossing several of the Yasaka beads, Itachi took out a lot of the fleet reinforcements for Dimaria, in a massive chain of explosions in the sky, and creating giant water geyser explosions in the sea. The fleet responded with a bombardment of fire at Itachi's clone and the Perfect Susano'o. Although the effect the bombardment had on the spectral warrior were none existent.

"Can't have you destroy my fleet…" Dimaria smiled, knowing what was before her was a mere clone. Making her all the more excited to face the real one. "Take Over… God Soul: Chronos."

Retreating out from Hargeon, and heading towards Magnolia. Was what remained of Kagura's squad, the squad captain unconscious and being carried in the arms of Beatrice. "Kagura-chan…" Beatrice placed the Archenemy into Kagura's arms, the blade resealed into its sheet.

Kisame still carried Millianna, whom despite being unconscious held onto him and refused to let go, while nibbling on his neck. "You a cat sitter now?" Kakuzu arrived by air, flapping his demonic wings as he descended upon them.

"She won't let go… How did things go?" Answering Kisame's question, was a massive destructive explosion of light in the form of a pillar. It came from Hargeon. The explosion faded, and with it the chakra of Itachi's Wood Clone. "… Let's go, we must hurry."

Back down in Hargeon, Dimaria appearing to have longer hair as it was standing up, her body surrounded by a strange glow. Dimaria's hair shrunk and fell down, the strange glow around her body vanishing. Before her, was a massive smoking crater that covered nearly half the town. Flakes of wood left from Itachi's clone flew in the wind. "Heh, I hereby declared Hargeon, as captured! In the name of the Alvarez Empire and the mighty Emperor Spriggan!" Dimaria claimed victory over Hargeon, she was met with cheers from her troops.

Rising in the distance behind Dimara, was the sun. The first day of the war had ended, and a new day had begun. Longer south of Fiore, in the southern isles of Ishgar. Zeref stood with Invel and a large army behind him. Invel flinched, sensing something approaching. "Your majesty, there is an unidentified object hurling straight for us."

Zeref smiled at hearing Invel's warning. Slowly Zeref raised his head, looking into the sky. Seeing what resembled a burning flaming meteorite hurling towards them in the morning sky. Only it wasn't a meteorite, it was Natsu Dragneel, carried by his trusted ally and friend Happy. "Time to finish this once and for all! Zeref!" Natsu roared as he plummeted towards them.

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Drozeros: I already sent you a PM explaining it. But so everyone else knows. One Kabuto did know of Shisui's eye as he showed when Itachi broke free from the Edo Tensei. But as for how Madara knows, and was able to warn Neinhart not to revive Shisui, in the chapter of Madara's flashback in his time in the Fairy Tail world when Zeref brought him back. Madara reveals he knows who Itachi was. It was something along the lines of 'Itachi Uchiha, huh? Yes, I believe Zetsu mentioned him. He and Obito massacred the Uchiha clan.' So, in this story, I had it be so Zetsu had briefed Madara on events after his death. That, and Zeref has declared in this story he has studied upon the lore of the Naruto world involving Ashura and Indra for example, the Uchiha and the Senju, so Madara could also have gained information about Shisui's eye through that.

Guest: Ajeel has abilities that makes him a difficult opponent, even for Kisame. And although Kisame is powerful, he is no Itachi, Nagato or Obito. And in this story the Spriggan 12 rival the Akatsuki. So Kisame having a struggle against Ajeel isn't too far-fetched. As Kisame would still struggle against someone like Deidara, Kakuzu and Sasori even though he is stronger than them. Plus, during this fight Kisame had to consider the safety of Magnolia which in this war was his goal to protect. Whilst Ajeel's goal was to destroy it, giving him more freedom to go all out in that battle.

Emn93: Thanks! I really tried to highlight as many characters as possible.

DarkReaderSeiin: Thanks, Mira will certainly have a tough time protecting the unborn child in the middle of a war. Seeing as the reanimated warriors are on instinct, attracted towards people they have a connection to, Itachi meeting his family is highly likely.

Kelmoria: Thank you, I appreciate that.

Guest: I hope I live up to your expectations. And quite the interesting prediction right there. We'll have to see how things go, I guess.

Guest: I hope to update Itachi Sitri soon. Although I like to focus on The Demon Eyes of Fairy Tail seeing as I am on the final arc right now.