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Chapter 52: The Gods!

The earth itself trembled, mountains were shaking and rocks were tumbling down, incinerating before the intense aura emitting from the center of this mountain range. Eight out of the 10 Wizard Saints, well, seven seeing as the eight was a traitor and now one of the Spriggan 12, God Serena. The former highest ranked member of the 10 Wizard Saints, stood tall, looking calm and confident as he smiled at his bloodlust filled former colleagues.

Hyberion, Wolfheim, Warrod, Jura, Mitsurugi, Noel and Fiona all emitted strong auras. Hyberion with a blood red colored aura, Wolfheim with a raging violet aura, Warrod with a calm and gentle green aura that made plants and vines grow around him, Jura with a golden aura that caused rocks to rise around him, Mitsurugi with a white stormy aura that vibrated around from his blade with intense force, Noel with the calming blue aura of the sea turning into raging waves of power, Fiona with a dark green aura that let out a growling sound like that of a monster. All their auras, paled in comparison to God Serena's which came in a sickening mix of various colors that even pushed back the auras of 7 out of the 10 Wizard Saints.

"Hmm, my heart is filled with a great sense of sorrow…" God Serena smirked as he clenched his hand over his chest. "Never again, will all 10 Wizard Saints reunite again. If only Makarov and Beatrice could be here as well. But worry not!" God Serena held his arms out in a T-pose, as some mysterious divine light shined on him like a spotlight. "I will be sure to give them your best regards when I go after them next!" God Serena pointed his finger at them, whilst leaning a bit backwards and dragging his other hand through his hair.

"Bastard, you're not leaving this mountain alive!" Mitsurugi drew out his katana blade, the intense force of his swing slashing down two mountain tops behind God Serena. "Tch!" Mitsurugi clicked his tongue seeing God Serena having avoided the reach of his blade by simply leaning further back.

"I've always been great at limbo!" God Serena rose up again, spinning his body and in a flashy manner holding his fingers out like finger guns towards his former comrades. "Bang!" God Serena smirked as he shot out two giant whirlwinds from the tip of his fingers. The violent whirlwinds tore apart at the surrounding terrain, tearing down entire forests and sending giant boulders flying.

Snake pillars of stone rose around God Serena, wrapping themselves around his body and keeping him restrained. "Hmm, I see a protective rock golem, you always were one to defend others, Jura."

Looming over Jura and the other Saints, was a giant rock golem wielding two giant shields that tanked the whirlwind blast from God Serena. "God Serena-dono! Why betray us?! Why leave Ishgar?! You owe us that much of an explanation at least!" Jura sounded furious, which was quite unusual for the calm levelheaded monk.

"Indeed, you are." God Serena hummed for a bit like he was trying to think of a good reason himself. "The reason is simple, I was bored." He said with a flashy smirk and a wink, this explanation left the other Saints dumbfounded.

"Y-You were bored?" Jura stuttered in disbelief at what he was hearing, such a reason from a man who was viewed and revered as the top of the 10 Wizard Saints. The 10 Wizards handpicked by the Magic Council as the 10 greatest wizards in all of Ishgar, and as the title suggests a saint to inspire the people.

"That is correct!" God Serena confirmed without any shame in his voice, in fact he sounded rather proud.

"I'm going to kill you!" Noel grinded her teeth, having heard enough from this traitor.

"Why do you all act so surprised?" God Serena questioned, as if they should have known and understood what he meant. "You lot knew I was bored out of my mind! I mean, come on! Every job the council sent me on was so dull and boring! Every mission, every opponent, every monster I ended it all in one blow! I was simply bored! There was no challenge left for me in Ishgar!"

"So, you betray your homeland to satisfy your lust for battle?! How could you, a Saint be so shameless?!" Jura roared in anger.

At hearing this, God Serena broke out in an uncontrollable laughter. "Good one! I didn't know you did jokes, Jura!" God Serena continued to laugh in their faces. "Saints? Yeah right, I don't see any Saints here. Just a bunch of wandering old fools of wizards who have deluded themselves into thinking otherwise. The Wizard Saints are nothing more than glorified warriors, the Council didn't care about our background, only our strength in our selections. I mean, come on. After the whole Jose thing and his greed for money. Or even with the whole Jellal and the Tower of Heaven fiasco. Both were given the rank of Saints, even though Jellal did hide his identity with an alias, it doesn't really matter as it only shows how lazy the council were in their background checks. Wake up, Jura, you were only picked to be a Saint because Itachi Uchiha declined his position years ago. And you were only picked for your exceptional strength and power. To the council, we were nothing but a bunch of guard dogs they could release on any foreign enemy trying to step on our doorsteps."

"You cannot possibly mean that?" Jura trembled in anger.

"Ah, so naïve you are Jura. I was once like you. Thought I was special because I was given the title of Wizard Saint. Of course, it didn't take long until I discovered otherwise. But I was fine with it, I didn't care because it meant I was still special and exceptionally strong. I thought I was number 1 simply because I was the strongest in all of the land. But even that turned out to be a lie." God Serena frowned, bringing looks of confusion on all their faces. "Strength didn't determine your rank. It was how obedient and loyal you were. If you were a good dog, and did everything the council told you, you were rewarded."

"What are you talking about?" Mitsurugi glared daggers at God Serena.

"Ask those two, the so-called second and third strongest out of the Saints." God Serena looked to Hyberion and Wolfheim with contempt. "It's no secret, the likes of Makarov were equal to you lot this whole time, and yet he wasn't given the rank of 4 Gods of Ishgar after I left, Jura was. The reason being simple, Makarov was known for being rather disobedient with the council's orders. His guild always came first, he prioritized his guild to such an extent he would even go to war with the council and us, if it meant protecting his children. Not to mention, the ice witch Ur Milkovich, before her death she was powerful enough to rival some of the strongest of the Wizard Saints. Yet she was never offered a position due to her lenient nature, and a lack of discipline for taking orders."

"Hold on, yes, it is true Makarov was not promoted due to his main allegiance being with his guild. But for Ur Milkovich the matters were far more delicate. She outright refused us, and cursed us for not investigating the Bureau of Magical Development after her daughter was assumed dead. Especially after the Bureau was recommended to her as a solution for her daughter's condition by the council…" Hyberion confessed the sins of the previous magic council, indeed the political world was filled with unclean politicians. The biggest example being the former chairman Crawford.

Jura looked at his superior in disbelief, all he knew about the Bureau of Magical Development, was that it was run by the former master of Oracion Seis Brain aka. Zero. The council had been so blind to many dealings in the criminal underworld in the past, and sometimes even turned a blind eye. Which is why Jura wanted to change that.

"You also forgot the biggest insult of all…" God Serena looked with great contempt. "The fact that the true strongest member of the Saints, isn't even ranked number 1 currently. Instead, it's you." God Serena spoke with disgust, there was a member of the Saints even stronger than Hyberion? Jura found himself thinking in shock. "That's right… With this full moon it would have been a perfect opportunity to demonstrate it. The true current strongest member amongst the Saints, and the one most deserving of the title "Saint". The Alluring Amazonian Siren, Beatrice."

"Lady Beatrice?" Jura questioned, he didn't doubt that Beatrice was powerful, but was she really stronger than Hyberion and Wolfheim?

"That giant crybaby?" Noel, Mitsurugi and Fiona all like Jura seemed confused and baffled.

"Yes, in fact she is a far cry stronger than those three geezers." God Serena pointed at Wolfheim, Warrod and Hyberion.

"Enough!" Wolfheim had enough of this babbling, in his gigantic beast form he tossed a massive boulder the size of a carriage at God Serena. The former Saint, now Spriggan scoffed at the attempt, and with an upper thrust of his fist he shattered the boulder. But what happened next was truly shocking, God Serena inhaled his breath, sucking in the crushed pieces of the boulder.

"Cavern Dragon: Earth Collapse!" Slamming his hand into the ground, green lights of God Serena's magic aura light up the night sky. Followed by the mighty explosion which completely altered the landscape, and made all the Saints lose their footing as the ground beneath them collapsed. An entire area of mountains, collapsed into a giant crater. Wolfheim snarled as he punched various incoming boulders that rained down upon them.

Fiona let out a war cry as her skin turned lime green, and she launched herself at the boulders. "Beast Queen's Rampage!" Fiona in a split second threw a series of punches that moved so fast, it created blurring images of flying fists hurdling at the boulders. All the giant raining boulders were reduced to dust in mere seconds.

"World Serpent!" Noel leaped up into the air, using her magic wand to form a giant amount of water that morphed itself into a serpent that was long enough to wrap itself around the world itself.

God Serena smirked, once again inhaling his breath as he sucked in the entirety of the giant water serpent. God Serena's belly bulged out like a giant balloon, before deflating back down. "What the hell?!" Noel widened her eyes in shock.

"Sea King Dragon: Encircling Deluge!" With a thrust of his palm, God Serena unleashed an extremely vast and intense spinning spiral of water. The sheer pressure of the water swallowed up the Saints, it felt like they were under several tons of pressure from the ocean itself.

Mitsurugi snarled as he reached for his katana, drawing his blade he cut the spiraling water in half down the middle, releasing his fellow Saints from the intense pressure. "Invisible Gale Strike!" With a swing of his blade, Mitsurugi cut a major rift into the crater. God Serena smirked, holding his hand out.

"Gale Dragon: Invincible Shield!" A shield made out of the torrent storms of wind, caught an intense blast that generated shockwaves that rocked the entire landscape.

"The hell is going on here? He didn't have any of these abilities before, did he?" Mitsurugi felt a bit unnerved, just what had God Serena learned while in the Alvarez Empire?

"This is Dragon Slayer magic… he used three different types of Dragon Slayer magic." Jura looked baffled, he had seen Dragon Slayer eat each other's elements and adapt them into their own arsenal in the past. But this felt completely different.

"Indeed, you are correct Jura! I! God Serena! Have grown from a God amongst men! To a Dragon God!" God Serena performed various poses as he bragged of his abilities to his former comrades. "However, I use not three, not four, not five! But eight different types of Dragon Slayer magic!" God Serena declared showing eight fingers to them as he posed with his arms crossed.

"T-That's impossible…" Warrod looked astonished, it was hard enough for a Dragon Slayer to control one element, maybe two, but eight was unheard of.

"Impossible for mere ordinary men, yes! But for me! It is child's play!" God Serena flaunted with an arrogant looking smirk. "I am Hybrid Theory, God Serena! And I am the pinnacle of all Dragon Slayers! The mightiest second-generation of Dragon Slayers! For I, have eight dragon lacrimas within my body! Thanks to the wonderous science of the Alvarez Empire, and the man known as Magic King August!"

"Eight lacrimas… what is more the three he has shown so far pose a big problem. He can use water, earth, and wind. The magic attributes of flat chest here, the ogre princess and myself." Noel snarled at hearing Mitsurugi's flat chest comment, but he was right. This did pose a problem for them. "Not to mention Jura uses earth-based rock magic as well."

"That's right! Despite looking like a bum, you are quite sharp Mitsurugi!" God Serena applauded the samurai.

"Then we simply need to crush him without using those magic types." Hyberion stepped up, holding his fingers out with his eyes glowing in a menacing red. "Blood Manipulation: Vampire's Paralyze!" God Serena frowned as his body was brought to an abrupt halt, with Hyberion manipulating the blood in God Serena's body to bind him. "Go for it!" Hyberion commanded.

"Right!" Mitsurugi rushed in with his blade, and Wolfheim rushed in his beast mode ready to pummel God Serena. Mitsurugi blitzed to the other side, having slashed God Serena across his torso, causing blood to spray from God Serena. Wolfheim followed up with a solid right hook that sent God Serena flying.

"Forest Gurdian!" Warrod raised his arms, unleashing massive tree vines that snared themselves around God Serena, hoisting him up into the air.

'My magic power…' God Serena halted feeling the tree vines absorb the Ethernano from his body.

"Purgatory Dragon: Blazing Inferno!" God Serena's entire being exploded with a massive pillar of fire, the fire tore through and burnt away the colossal tree made by Warrod. "Flash Dragon: Augite Heavens!" A bright blinding light shined around God Serena, the light blowing away the shadows and making it appear as if it was daytime.

Hyberion groaned as he shielded his eyes, losing focus of his magic. God Serena was free, as he came freefalling down from the sky looking down on the Saints. "Thunder Dragon: Howling Storm!" God Serena created an entire thunder storm, sending bolts of thunder raining down onto the Saints.

God Serena gracefully landed into the crater, looking around seeing all the so-called Wizard Saints stunned and unable to move due to the electricity surging through their body, numbing their muscles. "So, is this it? Come on, Jura hasn't even gotten a chance to attack yet." God Serena taunted as he saw all of them on their knees. "Do you understand now why I was bored out of my mind? There is nothing in Ishgar that can challenge me. That is why I wanted to expand beyond the seas, and find new opponents. In fact, originally, I was overjoyed to find out the 10 Wizard Saints were given the position of the Magic Council. Finally, I thought like we could make decisions to expand our kingdom beyond the seas." God Serena sighed, and bitterly clenched his fists together. "So, imagine my disappointment when I heard the rest of you had no such wish."

"Y-You wanted us to conquer other continents! But there was no need! Ishgar already has all it needs. We do not need to take from others!" Jura pointed out, they had no reasons to go and conquer other continents. It would be a waste of troops and resources.

"You fools, don't you all remember how I wanted to wage war against the Alvarez Empire? You all knew, the Empire was a threat. But yet you still refused my proposal. So, I was left with the only logical conclusion. In order to have my fun, I decided to switch sides to the ones who would be all for war, the Empire." God Serena selfishly declared, and the rage within his former fellow Saints bubbled up.

"Logical?! There is nothing logical about wanting to go to war! We are meant to keep the peace!" Noel shouted at the arrogant man who called himself God.

"Hey now, the Empire had other targets besides a war with you that I supported. Their goal to take down Acnologia and this Madara Uchiha for one. Hearing of such opponents, and facing opponents like August, Irene and Larcade finally made it feel as if life had meaning again! I had a purpose! Challengers!"

"Enough of your yapping you insolent brat!" Wolfheim was the first to recover, and rushed in at God Serena.

"Sadly, there are just no challengers left in Ishgar." God Serena's arm looked to be coated in diamonds, as he ran his entire arm right through the chest of Wolfheim. "Diamond Dragon: Piercing Blade." Everyone gasped, as they saw Wolfheim's still beating heart within the grasp of God Serena's diamond hand.

"Ugh!" Wolfheim vomited out blood, and blood sprayed out from his pierced chest.

"W-Wolfheim-dono…" Jura was at a loss for words, the one holding the rank of third amongst the 10 Wizard Saints had been beaten.

"Oh, Wolfheim… you have no idea how much I've longed to do this." God Serena sported a wicked grin as he stared into the perplexed gaze of Wolfheim. God Serena crushed Wolfheim's heart within his grip, and then the life left the old man's eyes. God Serena pulled his arm out from Wolfheim, and let the old giant beast collapse onto his back. "One down, six of you left to go." God Serena licked Wolfheim's blood off from his hand.

"You lousy traitor!" Fiona rushed in with her monstrous body having recovered from the lightning blast. Fiona latched onto God Serena, wrestling with him and tossing him around on the ground. "Beast Queen: Roar of Dominance!" Fiona roared in God Serena's face, the sound vibrations freezing the movement of God Serena's body keeping him effectively stunned. "Beast Queen: Decapitating Hook!" Throwing her giant expanding fist back, Fiona threw a heavy right hook at God Serena, banging him across the face.

God Serena chuckled as he stumbled backwards, God Serena smirked with bloodied teeth as he spitted out a broken tooth. God Serena blitzed Fiona, and yanked her by the hair, sending her crashing face first down into the ground. Mitsurugi charged at God Serena with his blade, but God Serena with his diamond arm grabbed onto the blade and tossed Mitsurugi aside. Now with Mitsurugi's blade in hand, God Serena ran the blade through Fiona's throat.

The Beast Queen gurgling on her own blood, the iron taste filling her mouth as her dark red blood ran down from her mouth. "Fiona!" Noel called out to her friend, sending a raining barrage of water shaped drills.

"Purgatory Dragon: Roar!" God Serena unleashed a giant wave of fire that was so hot, it evaporated Noel's water attack before they even made contact with the fire.

"Iron Rock Fist!" A giant rock pillar with a fist shaped at the end of it, moved like a slithering serpent as it flew towards God Serena. God Serena prepared to devour the attack, but suddenly the rock fist twisted and made a U-turn, circling around back to God Serena and landing a solid hit to his back. Jura was angered at seeing two of his comrades dead. "Rumbling Mt. Fuji!" Gathering his hands together, Jura unleashed a giant destructive explosion that pierced the clouds in the heavens, and swallowed up God Serena.

Mitsurugi retrieved his blade from the dead Fiona, and stood with Hyberion, Noel, Warrod and Jura to face down God Serena. "Hehehe, a valiant effort." God Serena stepped out from the explosion, unharmed as he stared down the remaining Saints. "Two down, five to go." God Serena continued to taunt them with his laughter. "If only Makarov and Beatrice were here, they could tip the scale in your favor. Heck, Beatrice alone would be more challenging than you lot. She is a far cry stronger than Hyberion and Wolfheim after all. My sparring match with her back in the day, before I got these dragon slayer lacrimas. As you all know, I was still considered the strongest of us even back then."

"When did you spar with Beatrice?" Warrod questioned, having never heard of this from the other senior Saints.

"Well, not really a spar… it was an all-out fight over a… disagreement in ethical methods we are to use for the council. Long story short, it was the most humiliating day of my life, seeing as I lost." This shocked them greatly, they all knew God Serena to an extent, and he would not lie about such things.


God Serena had for several years held the spot of number 1 amongst the Wizard Saints. He was the Magic Council's go to man to get things done. "I held the number 1 spot, for so long… So, imagine the shock I experienced. When I learnt that Beatrice, was someone who could have easily beaten and dethroned me whenever she wished. That woman, is not ordinary. Even in my time in the Alvarez Empire, I have encountered only four wizards that without a doubt are stronger than Beatrice, and my current self. Those being August, Irene, Larcade, and the emperor himself. Heck, even Invel and Dimaria are both relatively close to my current level of power, so they might be stronger than Beatrice." God Serena continues his monologue, as he thinks back on a specific day, where he and Beatrice were assigned a mission.

"On first glance, one could easily tell Beatrice was strong. What with her freakishly height reaching nearly at 8 feet and all. I will admit, I didn't think much of her at first." God Serena continued his monologue.

We see a scene of Beatrice standing with God Serena and an army of Rune Knights before a giant wall. They had been given a mission by the Chairman Crawford himself, to deal with this town that was currently going through a plague. Crawford's instructions were specific, exterminate the entire town to prevent the plague from spreading. "Okay, let's get this over with." A young God Serena rotated his shoulders, but before he could spring into action Beatrice approached the gate. Thinking she was about to steal his glory, God Serena quickly rushed up to her.

God Serena came to a halt, as Beatrice's own personal guard pulled wagons that carried various supplies. Food, medicine and warm clothes and blankets. It was then God Serena realized. Beatrice had no intention of following the instructions of the council.

Beatrice opened the gate to the contaminated village, and looked on with a radiant smile. "You all stay here. I wouldn't want any of you to get sick." Beatrice smiled at her personal guard, who were all female. They all saluted her and stood by, as Beatrice singlehandedly pulled all the wagons into the village. "Hello everyone, I am Beatrice of the Wizard Saints. I am here with supplies for everyone." Beatrice kindly greeted the sick looking people of the village, all looked baffled at seeing her arrival. But they were quickly overjoyed and surrounded her to check out the supplies.

God Serena stood by in a look of awe, seeing Beatrice handed out food and medicine to all these sick people. Most looked like they would be dead tomorrow anyway, and the children looked like walking skeletons with the lack of meat on their bones as a result of starvation. Beatrice however, seemed to only directly hand the supplies to the women, who handed it over to the men.

Beatrice bowed her head apologetically, saying she had a bit of a trauma when it came to men. But that she still wished to help all in the village to the best of her abilities. She had no problem with the children however, handing out clothes for all young boys and girls to replace the filthy rags they were wearing now.

"Sir, what should we do…? Lady Beatrice and her troops refuse to go along with the mission." A Rune Knight whispered into God Serena's ear.

"Beatrice must already be contaminated, set up camp. The moment she shows signs of sickness, we kill her and exterminate the entire village." God Serena ordered and they did just that, they set up camp a few miles away from the village. But Beatrice never came to camp, she continued to stay in the village for days.

"She must be dead by now." God Serena scoffed as he walked up to the top of the outside wall, to gaze down onto the village. God Serena widened his eyes, seeing Beatrice looked as strong and healthy as ever.

Beatrice stood by a window to the sick ward, holding a basket filled with candy. She gently knocked on the window, to which a group of sick children opened it. They beamed with great joy at seeing Beatrice. Beatrice's smile made her seem radiant like a kind and generous goddess. "I snuck away some candy for you~" Beatrice spoke in a hushed playful tone as she presented the basket of goods. The kids lit up like it was Christmas morning. They gratefully accepted the candy from Beatrice.

"Thanks Lady Beatrice!" A young boy smiled at her. Beatrice giggled and lightly ruffled his hair.

"You are welcome, now make sure to keep this secret just between us, okay guys?" Beatrice gave them a sly wink, and they all nodded promising to keep their lips sealed on this matter.

'I don't get it… she is at risk of getting sick herself. Why not throw these weaklings and burdens of Ishgar aside? Why does she tend and care for them?' God Serena angrily gripped onto the wooden railing, breaking it apart. At this rate the council would start looking down on him for not completing this mission.

God Serena had enough, at this rate his success rate with the council would be in ruin. He had decided that late at night, he would go into the village and kill every single one there. As Crawford and the Council had requested of them to do. If they had done it from the start, they would have been back at their headquarters by now.

Late at night, with the full moon out. God Serena walked towards the villages gate, only to find Beatrice standing in his way. She seemed different somehow, calm and collected, her power focused. She wasn't anything compared to the big clumsy, shy and timid gentle person she was before. "Get out of my way Beatrice." God Serena warned.

"State your business, God Serena." Beatrice calmly addressed him.

"My business? I am going through with the mission given to us by the council! I am exterminating this pathetic village off the face of the earth." God Serena boldly declared, and Beatrice did not even flinch. She stood there in silence, and drew her blade.

"You need to get past me first." Beatrice boldly declared, and it was the most insulting thing God Serena had experienced.

"You dare challenge the number 1 ranked Wizard Saint?! Don't you know our rank determine our strength!" God Serena unleashed the full blunt force of his aura, yet Beatrice did not flinch. "You aren't even in the top 5! You have no hope of standing a chance against me!"

"Well, I wonder about that." Beatrice gave him a gentle smile that made his blood boil.

"You not only refuse a direct command to back down from me, your superior! But you also challenge me for my rank?!" God Serena glared enraged.

"I have no interest in your rank, after this little skirmish you may still keep it if you so wish." Beatrice just smiled at him, and that was the last straw.

God Serena had worked hard his whole life for the Council! He had earned the number 1 spot, and he would be damned if this woman would disrespect his hard work. God Serena rushed at Beatrice, thrusting his arm forward unleashing a destructive blast that would mow down Beatrice, and annihilate the village in the process.

Beatrice swiftly moved with her blade, and cut his blast down in half right down the middle, the blast scattered flying past the village and into two mountains that were reduced to rubble. God Serena smirked as he rushed in with a mighty spin kick, but Beatrice blocked him with her forearm, and easily pushed him aside. Beatrice then proceeded to rush at blitzing speed, swinging her blade at God Serena. God Serena gasped and tilted his head aside. "What?!" God Serena felt something warm trickle down his cheek, it was blood, he had been cut. Not even Hyberion or any of the older geezers have ever injured him before.

"Y-You bitch!" God Serena roared in anger. The fight lasted for nearly a full hour, God Serena went all out, pulling out every move he had. Yet Beatrice cut down all his attacks with her blade alone, she overwhelmed him in direct hand-to-hand combat.

God Serena felt fatigued, going all out against Beatrice throughout this entire fight had drained him. Yet to add salt to injury, Beatrice wasn't even winded. Her breathing was as calm as always. What the hell was she?! God Serena could clearly tell Beatrice was holding back against him, she couldn't be stronger than him. The Council had made him their number 1 after all, she just couldn't be stronger.

God Serena in his furious rage rushed at Beatrice, with fire cloaking his fists. Beatrice held of his right hook strike with her forearm, she pushed him aside and backhanded him straight in the face. The weight of her punch shattered the bones in his nose, and blood came spraying out from his nose like a fountain, as God Serena tumbled backwards.

Beatrice rushed at God Serena, kneeing him in the stomach, and ending it by hitting the back of his head with the hilt of her blade. God Serena laid on his back, and standing towering over him was Beatrice with her blade in hand. God Serena was red in the face from anger, his eyes vibrating with intense rage as he glared at Beatrice. "I-I accept defeat…" God Serena begrudgingly backed down. Beatrice smiled with satisfaction, and took a step back allowing God Serena to stand back up. "You are number 1… for now…"

"Like I said God Serena, I do not care for your rank. You can still keep it if you so wish. Now if you would excuse me, I have a village to tend to." God Serena in his humiliation and anger, walked away.

It was at this moment God Serena realized, that Beatrice is the true embodiment of a Wizard Saint. She is not just powerful, but she is kind, gentle, humble, and doesn't care for rank or status otherwise she would have dethroned him long ago and taken his rank. God Serena took some time to think, and he also realized why Beatrice wasn't given a higher rank by the council. It was because she questioned the actions of the Council, and acted according to the situation and not to the council's wish.

Flashback end.

God Serena looked upon the Saints before him with a frown, clenching his fists. "The only true Saint amongst the ten of us, was Beatrice is what I came to realize. And yet, despite of her kind actions towards the village. A village that for some reason, had been cured of the plague the next morning. Till this day, I have no idea how Beatrice was immune to the plague, nor how she cured it! She saved those villagers, and what did she get in return? The council, Crawford, shamed her. She was shunned by all except Makarov and former council member Yajima, who seemed to share her ideals of disobeying the council."

The other Saints except for Hyberion and Warrod looked baffled, the two elders knew how the council used to work, they knew they controlled who held the rank of Saint. "The council continued to backtalk her for not being a proper "Saint". Despite getting exceptional results. After she cured the village, she even stayed behind for a week to play with the children, and continuing to bring them more food, clean water, supplies to rebuild their village. It was right then, that I realized… the Wizard Saints are nothing more than a bad joke. We're supposed to be the mightiest in all of Ishgar, yet the strongest of us shies away into the background. Beatrice is viewed by the public as a model Saint. Even though she has problems around men, she still listens in on everyone's troubles and goes out of her way to help them, or teaching them ways to improve their pitiful lives."

God Serena then breaks out into fit of laughter, and points at Hyberion. "You know her power after all! And yet you refuse her the place of the number 1 spot even now! Now that you are supposed to be the mighty council! Don't tell me, did the corruption of Crawford rub off on you?!"

Hyberion glares at God Serena. "You have always been the only one of us to have cared about status and your rank. The rest of us don't care, Beatrice is no different."

"It is a joke! The whole system! We're supposed to be the mightiest in Ishgar, and not even the strongest in Ishgar is given the number 1 spot! It is infuriating! It is like they spit on my pride as a warrior! You old farts couldn't even begin to understand!" God Serena's power explodes into the form of eight serpent dragon like avatars that surround him. "I wonder… who is stronger right now, me or Beatrice? I very much looked forward to tear her heart out~"

The scene switched over to the Amazonian Wizard Saint, Beatrice who stood before Dimaria of the Spriggan 12. Dimaria smirked with glee, cracking her neck as she fully took in the tall intimidating stature of Beatrice, the woman who slayed her second in command. "Interesting…" Dimaria vanished from sight, leaving falling pebbles of rock in her wake.

Beatrice's eye trailed over to the corner of her eye, as she swiftly moved her blade and parried a blow from Dimaria's sword. Beatrice easily pushed Dimaria back, nearly making the Spriggan tumble backwards, in a swift and elegant motion Beatrice went on one knee and swung her body around with her blade slashing off a few of Dimaria's bangs.

Dimaria looked thrown off her guard, seeing the strings of her golden blond hair falling in-between her and Beatrice. Beatrice smiled and this time vanished from sight. Dimaria quickly ducked barely avoiding a slash from behind that was aimed at her neck. Rotating her body, Dimaria swung her blade at Beatrice, who parried and pushed back every single blow. "Thank goodness it is a full moon out tonight." Beatrice smiles gently as she goes on the offensive. At God-like speed, Beatrice moves her blade so fast it is as if she is swinging thousands of blades at Dimaria.

Dimaria clicked her teeth freezing time, although found Beatrice's blade to be so near that it clashed with her own blade, and time continued to move. And Beatrice pushed on her advance, Dimaria rapidly clicked her teeth together freezing time. However, each time Beatrice's swing of the blade had been so fast that before time got frozen, Beatrice had managed to move her blade a mere inch away from Dimaria's blade. Even the slightest movement from Dimaria when time was frozen, caused her to move her blade to clash with Beatrice's, and time began moving again. 'Too fast! Who is this woman?!' Dimaria had begun sweating, Beatrice's form was anything short of flawless, perfect posture, perfect stance, perfect defense and attack.

Dimaria recognized this style and form, it was the same one that Kagura used, only more refined and perfected. "This stance… these moves. I recognize them. They are the same ones as that girl used." Dimaria continued to back up as she blocked each blurring speedy slash from Beatrice's blade.

"That girl would be Kagura… and of course our styles are similar. I'm the one who taught her after all." Beatrice revealed with a proud smile that Kagura seemed to have mastered her form quite well, seeing as Dimaria recognized the similarities in Beatrice's form and Kagura's. "And like I said, I'm here to payback what you did to my darling Kagura, and my darling little Millianna in tenfold." As Beatrice said that, her swing carried far more power than before, and Dimaria felt the full blunt force of it. Dimaria grunted as she attempted to block off a power strike from Beatrice, although found herself blown away from the intense power of the strike.

Dimaria was flung into a forest area, grunting and groaning in pain as she ran like a freight train through multiple trees that collapsed around her. Clearing a several hundred-mile line of the forest. Due to Irene's Universe One spell, they were surrounded by pine trees, and palm trees which made the scenery weird.

Knocked on her ass, Dimaria groaned as she pushed a few trees off from her. Having suffered minor injuries, Dimaria was bleeding from a cut on her forehead. Without even a second to relax, the giant form of Beatrice came in for a crashlanding, shaking the earth a bit from her rough landing. The Amazonian like woman, stood tall with her blade in hand and glared down at Dimaria, who snorted out a small laugh. "Heh, you must really hate me for what I did to Kagura then?"

At Dimaria's question Beatrice snorted with a light laugh back in Dimaria's face. "How can I hate someone as pitiful as yourself?" Beatrice in a surprising move, reached her hand out to Dimaria offering to pull her up.

Dimaria snorted with a smile. "Wow, you really are a nice lady." She didn't need this type of mercy. With her time freezing powers, she could just as easily kill Beatrice now if she wanted. Yes, Dimaria strengthened herself mentally, in this war she was invincible.

"Of course, I will give you the same curtesy as I did that Linda. I will let you die standing on your feet." Beatrice retorted back at Dimaria, who shook her head laughing while she picked herself up. The moment Dimaria stood up she flung her fist up, unleashing a bright beam of light that clashed into Beatrice knocking her off her feet, and sending her crashing into a few trees that collapsed under her weight. "Heh, sucker." Dimaria's grin faded and turned into an expression twisted with pain, as she had the air knocked out of her. Beatrice having blitzed her and knocked the hilt of her sword into Dimaria's stomach.

Dimaria backed up, clutching onto her gut as she gasped for air. "Interesting…" Dimaria grinned from ear to ear, her body exploding into a pillar of light. "God Soul: Chronos!" Dimaria stepped out from the light, surrounded by a godly like aura, her skin pale and her golden hair floating and standing upwards. "Face the might of the Primordial God of Space and Time." Dimaria's voice sounded distorted, as it was mixed with the booming voice of the God Chronos.

Unfaced by Dimaria's transformation, Beatrice steadied herself and readied her blade, pointing the tip towards Dimaria. Beatrice was uncertain if the one chuckling was Dimaria or Chronos, but regardless the being before her cracked a menacing smirk as it readied its blade as well. Beatrice remained unfaced at the power of Dimaria, she had dealt with the divine before.


Beatrice was born into nobility, always kind hearted at nature and innocent like a pure maiden. However, this maiden longed for one thing in a life of nobility and royalty. She longed for romance. Beatrice was rather tall for a lady, she towered over most men, and would scare them away.

A young eighteen-year-old Beatrice laid on her bed, squealing with excitement and kicking her legs up and down as she finished reading her latest romance novel. "Why can't life be like they are in these books? I want a valiant brave prince to sweep me off my feet already!" The excited young lady rolled around her bed as her fantasies were running wild.

The young Beatrice was so enticed in her romance novels, that she would even ask her handmaiden how she met her husband. "Hey, Sarah, tell me again about how you met your husband?" Beatrice asked excitedly as her handmaiden was measuring her for a new dress.

"Lady Beatrice, I must have told you that story about a hundred times by now." The handmaiden Sarah gave a light giggle at seeing the young lady getting excited like a little child. Sarah always loved Beatrice's enthusiasm and adored some of the childish tendencies the young lady kept even now.

"I know, but I love your story. It feels like it is straight out of a romance novel." Beatrice at hearing the romantic stories of how her handmaiden met her husband, made Beatrice feel more inspired to go and look for her own prince charming. However, Beatrice had one small problem, she was as shy as they came. Whenever she met a man she liked, she would be left speechless. Unable to do anything but make weird soft noises. To which the confused young men would just brush her off.

Beatrice wanted to have more courage, but she had no idea how. Beatrice had one last resort present. The young lady was currently in a shrine managed by her people. Where they worshipped the Goddess of Knowledge and Warfare, Athena. Beatrice stood before the holiest relic known to her people, it was a sword locked in stone. The sword of Athena, it is said only those worthy of the grace of the Goddess herself could pull the sword out of the stone.

Beatrice went on her knees before the ancient relic, clapped her hands together and began to pray. "Goddess Athena… umm, this is Beatrice, daughter of Lord Sullivan. I mean, I hope you know who I am… me and my family have worshipped you for centuries after all." Beatrice gave a nervous chuckle, gazing upon the sword of Athena that was illuminated by light of the full moon that came from the windows around the shrine. "Anyway, quick thanks for looking over our people and my family… But, umm, I have one wish… or request? Maybe a prayer sounds better. Sorry for rambling… I wish for courage. I want to be able to talk to men and one day find the love of my life. If you can grant this for me, I would be super thankful."

The sword shined, and a ray of light shot out from it straight into Beatrice's forehead. Beatrice felt dizzy, her eyes rolling into the back of her head as she collapsed. Her prayers were answered, for when she woke up, with the full moon still shining in the night sky, Beatrice was like a completely different person. "My~" Beatrice smiled as she stood up and studied herself. "I feel marvelous~"

Now two separate people, night and day. During daytime Beatrice would remain her usual cowardly shy self. But at night, she would be a brave courageous and bold lady of the night. Beatrice was also more mischievous at night, as she would sneak out of her family mansion and head out for a night on town.

Beatrice while out on town, noticed one of the knights working for her father. He was a young handsome man around her age, with long flowy golden locks of hair. Beatrice has had a crush on him since he began working for her father. Beatrice went out before a fountain, and began humming in a harmonic like tune. The sound of her beautiful hums attracted the attention of many men, including her crush. "L-Lady Beatrice?" The knight questioned, looking completely entranced.

Beatrice walked away slowly, her wide luscious hips hypnotizing the local men for every step she took. They were all captivated by her beauty, her sexual allure was intense, especially with a seductive looks she gave her crush. They felt complied to follow her, like they were entranced.

Internally, daytime Beatrice was both happy and panicking, she didn't want to attract the attention of the other men in town, only her knight in shining armor. But nighttime Beatrice seemed flattered that they all followed her like a bunch of sheep. "Lance~" Beatrice called the name of her crush, and instantly he stepped out from the crowd, he gazed up on his magnificent lady. Beatrice was way taller than him, but her body was that of a goddess.

Lance swallowed a nervous lump in his throat, and grabbed onto Beatrice's hand. "Lady Beatrice, what are you doing outside of the mansion? Your father strictly forbids you from leaving you chambers at night."

"Oh, daddy needs to chill. I just want to have some fun. What do you say Lance dear? Wouldn't you accompany me? A big strong man like you can surely protect me?" Beatrice's seductive tone of voice was so unlike her, and Lance knew, for he knew Beatrice was too shy to even speak a single word to him before. But now, she felt completely different. He didn't care, and followed her, now that Beatrice had stopped her humming, the other men from town looked baffled and confused and went their own separate ways.

The sun shined the next morning, and a giddy Beatrice woke up in her bed. "Ah, I feel refreshed~" She was about to call in Sarah, but felt something next to her. "Hm?" Beatrice gazed over to the side of her bed, and in the next moment she let out a frightened shriek.

In her bed, laid Lance, only he looked way skinner, and a shrunken husk of his former self. He was still alive however. The guards entered their ladies chamber upon her screaming along with Sarah, and all were horrified to see Lance looking near death.

The next morning, Beatrice's father Sullivan had covered up the incident with Lance and taken Beatrice to see a specialist in magic. The doctor analyzed Beatrice, and reached a conclusion. "Hmm, Lord Sullivan, it would seem your daughter has quite a unique magic ability called Siren Song magic." The doctor revealed.

Sullivan was a grumpy looking man, he was quite overweight, a man who loved riches, food and women. And he was quite occupied with his status, and wouldn't allow scandal. Which is why he was quite upset with Beatrice. "Siren Song? Well, who taught you that?!" Beatrice flinched as her father yelled at her.

"N-No one daddy…" Beatrice flinched. She was worried sick for Lance. She recalled what had happened that night, they had retired to her chambers for a night of passion. But they never got further than a kiss, once her lips touched Lance's he collapsed on the bed.

"It would seem she was just born with it. Perhaps from her mother's side." The doctor deduced causing Sullivan to grumble in annoyance. Even in death his wife caused pain to his status, having died during childbirth delivering Beatrice who was born freakishly big. "Siren Magic is a spell that stems from the ancient magical creatures we call mermaids. Like they would hypnotize sailors with their magical tunes, and lead them to their watery graves where their flesh, vitality and energy would be consumed by the mermaids. It is especially strong during nightfall when the full moon comes out. This spell is essentially a way to hypnotize and can be used to lure enemies into traps, or bewitch them to do her bidding."

Beatrice gasped, that meant Lance only followed her like the rest of the men from town because of her humming. She had bewitched all of them with her magical tunes. Beatrice felt a pit of guilt in her stomach, wishing she would just shrink away and disappear. She unknowingly manipulated the senses of her first love to catch his attention.

"Is that what happened?! You little vixen, your singing must have seduced poor Lance! What did you do to him?! For the whole day that boy looked like a mummified corpse!" Sullivan once again scolded his daughter.

"I don't know! I only kissed him and he ended up like that!" Beatrice flinched away from her father, afraid that he would hit her.

"That is another effect of Siren Song. Like actual Mermaids, you absorb the vitality and magical power from men through intimate touch. So, unknowingly when you and Lance shared your first kiss, your magic drained him of his vitality, leaving him as that shrunken husk. Although not to worry, after goodnights rest, he was as good as new. But if you had gone further… he might not have been so lucky." Beatrice froze, that meant that if a man actually ever wanted to get physical with her, they could die.

"So, there you have it! You have better remain a pure maiden for the rest of your life! Enough with this romance nonsense, you hear?!" Sullivan yanked Beatrice by the ear.

"Y-Yes daddy…" Beatrice whimpered, looking near tears as this meant her dream of having her prince charming sweeping her off her feet, was officially dead.

That didn't stop Beatrice's night persona however, every night she would seek for male company. Every day for months and years on end, Beatrice would wake up to a dried-up man in her bed. So, Beatrice would be left horrified every time she woke up, the trauma got to the point where she even feared waking up. Constantly waking up to men near death, had caused Beatrice to develop a fear of men in general. She would avoid them for their own safety. Beatrice however remained a virgin, as all men that came to her chambers would end up like a dried-up husk after a mere kiss.

That is, until one day when her father hired a guild wizard to deal with a local monster. Beatrice woke up in her bed, and fearfully looked to her side, her expression went from fearful to dumbfounded. There laid a muscular gruff looking man with orange hair, and a stubby beard, with a goofy looking grin on his face as he laid there naked with his arms crossed at the back of his head. "Hey babe, man that was a sweet night, huh?" The man asked with dumb smirk on his face.

"Kyaaaaa!" Beatrice's frightened shriek echoed across the mansion. She still had a fear of men after all, although this was the first time, she woke up to a man being okay after a night with her.

"Whoa, what's wrong sweetheart? Checking out my pecs? You were quite attentive to them last night." The man flexed his pecs while winking at Beatrice. It was then that Beatrice noticed, she was also butt naked.

Beatrice was still freaked out, as she backed up against the wall at the end of her bed. She stared at the man, he was drenched in sweat and looked fatigued, but didn't look near death like all the others. Beatrice continued to tremble in fear, while the man didn't seem to have a clue on what was going on. He just laid there with that stupid looking grin on his face.

"I have to say, that was one of the craziest nights of my life. You are surprisingly quite the kinky lady." He winked at her.

"Wh-Wh-Who are you?!" Beatrice freaked out. "D-Did and I? H-H-Have…" Beatrice's face was as red as a tomato, and the man just looked confused.

"Uh, sex, yeah?" The man then gained a cheeky smirk. "Don't tell me, was I so amazing you thought it was all but a dream? Well don't you worry babe, your dreams have come true." The man turned around showing his buttocks, they were quite red and with a handprint matching Beatrice's. "Like what you see? You kept grabbing onto it and spanking it after all."

"I-I-I…" Beatrice was at a loss for words, she was beyond embarrassed as the memories of last night came back to her.

"By the way, I'm Gildarts Clive. I have to admit I feel a bit hurt that you forgot my name after such a crazy wild night." Gildarts sat on the side of the bed as he began dressing himself.

"Y-You are that guild wizard my father hired…" Beatrice remembered, to be certain if they actually had sex. Beatrice checked her bedsheets, seeing a red spot of blood as a result of her losing her virginity last night.

"Yeah, I-" Gildarts froze, his expression saying he had fucked up. "Y-Y-You are Lord Sullivan's daughter?" Gildarts nervously turned to Beatrice, who blushed as their eyes met, she gave a weak nod. "Oh crap…" Gildarts paled and began sweating.

The doors then busted down, as the guards had heard Beatrice's shriek earlier. "Lady Beatrice!" Sarah entered along with the guards. Although they all looked dumbfounded, expecting to finding a husk of a man in their lady's bed.

"Uhh, hi there." Gildarts laughed nervously as he just finished getting dressed. "How about… we say to Lord Sullivan that he can forget about the payment. Seeing as Lady Beatrice here so kindly… gave me an alternate form of payment." Gildarts was sweating and laughing nervously, as Sarah and the guards continued to look dumbfounded.

Sarah began connecting the dots, seeing Beatrice in her birthday suit, and a half naked Gildarts, not to mention the red stain of blood on Beatrice's bedsheets. "… Execute him." Sarah said coldly as their pure lady Beatrice had her purity stolen from this bum of a guild wizard.

"And that is my que to leave…" Gildarts rushed out of the room, jumping out of the window. "Later babe!" Gildarts waved off to Beatrice as he jumped.

Beatrice looked entranced as she walked up to the window. Her eyes swooning dreamingly as she saw her prince charming running away from her father's guards. So full of life and energy, even after a night with her. Especially as she recalled the events of last night, she hadn't bewitched Gildarts using Siren Song. They just randomly met in the gardens, and just sat there talking and laughing. She would listen to Gildarts and his exciting tales of adventures as a guild wizard. "What a man…" Beatrice sighed longingly, as Sarah rushed with covers to cover up Beatrice's naked body.

Gildarts had in fact survived the night, because he had such a huge amount of vitality and magic power. Therefor he could even survive a night of intimacy with the Siren Beatrice. This however outraged her father Sullivan. Although something had snapped in Beatrice, like a switch had been flipped.

As her father was yelling at her for losing her purity and virginity to a lowly guild wizard, and declaring her as a disgrace to their noble bloodline. Beatrice ignored her father, enticed by a new inspiration. Hearing of the exciting tales of Gildarts and his life as a guild wizard, had inspired Beatrice to make a guild of her own.

Beatrice left her life of riches and nobility behind. Although not before one final visit to Athena's shrine. She stood before the blade that was imbedded into the stone. Reaching out, Beatrice grabbed onto the handle, she felt the blade calling to her. Like Athena herself was calling out to her. Beatrice with one pull, pulled the sword out from the stone, and thus the whole room shined in a divine like light.

A divine figure of a woman in armor stood before Beatrice. "I have waited a long time for you, warrior. The one worthy to wield my blade. Beatrice, you are so much like your mother." The Goddess of Knowledge and Warfare, Athena stood before her.

"My mother?" Beatrice softly spoke to the Goddess, she had never known her mother, and no one had told her anything about her.

"Your mother, was an Amazonian. Like you, and the only one worthy of this blade. Embrace your destiny warrior, and I shall teach you all I know." Athena offered her hand to Beatrice, it felt so warm and welcoming. Every cell in Beatrice's body urged her to take the hand of the Goddess, this was her destiny.

From that day on, Beatrice ventured out to the outside world and never looked back. Beatrice continued to train under the guidance of Athena. The training was quite easy for Beatrice to adapt to, being an Amazonian Beatrice had a super human like body. Able to take heavy hits, and quite the muscle mass. Beatrice was still quite fearful of men, and would visibly flinch whenever she saw one. Her trauma still remained. But that didn't stop her from creating her own guild, Mermaid Heel. A guild where no man is allowed to join. All for Beatrice's sanity and their own safety. Over the years, Beatrice's skills and power would be acknowledged by the Magic Council, and after two years of the founding of Mermaid Heel, she was offered a spot amongst the Ten Wizard Saints.

Flashback end.

Beatrice wasn't faced by the divinity of Chronos, as she had already faced and been trained by Athena herself. "You dare challenge me mortal? A primordial God of Time?" Chronos tauntingly spoke through Dimaria as the God's aura caused living things around Dimaria to age. Plants, flowers and trees bloomed around her, and withered away just as quickly. The skies moved and switched between light and dark, eventually the moon itself was eclipsed.

"Mortal?" Beatrice's lips moved up into a smirk, as she lifted up her blade on guard. "I've always viewed myself more as a Mermaid."

Chronos snorted as if a Mermaid was supposed to be anything before a God, and thus Dimaria slashed her blade down. "Blade of Chronos!" A distortion in the very fabric of space around them centered around the glowing blade in Dimaria's hand. "Ha!" In a swift motion Dimaria swung the sword downwards, slashing a hole through time space before her. Beatrice's senses were on full alarm. Beatrice turned around and swung her blade at an invisible air strike that emerged from a second space rift behind her.

Chronos and Dimaria both sounded shocked as they let out a collective gasp. 'She dodged my dimension slash?' Using the power of Chronos, Dimaria had slashed a rift in the very fabric of space, and with the power of her slash traveling through time space, it remerged and slashed a second rift in the fabric of space behind Beatrice. But, how could Beatrice have possibly predicted and counter it?

Dimaria stood in a dark space, surrounded by a puddle of water and a giant black figure that had its entire body covered in glowing golden runes. "What do you think, Chronos?" Dimaria was able to communicate with the God of Time and Space within her own body within her mindscape.

"That woman is not ordinary… for one to dodge the dimension slash, they must at least have witnessed it previously and know of its secrets." The God was at a loss for words, he hadn't been bested like this in ages, and certainly never by a mere human. "The way she predicts the alignment of your blade before you freeze time, and the fierce power in her strikes. It feels almost as if I am standing before the Goddess of Knowledge and War, Athena." Chronos analogy of Beatrice, left Dimaria actually feeling a bit frightened, but at the same time very intrigued.

Beatrice in a surprising move, sheets her sword, seeing it had taken some damage and would break if this continued. Beatice then vanished in a flash before Dimaria and Chronos, Dimaria gasps and turns her head to the side just in time to meet the crushing weight of Beatrice's fist. The armored gloved fist of Beatrice buried itself into Dimaria's cheekbone, but Dimaria quickly countered with a swift upper cut strike to Beatrice's chin. Beatrice's head was knocked a bit back from the force of Dimaria's punch, but as she reeled her head backwards, Beatrice latched her hands onto Dimaria's head, and swiftly brought her own head down into a headbutt.

Dimaria and Chronos both grunt as they are knocked a few wobbly steps backwards. Beatrice inches closer, gathering her hands together and raising her arms up high in an aim to deliver a sledgehammer blow. "Dimension slash." Dimaria slashed the space before her creating a rift, with a second one opening behind her to counter Beatrice's blow.

Beatrice groaned as she was knocked backwards, as a shockwave echoed from the collision of her strike against the rift. Beatrice's armored gloves were torn, and she was bleeding from her lip. Beatrice reached her hand up to touch her lip, seeing her fingers now stained in blood. "What was that?" Beatrice asked as this Dimension slash from Dimaria was different from the previous one.

Confidently Dimaria and Chronos smirked. "That? I just simply changed the properties of my dimension slash. Turning it into a shield that reflects back my enemies' attacks ten times stronger."

Beatrice looked a bit impressed as she hummed. "So, what would happen if a coconut fell on you?" Beatrice pointed at the palm tree over Dimaria that was ripe with coconuts.

"A what?" Dimaria looks flabbergasted at receiving such a question.

"A coconut." Beatrice repeated sounding genuine curious. "Would it bounce back up into the air ten times stronger? Or just explode?"

Dimaria and Chronos both fall into a brief moment of silence as they look at Beatrice in disbelief, and replied only with. "I am going to kill you."

To this Beatrice smiles. "Oh sweetie, you are going to try." Beatrice draws her blade back out, although this time it looked brand new, like it had healed itself.

Dimaria let's out what sounds like a demonic growl as she rushes in at Beatrice, locking her God powered sword with the blade of Beatrice. Despite the godly energy of Chronos, Dimaria was getting pushed back by Beatrice's overwhelming Amazonian strength. Dimaria leaped back a bit, clicking her teeth thus freezing time.

"Goodbye, mortal." Chronos seemed to be the dominant personality at this moment, as Dimaria swung her blade at Beatrice's neck, but instead the sound of cutting up flesh and bone, Dimaria's ears were met with the sound of clanking steel. Beatrice exhaled her breathe, and moved at God-like speed with the slashes of her blade. Dimaria or perhaps Chronos looked to be in panic, as Dimaria ferociously clicked her teeth together, stopping time each and every time. But every time her blade would connect with Beatrice's blade, causing time to move again. "What is this… it is almost as if she is moving while time is frozen!" Dimaria was in disbelief, she had never seen anyone move as fast as Beatrice.

Dimaria was once again on the defense, having a hard time keeping up with the speed of Beatrice's swings. Dimaria had to just freeze time to manage to properly block or parry an attack from the Wizard Saint. Dimaria floated in the air, levitating far away from Beatrice.

Waves of light danced from the tip of Dimaria's fingers, as she created thousands of golden energy spheres that together packed ten times more firepower than that of a fleet. "King of the Titans!" The thousands of energy spheres rained down as rays of light, all aimed at Beatrice. Dimaria then clicked her teeth together, stopping time.

"Unlimited Knowledge." Moving so fast that she created thousands of afterimages of herself, Beatrice slashed and cut down the various attacks of Dimaria. Her blade infused with a calm brilliant light, moved like blurs of light. Dimaria gasped as Beatrice had closed their gap in an instant, whilst also cutting up all of her energy attacks before they even hit the ground. Dimaria looked in awe, seeing Beatrice midair rush at her as fiery explosions burned around her.

"I knew it." Chronos and Dimaria's voice spoke in synch as she parried off Beatrice's blade with her own. Dimaria's blade began to mutate, growing in length and turning black, its shape looking distorted with spikes sticking out from around the handle. "You can move when I freeze time. That would explain your reaction speed countering even my serious strikes."

Beatrice smiled. "It would seem your senses have dulled over time, ironically enough Chronos." Beatrice's eyes glowed golden yellow. "It would seem this is the extent of your vessel, compared to my own it shows you haven't bothered training the poor girl." Beatrice pushed her blade against Dimaria, who snarled and leaped away from Beatrice. They both landed on solid ground, and stared each other down.

"Who would have thought… that the Goddess of Knowledge decided to possess a mere mortal." Dimaria and Chronos distorted mixed voice chuckled at Beatrice. "Doesn't really suit your style, Athena."

"I am afraid you are mistaken, Athena has not possessed my body, rather my weapon. However, wielding this weapon I am able to bring out Athena's power as a vessel." Beatrice's sword glowed with a godly aura, that illuminated the figure of an armored woman wielding a shield, a spear and with a sword strapped to her side. "That is correct, what you have seen so far has been Beatrice's power, with me preventing her from having her time frozen by you. As a fellow God, you cannot freeze my time. Same goes for other celestial creatures, even elite level demons could resist your power at your prime."

"You know nothing of me at my prime." Chronos hissed back, as the aura around Dimaria intensified.

"It seems this child has no problem freezing the time of mortals. But immortal creatures such as Zeref, the Gods and Demons are probably unaffected by it. And can move freely in your frozen time world." Beatrice rushed at Dimaria, the two of them moving like blitzing blurs with the echo of their blades clanking against each other echoing through the forest, along with the shockwave that shakes the entire forest each time they clash. "Although that fault does lie with Dimaria for not being a better host to draw out the full extent of Chronos' power. No, perhaps the fault is fully Chronos' for not teaching his vessel properly."

"What do you seek? What do you stand to gain from this human conflict?" Athena asked amidst the intense fury of clashes. Whilst Beatrice tilted her head to the side to dodge a thrust strike from Dimaria's blade, the thrust generating a powerful air cannon that vaporized dozens of trees in its wake.

"I have no reason to give you that information. As for why I am helping this mortal girl, well, because whether she and her Emperor gets what they desire means nothing to me or my plans. There is nothing else to it!" Chronos roars from within Dimaria's body. Beatrice moving her blade with such intensity that she creates thousands of afterimages of her brilliant sword. Dimaria grunted as she was cut on her right shoulder, with the help of Chronos Dimaria managed to counter and parry the other strikes.

"Why not teach this girl properly how to draw out your power? Surely as a God, you know that humans with God Soul Takeover magic, is only as strong as the God, if they can fully draw out the Gods power as its vessel." Beatrice slashes her blade down generating a mighty shockwave that cut through the earth itself, leaving a big nasty scar.

"Because it would be pointless. Like I said, it would mean nothing!" Chronos replied with an ominous chuckle.

"Guess there is no use in asking then… Very well." Beatrice with a backhanded strike, smacked Dimaria crashing into the rocky ground bellow generating a small explosion from the impact that blew a giant cloud of earth and dust into the air. Dimaria shakingly got up on her knees. "Even though Athena by normal standards is not as strong as Chronos. Since I can draw out way more of her power, than you can from Chronos. Judging by the power you have displayed. Athena and I have estimated you can draw out roughly 20 or 30% of Chronos' full power. And for a human vessel that hasn't even been properly trained, it is quite impressive. But it falls short, as I as a vessel can draw out 60% of Athena's power." A pillar of light exploded around Beatrice, as she held her blade high, the flat end of her blade covering half her face as the golden glow in her eyes intensified. "God Soul: Athena."

Dimaria looked shaken to her core, as she stepped back a bit from what she was sensing. Beatrice stepped out from the pillar of light. Her armor having received an upgrade to the point she looked like Athena. With a golden chest plated armor, with a white sash going down from her right shoulder. A spartan like helmet with a red horse mane. Beatrice's skin looked paler, and her eyes glowed yellow with strange rune like symbols in her irises. "Now then, I wonder how difficult of an opponent you will be when your time stopping powers are no longer a factor."

"You are a monster…" Dimaria's voice returned to normal, yet she retained her God Soul form. "I love it~!" Dimaria looked excited as she rushed in at Beatrice, only for the hulking Amazonian to grab Dimaria by the throat.

Beatrice proceeded to lift Dimaria up, and began choking her. Dimaria let out small grunts and growls, kicking her legs back and forth, her chest feeling hot as she couldn't breathe. Dimaria in her struggle to break Beatrice's hold, began throwing punches at Beatrice's face, but the Amazonian doesn't even flinch. Beatrice grabs Dimaria's arm, and proceeds to twist it until she hears Dimaria's bone snap. "Ugh!" Dimaria grunts as her right twisted arm is hanging down, and with her left trying to pry Beatrice's grip off from her throat. Dimaria lets out small demonic sounding grunts as she tries to kick Beatrice, who still doesn't flinch and tightens her hold on Dimaria's throat.

Dimaria then in a last-ditch effort, hoisted her lower body up, wrapping her legs around Beatrice's arm with her ankles coming at a cross resting at Beatrice's shoulder. Dimaria using the full weight of her body leans down, to stretch Beatrice's arm out in an attempt to force her to let go. Dimaria continues to pull back in an aim to break Beatrice's arm, or to force Beatrice to release Dimaria's throat from her grip.

Beatrice tightens her muscles, and hoists Dimaria's entire body up. Dimaria's face looked in amazement, and a slight hint of fear. Beatrice proceeded then to body slam Dimaria to the ground. Having pinned Dimaria to the ground, while still choking her. Beatrice watches as Dimaria wiggles and struggles underneath her weight. Beatrice then raises her sword, aiming to cut Dimaria down.

Dimaria eyed the sword, seeing the full moon light reflect off the surface of the splendid blade. Beatrice swings her blade down onto Dimaria, causing a big shockwave to shake all the surrounding trees as a big explosion of earth and stone blast into the air, with various birds fleeing from the scene. Beatrice eyed the ground where her blade was lodged into, along with a severed arm and a sword lying next to it. 'She froze time… she must have in a moment of desperation drawn out more of Chronos' power.'

Beatrice looks behind her, seeing a one-armed Dimaria looking at her missing arm while rolling her eyes. "This is my favorite outfit!" Dimaria snarls in annoyance, as the shoulder strap of her top was ruined. "You are one interesting lady." Dimaria commends Beatrice, as a golden light emits from her torso where her arm was cut off. "Eh, may I have that back?" Dimaria looks to her severed arm in Beatrice's hand.

"Ah, of course." Beatrice holds out the severed arm, as a golden ray of light latches onto the shoulder and flings it back to Dimaria, reattaching itself in the matter of a second. "Ah, I hate that I am going to have to wrap this up so soon." Dimaria rotates her sore shoulder from having to reattach her arm. Dimaria's arm was recoated in the black outfit from her God Soul form. "Alright then!" Dimaria's body exploded with an intense aura, causing the ground beneath her to collapse and flinging boulder sized rubble into the air. "Now then-"

"Oh! Oh!" Beatrice halted Dimaria as she tried to rush at Beatrice, Dimaria in her confusion took a mere few wobbly steps forward, as she looked in confusion at Beatrice. "Hold on." Beatrice bends down to pick up Dimaria's sword and looks to her with a smile. "Would you like your sword back?" Beatrice without another word tosses the sword at Dimaria's feet.

Dimaria should feel disrespected, as Beatrice did not view her as a threat. Dimaria picks up her sword, huffs and smiles at Beatrice. "Like I said, you are a nice lady."

"Of course-" Beatrice groans as Dimaria blitzed her, cutting her side with her blade. Dimaria stood behind Beatrice, coated in an intense golden aura. Beatrice holds her hand over her bloodied cut, although with no time to rest as Dimaria blitzes her again and slashes at her back. Moving like a golden blur of energy, Dimaria slashes and hacks her sword at Beatrice. Beatrice is swinging her sword around at an intense rate, but always narrowly misses Dimaria.

Beatrice is left helpless, as various rifts in space open up around her, unleashing several invisible strikes. Beatrice falls to her knee, breathing heavily as her body is riddled in cuts and bloodied slash wounds. "I applaud you, Beatrice. The only ones to have pushed me this far were old man August, Madara, Irene and Larcade. Of course, they all beat me." Dimaria stands over Beatrice, taking in her moment to gloat over her latest bested foe. And so far, the most challenging opponent she has had during this war. "Seems your attacks cannot touch me anymore. Your blade has dullened quite a bit. Why defy fate? You and Kagura can both become my pets." Dimaria smiled as she patted Beatrice's cheek.

In the blink of an eye, Beatrice's wounds heal and close up. "I can't touch you?" Beatrice stood up, to which Dimaria was quick to go on guard. Moving at God-like speed, Dimaria slashed her blade at Beatrice, only for Beatrice's sword to cut through Dimaria's with ease. Dimaria gasped as she heard the severed head of her blade spins around in the air, before it lodges itself into solid rock behind her.

"Ugh!" Dimaria groans as a slash appeared on her right shoulder, with blood gushing out like a fountain.

"My blade has become dull?" Beatrice shined brilliantly in a Godly aura as she towered over Dimaria. Blitzing the Spriggan, Beatrice back handed Dimaria causing her to fall onto her butt. Before Dimaria could get up and retaliate, Beatrice ran her blade through Dimaria's thigh.

Dimaria cried out in pain letting out a bloodcurdling scream. Unable to move or stand without risking Beatrice's blade to do more damage. Dimaria huffs, and her breathing intensifies to take her mind off the pain, with her body going into shock. Dimaria's eyes are focused on Beatrice, as she watches Beatrice pull her blade out from Dimaria's thigh. Having cut through arteries, dark red blood was leaking out from Dimaria's leg at an alarming rate. 'I have to use Chronos' power to heal!' Dimaria groaned, as the godly aura of Chronos enveloped her injured leg to stop the bleeding.

But what would she do after she was healed? Dimaria was now on her knees, defeated as she even fell out from her God Soul form. Beatrice could move in her frozen time world because of Athena. Beatrice's strength surpassed hers and Invel's even, she might rival God Serena. Dimaria had also exhausted too much power from collectively going up against Beatrice now, and against Sherria and Wendy earlier. Dimaria looked up in awe, not feeling fear but rather a sense of calmness as she saw Beatrice raise her blade, as it beautifully shined underneath the full moon light.

"Consider your blood debt paid to Kagura and Millianna." Beatrice swung her blade down to behead Dimaria.

'Mother… father… finally I shall join you.' Dimaria smiled and shed a tear as if she was watching something beautiful. 'I finally found a worthy opponent to send me to Valhalla.'

The shockwave of Beatrice's swing, was so strong that it cleared an entire clearing of the forest, cutting down all the trees, and even split a mountain in half. Yet, it could not cut down two mere fingers that stood in her way to claim Dimaria's head.

Beatrice and Dimaria both look in shock, seeing Larcade of the Spriggan 12 standing between them. And with his hand bare without an ounce of magic power, what is more with two mere fingers he held off Beatrice's blade. "My, it would seem God Serena was right. Another Saint that rivals his own power. And here I was beginning to think Ishgar was filled with weaklings."

'H-He stopped my blade?' Beatrice looked in disbelief, feeling a cold sweat run down her back as she felt the intense pressure that came from this man. 'What is this power? It's not Ethernano… What is he?' Beatrice pondered on the origin and the very nature of Larcade. Although while Beatrice was stuck in her thoughts, Larcade's giant floating cross had stabbed through her abdomen.

"May you rest in peace, brave warrior." Larcade slapped his hands together in a prayer and even closed his eyes. Larcade opened his eyes as he heard a foot drag itself through the dirt. "Hmm? Oh my, quite the durable one, aren't you?" Beatrice groaned as she pushed the cross upwards, trying to pull it out so she could properly begin to heal. "However." Larcade pointed two of his fingers upwards, through telepathy he slashed the cross upwards, cutting through Beatrice's torso and collarbone. The bloodied cross span around and floated behind Larcade's back.

Beatrice hurled up blood as she fell onto her knees, then onto her side in a loud thud. "Beatrice…" Dimaria reached out like she desperately wanted the woman to get back up.

"What are you doing Dimaria?" Larcade smiled as he looked to his comrade from the corner of his eye. "She was a mere lowly enemy, so I disposed of her as such."

Dimaria gritted her teeth, enraged she threw a punch at Larcade, but her fist never reached as it instead hit his floating cross. "Beatrice was a mighty warrior! I will not hear of anyone badmouthing her! Not even you!"

"Get a grip." Larcade scolded, as Dimaria suddenly fell to her knees, gasping for air. "We're the shields of the emperor. We live to serve, and die for his majesty. I have no time for your ideology lesson. You are needed for this war. After all, three of the twelve have already perished. After me, lady Irene and lord August. You, Invel and God Serena are the strongest. You three are in a different league from the rest, just as we three are in a different league from you. We cannot afford to lose you. Now, we best be returning to Zeref's side, and aid in the capture of Mavis and obtain Fairy Heart. We don't have time to chase for smaller fish."

Dimaria gasps as she feels the pressure on her ease up, allowing her to breathe and stand properly. "Understood… But don't class my Randi with the others… She is also in a league of her own." Dimaria glared at Larcade, frustrated that she cannot do anything to him.

"Heh, very well." Larcade laughed, as they were about to walk, he flinched. The sound of earth getting dragged up reached his ears. "Impossible…" Larcade turned around seeing Beatrice back on her feet, her cut torso having reattached itself. Steam emitted from her body as she healed her wounds. "I was sure I hit a vital spot. How can she stand?"

"God Soul… her God must have healed her injuries." Dimaria revealed to which Larcade began to snicker.

"A God, eh? The only true God around here, is his majesty." Larcade smiled as he raised his arm, charging up a blast of sorts. His aim to obliterate every last trace of Beatrice.

"Unlimited Knowledge." Beatrice's eyes shined golden as she rushed at Larcade. 'This man is beyond dangerous! I cannot let him leave here alive! Full power Athena!' The godly aura of Athena exploded around Beatrice's body, appearing as flickering blue lightning that coats itself around her blade. Beatrice slashed her sword at Larcade aiming for his neck. But Larcade raised his fingers to block the strike.

"You still haven't learned." Larcade smirked, although widened his eyes as blood flew before him along with his two severed fingers. "Oh my…" Larcade gasped as the blade landed straight on his neck. Beatrice groaned and let out a battle cry as she pushed her blade with all her might. "I see, quite impressive. No wonder Dimaria lost. Heh, I wonder who is stronger you or God Serena? Not that it matters, for I am much stronger than God Serena." Larcade unleashed his aura, the power of his aura alone pushed away Beatrice's blade. With some invisible force, Beatrice's blade bounced off from Larcade's neck having left a small barely visible cut. A black speck of energy emerged from Larcade's neck, and quickly vanished having healed the cut. "You would have made an excellent Spriggan. A perfect replacement for either Wall Eehto, Bloodman or Ajeel." Black specks of darkness emerged from Larcades' severed fingertips, they connected with his severed fingers and reattached themselves.

"Beatrice is my opponent Larcade, butt out, will you?" Dimaria ogled the sight of Beatrice, but Larcade prevented her from moving closer.

"No, if you fight this woman again. You will die." Larcade stated.

"Good." Dimaria spat back.

"Ho? And what of poor Brandish? You just going to leave her behind?" Larcade taunted Dimaria, he knew perfectly well of the true nature of their relationship.

Dimaria stopped, and took a moment to reflect on her choices. "… Randi." Dimaria mumbled, she groaned in frustration and tossed down her broken sword. "Fine! But don't fucking kill her! Once I find Randi, I will fight Beatrice again!" Dimaria left in a huff, her feelings conflicted with her beliefs.

"Such a stupid little girl. Her romantic feelings for Brandish seem to clash with her beliefs once more." Larcade smirked as he glared at Beatrice. "Now then, time to end this and return to Zeref's side."

"Ugh!" Brandish groaned in pain, feeling the after effect of using too much of Athena's power. She couldn't move, she was done for.

"Master Beatrice!" Cobwebs flew between Beatrice and Larcade creating a small barrier. And coming rushing in at full speed, was Risley, the chubby girl of Mermaid Heel grabbed onto her master.

"What's this?" Larcade cut through the cobweb, and was instantly met with a bombardment of giant missile sized carrots. He cut the carrots down with his bare hands, and without any effort. Larcade nonchalant watched as Arania, Beth and Risley had come to Beatrice's rescue. The three Mermaid Heel members carried away their master, and with Risley's gravity magic lightened all their weight, as they rushed away at great speed. "…" Larcade stood in silence and sighed. "I have no time to catch smaller fish, I need to return to Zeref, to my father's side." Larcade declared as he turned his back on the fleeing Mermaids, not finding them worth his time.

Meanwhile, in the mountain regions various mountains were being cut down by intense slashes of wind. Wizard Saint Mitsurugi let out a ferocious war cry as he bounced around at super speed. The samurai wizard moving at such blurring speed he concocted approximately a hundred afterimages of himself. All boxing in God Serena, God Serena grunted and groaned as he was slashed by Mitsurugi's blade.

Taking a breather in the background, were Jura, Noel, Warrod and Hyberion. They looked winded and were covered in injuries. "Perfect, seems the bum is still faster than God Serena." Noel smiled, she hated to give any credit to Mitsurugi who on countless occasions made puns or remarks of her flat chest. But the rough clown was still strong in her eyes.

Mitsurugi's eyes were steeled, his killer intent made clear as each slash of his blade carried a purpose. None would go to waste. God Serena growled in annoyance, his eyes moving around at the hundreds of afterimages of Mitsurugi. "Diamon Dragon: Diamond Form!" God Serena cloaked his body in diamond like armor once more, his diamond skin reflecting the light of the full moon that shined through the cloudy sky. The light pierced through the afterimages of Mitsurugi. "Found you!" God Serena threw his hand out grabbing ahold of Mitsurugi's blade.

The Wizard Saint was caught in place. Mitsurugi gave an angered grunt over having been caught. "Hope you all regained your second wind people! I am going for a third!" Mitsurugi's body exploded with intense great wind. Stronger than the mightiest of storms, the wind tore apart entire boulders and carved like a mighty blade into the stone face of the mountains. "Gale Style: Sky Eater!" A twister storm gathered around Mitsurugi, and took the shape of a wind sword wielding avatar of himself. The twister giant raised its wind blade and slashed it down onto God Serena.

God Serena was pushed into the dirt by the mighty wind slice, the ground beneath him collapsing, and the strong wind cut a giant rift into the cloudy sky. "Adamantine Blade!" God Serena cut through the wind, his diamond arm having turned into a mighty blade, like Gajeel and his iron sword arms. Mitsurugi groaned and tumbled over, red blood erupting from his severed leg. God Serena had aimed his blade low, in an aim to take Mitsurugi's left leg. "Now you won't run anymore~"

"Mitsurugi!" Noel let out a blood curling scream, she raised her wand and unleashed a giant blast wave of concentrated water. God Serena however, sucked in the incoming water wave.

"Heh, did you forget already? With my Dragon Slayer lacrimas your attacks are pointless, miss charitable witch." God Serena taunted Noel, who was joined by an enraged Jura in attacking God Serena.

"Let's see you devour both elements at once!" Jura declared as he summoned forth a hundred giant stone fists flying at God Serena, while Noel mixed in a torrent machine gun fire of water needles capable of piercing through solid steel.

"Not yet!" Mitsurugi supported himself up using his blade, bending the knee of his remaining leg, Mitsurugi jumped ten feet into the air. Spinning his body around, Mitsurugi unleashed a war cry as he aimed to thrust his blade at God Serena. The blade of his katana coated in a mini twister storm of wind.

"Heh, stubborn fools." God Serena groaned as his body suddenly froze. God Serena glared daggers of pure hatred, as his gaze trailed over to Hyberion who used his vampiric magic to paralyze him by stopping his flow of blood.

All the attacks hit. God Serena's diamond armored body was pierced through by Noel's water needles. Mitsurugi thrusted his blade forward, burying it into God Serena's shoulder, pushing it into his body until the blade pierced out from God Serena's abdomen. And then, God Serena along with Mitsurugi were buried under the endless bombardment of stone fists.

Jura looked with regret that Mitsurugi was caught in the crossfire, but knowing his colleague this is something he would have approved of. "Flash Dragon: Light Reflection!"

God Serena vanished from underneath the buried ruble in a flash of light, like he never was there to begin with. God Serena then reappeared next to the rubble with Mitsurugi in it. "Hehehe, that was a close call there, you bastards. Damn, had I not had these Dragon Slayer lacrimas I would for sure be dead right now." God Serena touched his shoulder, which was bloodied from having been pierced by Mitsurugi's blade. God Serena's diamond armor was falling apart thanks to the water needles of Noel having left various holes in it, causing it to crack and break apart. However, unlike the flash afterimage he created, his abdomen had not been pierced by Mitsurugi's blade, and he had not suffered damage from the ferocious attack of Jura.

"Now then…" God Serena grabbed Mitsurugi's blade, pulling it out from the rubble. God Serena then with his other hand, he picked Mitsurugi up by his remaining leg, before chopping it clean off with one swing of Mitsurugi's own katana.

Mitsurugi cried out in pain, having lost both his legs, he was bleeding out fast. God Serena chuckled at seeing the horrified expression on their faces, as he tossed Mitsurugi's katana back to its owner. God Serena walked away from the bleeding legless Mitsurugi, and towards Hyberion, Warrod, Jura and Noel.

"What's wrong? Lost the fight in you have ya?" God Serena taunted, as he exploded in a multicolored aura each representing his dragon slayer abilities.

Mitsurugi, shakingly reaches for his katana, he firmly holds onto it, feeling himself losing consciousness fast, his vision blacking in and out from the blood loss. Mitsurugi steels his gaze, seeing Noel's horrified expression as God Serena approached, filled Mitsurugi with anger. Noel wasn't the kind of person to look horrified, she who constantly scolded him and ferociously attacked him whenever he made a snarky comment of her chest. Mitsurugi places the handle of his katana into his mouth, biting into it.

Mitsurugi gathered all of his strength into his arms, and with a mighty push Mitsurugi launched himself towards God Serena. Mitsurugi turned his head back, and swung his entire body forward, slashing his blade at God Serena. However, God Serena without even batting an eye grabbed the incoming Mitsurugi by the throat. Mitsurugi groaned in pain, he could not breathe, but he would die soon regardless due to losing too much blood. Mitsurugi jabbed his blade forward at God Serena, God Serena tilted his head aside but still his right earlobe was cut off.

"Huh?" God Serena looked in anger, as he felt the blood trickle down the side of his neck. God Serena turned towards Mitsurugi with a scowl on his face, the samurai stared fearless into his eyes. "You know, Mitsurugi… I always thought you were the type to die a pointless death. Thanks for proving me right." God Serena ran his arm through Mitsurugi's body, grabbing ahold of his spine, God Serena ripped out Mitsurugi's entire spinal cord. And instantly the life left Mitsurugi's eyes, and his lifeless body was tossed aside.

Noel lets out a saddened yelp, holding back her tears while eyeing Mitsurugi, Fiona and Wolfheim's corpses. Sharing her pain, were Jura and Warrod while Hyberion looked on with a darkened expression. "Another joke Saint has fallen." God Serena taunted with a mocking laughter.

"You have disrespected the Saints for the last time! God Serena!" Hyberion in a last-ditch effort raised his arms. And all the blood of their fallen comrades gathered around him. God Serena even halted in his steps in awe, as he saw the blood circle around Hyberion, growing into gigantic size. Blood from the corpses of nearby knights, both from the Empire and Ishgar joined Hyberion's giant pool of blood.

The blood took the shape of a giant version of Hyberion's upper body, with Hyberion himself in the center of the chest where the heart would be. From there, Hyberion controlled the movements of this blood giant. Without hesitation Noel joined in on Hyberion's trump card, she coated herself with a gigantic serpent shaped wave of water. The water serpent attached itself to Hyberion's blood giant, acting as a tail with a hissing serpents head.

"Your magic is quite morbid… Hyberion-dono, but I see we have no choice." Jura clapped his hands together, as boulders of rocks clashed into the blood giant, cladding it like it with heavy armor. And creating a giant sword for the blood giant to wield.

"Like I said, a bunch of hypocritical geezers. You are nothing but a ghoul who thrives off his dead comrades and their blood. Killing you will be most enjoyable, Hyberion." God Serena's body emitted eight giant dragon avatars. The eight dragons roaring at the armored blood giant, whose water dragon serpent tail hissed back at them as it circled around the blood giant in a protecting manner.

"Arrogant boy, I shall no longer hold back against you!" Hyberion declares, the only reason he hadn't humbled God Serena sooner was due to the request of the council. At first, but even Hyberion had to admit, God Serena had become increasingly powerful across his long career as a Wizard Saint.

The blood giant form of Hyberion, surfed across the mountains and towards God Serena. The giant lifted its sword made up out earth stone, and aimed to crush God Serena. The blade itself was fused with the blood magic of Hyberion, enhancing and strengthening the blade, while also water from Noel circled around the stone blade at such speed it made it sharp enough to cut through mountains. God Serena jumped aside as the giant blade came crashing down, but coming at him from his blind spot was the water serpent tail of the giant carrying Noel.

The water serpent clasped its jaws onto God Serena and hoisted him into the air. "You will pay for your treachery!" Noel declared as she intensified the pressure on the serpent's mouth, enough so it could easily crush even a dragon's bone with its mighty jaws.

"When we're done there will be nothing left of you!" Hyberion's giant fused the blood into the water serpent, the two different magical elements, preventing God Serena from fully devouring the water serpent.

"All of the Saints united against you, and as such we will not fail!" Warrod added, as gigantic wooden arms came up from the ground, moving like snakes. Warrod cloaked the giant wooden arms in a golden magical aura, as he unleashed them in a bombardment at God Serena.

"Gale Dragon's Song of Moon and Wind!" After taking a sharp breath, God Serena unleashed a fully concentrated gust of wind that tore through the head of the water serpent, and drilled itself straight through Warrod's giant wooden arms. Tearing them into giant splinters, God Serena jumped from the falling splinters and advanced towards the blood giant. "Thunder Dragon: Roar of the Heavens!" Generating a huge thunderbolt within the palm of his hand, God Serena chucked the thunderbolt as he came into view of the blood giant, striking right at its armored center.

Hyberion let out a small grunt as he was electrocuted a bit, despite the protection of his blood giant and its iron rock armor. The explosion left by the thunder bolt, caused cracks to appear on the blood giant's chest plate.

God Serena backflipped onto a nearby mountain, looking with a wicked grin as he saw the blood giant, as well as a wood giant and a rock giant approach him. "Burn to cinders!" God Serena charged up a sphere of fire between the palm of his two hands, as he gathered them behind his back. "Purgatory Dragon: Blaze Cannon!" Thrusting his arms forward, God Serena unleashed a mighty blast beam of fire, the blast itself was so strong that it blew up Jura's rock giant into a pile of molten rocks. God Serena proceeded to drag the beam sideways, cutting off entire mountain tops, and also cutting down Warrod's wood giants and setting them ablaze. And finally, God Serena put the concentrated blast of fire onto the blood giant, hitting him straight in the chest armor.

Hyberion cried out in pain, as he was boiling alive within his blood giant. But then the water serpent swopped in, and unleashed a massive torrent of water that evaporated the flame beam. God Serena narrowed his gaze at Noel, who was at the head of the water serpent. "Gale Dragon: Turbine Booster!" Whirlwinds generated from the soles of God Serena's feet, as he took a giant leap across entire mountains, and towards the serpent tail of the blood giant. "Thunder Dragon: Roar of the Heavens!" God Serena chucked a lighting bolt straight into the mouth of the serpent, causing it and Noel to cry out in pain, as the lighting stunned her. God Serena soared at the water serpent's head, and crashed into it and came flying out from the back of its head, with Noel trapped in his grip.

"You fiend!" Noel choked as God Serena held onto her neck. But without a single word, God Serena twisted Noel neck with a swift motion of his hand. The charitable witch looking stunned, gaping lifelessly as God Serena dropped her body, letting it fall all the way down to the bottom of the mountains. Symbolizing Noel's death, was the water serpent tail collapsing, with all its water raining down onto the valley bellow the mountains creating a small flood that swept away the nearby forest.

"Noel-dono!" Jura and Warrod both looked horrified that another Saint had lost their life to God Serena. Jura unleashes his full power, creating a stone golem behind himself, as the entire mountains came to life. With columns and giant pillars of stone emerging from the mountains and soaring towards God Serena.

"Enchanted Forest!" Warrod unleashed the full power of mother nature itself, as tree vines bound themselves onto God Serena's body.

Hyberion's blood giant raised its arm, creating huge drills made up out blood and unleashed them raining down upon God Serena. "Purgatory Dragon: Super Blaze!" A giant explosion of fire emerged from God Serena, burning away the restraints of the tree vines. God Serena latched his hands onto an incoming giant stone pillar. "Cavern Dragon: Earth Takeover!" God Serena seemed to absorb some strength from the stone pillar. As in mere moments, God Serena effortlessly ripped off the stone pillar, using it as a baseball bat to hit away Hyberion's blood drills. "Gale Dragon: Turbine Booster!" God Serena still wielding the giant stone pillar, took a gigantic leap, soaring in the sky as he flies past the incoming trees and stone pillars.

"No!" Hyberion swings the blood giant's sword, clashing it with the stone pillar as God Serena bangs it into the sword.

"Cavern Dragon: Great Collapse!" Sending a surge of his power through the stone pillar, as well as into the iron rock blood enhanced sword it was connected to. God Serena caused both weapons to tremble as if it was an earthquake, before both their weapons shattered into pieces. God Serena flipped his body onto a falling piece of rock from the stone pillar, and took a giant leap at the blood giant. "Purgatory Dragon: Blazing Inferno!" Generating an intense amount of fire around his fist, God Serena looked like a shooting star as he clashed into Hyberion's blood giant, cracking and breaking its chest plated rock armor.

"Get away! Little pest!" Hyberion had his blood giant smack its arm into God Serena, sending the Spriggan flying.

God Serena laughed as he felt his head spinning from that punch. God Serena landed onto the side of a mountain, leaving a giant dent in it. "Now this is more like it!" God Serena smirks with glee as he looks at the scenery before him. Shattered, broken mountains, surrounded by burning trees and vines, with a giant blood monster of Hyberion in the distance.

God Serena with a twisted smile on his face runs alongside the burning trees, swinging himself from branch to branch, until Hyberion and his weakened monster blood form came to view. God Serena sees a burning vine hanging down from the tree, eyeing the vine God Serena runs towards it. "God Night!" God Serena gave his signature kill line as he grabbed onto the wine, and swung himself at great speed, boosting his speed using intense winds to carry him across the sky as he flung himself at Hyberion.

God Serena smirked with glee, as he rocketed towards the damaged chest armor area containing Hyberion. The Spriggan violently crashes into the blood monster's chest, the cracking sound of its armored rock chest plate shattering upon impact. Blood sprayed from the giant as God Serena flew straight through it, dragging Hyberion out from it by the throat, Serena also had his knees firmly planted into Hyberion's chest.

Hyberion groans as all of his ribs break from the violent impact, blood spilling out from his mouth. Hyberion and God Serena are flung flying towards a ridge on a mountain side. God Serena holding onto Hyberion's throat, firmly lands his feet onto the ridge, spins his entire body around before violently throwing Hyberion into the mountain.

God Serena smiled with satisfaction, he had dreamt of this moment for many nights. God Serena approached the defeated Hyberion who was on his knees, letting out wheezing sounds without a doubt as a result from a punctured lung. Hyberion shakingly glared at God Serena, and let out a small groan. "Beatrice… should have claimed your head from the start… Even if we fall to you now, there will be others to stand in your way."

God Serena snorts with a chuckle. "They will fall as well." Coldly God Serena approaches the beaten and possible crippled Hyberion.

Hyberion attempts to crawl up, and continues to glare at God Serena. "Ishgar will not fall to the likes of you!"

"If I were you, I would prepare myself for death, old man." God Serena showed no sympathy, and coldheartedly he grabs Hyberion by the back of his head, and violently bashes it into the mountain side. Hyberion cries out as blood erupts from a newly formed bloodied gash on his temple. God Serena is not done however, and continues to bash Hyberion's face violently into the mountain so hard the entire mountain was shaking.

God Serena lifts Hyberion's face up, seeing it all bloodied God Serena looked with satisfaction as he tossed Hyberion aside. Hyberion rolled across the ridge, his eyes looked with panic as he began crawling towards the mountain edge, hoping to survive the long fall.

Before Hyberion can even reach the edge, God Serena grabs him by the ankle and yanks him back. God Serena turns Hyberion around to face him, as he grabs onto Hyberion's head with both of his hands. God Serena lifts Hyberion up, still holding him by the head, forcing the vampire to look him in the eye. God Serena looks with a wicked smirk, as all Hyberion sees is God Serena raising his thumbs before he so violently jabs them into Hyberion's eyes.

Hyberion cries out and vails around in pain, as God Seren gauges his eyes out. The vampire's screams are silenced, as God Serena violently twists Hyberion's neck so far to the point where he rips Hyberion's head off. The headless body of Hyberion, falls off the mountain edge and through the clouds all the way down to the bottom.

God Serena looks with a sadistic smile, pleased with his kill as his gaze wanders over to the last two standing Saints, Jura and Warrod. Both who look horrified at witnessing Hyberion's brutal death. God Serena, still holding Hyberion's head, gazes onto the dead vampire's face, forever frozen in a pained expression. God Serena tosses Hyberion's head up into the air, before kicking it away like a soccer ball into the distance.

Jura groans in pain, his chest heaving up and down from exhaustion, same with old man Warrod, who looked like he could barely stand on his own two feet. "And now there were two… You know, out of all the Saints, I think you two were the ones I had the least problems with." God Serena commented, still with the sadistic smirk on his face from killing Hyberion. "Still, doesn't change the fact that I am going to kill you both."

Jura and Warrod had little to no power left, they stood their ground seeing God Serena walk up to them. All of a sudden, it sounds as if the sky itself is ripped open as coming in for a crashlanding was old man August. "Quit playing around, God Serena." August stood between God Serena and the two remaining Saints. "His majesty requests us all at his side."

God Serena however scoffs. "I can't leave yet! I need to kill the remaining Wizard Saint members! Other than Makarov and Beatrice, these two are all that's left!" God Serena argues, he couldn't leave such valuable enemies alive.

And August agreed, as without even batting an eye August blasts a giant hole through Jura's chest, all with a mere blast from his fingertip. "Jura!" Warrod cries out at seeing his comrade fall.

"W-Warrod-dono…" Jura manages to utter out as he gurgled and chocked on his own blood. Jura falls over face first into the ground, lifeless with his eyes rolled into the back of his head.

Warrod trembled, if he fell here, then these two would go after Fairy Heart, meaning they would come for Mavis. "For the sake of Ishgar! Fairy Tail! And Mavis! I cannot let either of you two leave here alive!" Warrod removed his robes, revealing a glowing magic circle on his chest that released an intense glowing light. It's light piercing through all the shadows, lighting up the whole mountain range like it was Fairy Law itself.

August widened his eyes at hearing the mentioning of Mavis, with a flinch August turned around and looked at Warrod. Warrod for a moment was caught up in the gaze of August's eyes, they looked at him with a sense of pity? If anything, Warrod could only describe August's eyes to look as calm and gentle like Mavis herself was looking at him. "M-Mavis?" Warrod managed to mumble, as his wooden body decayed and rotted away. As the light unleashed from his final suicide strategy died down, Warrod began falling backwards.

"Instant Decay." August had blasted Warrod with a blast of some sort from his magical staff, and the moment the blast hit, Warrod's body rotted away.

'Who? Are you…?' Warrod's final thoughts as his gaze lingered on August. Warrod felt no pain, as this spell from August seemed to offer the old Wizard Saint a painless death. Which is more than what could be said had God Serena gotten his hands on him.

August's gaze continued to remain on the withering body of Warrod, a moment of silence followed, only to be ruined by God Serena. "What the hell was that?! You just ruined my fun! Those kills were mine! Mine!" God Serena blew up in August's face, the Spriggan General's once gentle gaze turned stern and looked with anger. What resembled the gentle gaze of Mavis, now resembled the look of fury from Zeref himself.

August steps up to God Serena, towering over him as he stares the arrogant former Saint down. "Watch. Your. Tone. Boy." August's tone of voice carried great power, and surprisingly God Serena seemed to cower away in fear from August's gaze.

"I A-Apologize sir, for my rude behavior… General August." God Serena backs away from August, the pressure of power unleashed from August dwarfed God Serena's own power in its intensity and magnitude.

"You are done here, then? Let's go." August took a giant leap, and took flight away from the mountain range.

"Y-Yes sir…" God Serena looking humbled, took off after August. Leaving behind the bodies of seven slaughtered members of the Wizard Saints. Leaving only Makarov and Beatrice as the last two living current members of the Ten Wizard Saints.

Out in the open sea, a wreckage of Neinhart's fleet sent burning black smoke into the heavens. Neinhart's flagship was the only one left standing, as the Spriggan stood face to face with the King and Queen of Edolas. Neinhart smiled confidently, as the ghostly hands of various phantom like creatures surrounded him. "Don't stare at me like that, I'm not used to being on the frontlines~" Neinhart chuckled as he avoided their gaze, in particular Mystogan's due to him having a sharingan.

Shooting out from Neinhart's body were nine ghostly arms that reached towards Knightwalker and Mystogan. Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker scattered off to two different sides. Mystogan chucked out a few of his staffs, that lodged themselves stuck into the phantom like hands. "Mirror Reflect." The staffs generated waves of light that penetrated to the shade of the phantom arms, making them cower away. "Knightwalker!" Mystogan called to his wife who was making her move at Neinhart.

"The shades, I got it!" Erza Knightwalker's spear generated a strong current of electricity, as she thrusted the spear at the shade covering Neinhart's body. Although the spear pierced straight through, and with the shade and Neinhart vanishing in an afterimage. "He created a shade afterimage?!" Erza Knightwalker quickly turned her head to the side, seeing a phantom like arm fleeing towards a darker area of the ship. Erza Knightwalker raised her spear. The spear was cloaked in crackling lightning as Knightwalker threw it at the phantom arm before it could reach the end of the ship.

The light of the crackling lightning, revealing Neinhart hidden within the phantom arm. "Tsk, tsk, you found me~" Neinhart taunted with a chuckle, as he merged back within the phantom arm.

"Come out and face us you coward!" Knightwalker accused, holding her arm out she called for her spear, which flung through some telekinetic force back into Knightwalker's hand.

"Heh, be it an inferior version of Lady Erza, you seem to have the same temper as her. Guess Edolas and Earthland aren't that different from each other after all." Neinhart's cackling voice echoed from all their surroundings.

"You know Erza? Funny how she didn't mention that." Mystogan looked around using Obito's eye, his sharingan picking up various energies around them.

"Hehe, not directly, but I have connections. The name Titania Erza is well known in Ishgar after all." Neinhart's taunting voice was starting to get on Knightwalker's nerves, her eyes looking for even the slightest movement in the shadows. Erza Knightwalker's gaze fell on a strange shape moving behind a barrel.

"Found you, rat." Knightwalker pointed her spear at the barrel, whilst charging up an energy blast.

"Knightwalker, wait!" Mystogan stopped her however, something wasn't right here. "I see at least ten different areas here with Neinhart's magical energy signature. And they are all moving."

"Hehe, you should be thankful for the sharingan, Jellal. Or do you prefer I call you Mystogan? The King of Edolas perhaps?" All the various ten energy signatures turned into shapes that resembled Neinhart, they had Mystogan and Knightwalker surrounded. "Lucky me, who had the chance to study up countermeasures against the sharingan. Such a useful item to have, and just as troublesome to face. Especially when one has the Mangekyou Sharingan, like yourself. But, what's this? Oh no, you don't have an Uchiha body to match the eye do you~?" Neinhart continued to taunt with his cackling laughter. "It must tire you out a great deal to use it, right? I suspect you are limited in the use of the Kamui ability Obito's eye provides. My guess is oh, five, maybe three times before you pass out, am I right?"

"…" Mystogan didn't bother to respond, and instead he kept his gaze trained on all the various ten phantom shapes. Awaiting either to make a move, with a counter ready for Neinhart and his tricks.

"What? Going to remain the strong silent type? Right now, I'm betting you are planning on using those magic staffs of yours to trap me. You already have four of them placed down perfectly. You just need to find me to get the final staff in place to get me, right?" Phantom shades began slithering around the floorboards like snakes, circling around their prey. "Sadly, it won't go that easily for you. Through my phantoms, I can see every move you make."

'His phantoms work like Phantom Lord's master, Jose… But they also seem to work like he is merging himself with the phantoms, to move around in the shadows.' Mystogan analyzed although flinched feeling something touching his ankle, and stabbed the end of his staff into a shade that had reached for his foot. The shade burnt away, and with a shriek retreated back between the floorboards.

"My, you seem to have figured out quite a bit. My phantom magic indeed works like that, in fact it is quite similar to Shadow Dragon Slayer magic, used by Sabertooth's member Rogue. But I would say, my type of magic is much more efficient. After all, it helps quite a bit with my Historia Tensei spell, when I can read the minds of anyone who steps on my phantom shades~" Neinhart revealed, the key to his Historia Tensei spell, how he was able to drag up deceased people from other's memories. It was quite a subtle method that would have gone unnoticed by all.

"All shades are back there, correct?" Knightwalker asked Mystogan as she tightened her grip on the Commandment Spear.

"Yeah, they are mostly in the back, but some are closer up front." Mystogan confirmed with a nod.

"Doesn't matter." Knightwalker's spear shifted its form, and Knightwalker swung her blade at the supporting pillars of the ship. "Explosion!" Everything Knightwalker's spear touched, exploded in a fiery violent display blowing away the whole top deck of the ship. "Good luck hiding in the shadows now!" The form of her spear changed once more, into one with a wider spear head. "Mel Force: Vacuum Cannon!" A powerful whirlwind generated from the spear head, as Knightwalker pointed it in the direction of Neinhart. In the process the mighty whirlwind blew away all the barrels and any other loose items for Neinhart to hide behind.

"No sign of him…" Knightwalker clicked her tongue in frustration as she didn't see any slithering shades now that the deck was cleared. Slithering out from Knightwalker's own shadow, was a hand cloaked in a blade of darkness.

"Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water!" Three magic circles covered Knightwalker's back, as the Neinhart's energy bladed hand bounced right off and went for its user's own throat. Neinhart halted the darkness cloaked blade inches from his throat, he groaned in annoyance as he looked over to Mystogan with his Sharingan tracking Neinhart's every movement. As if it was water, Neinhart slipped back into Knightwalker's shadow and slithered away like a snake.

"Taking this shy thing a bit too far, aren't you?" Knightwalker kept her eye on the slithering shade of Neinhart moving on the floorboard.

"I'm not really used to attention, I tend to stay off the battlefield. But, there is always some like you to find me… And like all before you, you underestimate my battle prowess." Neinhart sighed from within the shade, his hand then rose up from the shade and grabbed onto the floorboard, as he pushed himself out.

Erza Knightwalker took advantage of this moment, changing the shape of her spear once more till the tip looked like a cannon. "Judgment of God!" Knightwalker fired off a giant laser beam, that soared towards Neinhart. However, Neinhart dodged despite the beam itself moving at light speed. "He dodged that?!" Knightwalker was beyond surprised.

"Knightwalker, don't be too hasty…" Mystogan knew his wife was hot tempered, and that sometimes she would lose sight of her surroundings.

"Hey, did you know? Where the source of all magic comes from?" Neinhart rose up from the floor, surprisingly agile he flipped himself up into the air, and landed steady on his feet. Something felt odd about him. Mystogan could tell with his sharingan, something in Neinhart had changed. "It was stolen from the Gods, and gifted to Earthland. At first only the creatures we call Dragons benefited from it, and we humans were reduced to little more than fodder. The earliest texts date back further than 600 years ago. Long before his majesty obtained immortality." Neinhart chuckled, cracking the bones in his fingers as phantom like creatures surrounded him.

Mystogan and Knightwalker would act and attack Neinhart, had it not been for this sudden intense feeling of this sickening power coming from Neinhart. "Yes, back in those days, everything was a battle royal… Humanity being weak and pathetic sought help from higher beings to protect them from Dragons and other types of monsters. They prayed to the Gods, erected entire temples and built entire religions around them. And protection was given, sure… but only to those the Gods deemed worthy. The ancient texts say that two brothers revolted, two ordinary humans sought the favor of the Gods. Requesting power, both brothers were taught in the ways of the Gods. And as such, God Slayer Magic was born. Humanity got a taste for divinity, and was able to fight back thanks to the teachings of the two brothers."

Neinhart morphed two shades like if it was a puppet show retelling of his story. Seeing two figures, one rather tall and lanky, while the other appeared rather short. "The younger brother…" Neinhart spoke as he moved the shade of the short figure, standing before a mass of people. "Was content with his newfound power, and built an army… secretly seeking vengeance on the Gods. Wanting to take over. But for the older brother, it wasn't satisfactory. His current understanding of magic. Wasn't enough. The older brother therefor came up with a plan…" The shadow puppet of the taller lankier brother was suddenly surrounded by demonic like shapes. "For the older brother, knew there were beings besides the Gods who practiced the art of magic. He played both sides, and also learnt magic from the Demon King himself. And it was the birth, of Devil Slayer magic."

Suddenly the imagery changed into the Demon like figure standing united with the divine God like figures. "Both sides learnt of the older brother's ploy, as well as the secret hostile takeover plan of the younger brother. The younger brother foolishly, or bravely for simpletons fought back. He lost, and was imprisoned for eternity by the Gods. But not the older brother, he fled with his followers. The older brother continued to search for the purest form of slayer magic for years. Using both teachings from Gods and Demons, some said he obtained it, others say he failed and was captured along with his younger brother."

Neinhart cackled menacingly. "What most don't know… there is a secret part to this story. The younger brother's followers continued to carry on the teachings of their mentor, and God Slayer magic continued to exist for centuries till this day even. Whereas Devil Slayer magic… well, it is the rarest form of Slayer magic. Currently there are only two who possess such an ability. One who you might know, Gray Fullbuster of Earthland's Fairy Tail. As for the other one… hehehe, well he remained hidden due to his teachings. You see, the older brother figured that the best way to ensure his teachings remained for the future, wasn't through the masses. For if more knew of such knowledge, the Gods would discover and wipe them out. So, he chose to pass down all his knowledge to only one of his disciples, and killed the rest himself. After the older brother was captured, his disciple remained in hiding, following his master's way, and passing down his knowledge only to one. And so, it has continued for centuries, even till this day!"

The phantoms around Neinhart exploded violently, Neinhart lifted his head up revealing his eyes shrouded in darkness with his pupils glowing in a dark shade of purple. "However, the current disciple lost his master tragically before he could learn everything… So, in order to obtain the purest form of slayer magic… I shall become a master of death! And summon forth the older brother! I shall learn everything directly from the source! I shall be the first to obtain Devil Force! And become the mightiest slayer of all time!" Neinhart declared with a crazed grin on his face, as the phantoms around him let out ghostly cackles. "It is the only way after all… all those ancient texts that were left behind are written in an ancient language I cannot decipher! That is why I joined Lord Zeref, hoping someone as old as him could! But no! Not even he could fully decipher it!"

"Have you not babbled on long enough? We couldn't care less for your nonsense!" Knightwalker twitched her brow in annoyance, how long was this clown going to babble on for? In responds Knightwalker waved a various set of hand seals. "Fire Style: Dragon Flame Bomb!" Knightwalker sprayed out waves of fire from her mouth, the head of the fire taking the shape of a dragon as it soared towards Neinhart.

"Heh." Neinhart smirked puffing his cheeks as his chest heaved up like a balloon. "Phantom Devil: Shrieking Banshee!" Neinhart spewed out a ghostly apparition that danced around in the air, gathering itself together like a snake in the center with what appeared as an orb in its core. The orb then unleashed such a blinding wave of light it shined as bright as the sun itself, while at the same time letting out deafening sonic soundwaves.

The flames vanished from Erza Knightwalker's mouth, as she quickly shut her eyes and covered her pained ears from this piercing sound. Mystogan as well was forced to cover his ears, and barely managed to squint his eyes in an attempt to see the shape of Neinhart.

Neinhart rushed towards his two paralyzed defenseless targets, his dominant hand coated in an energy blade of darkness. 'The only one who can move freely under these conditions, is myself!'

Mystogan had to shut his eyes, the light hurting his eyes. 'This sound! My bones feel like they are being grated! I can't move! I can't even focus my Kamui!'

Neinhart readied his energy blade. 'I should go for Mystogan! Be forever rid of that troublesome eye of his, then taking down this inferior version of lady Erza will be a cake walk. With my demonic vision, I can block out these waves of light! And with my demonic darkness I can create earmuffs to completely block out the sound. I win!'

Neinhart looked with a wicked grin, as he jumped for Mystogan with his arm raised. Only for suddenly his blade to clash with Knightwalker's commandment spear. 'What?!' Neinhart jumped aside, and then his banshee technique wore off. "How did you…"

Knightwalker was sweating, her body looking rather pale as a result of the intense soundwaves. She had thrown her spear at the last second, while Mystogan had tossed one of his staffs before her creating a defense magic circle to protect Knightwalker. "It wasn't too hard… to guess who your target was. Besides! As a knight of the Edolas Kingdom! I am bound by honor to protect the King! And as his wife! I am bound by love to protect him!" Knightwalker held her hand out, and on command the Commandment spear flew back into her grip.

"And as her husband, it is only natural I protect her first. As husband and wife, we have each other's backs." Mystogan and his wife shared a quick look of acknowledgement before putting their focus back on their enemy.

"My, how touching." Neinhart said tauntingly, and quickly jumped into the air to avoid an energy blast fired by Knightwalker. Neinhart's feet stuck onto the mast of the ship, which was broken and tilted over backwards a bit. "But even so, you've only delayed the inevitable."

"Gravity Core!" Out from her spear, Knightwalker unleashed a black orb of gravity that sucked in and crushed the broken mast of the ship. Neinhart leaped up, yet found himself getting sucked into the gravity core like it was a blackhole.

"Tch!" Neinhart puffed his cheeks, and his chest swelled up like a balloon to which Knightwalker was on full alarm.

"He's going to try and attack the orb to destroy the gravitational pull!" Knightwalker called out to her husband, who was already on the move. Levitating in the air with the use of Air Magic, Mystogan readied to strike Neinhart with a Lightning Blade, as his hand was coated in crackling lightning that sounded like a thousand chirping birds.

Mystogan held his hand out, and extended the lightning into a solid blade of lightning. Neinhart quickly turned around, tilting his head aside so Mystogan's blade pierced the gravity core causing it to crack. "Phantom Devil: Reaper's Death Drill!" Spewing out from his mouth, was an energy blast swirling around like a drill that pierced straight through Mystogan's body.

"Your majesty!" Knightwalker let out a blood curling scream seeing her husband's chest get pierced through.

Neinhart looked with a victorious smirk seeing the energy drill go all the way through, leaving a giant gaping hole in Mystogan's abdomen. "Huh?" Neinhart's expression turned into a look of confusion, as Mystogan vanished into a fog of mist. 'That wasn't Kamui!' Neinhart growled and quickly span his body around, clashing his energy blade hand against one of Mystogan's staffs.

"Phantom Devil: Death Scythe!" Forming a giant violet energy colored scythe, Neinhart swung it with the aim of beheading the Edolas King. Mystogan widened his eye, as his sharingan turned into a Mangekyou. And then the scythe just phased right through Mystogan's body. 'One… If he wants to attack me now, he needs to solidify himself first. His best aim is to grab me and suck me into the Kamui dimension. I just can't let him get too close.' Neinhart already knew of the Kamui's functions thanks to him reanimating Obito earlier. Neinhart watched as Mystogan's entire body phased through the scythe, as he moved himself closer with the aim to grab Neinhart. 'Got you!' Neinhart smirked as he prepared for a counter measure, only to notice Mystogan's hand phased through Neinhart's shoulder. No, Mystogan's entire body was phasing through Neinhart's.

Neinhart had been so busy, he hadn't noticed that Knightwalker had jumped over them, and was now falling towards them with her spear pointed down at them. "Silfarion!" The head of Knightwalker's spear turned into an arrow headed shape, and her speed increased drastically. Knightwalker soared down on them piercing her spear that phased through Mystogan, but connected with Neinhart.

Neinhart looked in fright. 'They tricked me with some tag team move?!' Before Neinhart could react, the spear head stabbed into him. "Gakh!" Neinhart groaned as the spear pierced into his side. Neinhart held onto the staff of the spear, to prevent Knightwalker from piercing the spear further into his insides. They soared crashing down into the ship, causing the whole ship to rock and break under the pressure. The water parted in a circular formation as Neinhart and Knightwalker made their way towards the bottom.

Mystogan levitated safely over to a neighboring warship where Knightwalker had already eliminated its passengers. "Come on Knightwalker…" Mystogan looked in panic, his eyes scanning the waters for any sign of his wife. The departed waters clashed together violently, and Mystogan felt his heart sink. But then, a spear head shot out from the waters, as the Commandment spear along with Knightwalker launched themselves out from the sea. Mystogan using Air Magic, flew up and grabbed his wife holding her bridal style. "You okay?" Mystogan asked as Erza Knightwalker hurled up some sea water.

"Peachy." She groaned, giving him a small peck on the cheek.

The sea began moving unruly, as an explosion rocked out from it, shooting water up like a geyser sky high. And Neinhart came hurdling out from the water, crashing onto the deck of the ship with Mystogan and Knightwalker. Neinhart was out of breath, as he stared down his two opponents. "I am impressed… You two certainly know each other's moves well enough." Neinhart's armor was torn to shred, having been crushed and destroyed by the full weight of the ocean. "My bones even broke… luckily demonic darkness heals all~" Neinhart cackled as slowly but surely his bones were healing. It seemed his healing prowess wasn't on the same level as an Etherious demon.

"He is a tough one." Knightwalker admitted.

"He wouldn't be one of the Twelve if he wasn't." Mystogan added.

Neinhart raised his energy blade coated hand, and slashed at the mast, cutting the wooden pillar in half and causing it to fall between himself, Mystogan and Knightwalker. Mystogan and Knightwalker both readied themselves, although the moment the mast had fallen past Neinhart they saw he was gone. Knightwalker quickly looked down, seeing Neinhart having slid himself through the small gap left bellow the falling mast and the deck. Neinhart slashed his energy blade at Mystogan, only for Knightwalker to parry the blade off with her spear.

Still using Silfarion form, Knightwalker moved at super speed as she pushed Neinhart back. Neinhart surprisingly kept up with Knightwalker despite her speed. A phantom shade crept underneath Knightwalker's feet, not to make her slip up however, no Neinhart needed intel. Forming a second energy blade, Neinhart slashed it behind himself hitting Mystogan, or rather phasing right through him. 'That makes two…'

'He read Knightwalker's mind to figure out my position…' Mystogan narrowed his gaze carefully trying to find an angle to exploit. Mystogan readied his hand, catching Neinhart's wrist as his arm had phased through Mystogan's entire torso. 'Now!' A vortex formed itself from Mystogan's eye, sucking in Neinhart to the Kamui dimension.

"Phantom Devil: Ghost Form!" Neinhart however made his body see-through, and slipped right out from Mystogan's grip. Mystogan groaned and stopped the kamui before it sucked in Knightwalker instead. 'That's three…'

'That technique, it is like my Kamui, he makes himself immune to physical and magical attacks. But there has to be certain conditions to it.' Mystogan analyzed while Knightwalker fired of a blast attack at Neinhart, who clicked his tongue and jumped aside as his body turned solid again. 'Seems he has a time limit to how long he can remain like that. I estimate about roughly 20 seconds so far. But it could be him trying to trick us, I need to conduct some further tests, while avoiding touching his shades. Only I can manage that, I cannot afford to share my strategy with Knightwalker either.' Mystogan thought seeing as he was using Air magic to levitate, preventing him from touching the ground, and Neinhart's phantoms.

Neinhart looked on with a frown, like Mystogan he carefully analyzed the situation. 'That Mystogan… he is more troublesome than I originally gave him credit for. I shouldn't have blabbed about my phantom shades reading his mind at the start of the fight, that was stupid. And Erza Knightwalker, she is more persistent than I thought… far more aggressive. I hardly have time to think of ways to deal with Mystogan with her constant interference. I need to get rid of her.' With a mere lift of his finger, Neinhart had the shadows from Mystogan and Knightwalker slither up and taking physical form. 'But first, I need to limit his use of that damn eye!' With a clench of his fist, the shadow beneath Mystogan exploded into spikes, and so did the ones underneath Knightwalker.

Knightwalker with her enhanced speed, leapt away to dodge, while Mystogan with some quick thinking activated the Kamui to phase through the spikes. 'And that's four.' Neinhart smiled, and puffed his cheeks as he aimed for the fleeing Knightwalker. "Phantom Devil: Rage!" Neinhart spewed out a massive wave of energy, where ghostly cries and echoes could be heard, as the faces of various phantoms formed into a destructive blast that was on collision course with Erza Knightwalker.

"Earth Shaker form!" Knightwalker turned her spear into a bident, the two headed spear emitting strange waves of energy. The waves causing the entire ground to shake, as well as the ocean creating giant tiddle waves. The distortion in the space around the bident, caused Neinhart's attack to look unbalanced, as it began tearing itself apart.

That blast wasn't Neinhart's goal however. Neinhart emerged right out from Knightwalker's shadow, and slashed her with his energy blade. Knightwalker looked stunned, and vomited out a puddle of blood as she let her guard down. Neinhart tucked and rolled out of the way, as his blast would now consume Knightwalker with her guard down.

"Three Layered Magic Circle: Mirror Water!" Mystogan jumped between Knightwalker and the blast, forming three mere magic circles that altered the direction of the blast towards Neinhart himself. Neinhart however, easily negated his own blast with a mere flick of his fingers.

"Knightwalker!" Mystogan held his wife in his arms. She groaned and looked upon him with a smile.

"Just peachy your majesty… now, go get him. I will be fine." Knightwalker pulled herself to her knees, taking long deep breaths whilst using her scarf to put pressure on the wound.

Mystogan while holding his wife, flew away as Neinhart unleashed a second blast attack. Mystogan gently put his wife down, before floating back over to face Neinhart. "Heh, you think distance will save her?" Neinhart held his arms up, his hands mimicking himself holding a flute. "Phantom Devil: Demon Lullaby." Vibrating musical tunes played all around them, and Mystogan froze, feeling his very brain was shaking. His surroundings began looking wobbly, his body felt like it was melting and he couldn't move. Knightwalker was probably experiencing the same.

'This is… like genjutsu!' Mystogan instantly recognized this sort of an affect to be like an illusion, thanks to Commander Itachi's training. "Mangekyou Sharingan!" Mystogan had only his Mangekyou Sharingan eye open, the distorted space around him cracking like a broken mirror. The illusion broke, and Neinhart had made his move towards the already injured Knightwalker. "Kamui!" Mystogan warped himself away into the vortex, and reappeared next to Knightwalker.

However, this was just what Neinhart wanted. "And that makes five." Neinhart slashed down his energy blade. And Mystogan thinking quick on his feet, kicked up Knightwalker's spear and used it to parry off the energy blade.

"Blue Crimson!" The spear divided itself into two halves, one emitting a blazing torrent of fire, and the other a blizzard of ice. Using the ice to shield Knightwalker, and the fire to slash at Neinhart.

'He can use her spear?!' This was something Neinhart hadn't counted on. But it seemed his plan was working, Neinhart could tell Mystogan was feeling the fatigue of overusing Kamui. Mystogan put the spear back together, and gently placed it next to the recovering Neinhart. Mystogan pulled a staff out from the strap on his back, and pierced it into the floorboard.

"I was waiting for this." Mystogan declared and Neinhart in his confusion looked around seeing various staves surrounding him glowing like ominous purple lanterns. "Sky Scraper!" Neinhart lost his footing, as the floorboards of the ship moved like the waves of the sea, before erupting into a massive explosion.

"What is this?! He blew himself up?!" Neinhart couldn't control himself, he was flying further up into the sky. Neinhart heard a monstrous growl, turning around he saw the sky itself was ripped open. And reaching out from the open rift in the sky, was the hand of gigantic monster. Black ribbons bound themselves around Neinhart, restraining his body and forcing him to face the roaring beast.

Neinhart let out panicking gasps, his heart raising at an alarming rate. He needed to break free from this. "Phantom Devil: Demon Scythe Storm!" Slashing scythes raged around Neinhart, cutting through this illusion set up by Mystogan. "You trickster…!" Neinhart snarled, seeing he was still on the ship with Mystogan and Knightwalker.

"You aren't that quick on the uptake." Mystogan held his hands in a symbol. And Neinhart looked up seeing five layered magic circles having formed over him. "Five Layered Magic Circle: Sacred Song!" A giant destructive pillar of energy, that pierced through the clouds pushed into Neinhart. Neinhart buckled and fell to his knee, as the gravitational push of this pillar threatened to crush him.

"Phantom Devil: Ghost Form!" Neinhart's body turned see-through, as he no longer felt the pressure of the destructive energy pillar, Neinhart managed to slip out. Mystogan didn't relent however, using telekinesis Mystogan plucked his staffs out from the ground. And surrounded them around ghost form Neinhart.

"Mirror Reflect!" The staffs gave off an intense light, that pierced through Neinhart's phantom shadow like body. Neinhart let out blood curling screams, as this was actually affecting him. Neinhart slipped out however, by rushing through the staffs like a ghost.

'16, 17, 18, 19…' Mystogan counted in his head, and as Neinhart was close to him, a blast attack from Knightwalker's spear soared towards Neinhart. The blast slipped through Neinhart as one would think, but then. '20.' Mystogan counted and Neinhart screamed in pain as he was sent flying out from the blast and to the edge of the deck of the ship.

Knightwalker was panting, shakingly pointing her spear at Neinhart. "This… can't be happening… I am supposed to be invincible. Once I learned the Edo Tensei from Madara… I would have my army. And take both him, Zeref, the Empire and all of Ishgar down! I was supposed to become the perfect Devil Slayer… And yet, two inferior versions of Jellal and Erza are causing me such trouble…" Neinhart begins laughing, like he has finally lost his mind. "This just won't do… Oh well…" Neinhart blitzed Mystogan and slashed his entire torso with an energy blade. "I will just have to end this quickly, and quit playing around."

Neinhart looked confident, there was no way Mystogan could manage another Kamui. Now he had them he thought. "Mist Body!" Mystogan's body dissolved into mist, and he traveled right over to Knightwalker standing over her defensively.

"Damn you…!" Neinhart rushed at Mystogan, who readied his staff and parried with Neinhart's energy blade. "Phantom Devil: Shrieking Banshee!" Neinhart unleashed the orb again, and it unleashed the same blinding light, and deafening shriek. "Die!" Neinhart stabbed Mystogan with his blade, while Mystogan was quick to destroy the orb with a lightning blade. Mystogan then moved the lightning blade down into Neinhart. "Phantom Devil: Ghost Form!" The lightning blade phased through Neinhart, but still Mystogan held his hand firmly in place, counting down the 20 seconds until Neinhart became solid again.

Neinhart pulled his arm out from Mystogan's body, and a bloody pool erupted from Mystogan's torso. Neinhart had stabbed him through the shoulder area. "I won't miss again!" Neinhart declared and walked confidently towards Mystogan who was on his knees. '17, 18, 19, 20-' Mystogan readied his lightning blade, but Neinhart became solid again and stabbed Mystogan this time straight through the heart.

"Hehe…" Neinhart smirked, although then something that made him widen his eyes. He noticed there was no blood.

"Now!" Mystogan called out through his bloodied mouth.

"Saint Spear, Ravelt! Ravelt Shocking Spear!" Using the strongest spear form of her Commandment Spear, Knightwalker charged the tip with such intense magical energy it caused the whole world to tremble. And Knightwalker thrusted the spear right through Mystogan and straight into Neinhart. The spear unleashed such destructive power, that it left a large gaping hole in Neinhart's chest.

The Spriggan gaped and vomited out a puddle of blood as he flew back a few steps. 'How… he had used up his kamui… I could tell… how did he?' Neinhart groaned, lifting his upper body up through support of his arms. "How… I thought you ran out of kamui to use…? You aren't an Uchiha… That Kakashi from Itachi's world who had that eye… in his prime couldn't even use it that often without passing out… how could you?" Blood came foaming out from Neinhart's mouth as he glared at Mystogan and Erza Knightwalker.

"You only assumed I was limited to five. My actual limit however, is seven per day. I've had stamina training in the use of this eye… for years, and instructed by a professional Uchiha. You miscalculated." Mystogan groaned, holding onto his injured shoulder where Neinhart stabbed him earlier.

'He… he tricked me by taking that hit. Even though I blinded him with my Shrieking Banshee technique… he predicted the course of my blade and took the hit. Was it a ploy to make me think he was out of kamui? No, wait… With the Shrieking Banshee his senses should have been so shaken up, it would nearly have been impossible for him to focus on a kamui. He just took a gamble that I would fall for it… and I did!' Neinhart hurled up more blood and fell onto his back. "Fucking hell… I'm not done yet…!" Neinhart focused the demonic power of his Devil Slayer magic, to make the demonic darkness try and close up his wound.

Erza Knightwalker walked over to Neinhart, and pinned him down by planting her boot on his chest. "Let's see you heal without a head!" Knightwalker raised her spear ready to behead Neinhart. Who was panicking, his eyes widened with fear, and a cold sweat running down his face.

'No! No! Please no!' Neinhart thought in terror. "Ugh!" Neinhart's face suddenly starts to bloat up. And Knightwalker looks so confused and freaked out, that she backs up a bit.

"What's going on?" Knightwalker and Mystogan look in confusion. As Neinhart while letting out pained cries, but unable to form words as his mouth and tongue are so bloated he can't even speak. Neinhart's entire body then begins to puff up like a balloon that looks like it's about to pop.

'So much magic energy is gathering into him! This is bad! He is going to explode!' Without a word, Mystogan rushes over to Knightwalker and firmly grabs ahold of her. Mystogan then began warping himself and his wife into the Kamui dimension.

'What's happening to me?!' Neinhart cries out in pain within his own mind, when suddenly he hears a deep chilling chuckle. "It would seem you have outlived your usefulness. Foolish Neinhart, I already had an underling betray me once… did you really think I didn't expect it from such a weasel like yourself?" That voice, Neinhart knew it, it was Madara. "When I taught you the basics of Edo Tensei, and shared some of my power with you, I planted a seed within you set to detonate upon my command. Now, thanks for all the intel you have provided so far, you've been a valuable pawn. But this is the end of our partnership." Madara coldly declared while Neinhart in desperation tried to reach Madara mentally. 'No! Wait! Wait! I have U-' Before he can even think of the name of Madara's beloved, Neinhart's entire body explodes taking down his entire fleet with him.

Reacting to the death of Neinhart, Ur stopped mid battle against a few mages. Looking astonished as she gazed onto her own hands, her movements weren't restricted anymore. She was free from Neinhart's control. "Everyone! Stop!" Ur called out to the various Rune Knights that had her surrounded. Yet they did not hear the plea of who they considered to be their enemy, and went in for the attack. "I don't want to fight you-" Ur was halted from her speech, as she felt her mind was invaded. 'What the hell?! Didn't someone kill that bastard after all?!' Ur questioned as someone was restricting her movements. Only this time, she couldn't fight back, it was as if the caster of this spell had somehow gotten way stronger.

"That fool Neinhart is indeed dead my dear. However, I am the Magic King August. The Leader of the Spriggan Twelve. I will assume command now my dear." August's voice spoke through Ur, as she used her magic to create a swirl of razorblades of ice that slaughtered all the surrounding Rune Knight. Their blood drenched the white snow beneath Ur's feet, and the blood of those stuck on some of the swirling razor blade ice vines rained down around her. "Looks like that fool Neinhart was saving up a special trump card. But it seems he couldn't control this one, he must have waited until he learnt more from Madara of this spell. But I am not Neinhart, I can easily control this man." August had Ur reach her hand out to one of the dead Rune Knights. Pouring his magic through his link with Ur, August summoned forth a new soul to fight for their Empire.

What appeared as paper surrounded the dead Rune Knight, as his appearance completely changed. Ur looked stunned at what she was sensing, this man's power was unlike anything she had ever sensed. It was powerful enough to be Madara himself, yet at the same time the nature of this power was far too gentle. "That armor… it's just like Madara's…" Ur mumbled as she gazed in awe at the man before her. He had the same red samurai armor like Madara, and wore a headband with a strange symbol. And his hair was long and black like Madara's, only straighter and without any spikes.

"To think, Madara knew of such a powerful man. He is just as powerful as me and his majesty." August was a bit impressed of this man's power, perhaps he needed a small Enchantment boost from Irene to fully assume control of this man. "Hashirama Senju, the God of Shinobi. Yes, you will make a fine addition to our ranks." August chuckled, while Ur continued to look in awe as she gazed upon the lifeless form of the God of Shinobi. Hashirama's lifeless corpse was then closed up in a coffin, as it seemed like August still had a few details to work out before unleashing Hashirama onto the battlefield. Ur watched in silence, as the coffin sank into the ground.

"Who was that?" Ur was still left in awe at the sheer, ironic enough life-like energy she felt from the reanimated Hashirama.

Meanwhile, witnessing the explosion from a distant, Madara and Acnologia saw a pillar of dark purple ghostly phantoms rise from the explosion that shook the ocean, and rose beyond into the clouds. "Pity, it would seem as if that Edolas Prince had enough chakra for one more go with the Kamui. And here I was hoping to remove Obito's troublesome eye from this war." Madara sighed as he continued to watch various battles from above the clouds. With his Rinnegan he saw it all clearly. Madara flinched for a second, for a brief moment he felt a presence he hadn't felt in years. A presence he would never forget. 'It can't be…' Madara thought to himself as the presence was now gone.

"You do not wish to join in on the battle yet?" Acnologia asked bringing Madara out from his train of thought. Acnologia's trembling suggesting he was a bit eager to start the hunt for the Dragon Slayers.

"It would be wiser to see them get rid of a few troublemakers first. Like Larcade, Dimaria and Brandish. Their abilities are quite bothersome. Both Wall Eehto and Neinhart have been taken care of, and by the looks of it August seems to have taken over Neinhart's spell. Now let us just wait for the perfect moment, I want to crush Zeref by taking Fairy Heart right before his eyes. Taking Fairy Heart without him witnessing it wouldn't be as satisfying." Madara was in no rush, he would let Alvarez and Ishgar the opportunity to weaken themselves a bit before he makes his move.

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