When Things Begin

"This is it. This definitely Erza's locker," Bixlow, Freed and Evergreen were walking through the hallways late at night. The school was closed and no one was there at the moment so their cover was perfect. They stopped right at a certain locker which Bixlow said was Erza's, "Hehehe, watch the master do his thang." He attempted to do a feeble kicked towards the metal doors but it easily got deflected, "Ow, ow!"

"Eh, you moron. Can't you ever think straight Bixlow." Evergreen asked rhetorically. She then proceeded to walk in front of the boys and held out her hand, "Freed, hand me your library card."

"Don't you think going against Laxus will get us in trouble?" Freed asked uncertainly. He did, however, give his card to Evergreen.

"That bitch deserves what's coming to her. Always think of herself as all high and mighty and queen of this school. I'll show her…" Evergreen expertly took the card in her hand and began swiping and picking at the lock with the card and the hair pin she got out.


"And that's how it's done, boys." Evergreen said smugly, walking back away from the open locker, "Go get it Bixlow."

"Hehehe, whatever you say." Bixlow began to chuckle walking toward the locker and stuck his hand inside.

"I can't wait to see what'll happen."


"Alright, you maggots! Line Up! It's time for your torture!" Ahh, it was gym. The one time and place where I can let off some of my steam. School can be a real hassle, y'know. So some physical education should get my attitude right again. Like I said, letting off some steam. "I'm your new gym teacher: Gildarts! But once you all love me, I'll accept the name "Crash"!"

"Damn, Gildarts! I was wondering when you were gonna come? Ya sure have a big ego, that's for sure."

"Shut it Natsu. Being Vice Principal wasn't my style. You know how I am- I like to take action!" As he said this, he roughly knocked me on the back of my head.

"Hehe, I totally agree." I chuckled lightly, holding the back of my head. You see, that old man is what you could call my "body guard" or "supervisor"- whatever suits your taste. That guy looked over me since I was out of my mother's womb(metaphorically of course). Gildarts has been like a second father, and we're definitely as close to father and son as can be. Basically, he's a super spy of the highest standards that you can't get anywhere plus a father figure to me.

"Hey, listen up and get in line!" Gildarts yelled out getting the attention of all the students that were fooling around. "We'll be playin' dodgeball! And ladies, don't get your panties in a knot- and that goes for you too boys, though I'm not sexist! Got it, everyone gets into equal teams! And start!" Blowing his whistle, the students rushed for the balls that were prematurely set up on the line in the middle of the court. But of course, all the "jocks" were on one team while the "wimps" were on the other. Which one do you think I was on?

"Haha! Heads up Pinky!"

And you guessed it right.

Laxus was out to get me for some reason that's really apparent but I was in denial to accept it as the reason is too stupid. Multiple balls were flying at me as I dodged them with ease. Having higher senses make all those objects look like they're in slow motion. Plus having super abnormal reflexes helped me dodge them. So… this sport is kinda useless… okay, every sport is useless for me. I mean, come on, I'm half Dragon what'd you expect.

Eventually, my own personal bully stopped his bombardment of balls at me and aimed for- Gray!? 'What the hell is he doing!? He doesn't look like he's even trying to play this game!' Rushing over to him out of reflex, I caught the balls that were aimed at him, with both in my hands.

"What the?" Laxus asked himself perplexed. In all honesty, he looked stupid with that face on. How could a girl like Erza ever end up with someone like hi-

"Hey, douche! What d'ya think you're doing!?" Bixlow screamed out with his tongue sticking out. Disgusting…

"Hmp, you guys really are the kings and queens of Jerksville." I said back to them with the corniest line ever. I wasn't trying to pick a fight, and nothing really came to mind. Excuse the lameness of the line.

"If anyone's a king, that'd be me! The king of this school- just like how I'll be crowned during Prom!" Laxus yelled out, picking up two balls from the ground.

"Yeah, ya tell 'em Laxus!" Bixlow yelled again in excitement.

"Hey, you guys take the right and left. I got the middle." Laxus said, commanding his little troops.

'Wow, this guy really is king.'

"Now!" He screamed as I saw balls flying at me in almost every direction. I could simply finish this by doing a back flip to avoid all of them… but, I wanna put a show for my good friend Gray here. So, catching the first two balls in my hands, I dodged three others with a spin move and ducked under one the was aimed for my head. Then, seeing another coming at me from the back of the group, I stopped it in between the two balls in my hands.

"It's time to get started." I said to myself, juggling to three balls in my hand. I proceeded to throw the first two towards the guys to the right then the third to the one at the left. Running up towards some others I found around me, I swiftly knocked out Bixlow and Freed while Laxus was the last one left.

"Bastard!" He screamed out in rage, seeing all his "friends" taken down by me. It kind of felt good to be the cause of someone's hate by the person who already hates you. Can't break something that's already been broken, all I'm doing is moving the pieces around.

"Hey Laxus," I said winding up a throw, "It's good to be king, right?" Throwing the ball towards his feet, he jumped in the air as I found my chance and threw the next one at his face, dead center, causing him to crash to the ground. I chuckled a bit before I saw Gildarts walk towards him and lightly smack him on the face.

"Hey, come on kid, I can't be responsible for another head injuring in this class! So next time, don't do something like jump in the air during dodgeball!" He screamed out in annoyance, coming up with a silly reason to be worried, just like how he usually is.

"Welp, that's taken care of, right Gray?" I turned in back of me only to see him walk off into the changing rooms. I followed him there and took off my clothes to change too. He was quiet for the most part, which was weird.

"You know, I didn't need saving. Life is fine the way it is." He said coldly, sighing at the end.

"I know. But that's what friends do."

"I don't need to be lectured, okay."

"Hey, but why didn't you actually try back there. You know, I can see that you're much stronger than you let on. Do you study some kind of fighting style or martial arts?"

"Just stop. I'm not really into this right now so we can talk later, kay?"

"Yeah, sure thing. But don't you think it's tiring to hear that guy speak all "high and mighty" all the time?"

"Hmph, yeah, what you did was cool though. You definitely brung Laxus down a few pegs." Gray chuckled a bit, putting on his shoes. At least I know that's still the Gray I know. He was acting weird for some reason but I have no right to pry into his personal life.

"You think I should use that as an entertainer and get some money?" I asked jokingly.

"Hell yeah, man! We can get our own little Laxus' too." Gray said as I laughed along with him. It was really nice hanging around him. I don't know why I didn't meet this guy sooner. Although, he is kind of annoying when he jokes about me. But the fun atmosphere was gone, when I smelled Laxus and his goons walk over.

'What do they want now?' I thought to myself tiredly.

"Hey, if it isn't the lonely emo and the pink-haired idiot," Laxus' insults really started to irritating considering the frequency that they've been coming. "Hey, get lost loser, I've got business with the pinky." Laxus threatened.

"How about- no. We were just leaving anyway."

"Nah, Gray, it's alright. I'll just have a nice civil talk with them for a few minutes. Just go to class or something." I stopped Gray before he could do anything stupid and he apparently listened, grabbing his stuff and walking out of the locker room.

"So… you know what's gonna happen to you right?" Laxus asked with a devious smirk, cracking his knuckles as his "friends" chuckled behind him.

"Um, well, it seems like the situation where I should fight back and beat you all to a pulp. But, my mom did say to avoid fighting at all costs, so…" I smirked slightly at the situation. I always loved the rush of adrenaline.

"You think I care what your mom thinks? Just wait till she sees her son come home with more than a couple bruises."

"Really? If that's the case…" I finished tying my laces and smacked my foot to the ground as I cracked my knuckles. "See ya slow pokes!" I dash around the lockers to their surprise and headed towards the door that leads to the gym. Seeing as they were behind me, I stopped and picked up a few balls from the floor and pretended like I was gonna hit them. It made me laugh a little when they all stopped like cowards and put their hands in front of their faces. But I still threw it at them.

Then, making a quick get away, I ran to the walls of my gym and jumped unto the edge, running along it. Did I mention that this school is an outdoor school? I didn't? Okay, well it is, and a lot of the halls and classes are held with either no roofs or open roofs. Sometimes the walls are just left alone with only glass windows. Damn, this place has a lot of money.

So, I ran along the edge of the wall and swung on some poles that supported to open ceiling that lead me to the top of a roof. In all honesty, this was really fun. And I think missed most of my other class… oh well. I saw that the roof was ending so I jumped and rolled to the floor from a second story building. Don't question it, I'm a hybrid. And I found the most unlikely person.

"Hey, Gildarts! Can't talk now, gotta run!"

"God, please don't tell me that kid has gotten into more trouble… nevermind, obviously he did."

I took a turn to go back inside the school because I was outside but those goons still kept up with me. 'They sure know their way around this place.' Quickly thinking, since they were in my way, I jumped off the stairs I was on then flipped back on, successfully juking them out. If you're wondering, I did some parkour when I was a kid. It was part of the training session Gildarts put me through. But to make this even more fun, I jumped off the railing and swung onto the banners that hung from the high ceiling. Until I jumped into the middle of the hallway with many weird stares coming at me. I didn't bother to pay attention as I knew the chase was still on.

I looked behind me to see those punks tripping over themselves. Funniest thing all day. Then I busted through a door that leads to the library and jumped onto the book cases. It was really fun doing this. I haven't had this much excitement in months. I eventually came down from there and ran on top of the tables while grabbing a hanging light and swinging towards an open window which I jumped out of, landing in a new sector of the school. I had no idea where I was at this point but those kids were still behind me.

By then I just ran into an empty janitor's closet and walked out when the coast was clear. But, it turned out it wasn't 'cause Laxus was still behind me. I ran and opened the nearest door that led to the lunch room. Which reminds me, I haven't eaten lunch yet. I was stuck in a corner with the glass walls behind me that I could easily break but it would cause too much problems for my mom.

"Give it up Pinky. It's the end of the line for you." Laxus said panting loudly.

"Just leave me alone. You have no idea what you're getting yourself into!" I screamed anxiously as I felt my body getting hotter than usual. My lungs felt like they were burning and mouth was like it was on fire. 'What the hell is happening!?'

"I know what I getting myself into- I'm gonna get my fist in your face!"

"Just go! Leave me alone!" I screamed back, holding my chest.

"Time for a beat down…" Laxus began to walk closer to me as I started to panic. I didn't know what to do. All this pain was blocking my rational thought process. All that I could think about is destroying this guy with fire.

"I said.. leave me, ALONE!" I don't know how exactly it happened or why, but actually fire flew out of my mouth, and before I knew it, Gildarts came and covered my mouth with what I thought was a fire-proof rag. He quickly stepped on the little embers left behind and began to talk.

"Holy mackerel! What do you think you're doing Natsu!? And you, kid, get outta here."

"What!? You think that I'll leave after this!? This is insane!" Laxus screamed in shock. Although I couldn't blame him- I'm still surprised about what happened myself.

"I said leave or you're expelled, got it!?" Gildarts screamed before Laxus reluctantly ran out of the cafeteria. "Now you're coming with me."

"Please don't tell my mother…"

Sometime after that, Gildarts lead me to a jet he somehow kept hidden on school grounds. When I got there I was pretty sure that it was an abandoned old district of the school, but Gildarts modified it to fit his favorite jet. Not surprised.

When we got on and the engine started, there was a heavy atmosphere between us. I didn't know if he was angry at me or not but I know that he was serious.

"Hey, listen Gildarts. Whatever you think happened back there… just know that I meant none of this to happen." After saying this, I got even more worried when he didn't reply. "What I'm saying is… I had no control over what happened. I didn't know that fire would come outta my mouth. If anything, it was Laxus' fault for provoking me!"

"I know it's not your fault, damn it! I'm just worried! One of the closest person to me has a condition I don't even know about and can eventually turn out to hurt others! So how can I not be nervous about this!" Gildarts yelled back something that caught me off guard.

'I didn't know he felt that way… God, I'm such an idiot! How can I be so inconsiderate to other people's feelings? Especially Gildarts!'

"Don't worry about whether or not I'm gonna tell your mom, 'cause I'm not. Just sit back and relax. I;m taking you to your special Doctor."

"What now?" I asked surprised. Whenever he mentioned that, I always knew who he was talking about, I just never liked going there. That person always… does something that's related to probing my body.

"Yup, we're going to see Professor Laki."

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