Offensive Positions

Natsu: Main Quarterback; Wide Receiver

Gray: Main Wide Receiver; Running back

Jellal: Main Tight end; Wide Receiver; rarely Quarterback

Lokè: Main Fullback; Tight end

Jet: Main Running Back; Fullback

Gajeel: Main Nose Guard/Center; Fullback

Laxus: Main Tackle; Tight end

Elfman: Main Guard; Nose Guard/Center

Blood Brothers

'This is it!' Natsu yelled in his head as he threw the last ball of the game. The clock was ticking down as if in slow motion as a Linebacker was about to sack him. Releasing the ball from his hand and letting out a clean spiral, Natsu threw the ball over the player's heads while getting tackled last minute. 'I'm counting on you… Gray!'

Running off the line of scrimmage at top speed Gray ran a "Post" route going for a long pass. Going past the cornerback Gray tried to shake him but he stuck with him like glue. Looking above he saw the ball Natsu threw about to go over his head heading for the touchdown zone. Tensing, Gray felt the adrenaline go to his legs moving at a speed never reached before and shook off the corner trying to catch up to the ball in the air.

Looking as if the ball was going to miss Gray's outstretched hand, Natsu watched his best friend, his surrogate brother and his rival, thinking about what lead up to this dazzling moment.

1 year ago in a run down apartment:

"Ah, come on guys, we gotta do it!" Natsu whined to his friends which were basically his "blood" brothers- Gray, Gajeel and Jellal.

"No Natsu. We just can't. We don't have enough money." Jellal said sighing.

"But it's free!" Natsu exclaimed.

"Yeah, but even so, do you think you can waltz in on one of the greatest football team tryouts and expect us to get picked out of probably 500 participants?" Gajeel asked being a smartass.

"Yes! Yes I do! Come on guys we got this! We played Football in high school and made it to the state championship and won! Plus also played in college, won the nationals and got our degrees! Why won't we get picked!?" Natsu yelled explaining what he thought was a full proof plan.

"He does have a point…" Gray said contemplating about what Natsu said.

"I knew you would see my way Gray!" Natsu said excited, wrapping his arm around Gray's neck, happy that at least one of his friends agreed with him.

"Get off me ash breath! Plus I never said I agreed with you!" Gray yelled throwing Natsu over his shoulder. Groaning from the ground Natsu still grinned.

Sighing Jellal gave in, "You know what, screw it. Let's do this I guess." Being the rational one of the group he usually made all the big decisions. "Who else is in?" he asked raising his arm.

"Personally I think it would be cool to see how I stand up against Fiore's best. Gihi!" Gajeel snickered at the thought of beating up the best players in the nation. What was going on in his head was actually pretty hilarious.

"You biased asshole! I thought you said it was stupid to go up against all the players in the country! You only agree with Jellal!" Natsu fumed getting up quickly from the ground and making a comical angry face at Gajeel.

"I only listen to him cause your last idea almost put us in jail dumbass!" Gajeel got in Natsu's face and started to push against it as Natsu did the same with red and green auras around them. Eventually, the staring contest turned into a full on brawl between the two.

"Come on guys, stay focused! We still have to wait for Gray's vote." Jellal said breaking up the fight between the two. Luckily he had fighting experience with them or else he would have had some bad injuries. "So what do you think Gray?"

"I think… that if this backfires on us I'm personally kicking Natsu out of this apartment." Gray said grinning looking at Natsu's features.

"Really! Thanks guys, I promise this will be our game changer in life!" He said determinedly. "Anyway, I have to use the bathroom now. I think Gray's hit destroyed my bladder." Natsu rushed to the one bathroom shared by all of them to do his business. After a couple minutes, his voice came from the room.

"Uh, I think it's clogged again!"

"I'll get the plunger…" Jellal sighed moving towards the closet. 'This plan better make us a lot of freaking money.'

Later that week:

"Are you sure you bought the tickets to register us in?"

"I bet hot head just forgot them like he does everything else."

"Like hell I would ice dick! Why would I forget something that's free and can change our lives!"

"Cause it's free."

"He does have a good point."

"Enough already!"

The four compadres were walking down the glorious and beautiful city of Magnolia. They say that the city itself was filled with hot babes but the women never even noticed… but the men did. The brothers got there on the cheapest bus they could find and rode it across half the country.

They were all eastern boys (if you know what I mean) and lived in a suburban area and Magnolia was near the middle of the country so the ride was hellish for Natsu and Gajeel as the two were severely diagnosed with bad motion sickness. The thing I forgot to tell you is that Natsu and Gajeel were actually related by blood as they were cousins.

"Anyway Natsu, where did you find something like that?" Gajeel asked.

"Well do you remember last year when the Fairy Tail team lost the championship again? What happened was that most players were tired of losing and ended their contract. Now they set out notifications that there were tryouts in their hometown to build up their numbers again. And that's why we're here." Natsu answered.

"And when perhaps did you find this ad?" Jellal asked raising an eyebrow.

"Uhm… it was… during my work hours…" Natsu said sheepishly.

"That's why you got fired from your job!? You told me it was because your boss didn't like you!" Jellal yelled frustrated in the middle of the streets.

"Well the second part is true! The boss didn't like me, so I didn't like him back by not doing my job! Simple logic!" Natsu explained.

"I'm definitely gonna hurt you this time Natsu!" Jellal said pouncing on Natsu making them tumbling and fall on the sidewalk. People around them look at the group in fear and worry as they passed by the scene of a blue haired man pulling the other man's pink- I mean salmon hair.

The fight ended with Jellal knocking Natsu out and him dusting off his clothing.

"Gajeel carry Natsu." He said sternly.

"What how come I have to do it!?" Gajeel yelled in protest.

"Just do it."

Later that day:

"Man, I never knew things in big cities cost so much." Gray said biting into his pizza slice.

"I know! Who charges $2 per slice? It's robbery!" Natsu said agreeing. A few hours before this the boys were walking to the hotel they rented a room in since the tryouts were only until the next day. During the time they walked, Natsu finally gained consciousness and walked by himself while cursing Jellal under his breath.

After they checked in the hotel they went out to eat some pizza after the very long day. And that's where we are in this story.

"Hey ash for brains, quiet down. We don't want to get kicked out so keep your trap shut." Gajeel said elbowing Natsu who he was sitting next to.

"But you can't deny the truth. This place is a rip off! The pizza doesn't even taste like pizza but more like burgers! How's that possible!?" Natsu shouted.

"Hey you- pink haired boy! If you don't like my pizza so much why don't you just get out of here! Stop disturbing my customers!" The owner of the pizza place and head chef yelled getting out from his station.

"Like hell I would! I paid for this food so you can't kick me out asshole! It's a free country!" Natsu yelled back.

"Yeah, free country my ass! The government's rigged since Ronald Trunk is president! So I can kick you out if I wanted to cause it's my property!" The owner yelled back.

"Come at me bro! I took courses on becoming an attorney in college and passed with flying colors! I could become a lawyer if I wanted to!" Natsu screamed angrily.

"Hahahaha! You don't even look smart with that pink hair of yours! What are you- gay? Hahaha!"

'Oh shit!' The brother brothers thought in unison.

"What'd you call me punk?" Natsu asked sinisterly.

"Hey, come on dude, he didn't mean it. Just calm down." Gray said trying to seat the now standing Natsu.

"Yeah, the guy doesn't know what he's talking about so leave him alone and let's go." Gajeel said also helping Gray calm Natsu. Jellal just started at the situation as this has happened many times before.

"What are you talking 'bout!? I meant every word, homo!" Now the people who really knew Natsu (which were his brothers) would know he was a very straight guy and never thought of a relationship like that. In fact, he lived by a moral (that he himself came up with) which was "God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" (it's ironic because he barely believes in God but you know…).

Also with knowing Natsu is that you never ever insulted his hair, especially its color as he said that it was 'salmon' not pink. So Jellal knew they would all be screwed by this point and probably be sent to a holding cell for violence among citizens even though the last time this happened it was mostly his fault but he didn't dwell on it too much.

"Hey, come on flame boy, you gotta calm down! We don't have enough money to bail ourselves out like last time so we hafta stay low 'kay?" Gray said pushing Natsu out the door while the rest followed.

"Yeah, that's right 'lawyer boy'! Get out and stay out!" The chef screamed further while the boys walked away from the source of anger. They headed back to the hotel exhausted and relieved from having saved themselves from jail.

"I swear, once we become rich and famous Imma rub it in his face and pay him to gravel to me." Natsu growled calming down (sorta).

"I may not have agreed with your actions but the guy really was an asshole." Jellal sighed.

"Yeah, if I was in Natsu's place I would've decked the guy in the face for goodness sake." Gajeel said.

"That's what he was about to do trash can!" Gray said scoffing.

"What'd you call me ice princess!?" Gajeel yelled punching Gray in the face who in turn tripped over to Natsu hitting him in the head.

"What was that for ice pack!" Natsu said attempting to punch Gray who dodged as the attack hit Gajeel instead.

"Oh, you asked for it now ashtray!" Gajeel screamed as the three brothers dogpiled on top of each other wrestling.

'Yep, just a regular day in this family…' Jellal thought until chair flew at him knocking him in the temple. "Okay! Who the hell was that!?" Jellal fumed joining in on the fray.

Yep, just a regular day in this family of blood brothers. They even forgot they had tryouts the next day.

A bunch of dumbasses.

A/N: FYI I'm gonna start this thing like this. You know the part with the chef owner and stuff? Well, it's not meant to be offensive to anybody. My friend just typed it up and thought it was funny(and so did I) and I left it there. If it is bothering anybody just Pm me and I'll change it immediately. By the way, the friend is Denise- he's a real person that gets on my nerves a lot but we're still buddies. Plus, as you saw, I posted everyone's position in the team for offense so her the defensive roster.

Defensive Positions

Cornerbacks: Natsu; Gray

Free Safety- Jellal

Strong Safety/Monster Back: Jet

Linebackers: Lokè; Freed; Bixlow;

Azlack is outside Linebacker

Defensive Line: Gajeel lines with Center;

Elfman and Laxus lines in between Guard and Tackle

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