Here They Come!

"Uhg, what happened last night?" Gray said waking up from the floor. Moving his brothers' limbs away from him he remembered the fight they had last night. Yep, it was fun alright. "Hey guys, wake up. We gotta get-"

Looking over at the clock by the nightstand, Gray gasped in horror.

"AAHHH SHIT! We're gonna be late!" Gray said panicking. 'How hard did we hit each other last night?' he thought. Dismissing the thought from his mind with "no homo" at the end, Gray's first instinct was to wake up his friends.

"Guys, I'm serious, wake up!" Gary said kicking them.

"Mhm, five more minutes Igneel." Natsu hummed in his sleep, not feeling the effects of Gray's constant hitting. Deciding to use his signature move Gray moved toward the bathroom getting the supplies he needed.

"Wake up numb skulls!" Gray yelled pouring cold water filled with ice on everyone on the floor.

"Haaa! F-freezing!"

"Ice b-bastard!"

"I-I-I'm gonna kill him for this!"

"No time for that! We hafta get moving or else we'll be late for the tryouts." Gray said stripping and getting in the shower.

"What really!" Jellal yelled surprised. Doing the same thing the two boys took a shower together(since there was only one and shower and they were pressed with time) while Natsu and Gajeel waited and picked out all their clothes(since they lived with each other for years they know each other's styles well).

When Jellal and Gray were done, Natsu and Gajeel were next. In all, it took them a good 15 minutes before rushing out the door to the nearest bus station.

"Man, I can't believe we overslept…" Jellal sighed for the hundredth time.

"Yeah, definitely. We woke up at 11:30 and the sign ins are at 12:00. We're lucky we chose the closest hotel." Gajeel said yawning at the end.

"Hey, come on guys! Stop with the brooding and mooding and get excited! We might have started off on the wrong foot and woke up literally on the wrong side of the bed but at least we got each other, right?" Natsu said trying to cheer them up.


"Hey, who said that!?" Natsu yelled at the boys. Minutes passed as the 4 stooges waited for the bus. When it came they boarded and was on their way to the Magnolia Stadium: one of the biggest ones in the world. Surprisingly(and luckily) the boys didn't get into any trouble which was a relief to them as they were sure something bad was going to-

"YOU'VE GOTTA BE KIDDING ME!?" Well, I was wrong. Upon getting off the bus and walking to the check up station, there was a line about as huge as the parking lot there.

"How are we ever gonna get in now? By the time we get to the entrance it would already be dark." Jellal pondered while the boys did their own thing.

"Hey, could we get in front of you guys?"

"Yeah, sure. Go right ahead."

"Thanks man. Excuse me could we get in front of you guys, this is very important."

"Oh, well if it's as important as you say it is, go on, my friends."

"You're the man, you know that! Hey mister, my friends and I were wondering if we could cut in line. We really want this opportunity but we can't get it like this."

"Oh, well go ahead, I don't mind. I'm already a Football player I just wanted to see what Fairy Tail looks like."

"Wow, thanks! We should meet up sometime."

"...but if that happens what are we going to do about the expenses?" Jellal asked himself. While he was pondering on what to do, the others already got to work.

"Oi! Berry head, hurry up and come up here!" Gajeel screamed. Looking towards where the sound originated Jellal gasped.

'They're already halfway down the line!?' Rushing over there he asked, "How the hell did you get here so fast!?"

"By asking." They said in unison.

"B-B-B-B-But how?"

"By asking, politely."

"I give up, let's just wait for now…" Jellal rubbed his aching head wondering how his brothers always find ways around things. But right now he didn't complain because it only took them about an hour to get in the front of the line.

"Hello, how may I help you?" A girl with lavender colored hair asked them.

'Wow, she's hot.' They all thought with drool slightly coming off their mouths in the girl's face.

"Um, excuse me, sirs. Hello?" The lady asked again. By this time the boys finally got out of their hallucinations and laughed awkwardly.

"Uh, sorry. You're just really pretty." Natsu blurted out scratching his head. The guys blushed deeply kicking Natsu in the leg all at once but not too hard that it would cause him pain.

"Uh, thank you…?"

"Natsu, the name's Natsu while these guys are my brothers: Gray, Jellal and Gajeel!" Natsu said happily while the other just waved.

"Oh, why thank you Mr. Natsu! My name is Laki and shall be providing your services! So, as I said before, how may I help you?" The girl identified as Laki spoke.

"Yeah, so we're here for the tryouts to get into the Fairy Tail team." Jellal answered finally getting the jitters out of him.

"Of course you are. Just let me write down your names," As she said this the boys waited for the slip she was writing on, "Oh, I almost forgot, you have to give me your register tickets before I can let you in."

"That's right. Hold on, let me get them," Natsu said putting his hand in his pocket, "Uh..." Pulling his hand out and putting it in his other pocket he panicked, "Please, no! Don't do this to me!"

"Don't tell me you screwed this up, Natsu!" Gajeel yelled at Natsu.

"I don't know what happened! I know I put them in the pants I was going to wear but-" Looking down in surprise, his eyes turned predatory and looked at Gray who was on the other side of him.

"Give me your pants." Natsu stated plainly.

"What! Why the hell should I do that!?" Gray screamed going into a protective stance.

"You strip unconsciously anyway so give them up!" Natsu said pouncing on Gray, trying to pry the pants off of him.

"Yeah, but this is different hot head!" Gray said getting up and running away from the animal-like Natsu.

"How in the world is it different!?" Natsu yelled, catching up to the waddling Gray who was trying to keep his pants up.

"It's different because I'm taking off my clothes in public consciously!" Gray said waddling for his life, "Why do you even need my pants anyway!?"

"'Cause they're mine!" Natsu yelled answering the question.

'No wonder they're so airy, it's 'cause they're sweat pants! I don't wear fucking sweatpants! I wear my wonderful skin tight jeans!'

Stopping, Gray finally put it all together.

"So you're saying that I'm wearing your pants that have the register tickets in them?" Gray asked Natsu who also stopped behind him.

"Yeah, so put your hand in the left pocket and take out the tickets. Then we'll be done." Natsu instructed, panting from the running. Doing as Natsu told him to, Gray took the tickets out of the left pocket looking at Natsu in wonder.

"I never knew someone could he such an idiot." Gray said walking with Natsu back to the stand where Laki was at.

"Shuddup. You're the one who took my pants in the first place." He said plainly.

"Touchè." Gray said. Walking back to the stand like nothing happened, Laki just stared wide eyes at what happened with her jaw hanging.

"Yeah, sorry about that. These type of things always happen every single day. You never get used to it. Trust me." Jellal apologized excusing his brothers' behavior to the now smiling Laki.

"No, it's okay, really! I go through this every day too working here so don't apologize. I was just surprised that other people in this crazy world acted like that too." Laki reassured Jellal while he sighed in relief. By this time Natsu and Gray already there handing the tickets to Laki and walking in the stadium.

"Good luck you guys!" Laki cheered but quickly got back to work. 'These guys are going to be a hand full if they get drafted to us.'

Treading their way through the doors, they were met with another hot woman, but this time she had light green hair and purple eyes.

"Hello gentlemen, my name is Bisca. I will take you to your fitting rooms if you haven't already bought your gear." The woman named Bisca said walking away from the boys. Saying nothing, the brothers followed her to the fitting rooms.

Getting there, Gajeel spoke like he usual does, "This is one hell of a place to be..." And one hell of a place it was. Turns out the fitting room just happened to be a gym too and surprisingly had a bar! Plus there was a changing room a few meters from the exit with a sign that said, "Jacuzzi".

'Holy shit! Is it even legal to have alcohol at a stadium!?' They all thought.

"Well, I guess we better go change our clothing before we put the pads on. Don't want to mess up the leather, ya know." Gajeel said rushing to the changing room.

"Lies! You just want to get into the Jacuzzi don't you, ya bastard!? Well if you're going, so am I!" Natsu instantly stripped dragging his clothes with Gray not far behind.

"They're with you?" Bisca asked.

"Sadly, yes…" Jellal answered putting his head down walking to the changing room too but at a slower pace.

"You guys would fit right in you know that!?" Bisca yelled across the room to where Jellal was. But before he could respond she was gone like the wind. Nah, just kiddin', she just walked too fast for Jellal to answer back.

Later that afternoon:

After changing into their gear and fighting naked in the Jacuzzi, the surrogate brothers walked out of the "fitting room" and went out the exit. They gasped walking into the stadium as bright lights and cameras were everywhere and reporters were talking to other people trying out for the spots on the team.

"Damn. It's been a long time since we've been in an atmosphere like this." Gray said.

"Yeah, but now I'm even more fired up to beat these guys and get our rightful places on this team!" Natsu yelled excited punching his fists together.

"Calm down hothead, we can't have you over heating now." Gajeel snickered.

"Shut up man. You know you're feeling the same way!" Natsu said punching Gajeel's pads.

"You bet I am! Gihihihi!" Gajeel laughed aloud.

"How about you Jellal, what do you think?" Gray said smiling at the situation.

"What do I think? You're asking me 'what do I think'? Who the hell do you think you're talking to, huh!? Of course I love this! The feeling, the adrenaline, all of it! I love all of it! Hahahaha!" Jellal laughed hysterically.

"Ahh shit."

"Oh, God damn it."

"Holy fuck, Siegrain is back!"

"You know I almost forgot about that guy since we stopped playing football."

Yep, that's right. Jellal had a split personality when it came to football after having a rough childhood with his parents. He was abused by them but eventually escaped the horrors and went through the court of law banned the parents to ever be associated with him. But that's also where he met all his other brothers.

Jellal's other person only came out in when his stress levels went way above normal. He liked to be called Siegrain for some reason but that didn't matter, what mattered was his attitude. He was a complete brute, always challenging other players and beating them to a pulp, extremely competitive and a complete monster when he played the sport. Almost like an angry Natsu, but more violet I guess… and sort of insane too.

"How the hell could you forget about him!?" Gajeel screamed at Gray.

"I don't know, it just didn't seem important enough for me to try to remember him!" Gray shouted back.

"How is he not important!? He beat you silly the last time you made fun of his hair!" Gray instantly cringed at that memory. Never insult an adrenaline-fueled psycho.

"Who the hell are you guys talking about? Anyway, let's go brothers, we have a competition to win!" Siegrain grinned mischievously walking ahead.

"Okay guys, do you remember how you get Jellal back?" Gray asked huddling up.

"Yeah, I do. All we have to do is hit him hard enough in the head that regular ol' Jelly comes back." Natsu giggled at the name he gave Jellal. He always hated it.

"Ok, ready? Brake!" Gajeel said commencing the plan. Running towards the unexpecting Siegrain, Gajeel jumped on his back and tried to pin him on the floor. The other two took off their helmets and hit Jellal right on the back of his head KOing Jellal.

"I really hate doing this." Gray sighed.

"Yeah, but at least I finally got to pay him back from before." Natsu grinned. A few minutes passed and the blue haired man finally got back up.

"Ugh, guys? What happened? Wait, please don't tell me he came back." Jellal pleaded.

"He came back." They said in unison.

"Jesus Christ, you've gotta be kidding me." Jellal sighed again for the one thousandth time of the day. He is literally border lining the emo scale, balancing in the middle, "Let's just get this over with." He started walking off to the line where all the over players were gathering to hear the announcement the head coach was going to give.

Putting back on their helmets, Gray and Natsu walked behind him with Gajeel tailing, "I think I like Siegrain better." Natsu said, looking at Jellal's back.

"Shut the hell up Natsu." Gray said plainly.

"You're just scared of him."

"Shut up Gajeel!"

"He's right though."

"God damn it, just shut the fuck up!"

. . .

. . .

. . .



A few minutes later in the Center of the Field:

Later, after the fiasco with Siegrain, the three brothers followed Jellal to the middle of the field where everyone else was gathering. In their eyes, there had to be at least 500 people in the area which were around the exact amount Gajeel said there would be. Everyone of different sizes was there: big(fat), muscular(super buff), skinny(skin 'n bones), and just plain average. But among them where some player that actually looked like they could play Football. Most of them had serious faces on, ready to cross any challenge set in front of them. Others were just jerking off with their friends(not literally)- mostly like the brothers were doing now.

"Hey, move it tin can head!"

"Why don't you, ash tray! I'm tryna see!"

"Would you guys shut up! We're in a crowd!"

"You're making noise too, Blueberry Jelly!"

"Don't call me that Gray!"

"I can't even get Fired Up 'cause of you knuckle heads!"

"Just stop, EVERYONE!"


"Uh oh, look at what you did Jellal."

"Why me!?" The whole crowd around them looked at them in wonder and bewilderment, They all literally paused just to look at what was going on in their direction. This made Jellal feel awkward. He didn't like this kind of attention.

But, luckily for him, that attention was easily slipped away from and over to the giant mega screen TV. The noise it was making caught their attention as it was cracking with gray and white static appearing randomly on the screen. Next, they all heard muffled voices coming from the speakers.

"Ahh, is this working? Test 1, Test 2."

"Did you try to plug in the video cord, coach?"

"Video cord? There's no damned thing called a vide- oh, there it is."

"Really coach?"

"Hehehe, my bad."


"Mhm, is it working now? Ahh, yes, there we go!"

Appearing on the wumbo screen was a middle aged man. From it, you can see that he was standing on a stool, confirming his very small height. He had a very bushy beard and a half bald head that only had hair around the sides. His hair a snowy white along with some of his outfit. He opted to wear a thin white jacket with a gold and blue shirt under it. His pants were simple jeans and his feet were covered with sandals instead of shoes.

Next to him, however, showed a young woman with dark, highlighted red hair that crossed her hands behind her like some soldier. She had a pink blouse with a white collar and a red Fairy Tail symbol stitched on the top left of the shirt. She too had jeans but they were rolled up to her knees. Lastly, she had red and white trekkers that stop at her ankles.

"Hello, everyone. I'm Makarov Dreyar, the head coach. Next to me is the assistant coach and second in command, Erza Scarlet." The man identified as Makarov spoke through the speakers while stroking his beard in the camera, "I see that there are a lot of you here. Well, that is no problem."

Everyone stared intently at the mega screen. They all knew that this was a matter of seriousness and that any little move they made could determine whether or not they get accepted as a Fairy Tail team mate.

"HAHAHAHAHAHA!" All except one idiot…


"HAHAHAHA! HE'S A FRIGGIN' MIDGET!" What Natsu blurted out shocked all the residence of the area with everyone having their eyes on him. The rest of his brothers just sighed. They knew this was coming the moment the guy showed himself on the screen.

"Doesn't he know who that is?"

"What an idiot, he's gonna get himself disqualified already."

"Why did he do that?

"I guess it's just a nervous breakdown." The crowded chattered quietly with little numbers here and there being heard by Gray and the others.

"Settle down now, people. What he says is the truth- I am indeed small. No need to make a ruckus." Makarov seemed to calm the rest of the audience but that didn't stop Natsu.

"But, he's like, SUPER SMALL! Hahahahaha, I mean, how could anyone be that small!? Look at him- he's on a freaking stool of goodness sake!" Natsu held his stomach to stifle the laughter but it didn't help at all. Gajeel, though, took the initiative and punched his stomach, making all the air escape Natsu's lungs and stopping his laughing fit.

"Geez man, show some respect." Gajeel; said through his clenched teeth.

"You there, what is your name?" Makarov asked as Natsu stood up from the punch and grinned madly.

"Me?" Natsu said jokingly, "I'm the person who's gonna get on this team and lead it to victory! I'll be the greatest quarterback, better than my father! I'm Natsu Dragneel- remember the name!"

Makarov took in a sharp intake of air, "Dragneel…" He said to himself. 'There's no way this brat could be the son of Igneel. He never had a son in the first place… right?'

And so, this is where our story begins. The three unknown sons of legends and one upcoming legend. These are the four brothers bonded by blood.

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