"Universe 7 wins the tournament!" The Grand Priest announced.

All gods of destructions minus Beerus start to shake in fear.

Goku looks at everyone around them, him, the gods and their angels, Majin Buu, Gohan and Hercule are the only ones who know the tragedy that is about to fall.

Gohan is happy that their Universe won, Videl and Pan are safe. He can't help but feel guilty. He can't tell Videl, what would she think?

No. It's his father's fault, his Dad left his Mother Chi-Chi after the Cell Games, he's the one who put the universes at risk.

Goku needs to learn responsibility one way or another, Gohan relaxes - he knows his father will fix everything somehow, like he always has.

Beerus never cared about Champa, they're rivals - they compete to stay on top of eachother. He then thinks to times where he helped his brother, he restored Universe 6's earth for him. The one time Billion years ago when they fought, he let Champa win. There was that time where he let Champa eat his food when he was hungry. Beerus goes pale and a tear goes down his eye. His brother is going to die.

"Universe 7, your reward is nothing." Android 17 rolls his eyes. "We entered for nothing?" Android 18 elbows 17 in the stomach. "Quiet" she whispers.

"Yes, Nothing, you should be grateful. - To all the losers your punishment is the destruction of you and your universes!" Everything goes quiet, and people start to panick.

Vegeta goes wide eyed "What did he just say? Kakarot did you know this!?" The Prince of all Saiyans compares the destruction of Planet Vegeta to 11 Universes, all of these people will die.

He thinks about Kyabe and that one girl saiyan, and Planet Cabbage. Goku looks guilty as charged, and Vegeta pins him against the wall. Goku gasps for air. "You did know didn't you?" He lets go of him.

"Yes I did know, I didn't want you guys to know, if you guys knew you may have held back in fighting - knowing these people that you knew were going to be destroyed if they lost!" Silence.

It's true, Gohan was holding back, but Buu couldn't care less - he has no one he cares about in other universes - all he cares is winning the tournament so he can go home to the mansion and eat all the candy he wants. Goku was determined to win the tournament, but he did hold back a few times when staring into some of the people's eyes.

He fought against Kyabe, a young saiyan who was enjoying the tournament, what was he supposed to tell him? 'Hey if we win you're going to die.'

Future and Present Zeno stand up and hold out their hands, "Oh." Future Zeno switches his hand to his left because his other is using the right. Their hands glow with energy. Everything goes white. Everyone minus Universe 7 and some of the gods are gone.

"May, Son Goku show up before lords Zenos?" Goku rushes to the Zeno's with dried tears in his eyes and bows to him.

"You win !" they say happily. Goku's face gets serious, "You said the Super Dragon Balls were a prize for the one that satisfied you the most, right?" The Zeno's nod. "Who satisfied you?"

"You." they say. Goku with hope, Present Zeno asks the Priest "Can you summon the Dragon?"

The Grand Priest nods and teleports to get them. Gohan smiles 'I knew he would do something, somehow.

Beerus blows his nose with some tissue 'My brother may come back after all!' he thinks.

"Come forth, Dragon of the Gods, and grant my wish pretty peas!" The priest yells in a godly language. Zalama floats before them. "What is your wish? ?" The Zeno's ask. Goku sighs, "Please don't get mad, Zeno's. I wish for the Universes you destroyed to be brought back!"

The Present Zeno looks to the ground, wondering why Son Goku would say such things. "What do you mean, ?!" Future Zeno yells. Beerus pales once again 'Lord Zeno might destroy us.'

"I said what I said, I'm sorry Future and Present Zeno - these people deserve the right to live!" Shouts back. Zeno's Guards go in front of Goku, he looks up and stares at them. "No." Future says. The Grand Priest looks to Goku, "another wish?" he suggests.

Goku crosses his arms and closes his eyes, "I wish I could fix everything, somehow." Present Zeno, sits in silence understanding what Goku means, "Past Zeno - are you okay?" He shakes his head.

"You don't understand , Future-Zeno, please let this wish happen." he hisses. Future Zeno looks at his other self in shock, and stumbles across his words. "B-But." The Present Zeno is acting more maturely then his Future Counterpart.

The Future Zeno whines in protest but gives in. "F-Fine." The Grand Priest nods.

"I wish Goku could fix everything - somehow!" Zalama's eyes glow red and the Super Dragon Ball's spread out into the realm of no time. Everything goes black.

Goku slips into unconsciousness.

My first attempt at a Time Travel Story, I hope you guys like it. Constructive Critism would be appreciated, spelling issues? Out of Character-Characters? Punctuation?