The Shape-Shifting Duo

"This village seems deserted." Bulma pointed out.

Krillin shook his head, "No there is people, you guys just can't sense them. They're hiding in those homes."

Vegeta is suspicious but from his body posture it looks like he's telling the truth - same with Krillin.

Something about Goku is off, plot points in his story has continuity.

Bulma and Vegeta walked to one house while Goku and Krillin checked another to see if anyone would answer.

She knocked on a door, "Hello?"

No one answered, Vegeta pushed Bulma aside. "Move woman, let me try."

Vegeta punched a hole through the door and opened it.

A guy with an axe popped out of nowhere, "Die Demon!"

Vegeta grabbed the axe, broke it and glared.

The man looked at Vegeta and, Bulma in fear "Forgive me: Lord Oolong, Lord Pu'ar." he pleaded.

"O-olong and Pu'ar?" Bulma asked, the man sighed in relief.

"You're not Lord Oolong or Pu'ar?"

Goku walked with Krillin over to the commotion.

"What's going on?" Goku wondered, Vegeta spoke up "This guy thinks me and, the Woman are some Lords named Oolong and, Pu'ar."

Goku's eyes widened a bit. Goku whispered something to Krillin, 'Do they know this Oolong and Pu'ar person?'

"Huh, so none of you guys are Oolong or Pu'ar?"

"I did think it was odd for them to come so early..." an elderly woman said.

"Please come in my home." the guy that hit Vegeta offered.

"I apologize for trying to strike you, young man. I though you were Lord Oolong or Pu'ar transformed."

Bulma looked at the man, "You know if it were me, I would be dead."

Curiousity of who Oolong and, Pu'ar were, was getting to her so she asked..."Who are these 'Oolong and Pu'ar' you have been talking about?"

A girl that was standing behind the man went and hugged his leg in fear.

"They're fearsome shapeshifting monsters who live in this area! No one knows what their true form really is!" he explained,

"I saw them before in their true form." Goku said,

People that were hanging out by the door whispered to eachother having doubts.

"Humor me," the man deadpanned,

"Oolong is a little pig while Pu'ar is a floating Cat." Goku told him,

"You're lying." the little girl hanging on to the man's pants said,

"I'll prove it to you guys!" Goku said seriously,

Bulma looked towards her bag 'I'll ask em' if they know where the Dragon Ball in this area is..'

She dug in her Bag to find a Dragon Ball, she found one.

"Hey mister." she asked the man, "What is it?"

"Do you happen to have a ball that looks like this?" she gestured the ball towards him.

The man adjusted his glasses, "No I've never seen a ball that looks like this."

A woman cried "Hey I have a ball that just looks like that!"

Bulma was in Ecstasy, "Grandma Paozu?" asked the man.

Now outside, Grandma Paozu showed the ball to Bulma "This is something my Grandmother picked up a long time ago..."

Bulma counted the stars on the ball, "One, two, three...It's the Sixth Star Ball!" she then pointed at Paozu.

"If we get rid of Oolong and Pu'ar...can we have that ball?"

"We'd be happy to give you this ball, but don't you think that's a big job for a young woman like you?" Grandma Paozu said,

Bulma laughed, "I won't be the one to do it, these guys will!"

Goku whined, "Why do I have to wear this?!" looking at the fluffy clothes on his body.

A villager shouted towards Bulma and co., "Those Bastards are here!"

Bulma shouted back "Hide Everyone! Leave the rest to us!"

"Heh! Heh! What do we have here?" a small buff blue demon said,

A big red Demon looked at Goku who was dressed as a girl, "Heh! We've come for you, cute little lady!"

Vegeta ran into the middle of the street and pushed Goku aside, and punched the two demons in the stomach.

They both got sent into debris, a puff of smoke appeared and showed their true forms.

"What were you thinking?!" Bulma yelled.

"Look." Vegeta pointed at the Pig and Cat.

A crowd gathered around Oolong and Pu'ar, "So the kid was right."

"Well I'll be..."

"I can't believe it!"

Krillin sighed, "Vegeta is so harsh."

Oolong woke up he was tied to a tree same with Pu'ar but he was passed out still.

"Don't even think about shapeshifting into a bug to escape, I'll squish you." Vegeta said,

Grandma Paozu went over to Oolong and slapped him, "Tell us where the girls are!"

A tear formed in Oolong's eye, "Alright! Alright! Just wait until Pu'ar wakes up first."

Oolong and Pu'ar guided the townsfolk to their estate, Pu'ar looked at Oolong "I told you our plan wouldn't work!"

The pig looked at the Cat, "Shut it."

The parents of the girls were in shock, the girls were living in luxury.

One girl was dancing, One girl was laying down drinking a smoothie and another was taking a nap with an empty potato chip bag on the ground.

"Just leave us here." The girl that was laying down said,

"We just wanted an obedient girl, one who would work for us." Oolong explained, "Please take them back!" Oolong and Pu'ar cried.


"I have a request."

"Money first."

A woman threw a big bag of cash towards a bandit

"There's more where that came from, but first...if you see a young boy with a red stick on his back...make sure you collect some of DNA."

"DNA?" The bandit was puzzled,

"Yes, this can be anything from spit to hair or skin." The woman said,

"Weird request but I'll do it. I'm Yamcha, your name?" Yamcha asked

The Woman smirked, "Towa."

Hmm...this may explain why the Time Patrol went missing and, why there is a big Bubble around Universe 7...also why some things are different like Pu'ar and Oolong being friends.