Challenge NARUTO Son of Styx the Primordal Goddess of Oaths.


1) No Harems

2) Hinata DOES NOT GET MARRIED TO Naruto or involved with him in any way in a romantic sense (being seen as a sister is o.k.)

3) Romance must be in the Percy Jackson Universe. (though he can visit Konoha.)

4) No romance with girl from the Naruto verse

5) Bash Zeus as much as possible without it feeling like it's being overbearing. (Asshole stuck his daughter in a tree I don't like him much for that.)

6) Aphrodite's Powers DO NOT work on Naruto well cause it is the same as a Genjutsu.

7) Naruto never breaks a promise (Being son of Styx kind of reinforces his Nindo.)

8) No arranged marriages. (Unless it makes absolute sense)

9) Naruto CANNOT be the Jinnchuriki of the ten tails (he can however hold all the tailed beasts)