Chapter 1

You have to be kiddin'?!

The sun was just setting, causing the sky turn the colour of blood. Lubeana was walking slowly down the path, her nose stuck in a book, and three times she tripped up already from not looking where she was going. Yet she still, proceeded to read the manuscript she treasured so much.

Humming gently, totally in her own world, Lubeana was engrossed in the story of how a Harmonixer saved the world. There was so much action and Lubeana craved for it. Though she knew that she had no special skills to help even if she was there to have helped them, but she was not even born when it had happened. She passed the pub on the left, owned by the mayor of the town, when someone called her, she thumped back to reality as if someone had clipped her wings.

'Hey good looking, watcha doing?' I was where you were...hic.. Ay? I was wondering whether you would join me for a drink!' Lubeana looked round, puzzled, and then saw who was talking to her and rolled her eyes.

'Ohhh, dear.' Lubeana sighed 'Lionel are you drunk Again!?' The question did not need to be answered as Lionel was persistently getting drunk.

Doing the decent thing she went over to him, put his arm over her shoulder and started walking him back to the inn. She felt sorry for him as twenty- five years ago during the dark times of the world. Monsters of the mist killed his spouse and ever since the only time he was happy was when he had been drinking. Lubeana lost her train of thought when she heard other people tumbling out of the building they had just left, she took no notice

(Why do some people never stop getting drunk, to me the after effects are bad enough so why bother. Apart from Lionel everyone is just scary.)

She kept on walking, but when she felt an eerie feeling trickle down her back, Lubeana stopped and she did so, she heard screams. These were no ordinary screams, ones of terror and horror and weirdly screams of acceptance, acceptance of death.

Propping Lionel up by the bakers she turned round, to her horror and utter dismay, Lubeana saw old Pansy (the grandma of the town) surrounded by what seemed like ten zombies.

'Oh shit! What the hell...?' Lubeana ran to help the old woman, taking her blade from the sheath buckled to her thigh as she reached the monsters.

'Do not worry Momma I will get you out of this' Pansy whimpered and closed her eyes, at first nothing happened which made Lubeana worry if she had had enough training. Wiping that thought from her mind, she dived, which at that point so did the monsters.

With much skill and elegance she slashed at them causing their flailing ligaments to be parted from their owners. All too soon it was over; people rushed out of the pub to see what had happened. They found Momma Pansy leaning against a wall catching her breath and Lubeana surrounded and covered by blood and body parts. Before anybody could say anything a red mist set in,

(The mist, like in the book, ohh man!)

Lubeana ushered and told everyone to get out of the way

'MOVE! Go home, save yourselves' The people ran as fast as they could, taking their families, Momma Pansy and Lionel.'

Preparing herself she walked up to the main gates where the mist had come, once she had reached her destination she found a thing, that's all she could describe it as. It was at least 7 ft tall, with four arms. Its mangled body writhed; its limbs half severed its face and wounds as far as she could see were crawling with maggots.

'Geez... Ohh, come on you expect me to fight that!?' She attacked because she knew no one would answer. She stabbed it just above the abdomen but to no avail,

'Oh dear! This is NOT good! Somehow I get the feeling I will not be able to hurt it one bit, oh, I do not know any magic spells either, I am SO going to die.'

Pointing her blade at her new-found enemy, she felt a strength that she never knew she had, channelling this, she concentrated on her sword and closed her eyes. A bright light swept around her, it warmed and soothed her, the blade started to shake, and she almost dropped it when the light shot from her weapon. Squinting she saw a figure amidst the light before her,

(An angel? A protector? Help?)

The only thing she could do was ask it for help, it was the only idea that came into her head, so she tried it.

'Please help me, help our town I beg of you' with that the light exploded causing the monster to groan in pain, this obviously angered it. Fire surrounded it and the flames swirled. The monster outstretched its arms almost as if pushing the flames toward her. In the whole of her life she had never felt such pain, her legs failed her, and she fell to the ground.

(I can't give up, I MUST NOT give up, and if I stay here any longer I'll be an open target)

With the last of her remaining energy she stood up weakly, again she asked the spirit protecting her to help. Again the light burst and consumed the evil standing in front of her, she was not sure, the beast may have fallen but she could not did not have the chance to find out. That was the thing she saw, as her energy slipped away, like shadows in the night.
'Why did you not call me? You should have told me about what was happening! She could have been KILLED! Did you want that, our only hope ravaged by a giant zombie!? What WERE you thinking?! Huh? Oh yes sorry you WERE NOT thinking! Do you know what you could have done?' The man paced around the room as if marching in an army. He had a frown on his face and his eyes full of anger and despair.

'But Master Zhuzhen please, I am sorry, she is alive though is she not? I mean it will be all right, and she will be better in a couple of days wont she? Any ways why are you blaming me nobody else came to tell you!' The old person sighed

'Yes I agree, but you must understand how I feel. I feel so responsible for what happened to her, because I wasn't there. Accept my apology I am tired and I need to take care of her would you mind leaving, Jacob?' The young man nodded and left quietly. Zhuzhen walked into the next room, Lubeana was lying there, her burns were not serious, or the cuts or bruises but she would not be able to leave her bed for a couple of days.

Zhuzhen sat on the chair next to the bed and watched her breathing, and he remembered how he hated seeing her like this. Her brown hair, was tangled and lay just touching her shoulder, her pale cheeks were bruised and scratched and on her arm a deep scar was forming

(I don't think she will be too happy when she sees that, ohh I wish she would wake up just so I can know that she is perfectly all right. The last time I saw her like this was when she was found fifteen years ago. 15 years ago, I cant believe time has gone so fast, and soon she will leave and we will have lost the life and laughs of the last child of the village.)

Two days passed and still the girl had not woken, Zhuzhen was getting worried she should have woken up by now. He had tried all his spells and remedies but none of them had worked. He had spent every night reading through tomes and manuscripts of white magic but he had found nothing. Late one night after reading through another tome an idea struck him.

'Why didn't I think of this earlier, what an idiot I am' he rushed over to the phone and called someone.

'...Yes..Yes. Thank you so much it is greatly appreciated, thank you, good bye now.' Feeling pleased with himself Zhuzhen went into the girl's room; he looked at her peacefully sleeping, stroking her forehead like he would a child.

'Help is coming Lu, its coming.' Silently he left the room