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Chapter 5:

Love or Dead

'Lu..Lu!' Ben still ran after her but slowed when he reached her. ' I cant believe, you trust her. She tried to.' She turned round and gave him an angry look, he had never seen her so enraged.

'Oh so I'm not allowed to trust people now? Oohhh well sorry but I think I have a little advantage in trusting people don't I? Besides what is it to you who I trust or not? Next you will telling me what to wear! Don't go there, you really don't know what you would be dealing with.'

Ben stood there shocked, it really must have hit a nerve, but why? He was only trying to protect her and yet she was yelling at him for it. Why did he even bother? He heard Lu calling Yelena into the house and followed slowly scuffing his shoes along the dusty path.


'Hello? Yuri? Alice? Gramps?' Lu peered in to the darkened room and found it empty. She walked in and motioned Yelena to keep her up with her pace.

She saw a light in her room and she went to it. Yuri, Alice, Momma Pansy and Zhuzhen were standing there looking quite worried. Their expressions puzzled and lined with frowns.

'Er.. Hi? What's the matter? What's wr...?' She stopped halfway though her sentence as she noticed the scene in front of her. Her room was full of black roses and petals. Yelena came in behind her shortly after and gasped. The elders turned round and looked at them.

'Lu, do you know what this is about?' Alice handed a piece of paper to her and gave her a worried look. It read:

The things that you will understand,

Fall with the times,

Suffering you walk,


You appear to me.

Gripping you in my arms,

You stay.

Away from the world of hate,

This will come to pass,

Have no doubt

That the Rose is never

Without its Thorn.

My Black Rose

'What the hell? Lu, that sounds like my master..Why does he..?' Yuri grabbed Yelena by the arm and held her wrist firmly. He glared at her before speaking.

'You know who this person is? The one trying to kill her?' Yelena looked about to cry and for the first time Lu saw how young she was. She looked only a couple of years older than her, immediately she shook off Yuri's grip on the girls arm.

'Yuri don't, she has told me everything, she knows nothing about him at all. You do not need to threaten her, for she will not answer.' Yelena looked relieved and slightly startled that Lu had stood up for her.

Yuri looked astounded himself and let Yelena go, she rubbed her arm where he had gripped her. They stared at the girls and with pity for Yelena for getting the brunt of Yuri's anger.

'Lu, child. I think we need to talk, there isn't anything that you are not telling us is there?' Lu nodded, they walked back into the sitting room and all sat down ready to listen to her story. Ben rushed in but stopped as everyone was looking at him, he sat down with the rest of them trying not to evoke the attention. She told them about the dream and what it had done to her, also about Yelena's attack in which Yelena looked very uncomfortable and apologised profusely.

Ben walked in halfway through but stood in the shadows, he looked grumpy, and Lu could tell that she shouldn't have reacted in such a way towards him. Anyhow, she had many more pressing matters to deal with.

'Lu why didn't you tell us? You know we would try to help you in every way possible.' Alice said with a weak smile, the others nodded and she saw Ben shift uncomfortably. She shrugged for she didn't really know herself, and they all thought that she should rest.

She tested her skills of telepathy and all she could feel was apprehension and pity, as for their thoughts on Yelena, they were also rather sceptical but they believed Lu's judgement and left their misgivings in the back of their minds.

It was soon concluded that they should go and get some rest for the morning. Yuri and Alice had thought it wise, that they should go to Prague and see what would be best to do, they thought that they could probably get more news from there, if there was any.

Yelena was put in with Lu, much to Ben's quiet protest, he obviously didn't trust her. Lu was still angry with him, it was pathetic that he was to act like that, he was such a child. He knew that she could look into others minds and she would know all of their intentions, so what was his problem? She couldn't understand him.

They talked for a while, exchanging their past stories and Yelena apologised every five minutes, which, in the end, made her laugh.

'Look, you don't have to worry about that. Its all in the past. If I trust you, everyone will.'

'What about Ben?'

Lu shrugged, and gave an uninterested sigh.

'What about him? Let him be the baby that he is and let him sulk all he likes. It won't work on me, its pathetic.'

Yelena grinned, and her eyes sparkled.

'You like him don't you.'

She looked at her new found friend with her mouth open.

'WHAT!? How the hell did you work that one out? NO. no...no I don't.'

'You are too quick to protest and why do you blush every time anyone mentions his name, huh? Its all too easy to read, I may not be telepathic but I know when people like each other.'

Lu tilted her head not quite understanding. Yelena, who was at that time, smiling so widely that she could probably catch flies, tried to stop her giggles.

'What do you two people like each other?'

Yelena gave an exasperated sigh, made a clicking sound with her tongue and rolled her eyes.

'Isn't it obvious. he likes you, and we have already established that you like him, ahh what a perfect match.'


'Yes. yes of course you don't.' Yelena yawned as she rolled over on her bed and went to sleep.


Lu was alone, she was crying, she wasn't in the house anymore, she must have gone for a walk. She felt so lonely, she wanted someone to be there for her, Ben seemed to be annoyed with her all the time, and Yelena wasn't the most comforting person in the world, and as for the elders, well they would want to know what was wrong, she wouldn't go to them.

'Good evening amore mio, I am so glad that you joined me once more.'

Lu looked around and saw the gentleman, the one on the beach, the one that had tried to kill her. She glared at him, her eyes narrowing but all he did was smile at her.

He came closer and took her smoothly by the arm, made her walk with him. She could not refuse, there was something stopping her, yet there was a tiny part of her that wanted to go with him.

She looked at him, his white blonde hair covering his eyes in neat tufts, and falling gently to just above his shoulders. He wore a shirt and dark brown pants that could have only been made from a rare animal, his belt she knew was from a dragon of some sort, as a pair of her boots were made from the same kind of skin.

He stopped, and she found herself in a rose garden, full of black roses, at first she was scared but he lifted his hand to her face and caressed her cheek. She smiled weakly, she seemed to be so weak when she was with him, no will to make him leave her alone.

Then she felt the thought rise from the depths of her mind, the one that had been troubling her most about him, "What if I like him..?" She cringed at the question, but she had to face it, maybe she did, was that why she had kept everything about him a secret, until she forced to tell all? She couldn't tell and she couldn't think in his presence anyway.

'Did you like my gift? The roses and the petals?'

'I.I would have done if I had seen it first, but my elders saw it first and they got angry. I didn't know what to think?'

'I am sorry I did not mean for you to be troubled by it, it was only a gift of affection.'

As he said this he put his hand on her back and pulled her into an embrace. She didn't struggle, she had no need to and she felt herself relaxing into his arms. Her head rested on his chest and her hand just below his neck, she could feel his strong arms enclosing around her, making her feel totally safe.

'Affection?' she said in a whisper without moving her head from its resting place.

'Yes, you have been my rose, for a long time. I have only just got strong enough to make myself known to you.'

'Ohhh..' She didn't really know what to say, she didn't want to say anything, she wanted to be in his arms for longer, but why did he make her feel this way? Was he controlling her emotions or worse, was she actually in control of them?

He brushed his slender fingers through her hair, and rested his chin apon the head of the one in his arms. She felt so calm, but she shouldn't he had tried to kill her...kill her. She withdrew from the embrace.

'Why did you try and kill me.?' The guy looked surprised, so surprised that Lu thought she had been talking to a different person, she tried to read his mind and found no malice at all, he had no killer instinct in him, but how so?

'I do not know what you mean, I have connected with you, only to show my adoration for you, nothing more. I would definitely not harm you for the world, it would pain me too much to loose you. I would call it a slight obsession.'

For the first time, she saw him blush and he looked so human. Again she hadn't realised how young he was, he was twenty-five at the most, she almost hit herself, she never seemed to look properly.

'Obsession.. Wow, I am speechless, over me? Huh, I cannot believe it. Hey don't worry, I do not mind, I just cannot believe that someone would like me.'

'Its true, I just wanted to get to know you.'

It was Lu's turn to blush then, and when he offered his arms again, she fell straight into them feeling safe once more. She looked up at him and saw his emerald eyes fix on her, he was so different from anyone else that she had known, somewhere in her mind a voice shouted something like "Is he real or are you making him up again?" she pushed it back and forgot about it.

'What is your name?'

'Zia, Zia Lior'

'Its a beautiful name.'

'Yes I suppose it is. Though feel free to call me Lior, everyone else does and I feel accustomed to it.'

'Well Lior, you can call me Lu.'

She ran a finger over his chiselled face and felt him pull her close to him. Her hand then found its way to his neck, where she could feel the throbbing of the veins pumping his blood around his frame. She felt his collarbone and glided her fingers over it, she loved the feel of his body tightened at his touch.

He at that time, was tracing his hand down her back, making her shiver. He brushed his hands through her hair again. He stopped which made her look at him, biting her lip in anticipation. His fingers found their way to her chin and pulled it up towards him as he leaned into her, she felt their lips touch and it felt like an explosion have gone of in her head.

She soon felt his tongue expertly exploring her mouth and made her feel weak at the knees, though his grip had tightened making her keep to her feet. She felt the kisses slow and her head fell to his toned chest once more.

'...Gripping you in my stay. the Rose is its thorn.'

She then felt a ripping sensation in her heart, she screamed.. it was all so sudden and she felt herself being torn apart. She heard Lior's yells of pain, he too, she thought went through the same thing. She couldn't see a thing and she stumbled around. She called for him, but got no answer. She tripped and gave up as she sobbed.

'Never mind, Black rose, your thorn is here to guide you.'