April 25th

I had just arrived home when I saw my uncle hang up the phone.

"My boss just called me." - He said - "They just found Amagi alive and well, fairly close to Junes..."

"Really?" - I asked, doing my very best to feign surprise - "That's great news. Did she know anything?"

"I don't know." - Said my uncle, calmly turning towards me - "Did she?"

I glanced towards the living room.

No Nanako there; she was probably already in bed.

"Why would I know?" - I asked, carefully.

"You came home showing clear signs of exhaustion you're doing the best to hide, right after she turned up. She was found near Junes, near where you were, with weapons, no less, just a few days ago. Call it a hunch." - he said, evenly - "Yu. I don't think you are behind these disappearances, but I do think you're involved. What is going on?"

Normally, I'd manage to deflect it somehow.

Normally, Nanako would interrupt it.

This time, though...

Screw this. This will get a lot more troublesome if it happens whenever I so much as take a peek inside the TV. Besides, this may well help us.

I sighed.

"Uncle." - I said - "Did you ever wonder why I'm so very careful when I'm less than five feet from your TV?"

"What are you talking about?" - He demanded, this time with an edge.

I walked up to the TV in the living room.

I touched the screen.

It glowed, black and white, with ripples and waves.

My hand went in.

My hand came out.

The screen turned back to normal, after some more ripples and glowing.

I turned to my uncle, who stared at it all, his mouth hanging open.

"Well, where do I begin?" - I said, just a hint of a smile on my face.

To his credit, my uncle recovered quickly.

"How do you like your coffee?" - He asked - "I'm pretty sure it's gonna be a long night..."