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Temporal Tower, one year earlier

Dialga stood on the top of the twisted and broken Temporal Tower.

Angry yellow clouds crowded the sky, but they were preferred over the electric crimson clouds that had been there mere hours before. Much of the cobblestone tower was destroyed. There were holes and crumbling rocks everywhere, and in some places you could see down more than a few floors. It was a miracle that the tower was still standing.

And what a miracle it had been. Not only was the Temporal Tower injured, but the entire Hidden Land was ravaged and broken. Even now, as Dialga looked out over the land, it was bleak and torn. Dialga could still see smoke rising from the horizon, most likely forest fires caused by the lightning storm.

And yet they were still here. The Hidden Land still existed, Temporal Tower was still standing, and time was flowing properly everywhere.

The rest of the world was happy, and that was what counted.

Except for one Pokemon.

Dialga watched the Rainbow Stoneship float off to the bottom of the Hidden Land, leaving a faint trail of color in it's wake. He could feel the intensity of the Pokemon's pain even from here. It was the pain of a Pokemon left alone to drown in despair . . . the pain of a Pokemon who had just lost it's best friend, it's friend for life.

Dialga knew that feeling. He had felt such pain long, long ago, before he had created Temporal Tower or the Hidden Land. Before the Time Gears, before he had even acquired his amazing power to control time. Before five hundred years ago.

He had lost such a friend . . . a friend for life.

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