Chapter 1: Prologue


Danny winced as the shards of glass clattered to the floor, the last drops of beer that had once been contained inside pooling onto the floor. The seven-year old wrapped his arms around his stuffed bear as he shut his eyes, a small whimper escaping from his lips.

"Shut up, ya' little piece of shit, before I come over there an' make you!" The voice boomed, Jack throwing a glare at the child. Even though they were clouded by alcohol, Danny could make out the rage and hatred that he now saw daily in his father's eyes.

But all that was forgotten as the man's threat sank into Danny's gut. He quickly shut his mouth and scooted underneath the kitchen table. Beer bottles chucked at your head were bad, but it was worse to think about what Jack would do if he was motivated enough. The child's back still stung from yesterday.

Thankfully, his father quickly lost interest in him as he turned his attention back to the TV in front of him, the images flickering with every passing second. Danny let out a small sigh and curled his arms around his knees, grimacing as his stomach released a growl of annoyance. He held his breath as he waited to see if his father had heard, only to breathe in relief as he watched the man's eyes stay locked on the TV.

He lowered his gaze and gripped the old bear tighter. The dark brown fur was matted and dirty, loose strings hanging from different corners and limbs, shining glass eyes forever staring at nothing. A loud tapping made Danny turn his head towards the window above the kitchen sink. The wind outside made the branches of the nearby trees sway and creak. Danny flinched as they tapped against the window, scratching and clawing for a way inside, like rabid animals searching for their next meal.

He shut his eyes as he tried to block out the noise. Tilting his head to the side, Danny's gaze landed on the rest of the dark kitchen around him. The stove that had lain dormant for years; the microwave that was barely strong enough to defrost TV dinners; the fridge that only ever housed empty shelves; the cockroaches that would occasionally scurry across the tiles before disappearing back underneath the floors.

As he stared out at the dark room, he watched as the shadows were replaced by bright lights, warm scents and the sound of muffled laughter. His mother materialized first, his sister quickly following as the former walked back over to the pot on the stove while the latter took a seat by the table. Danny quickly ran into the kitchen, a large grin plastered onto his face as he stood up on his toes, trying and failing to see what his mother was making. His black hair was puffier than usual as it hung down into his bright blue eyes. His father walked in afterwards, hoisting Jazz up into the air and placing her on his hip as he gave his wife a peck on the cheek. He glanced down and gave the five-year old boy an odd glance before reaching down and ruffling his already messy hair.

The memory quickly dissolved, showing the dead, lifeless kitchen once more. That's all they were now. Memories. Fantasies that no longer existed. All the joy, hope, love; quickly replaced with pain, grief, rage,...his father. Danny felt hot tears forming in the corner of his eyes, never noticing as his hair slowly began to melt into a bright white color and the blue in his eyes seeped into a liquid green.

Jack shifted his gaze towards the corner and gasped as he noticed a bright green light illuminating the kitchen. His shocked face quickly morphed into one of rage as he pushed himself out of his chair and stomped into the kitchen, startling his son half to death. Reaching down, the man grabbed Danny by the front of his newly appeared black and white jumpsuit. Danny's peridot eyes gazed at the man in pure terror. "I-I'm sorry!" He gasped out. "I-I-I didn't m-mean to." He cried.

But Jack was having none of it as he threw the boy back onto the ground, slapping him across the face, Danny's head snapping to the side at the force of the blow. "I've told you a million times, you little freak!" Jack snarled. "You are never to transform into this-this thing!" He screamed, kicking the child in the stomach, Danny grunting as the breath was knocked out of his small body. "It's bad enough I have to deal with you, but I will not deal with a monster. Understand?!" He snarled, gripping the child's neck tightly. Tears streamed down Danny's cheeks as he gave a small nod.

Jack curled his lip and dropped the child on the ground before walking back over to the couch. Danny scrambled back before twisting around onto his feet, quickly sprinting up the stairs. Slamming the door to his room, he hurriedly scurried underneath his bed, his breathing rapid and erratic. He curled himself up into a ball as he wept silently, his teddy clutched tightly. After what felt like an eternity, his eyes began to droop before he fell into a fitful sleep, the muffled sounds of the TV downstairs drifting up from the floor. His cheecks were still shiny and wet when his hair melted back into a dark black color.

As Jack took a seat back on the couch, he pulled out a small white card, a number imprinted in the corner. He stared at the card in a moment of thought before pulling out his phone as well, dialing the number on the slip...with no regret.


Danny's eyes flew open as he felt cold rough hands wrap around his ankle and yank him out from underneath the bed. He yelped as his skin blistered as it was dragged against the wooden floor. He gasped as his father's hands moved to his wrist, dragging him out of his room. He struggled in the man's grip as he watched his bed moving farther and farther away, the stuffed bear laying limp on the floor, smiling happily as it watched Danny be dragged away.

"Daddy! What are you doing?!" Danny screamed as he tried to claw his wrist out of his father's grip. The man's eyes stayed focused and hard on the hallway in front of him. The boy let out a cry of pain as his father's grip tightened, tears beginning to pool in his eyes. His glistening cheeks stung as his father's hand flew across his face once more, effectively shutting him up. He closed his bright blue eyes and allowed himself to be dragged down the stairs, stifling his gasp of pain as his ankle twisted painfully on the steps.

Finally, his father released him and threw him to the ground, a small grunt sounding from the child. He lifted his gaze to see they were now in the living room, the TV screen blank and dark, a rare sight. But it was what was in the corner of the room that caught Danny's attention

There were four strangers in white suits and dark black glasses standing stoic and guarded as they stared down at Danny, who noted they looked a lot like the secret agents seen on TV shows. Said boy glanced towards his father in confusion, only to watch as the man walked over to the strangers.

"Is this him?"" One agent asked, his body tensing underneath the suit as Danny sat up.

Jack nodded. "Yeah, now if you're going to do something, I suggest ya' hurry up and do it already." He growled out, folding his arms over his chest. "I didn't pay you just to stand there."

The agents glanced at each other for a moment longer before reaching into their suits. Danny gasped as the blasters were quickly aimed at him. Before he could move, two more agents leapt forward and grabbed his arms. "Daddy! Daddy, help me!" Danny screamed, bruises surely forming on his arms at the amount of pressure being placed on them

He watched with watery eyes as his father merely walked to the kitchen and grabbed another beer from the fridge, popping the cap off quickly. Danny grunted and kicked out as he felt the agents begin to drag him to the door. "Quit moving!" One man snarled, kicking the back of Danny's knee. He gasped in pain and crumpled to the floor, his breathing hitching as as more agents began to crowd around him, tasers and guns in hand.

"No!" Danny screamed as they grabbed him again. "No, no, NOOOO!"

The agents screamed out as a large green shockwave exploded out from the child, knocking them all off their feet, effectively destroying the nearby furniture. Jack narrowed his eyes and chucked the now empty bottle against the wall, the loud crash echoing throughout the halls. "See, what did I tell you? That little freak needs to be locked away!" He snarled.

The agents turned back to the child, taking notice in the fact that he now had stark white hair and glowing green eyes. He wrapped his arms around himself and began to sob, his shoulders shuddering as the agents began to move closer again.

One of the females reached into her suit and pulled out a shining metal collar attached to a long glowing green wire. Quickly leaping forward, she clamped the collar around the boy's neck, earning a gasp of shock from the boy. Danny grunted and screamed as he felt himself be dragged across the carpet, the green wire gripped tightly in the woman's hands.

Danny's pleading eyes met his father's once more. "Daddy, please! What did I do?! I'm sorry! Please, please don't let them take me!" He screamed, only for his father to smirk and give a dry wave. Danny felt the last remnants of his heart shatter as the door to his "home" closed.

His neck burned as the collar gave him a violent shock. Falling to his knees, he vaguely felt the agents dragging him towards the alley behind the large building. Through watery eyes, Danny heard the sound of a van pulling up. The agents wasted no time in opening up the back, tossing the crying child inside. As the doors slammed behind him, he became shrouded in darkness, the only light coming in from the small air holes drilled into the sides. Peeking his eyes through one, Danny watched as his house became smaller and smaller.

He wrapped his arms around himself, the frigid temperatures swirling around him as he scooted into one of the corners and sobbed quietly, wishing for nothing more than for his mother to save him; for his sister to save him; for anyone to save him. But those prayers were three years in the making, and not once had they ever been answered.

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