Author's Notes:

It's time for some magical murder mystery general bullshitting party game shenanigans! Sorry in advance for long notes, I just thought it would be best to clear things from the start :)

I've been absolutely obsessed with Town of Salem and similar games for the last couple of months, both playing and watching let's plays way too much, and as such I have itched to write a Harry Potter/ Town of Salem sort-of-crossover... and here it is!

Some notes before you start to read, or to answer some concerns/questions you may have:

1. You don't need to know anything about Town of Salem or its rules to enjoy this fic. If anything you read in these notes looks like gibberish to you right now, don't worry – all you need to know about the game that is being played in the fic will be explained in the actual fic, as characters are just as new to the game as you may be, and playing for the first time :)

2. The game in the fic will follow the current rules of Town of Salem, version 1.5.10. Role list will be, for this fic, "Classic Mode" (you can find it at the end of Chapter I with short descriptions of each role). You may check out in advance what each role does in more detail from Blank Media Games' website - decision is yours! If you want to guess between chapters who is what role and what is happening behind the scenes, it could help, but my intention is to write the fic in a way that will be enjoyable for those too who have never played the game.

3. Theorizing in comments about what is going on, who is bullshitting and who is what role is not only allowed, but highly encouraged! :) I'd love to hear your guesses and thoughts! In true Town of Salem spirit no roles will be revealed until the person dies - not even Harry's! That means that Chapter 2 will include Day 1 of the game, then Chapter 3 Day 2 etc. and only once the game has ended I will post an "Epilogy" chapter which includes all the night chats (Mafia chat, Medium's chat, Jailor chat) and decisions each character did during the game.

4. ALL THE ROLES IN THE FIC'S GAME ARE COMPLETELY RANDOM. I used a list randomizer online to randomize roles for characters. I didn't pick anything myself, like Executioner's target, nor what role "Town Killing" or "Random Town" would be – both were randomized from the possible options. I have the lists ready here with me, and oh boys can I say that this looks interesting!

5. HOWEVER, ANY ACTIONS THE CHARACTERS TAKE IN THE GAME ARE NOT RANDOMIZED. When you see who has been killed during the night or who has not been killed, you can bet that I wrote the things that happened during the night based on how I thought the characters ICly would decide in such a situation. In example, let's say Ron Weasley was a Doctor (can save one person each night from being killed, if they are attacked). We can all agree that it would be much more likely for them to save Hermione or Harry than Draco Malfoy, right? :)

6. I hope you enjoy reading the fic, and please let me know if you like it! I am myself very excited about the topic (as my 100+ hours clocked on the ToS and some more in EpicMafia can prove...) and visioning this to be only the first game of many if it finds interested readers, so any feedback would be lovely, on what you find working and what not :) Especially tell me if something is confusing you about the game or how it's explained in the fic, since I may be blind to how confusing it can be for someone who has not played the Mafia game before!

"I think we should play 'Mafia'", said Seamus, as the yet another Friday evening in the combined common room of eight year Slytherins and Gryffindors was dragging quietly and boringly on. Almost all the students looked up at his suggestion, wherever they were sitting around the cozy little room.

"What's that?" asked Lavender with interest.

"I think I have heard of it", said Blaise lazily from the coach, "Isn't it that party game, where you lynch all the people you dislike?"

"Umm, no, but close", said Seamus. "It's a party game, though, and there is lynching involved. And murders. And everyone slowly losing their mind and turning paranoid." He cackled and everyone else looked at him like he had already lost his mind.

"Is that supposed to sound fun?" asked Hermione wrinkling her nose. "I would think we have had enough murders for a lifetime, all of us."

Harry, who was sitting with her and Ron by the fire place, silently agreed with her. Slowly losing their mind? Turning paranoid? Weren't they already doing that, with these enforced living and sleeping arrangements after they had all come back for Hogwarts for their last year.

Even though, Harry had to admit, the slowly losing their mind was mostly because of how boring it was to actually just to be a regular student once again after the war. And maybe, sometimes, he thought as he watched Draco stepping through the portrait hole and stopping to listen to discussion, sometimes the 'losing his mind' was for other reasons too. He quickly averted his eyes.

"If it's a party game about murders, it could be cathartic", insisted Daphne. "You know, I have read about it, how trauma patients are supposed to face their trauma in safe environments and that way get over it."

"I have read some opposing evidence to that, indicating that it does not help them get over it, but actually enforces the fear and-"

Seamus coughed loudly and interrupted the girls. "Well, this doesn't involve any actual murders, or even blood - that much - or bodies - so we can leave theorizing and revolutionary new medical solutions for Ravenclaws and get to the important part, right?"

"Which is..?" asked Hermione skeptically.

"That we are all bored out of our minds and I have a solution for it!" Seamus said cheerfully and leaped out of his chair to run to his room, which he shared with Dean and Neville. A few moments later he returned, with a big box in his hands and a wide grin in his face. He dropped the box on the table in the middle of the room and everyone scooped a little closer. Harry saw how even Draco, whose expression of feigned indifference didn't fool him for a second, got closer and tried to get a good look at the box over Parvati and Lavender, who were sitting together on one of the coaches.

"It's simple really", Seamus started to explain excitedly, "each one of us gets a secret role, which has its own secret powers. Few of us will be mafia, which means bad guys. Then there can also be other bad killing roles, who are not sided with mafia, and neutrals, who are not mafia or townies and who have all kinds of different winning conditions. Then the rest, the majority, are townies, good peoples. If mafia kills all the good people as well as all the neutrals that cannot win with them, then the mafia wins. If all the mafia roles are killed as well as all the neutrals that can kill, then the town wins. You still with me?"

People nodded, even though many still looked rather confused.

"This box works a little bit like a pensieve. We will enter it, and it twists time and space so that the game really lasts only about half the time of how it feels like it's lasting."

"How does it-" Hermione started to ask, looking intrigued, but Seamus raised his hand and shook his head.

"I don't know, and you can owl tomorrow the company that has made this, if you are still interested, okay?" he said and everyone except Hermione was nodding their heads.

Hermione sighed. "Fine."

"The game will be split in nights and days. During the day, which lasts half an hour, we can see each others and talk freely. During the last ten minutes we may vote. If I wanted to vote for Harry, I would raise my wand and say 'I vote for Harry Potter!'. If more than half of the alive players are voting for Harry before the day ends, then Harry would go up for a trial. During the trial he has a chance to speak his defense, then we all vote if we think he is guilty or innocent, and his fate depends on if more people vote for his innocence than who are voting for him being guilty."

"And what happens if we think Harry is guilty?" asked Lavender with wide eyes.

"Then we... lynch him", grinned Seamus like a madman.

"Sounds like a nice game", said Draco and smirked at Harry, who just snorted.

"You think I would be voted up for a lynch?" he asked and raised his eyebrow challengingly at him.

Draco looked around and frowned.

"We don't really lynch him though, right?" asked Ron.

"Of course not!" said Seamus and laughed. "No, they will just get out of the game back to this living room. They may still continue to watch the game, and if there is a special role called 'Medium' they may talk with them during the night. It's a party game, and it would rather kill the mood if someone actually died."

"Well, it does sound interesting, I am in", said Parvati and then looked at Lavender, who agreed to join too.

Dean shrugged. "Sure."

"I've heard of this and I have always wanted to try it", said Neville.

Harry and Ron looked at each others. Well, it did sound better than sitting around and doing homework for yet another evening... "Yeah, why not", Harry said. Hermione sighed and nodded too.

"This does sound interesting", said Pansy, "but I am in only if the rest of the Slytherins are in too. I'm not interested in the game of 'Let's lynch all Slytherins, they are evil always'." She snorted.

Blaise shrugged, which Harry wasn't sure meant yes or no, but Seamus seemed to take that as a yes. Daphne, Blaise, Goyle and Millicent agreed too.

Then there was only one left who hadn't confirmed yet and they all turned to look at Draco.

Draco looked like he had bit a lemon as he said. "I will be in on one condition. I won't be the first person lynched in this game."

"Well, the roles will be all random, so it would be stupid to lynch you just-"

"It's my condition. Take it or leave it", Draco snapped and turned to leave the room.

"We won't lynch you", Harry said quickly and earned an annoyed look from Ron.

Draco turned around and looked coldly at Harry, then at others.

"As first person, anyway", Harry said and winked at Draco to show he was joking. Then he looked around sternly. "Right, guys?"

"Right", Hermione said kindly. "It's a party game and meant to be fun and relaxed, not to start any drama here."

Seamus had a sudden coughing fit, but when he got over it, he smiled at them all widely and clapped his hands. "Well! Now that we have everyone in, let's get started! Everyone, tap the box with your wand, and it will give you your roles as we start..."

And so started the first game of Mafia ever played in Hogwarts.

Player list:

1. Millicent Bullstrode

2. Hermione Granger

3. Seamus Finnigan

4. Harry Potter

5. Theodore Nott

6. Blaise Zabini

7. Dean Thomas

8. Pansy Parkinson

9. Draco Malfoy

10. Lavender Brown

11. Gregory Goyle

12. Ron Weasley

13. Daphne Greengrass

14. Neville Longbottom

15. Parvati Patil

Role list:

Town roles:

Sheriff - Check one person each night for suspicious activity.

Doctor - Heal one person each night, preventing them from dying.

Investigator - Investigate one person each night for a clue to their role.

Jailor - You may choose one person during the day to jail for the night.

Medium - Speak with all dead people at night.

Escort - Distract someone each night.

Lookout - Watch one person at night to see who visits

Town Killing - Veteran or Vigilante. Veteran: Decide if you will go on alert and kill anyone who visits you. Vigilante: Choose to take justice into your own hands and shoot someone.

Random Town - Any town role. (Some few roles are Unique and there may only be one, like Jailor, Mayor, Veteran or Retributionist.)

Mafia roles:

Godfather - Kill someone each night.

Framer - Choose one person to frame each night.

Mafioso - Carry out the Godfather's orders.

Neutral roles:

Executioner - Trick the Town into lynching your target.

Serial Killer - Kill someone each night.

Jester - Trick the Town into voting against you.