Harry froze. "Hey Ginny." he stuttered out. "What are you doing here?"

"Hey Harry I was just walking by when this door appeared why?" she asked with a grin that looked like she stole it from her brothers.

"Oh I was just wondering. But I am training so if you wouldn't mind leaving I wouldn't want you to get hurt."

"No no It's fine I don't mind I would love to see you train." she said and a chair appeared next her, she looked surprised for a moment before she sat down with a smirk and crossed her legs. If anyone had been here to see this they would have been laughing at the fact that Ginny a girl who was a whole head shorter than Harry was currently making him uncomfortable just by staring.

"So I was wondering why are you training, are you going to fight a dragon? Or a dark wizard?" she asked her tone getting more and more fangirly by the second. "Or maybe an army of giant demon spiders that live under the Chamber of Secrets!" she shouted glaring at him.

Harry held up his hands defensively. "How did you?"

She scoffed. "Please you think I can't trick Ron into telling a secret? He hasn't been able to hide anything from me since I was five." 'Great job Ron.' Harry thought sarcastically to his best friend, who apparently couldn't keep a secret against his tiny little sister, though given that he was uncomfortable with her glare he couldn't say much.

"Now why didn't you tell me?" she asked glaring at him.

"I didn't think it would effect you Professor Dumbledore and the Ministry are going to deal with it I am just being paranoid."

"The same people who were going to 'deal' with the chamber of secrets or had protected the philosopher's stone?" she asked. "I don't care I will not be defenseless again so you can let me train with you or I will do it on my own you choose." she glared, and that was how Ginny got involved in his training sessions.

Harry didn't want to be rude but when she began she did even worse than he did. She tried to copy his training style seeing that it worked so well for him but if Harry always had one thing in abundance it was magical power and when you realized his healing factor directly correlated to how much magic he had left, it became apparent that he could fight for a long time. Ginny while powerful couldn't compare to Harry. So where Harry could spend three hours doing non stop training and only have some sore muscles for a few minutes before it vanished, Ginny could only practice for a half an hour or so before she collapsed. So she began to work less on stamina and more on making what attacks she could get off count. Leaning more towards light/anti demon spells, than anything else.

Harry punched the wall in the room of requirement in rage. SIRIUS BLACK WAS NEARBY AND HE FAILED TO GET HIM! He should have reacted faster to Ron's cry of fright if he had that bastard may have died! His eyes flashed red and he turned away from the wall, not even noticing the crack that had formed moments before the Room repaired the damage.

He turned to the nearest knight with an angry look and attacked it not even bothering to summon his blood blades. He grabbed the blade of sword as it was swung at him and tore it out of the knight's grip. He followed up by punching the knight in the face with such force he dented the metal. Kicking the knight in the stomach, he grabbed it by the back of it's armor and threw it at the next nearest knight.

Over the course of the next few hours Harry pummeled and was pummeled by the knights, collapsing to the ground exhausted. "Oh hello Harry Potter." a airy voice greeted. Twisting his head to see who had entered the room he saw a tiny little girl with silvery blonde hair and grey eyes. "I was wondering where the Nargles were headed."

"Nargles?" Harry asked exhausted.

"Oh yes they are these tiny little creatures who are attracted to anger and cause confusion." the girl nodded as if everyone knew that. Which to be fair everyone could know that Harry didn't exactly pay attention to common trends in the wizarding world.

"How did you get in here?" asked Harry looking at the door, he had asked for a room to be left alone to fight, though maybe because now he was done fighting the room let her in.

"I asked the wrackspurts to let me in." or maybe she was so crazy she broke the room, oh well Harry never really cared much for sanity anyways.

"Interesting." Harry said still lying on the ground.

"Oh yes I do believe so." she said with a smile, sitting down on what seemed to be air just moments before a chair appeared under her. She just sat there for a few minutes staring at something above him. Suddenly she stood up and began to make her way to the door. "Bye." she waved. "Good luck with the spiders and you might want to ask Time for some help with the dementors." she suggested before walking out.

Harry stared at where the girl was just standing, that had to be the weirdest conversation he had ever had and consider he had talked to a dark lord sticking out of the head of a teacher that was a very high bar.

He then considered what she said, she knew about the spiders and his problem with the patronus charm. Hermione had found it in a book that described using a happy memory but it felt weird when Harry cast it uncomfortable, which was strange as every book described it as a warm comfortable feeling like a nice hug.

He had been looking for another way to fight off the dementors but hadn't found anything, but the girl was right the statue of divinity would be the best source of spells to fight off dementors.

Harry slide down the pipe, with a grin he loved the thrill he got from this. He landed on the ground and managed to stay on his feet and not lose his footing on all the bones.

Entering the room he found himself once more at the statue of divinity. "So you have returned." it mused, clearing having been expecting this.

"Do you have the spells I want?" Harry asked getting to the point.

"I do and you have the necessary amount of blood to pay." the screen appeared but instead of the usual menu it was already on a skill.

Spectral death: gives the user the ability to harm the spirits of the dead and various specters.

"This will allow me to harm the dementors?" Harry asked and the Watcher scoffed.

"Please boy this will give you the ability to kill them." the Watcher told him and Harry was surprised nothing he read even hinted at the ability to kill dementors, true there was a theory they could be starved to death but out right killed? It had never been done in recorded history. Harry remembered that the statue not only gave powers long lost in the past but magics yet to be found.

Harry pressed it and felt something enter him. Deciding he was going to be coming back here for a while he looked for something else that was useful, till finally he found one.

Power increase: increases total magical power.

Harry shivered, he was lucky Voldemort never found this, he would have brought hell on earth just to increase his power infinitely. Harry pressed and was surprised when felt almost every last drop of demons blood he held leave the dozens of spiders he killed and the two Hell prides he thought it would be less costly.

"Please the only reason it is even that cheap is because of how little power you have, there are hundreds in your world more powerful than you." well didn't that hurt his pride, his raw power had always been his strongest feature to find out he was not even close to the top thousand damaged his pride.

Harry exited the Statue with a stumble, he swore the Watcher did it on purpose just to annoy him.

Harry checked on the main chamber and wasn't to surprised to see a dozen or so spiders in there scurrying about. No doubt the wards were weakest here allowing some of them in, especially given that the ward stone was on the other side of the castle. He knew he should have left given that he could die down here, but a small part of him wanted to see how powerful he had become. So foolishly he charged in with two blades of blood. He killed the first spider before it could react twisted around another as it tried to bit him and took it's head off.

He realized now that those knights he fought were far more powerful than these spiders or at least more skilled, these were creature of mindless instinct trying to eat him. Harry fell to the ground as something landed on top of him and he heard the clicking of spider above him. Harry tried to cut the spider but missed and the spider buried it's pincers into his flesh. He hissed in pain and his eyes flashed red before he grabbed the spider by the pincers and threw it over his shoulder into a pillar. He grabbed stomped on the spider's head killing it. He looked at his shoulder, there was a deep gash there from when he tore the pincers out and threw the spider, but it was slowly healing. Harry looked up from where the spider dropped and saw he was wrong in his original guess there was more like two dozen spiders with half of them in the ceiling.

Harry drew blood from the wound on his back and formed a new sword, with a smirk he charged the nearest spider bisecting it. Harry cut through three more spiders, he had a savage grin on his face. This right here felt amazing no worries. No troubles, just him and his opponents. He cut down the last of the demonic spiders and let his blades fall away forming puddles on the ground.

Harry walked forward and stared at a gap in the metal wall Dumbledore had made through alchemy. It was small enough that only the smaller spiders could crawl through. Harry wondered why the chamber wasn't flooded with spiders, but realized the ward was similar to a muggle repelling ward. Any muggle with a strong enough will could walk right past it, no doubt it was the same with the spiders. So while some managed to push through many were still unable to get past. Harry placed several rocks over the hole and used alteration to turn it into a filling. According to professor Alteration was like transfiguration but you only changed to shape of an object. So you couldn't turn a match stick into a needle but you could turn a needle into a pinball, and since it was merely changing the shape and nothing else, it was permanent.

Harry smirked before he looked down at his clothes or at least what remained of them. During the course of the battle he had gone from fully clothed to wearing nothing but rags that were barely hanging on, plus he was coated in blood both his own and that of the demons. Harry pointed his wand and himself and muttered. "Scourgify" he winced as the dried blood was painfully removed from his body and made a mental note to learn better cleaning charms.

Done I finally got that chapter done. I have been doing like a hundred words than working on another story coming back and doing another hundred words before doing another story. oh yeah last thing the power increase the way I see that is the power you have the more costly it is to increase it through the statue of Divinity. so someone like Harry who is powerful by wizard standards but fairly weak in the grand scheme of things it is pretty cheap