Harry prowled along the forbidden forest, looking for something to fight even though he had reopened the hole in the defense down in the chamber two weeks earlier nothing had come through to his annoyance. So now he was wandering the forest looking for something to fight. He heard the breaking of a twig and turned around eagerly hoping he was going to run into one of the many supposedly dangerous creatures that roamed the forest. Only to frown when he saw it was a centaur. "What are doing on our lands hum- boy?" the centaur asked, Harry wondered why he cut himself off halfway through saying human, but supposed the ministry was racist enough that they probably just called them centaur and wanted to be nothing like them.

"Looking for something to fight." he admitted, and the centaur rolled his eyes.

"I suppose children are children no matter the species." he said with an exasperated sigh. "If you are looking for something to fight I believe there is a small group of Acromantula hunting nearby. I myself was on my way to scare them off. You are welcome to join me."

"Sure." He nodded then a moment later added. "Thank you." with a nod the two of them were off.

When the centaur saw Harry easily keeping pace he sped up a bit and Harry followed in suit increasing his own speed soon the two of them were in a full out race both trying to ahead of the other. The centaur had a clear advantage he knew the terrain and had gone through the forest a hundred times knew where all the pitfalls were and how avoid them. Harry though had a stamina advantage not bother to pace himself just moving in a full on sprint allowing him to keep pace the half man half horse.

Soon they came upon a cluster of spiders. "There are many more of them than expected." The centaur said before turning to Harry. "It seems the creatures beneath the school have even these foul creatures scared."

"How did you know about that?" Harry asked looking at the centaur in surprise, he heard they had the best foresight of all magical species being the best seers around but to able to see something like that is amazing.

"The stars warned us of a coming danger and your headmaster told us what that dangerous was."

"If they attack will you help?" The centaur nodded.

"Those creatures will destroy everything in their path including the forest and we will defend it with our lives." He pointed towards the Acromantula. "Even they fear the demons beneath the school, look they are not eating as the normally would instead they gather food." he saw that the centaur was right the spiders were wrapping several larged creatures in webbing and dragging them away. "no doubt planning on herding themselves up in their nest till the danger passes a wise if cowardly choice." He turned around and began to head back.

"Come there are too many for us to fight alone I shall father a few warriors before attacking." centaur didn't hear a response and turned to see Harry rushing the spiders. "Impertinent youths." he sighed before drawing up his bow and firing several arrows in an attempt to aid the boy.

Harry killed the first spider without even drawing his weapon punching the creature with such physical strength that he crushed it's exoskeleton killing it immediately. Another jumped onto his back but he threw it off before it could bite into him. An arrow flew through the air and pierced the spider in the head killing before it could recover. He pulled his dagger out that he used to open up cuts for him to summon blood and stabbed a nearby spider through the eye and kicking another with enough force to kill it. Finally one managed to land a lucky blow it's pincers piercing his flesh and drawing blood.

Harry growled and grabbed one pincer and broke it off before stabbing the spider in the eye with it's own pincer. He jumped back and summoned a blade of blood from his arm stabbing another two spiders before he kicked a third in the neck killing by crushing it's skull. He turned to cut down another one only to realize that there were none left around a half dozen had arrows sticking out of various parts of their bodies. He turned and saw the Centaur move towards him.

"Are you alright child I saw one of them bite into you I know that it isn't well known but they are poisonous I have an antido-" the Centaur stopped talking when he saw wound sealing itself shut. "That is quiet the healing ability Mr. Potter." Harry was surprised and it must have shown on his face. "Your fame has even reached the centaurs as have tales of your famous lightning bolt scar." the centaur answered without prompting.

"Well it was nice meeting you…" he trailed off realizing he didn't know the centaurs name.

"Etane my name is Etane." the centaur said holding out it's hand, Harry grabbed it and shook it.

"Nice to meet you Etane hopefully you won't die when the spiders come." he said with a sarcastic smile and Etane laughed.

"I hope so as well." the centaur cantered off leaving Harry alone in the clearing with Acromantula. He remembered in one of the few times Snape had actually taught the class something he mention that Acromantula was very rare and difficult get and that any student who brought in a vial would receive one O for every vial, which was equal to an essay. But he hadn't been joking when he said it was difficult to get only malfoy could afford to bring in any and he could afford to bring in a single vial a sign of how costly it was.

He grabbed a spider by the head and broke off a pincher causing venom to slowly leak out transfiguring several rocks into vials he filled up four before he was done with the one pincer and by the time he finished he had filled up a total of fifty vials. He smirked imagining the look on Snape's face when he was be given the vials.

Harry walked up to snape's desk during class and pulled out several vials. "What is this Mr. Potter you could not be done with your potion yet. If you are trying to cheat at least have the brains to wait till everyone else is done to do so." several slytherins chuckled and made jeering comments only for snape to send them a look making them shut up. He may not take points away from them but he didn't tolerate any students screwing around in his class.

"It's Acromantula venom sir." he said in an all to chipper voice.

Snape scoffed and picked up a vial. "Please Potter this many vials would bankrupt anyone. I don't know who told you about them but clearly they saw an easy mark and-" he stopped and put the vial and pick up another and another before he realized that this was indeed Acromantula venom.

"W-we-wel-well d-do-done P-p-p-potter." Snape forced out in a manner reminiscent of former DADA teacher Quirrell. It seemed to physically pain him to pay Harry a complement.

One of the slytherins actually collapsed in a dead faint and another one just bolted out the door cry out the end is here.

After class Neville caught up with him. "I don't think I have ever seen him turn that color before."

"I think it actually caused him pain to congratulate Harry." Hermione noted with only a small amount of worry.

"So did you get that from one of your family farms?" Neville asked he didn't think they could afford to give away such a valuable product in such large quantities.

"Family farm?" Harry asked confused and Neville looked surprised.

"You didn't know?" he asked incredulously. "The Potter family made their fortune from the crafting of potions most of the potions invented today were made them they own several farms and Voldemort burnt down quite a few but the ministry paid a fair amount to allow them to be rebuilt." it was some let's pay back our savior thing that the minister at the time did with overwhelming public support.

"I didn't know that." he said wonder why he wasn't told.

"Well I heard they are doing really well Dumbledore took control of them to manage them for you and it's booming." on one hand Harry was angry that such a thing had been hidden from him but on the other he reluctantly saw why he was kid who had no idea about finances it wasn't like he was some master of legal jargon that would have been able to tell that Dumbledore was stealing from him and decipher some major secret plot to steal all his money. It was more likely as a kid Dumbledore didn't plan on telling him until recently when he was old enough to begin learning such things.

See you later Neville I'm going to… study for a bit." he said and Hermione frowned at the obvious lie no doubt he was training again.

Neville didn't notice and waved back. "Yeah I'm going to talk to Professor Sprout about our herbology homework."

It was christmas break and Harry was alone almost the entire castle had left for the break eager to be away from the happiness draining dementors. He drawing blood he summoned two blades and waited for the golem knights to attack. He was quite proud of the fact that they seemed to have hit their limit as now two attacked him instead of one.

Ducking under the swing of one he was caught in the chest by another sending him flying back. He quickly rolled to his feet and jumped at one swing his blade with strength that belied his size the knight was pushed back a few feet. He moved his blade to intercept the strike of the second one only to frown as his blade cracked under the strength of the blow. It was a problem he had run into once he had master making properly shaped blades they were stronger than normal steel but the knights seemed to be able to damage even break them with enough force.

He repaired his blade and kicked the knight back before striking it's neck with his sword making it stop moving as it register defeat. He quickly finished off the other knight before he sat on the ground. It had been three years since he entered the wizarding world, he remembered his first christmas he had seen the mirror of Erised and in that mirror he saw his family. He wondered what he would see now as in a way he had a family. It was a strange one but a family nonetheless. He wasn't really surprised when the mirror appeared in the middle of the room, he was a bit surprised that it was still in the school though.

He walked up to the mirror and looked into it. He smiled at the image there was the whole Weasley family next to him the twins smiling mischievously Ron with his arm and harry's shoulder while the two of them laughed. Next to them Hermione rolled her eyes with a fond smile.

He smiled but held his head as a headache over came him. He shook his head as it faded and looked the mirror before falling backwards in shock. An old poem came to mind.

"Will you walk into my parlour?" said the Spider to the Fly,

In the center of the mirror was another one of the spiders a giant kyklops sat in a giant web within the mirror. He saw it's eyes gaze hungrily at him and realized it was trapped.

He felt it, it's hunger, it's power and he ran and kept running out of the room and through the castle till he hit the dorms upon which he dived into his bed and didn't move until morning for first time in years he had nightmares of something other than the night of Voldemort's attack.

Done so way I have always seen is that what allowed a young Harry to push through his fear of Voldemort was anger in first year it was his anger at confronting his parents murderer second it was his anger at Ginny being hurt fourth the lose of his friend Cedric it was only once he was nearly possessed by Voldemort in fifth year did he use love to drive Voldemort out and truly begin to stop fearing Voldemort. Remember Harry was scared being brave isn't about not having fear but rather pushing through it.