Chapter 5: The Intro to UB-01 Symbiont

Everyone eyed Red curiously, wondering why he had said what he had said when he said it. Although everyone's interests were piqued, it was Hermione who spoke up first.

"I hate to admit it, Red...but what on earth is an Ultra Beast?" she asked, shrugging her shoulders uneasily. At this, everyone nodded in evident agreement.

Red sighed heavily and pulled out his Pokédex, bringing up a picture of the same creature they had just faced. "This is the Ultra Beast we just faced, Nihilego, also known as UB-01 Symbiont. They're incredibly powerful Pokémon with the potential to bring any place to total annihilation." He stopped his explanation when he caught sight of Draco starting to sway on his feet. Wondering what was going wrong, Red pocketed his Pokédex and sighed again, stealing another glance at Draco just in time to see him collapse.

Surprisingly, Lucina was the quickest smasher to react, quickly bending down to check on the blond-haired wizard. She brought Draco over to the nearest sturdy place, which just so happened to be a couch, and laid him onto it. Everyone else had noticed Draco's sudden faint by now and were rushing about to try and help him.

"Everyone stand back, give him some air!" The smashers turned, shocked, to see Dr. Mario dashing through to help Draco out, evidently the most. After a quick analysis, he came to the likeliest conclusion. "Simple energy drain."

Pit just gave Dr. Mario a confused look. "Energy drain? What for? It can't be because Draco just use a Final Smash, right?" he asked uneasily, absentmindedly separating and reattaching his bow. To the angel Dr. Mario gave a grim nod.

"Unfortunately, that's exactly the reason. He's never used a Final Smash before, so it'll take some time for Draco to get used to it without wearing himself out. In addition, he wasn't in an official Smash battle, either, so the energy drain was even more evident." Dr. Mario finished his statement with another grim look at Draco, whose breathing had slowed quite a bit. Then he perked up and looked at the rest of the group. "No need to worry, though, he'll be fine in a few minutes or so."

Pit sighed heavily and looked out the window. "I sure hope so..."

But in reality, there were a bunch of other things on Pit's mind other than just the sudden appearance of Nihilego and Draco's Final Smash. 'What does this all mean? A-Are the events connected somehow?' Pit thought, and for a moment a trace of water hinted his sapphire blue eyes. 'No way it can be a coincidence...'