A/N: Hello dear readers. This is my first Loud House story with more planned, and this is something I wanted to get out there for a while. I'm a big fan of the series, but like most, there are certain episodes where things just make me want to punch some of the sisters in the face, or wish Lincoln would suddenly grow a pair and stand up to them.

Now, Brawl in the Family is infamous due to how the episode was handled: the sisters fighting over something trivial like a damn dress BOTH Lori and Leni bought (and I'm sure it wasn't cheap), Lincoln acting a bit more dim than usual, and just the general treatment of him during the episode. Why did they have to kick him out of his room twice? Why did they take his bed sheets when they likely had spares in the family as large as theirs? Stuff that makes Lincoln seem like the black sheep of the family really gets to you.

So, here's my twist on this episode. What if at the end, the sisters didn't fight each other, but had a new target?

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The middle child of the 13-member family looked at disbelief as 9 of his sisters started arguing among themselves, and he couldn't help but feel guilty about this. All he needed to do was keep his mouth shut, but given his good-natured and truthful habits, he accidentally spilled some secrets the sisters had about each other. Lincoln backed into a corner next to the fireplace when it seemed evident that the fists would fly very soon. His parents were hiding with Lily in their bedroom, which seemed like the best place to be in. But instead, fate had other plans.

Before another cloud fight could ensue, Lori whistled between her fingers, calling the attention of the others. "Hold on a second girls. Why are we even fighting like this again?"

"Because Ms. Sporty here thinks she needs a car-cleaning material due to my lisp! It's not something I can help you know!" Lisa glared at Lynn, some of her spit getting on the jock's face.

"And since Ms. Queen of the Mud here thinks I snore so loud, maybe she should FART louder!" Lola pointed out to her twin.

"Well you wouldn't have known about it if Lincoln hadn't-" The moment those words left Lana's mouth, the remaining sisters went wide-eyed before turning their attention to their only brother, who by now was halfway towards the safety of their parent's room.

"Lincoln..." The boy went pale at the mention of his name. Before he knew it, he was surrounded from all sides by his siblings.

"H-Hi girls."

"And just where do you think you're going?" Lola asked, a huge frown on her face.

"Um..." He paused, trying to think of an excuse.

"Nowhere, that's what." Lynn spat, cracking her knuckles.

"W-W-Wait, I'm sorry for accidentally spilling those secrets! I couldn't stop myself before it came out." The boy stated, the fear evident in his voice. However, like predators who cornered their prey, this didn't faze the sisters.

"While it is true those secrets you said were distasteful in nature, it was your responsibility to not speak word of it to anyone else, especially on who it was. And that is a trust bond you have broken too frequently as of late." Lisa stated in her usual monotone.

"And it was thanks to your big mouth me and Leni started fighting again!" Lori yelled in anger. "Thanks to you, our sister fight protocol didn't work like it should have!"

"All you had was one job bro." Luna stated.

"DON'T. GET. INVOLVED!" All nine girls spoke in unison.

Those words again, 'Sister Fight Protocol' and 'don't get involved'. The white haired boy recalled how it seemed everyone but him knew about it: Rita and Lynn Sr, heck, even Bobby knew of it (no doubt because Lori texted him). It angered him that his sisters excluded him again from something that would have benefited all of them, but what did he get? Getting kicked out of his room twice, couldn't eat lunch or use the bathroom, and getting his sheets taken, only to have a pile of dirty laundry dumped on him. Rather hard to not get involved when you have your things being used without your consent.

Lincoln gritted his teeth in frustration. Normally, he would've just taken the yelling and backed down, but not this time. The girls were making this both more complex than needed, and the solution was so simple that he was honestly surprised the girls hadn't realized it. Giving a heated stare back at his sisters, "What is SO important about this stupid protocol that you just HAD to exclude me from it?! Why is it I can't enjoy the things I want to do just because you and Leni needed space?! You both aren't the only ones who live in this house you know! Had I been informed of it, none of this would have happened! Ok so my first idea didn't work, I could've thought of something else! And how I am supposed to not get involved if you keep taking over my room and using my stuff?! Why couldn't you use some place else other than my place of peace?! But since you guys were being stupid, selfish, and not once thinking about that this dumb 'system' of yours isn't working (probably because you were being as dumb as Leni to realize it), I had to...to..." He stopped his rant after noting the angry glares his sisters were giving him.

Each of the nine girls had a look that was much harsher than what they would normally have when they were irritated. Fueled by the rage of their constant arguing and would-be brawl, the girls were highly tense and ready to unleash that anger on the boy that stood before them. Lincoln felt his blood run cold. The predatory stares from his siblings told him that he screwed up horribly, and that he was a prey that was about to meet its end. The boy flinched when he saw Lynn cracking her knuckles, followed by the rest of the girls instinctively clenching their fists. Sweat formed on his forehead as his pupils shrank.

"Dang it! Poor choice of words..." He thought to himself. Seeing as he was close to getting pummeled to possible death, his mind only thought of one thing: RUN. Pushing past 3 of his younger siblings, he lunged for the stairs. If he could make it to his room, he hoped he could barricade the door and wait this out. Unfortunately, as he was halfway up, Lynn tackled him and tussled with him back down the stairs. Once at the bottom, the rest piled in.

Now, Lincoln was used to getting into fights with his sisters (which he never won due to numbers), but this one was much, much worse. It seemed as if they were hitting harder than they usually would and had thoughts to literally turn him into a human pretzel. Everything was coming at him so fast he didn't know what was going on, but all he knew was pain, and to try to protect his face. He screamed in agony when he felt himself get kicked in his crown jewels. Instinctively, his hands moved to protect the organ that defined his gender, but this left his face open. Several fists collided in quick succession, giving him a black eye, missing teeth, and a broken nose which had blood beginning to seep from it. He moved his hands from his still sore genitals to protect his face, but this just resulted in another foot stomping on his balls. The pain from both his face and his nether region was conflicting with his brain, making it hard for Lincoln to decide which area needed more shielding.

Against nine people, it was almost impossible for Lincoln to protect himself. The hits just kept coming, and the boy felt they were starting to grow fiercer with each impact. He wasn't much of a fighter like Lynn, so even if he tried to fight back it wouldn't have made a difference. In fact, even some of his younger siblings seemed stronger than him. His mind told him if he kept his stupid mouth shut, he wouldn't be in this situation. It then decided to remind him of all the things he did that pissed off his sisters: the video contest, the whole sweet spot ordeal, and now...this. Part of Lincoln felt he deserved this after making his sisters mad at him for the last time, but the other part told him this was too much, even for them. The boy was pulled from his thoughts when one of his arms got stretched out and bent in a direction opposite of its natural bend. He screamed in agony as the hits kept coming, tears finally falling from his face like a river flows from a mountain.

In the parents room, Rita and Lynn Sr. were huddled with their infant child, listening to the constant banging and fighting happening in the living room.

"I know they've had fights before, but this is nuts!" The patriarch of the family stated.

"I know I know..." Rita stated, looking at Lily for a moment. Only reason she was with them was because she was still very young. The mother of 11 didn't like it whenever her children fought over something trivial, and it did bother her when neither her or Lynn could do much about it. So for their parents sake, their daughters invented the Sister Fight Protocol do help reduce fighting in the house. However, this seems to have failed too.

"Lynn...I know we try to let our children handle their issues themselves, but...do you think we do too little to stop them?"

The father nodded in agreement. "I do...I mean, we agreed not to pick favorites so we don't cause any unintentional rivalry, well at least more so than they already have...I don't like saying this but sometimes I couldn't help but think if we had a smaller family...but I can never think about how fun and interesting ours is as it stands."

Rita couldn't help but agree to that. However, she also noticed the noise had stopped, both now hearing only the sound of someone crying. Both assumed it was Lily, but even she had a straight face and was confused. Cautiously, both parents peeked out the door. The sisters had stopped fighting, but now they had looks of guilt, regret, shock, and horror adorned on their faces. A few of them had their hands shaking unconsciously, with one of the girls staring at her somewhat bloody digits. The source of the crying was coming from the center of their circle, which now had both parents were immensely worried. In all the years their kids fought each other, it never resulted in someone wailing like they were in serious pain.

"Uh, girls? What's going on?" Lynn Sr. asked.

The girls couldn't say anything, but instead Luna and Leni parted a bit. The looks on the adult's faces said it all, with Rita practically had tears in her eyes. "Oh my God, Lincoln!"

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