Hello there! Here's my first story in a while and the first written in English too. It'll be short chapters for the moment and I really hope that you like it. It's an ItaSaku one, so if you don't like, don't read. The rating may go up, but I sincerely doubt it.


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That was what she was feeling right now. The hollow pain in her chest and the sensation of having no place to run away. They had left her.

Naruto went with Jiraiya to travel the world and Sasuke and Kakashi-sensei left together to train. Apparently it wasn't important who she will be training with. She was a chunnin and weak. She knew that.

After beating, or trying to beat, one of the trees in the forest, and destroying her knuckles in the process, she headed down to see the Hokage. She was going to demand her to explain why she allowed for her to be left alone.

But when she was in front of the formidable woman, she couldn't do it and instead blurted out that she wanted, needed, for Tsunade to train her.

It seemed that something in her eyes convinced the blond, and so her training started.


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