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Glancing around to her team, she started to doubt the success of the task at hand. Even with all the henges in the world, it seemed difficult that they could convince the local lord that theirs was a normal family.

Come on! Itachi Uchiha and Sai as Shisui and her sons? They were too serious and stoic to be a teenager and a kid.

"What is it?" Shisui was looking at the pinkette for a while now, and her face told him that something wasn't quite right.

"I was just thinking that you are way too pretty and serious to be considered "normal" and therefore, for this mission to be successful."

Before Shisui could give her an answer, a monotone voice interrupted. "Are you implying that you are sexually attracted to us ugly?" The look that Sakura gave Sai was enough to shut him up.

"Not you Sai, you are just too socially retarded for this mission to succeed," she said firmly and stormed off from the living room, "and I'm surely not sexually attracted to anybody."

Upon hearing the door slamming, even Itachi had to hide his smirk.


After all, they were capable of cheating the town and were invited to the annual festivities inside Urata Taikumo's mansion. Sai was playing hide and seek with some kids, using that as an opportunity to make an outline of the guards position, and Itachi had disappeared from the party in favor of searching the documents they were looking for in the crime lord's office.

Walking slowly and smiling, Sakura and Shisui, both in their disguises, approached the target who was drinking heavily with two women in his arms, to give their respects. But at the last moment, she tripped over and collided with Urata and, supporting herself in his chest to avoid falling completely and with Shisui's help, stood straight once more.

"I'm so sorry Urata-sama," bowing respectfully, they started to introduce themselves and make small talk and after apologizing again, left him to his own devices.

Looking at her husband she said "I'm so embarrassed of falling over Urata-sama." Taking her chin in his hand, they locked gazes. "Is okay Saki." To everyone else they were madly in love, but the smile they shared was because they knew better, there was no way that a kunoichi of Sakura level would fall like that.

With a small nod from Itachi, the family reunited and after an hour, left the house. Silently they entered their home, changed swiftly to their uniforms and left from the window.

Before they could even reach the forest, Urata Taikumo died from a heart attack.

Sakura had been wrong. No one remembered the plain looking and normal family that lived in the town for just two weeks. They were better actors that what she had suspected.

Life was full of surprises.


It was Wednesday, she'd had a grueling double shift in the hospital and the only thing she wanted was to sleep for days. After saying her goodbyes, she started to walk like a zombie to her house, unable to use the rooftops due to her tiredness.

She stopped to buy dango and continued her way in a slow pace, almost falling when she collided with a broad chest. "Hey! Look where you are…" Glancing up, Sakura shut up when she found herself staring at Itachi's eyes. "Sorry," her blush make him think how interesting was the way she could be all aggressive and two seconds later an innocent girl.

Sakura sensed that something wasn't right so she asked "Are you hurt?"

"How did you know?"

"Just a hunch," she took him by the hand and without thinking started to walk and smiling she said, "C'mon I'll heal you." He knew that her chakra levels weren't the best in that moment, but the determined face that the girl had, stopped him from saying something.

After a while they reached her home and blushing, she let go his hand. In silence the pinkette opened the door and made him sit in the couch. The raven looked intently how she healed him with delicacy and concentration, her chakra had a very calming feeling and slowly he started to relax in his seat.

"You are all set Itachi-san," the smile that she gave him was enough to make him reciprocate with one of his own.

"Thank you, Sakura," he saw how her cheeks turned pink and stood abruptly clapping her hands saying, "now let's eat dango!"

They talked for hours while eating the sweet treat, until Itachi had to go because he was summoned to the Hokage's tower.

Both of them slept really well that night. Life was full of surprises indeed.


One week later, Sakura found herself standing in front of Tsunade. "You are going on a mission tonight. This is a very important one Sakura." She nodded but before she could answer, the door opened after two short knocks. Itachi entered the room and bowed respectfully.

Finishing the debriefing and informing her that she would be using ANBU gear again, the blond asked them both, "All clear then?"

"Yes Hokage-sama"

"Yes shishou"

"This is going to be so much fun!" smiling, Sakura agreed with her inner musings.


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