high times

a/n: everyone's addicted to something. Elwood City is no exception. each chapter a different person, a different addiction. can they ever get clean?

rated t for the drug stuff, some language, possibly some sexual themes. might up it to m if i need to.

chapter one-Buster

"You got the stuff?"

Buster needed a fix. He was in a ton of pain and his doctor wasn't giving him any more pills. The healthcare system struck again. He was out on his ass and the only one who could help was his dealer, Johnson.

They met by accident. Buster was at an urgent care looking for pills. Dealer was there with his girl after a cooking accident. They got to talking in the waiting room. They exchanged numbers, then Buster had to decide about calling. He needed the pills. He had to have them to get through the day. But the doctors had failed him.

"You know I got it," he nodded. He passed off a baggy, "Here you go, fifty for those. Should last you two weeks if you're careful."

"I can't afford to be careful," Buster murmured, passing him two 20's and a 10. "Everything hurts."

"I get it, my man. But my supply? Limited. Laws exist in this country and they're hurting my business. That supply should last you two weeks because that's all I can get. But I talked to my other guy, Steve. He might have some next week if you need them. Here's his number," Johnson said. He passed Buster a business card. As Buster tucked it into his wallet, Johnson drove off.

Buster went to his apartment. Well, his mother paid for it. He did have a job before his wreck. A flat-bed tow truck hit him going 45 in a 25, rear ended him and jacked his back up. Physical therapy and a strict pain regimen followed. The meds were amazing, but he got used to them. As his prescription went down, his pain increased. "But you should be better now," his docs said. They put him down for more scans, which his old workplace paid for (though he hadn't been able to work in months). The scans showed nothing. No dislocation, no swelling.

They said officially it was all in his head. Buster was written off, sent away. So he tried contacting other doctors. That worked for a year, but now they were catching on. Well the laws were. His history was a red flag so they refused to see him.

He just wanted to stop the pain and nothing else was working.