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The first 4 chapters will be the same.

Chapter 1.

This fan fiction is a result of myself, among millions of other fans, being greatly disappointed with the outcome of the Majin Buu saga. The Cell and World Tournament sagas set Gohan up to become the next protector of earth and main character of Dragonball Z. However, we discover that famous underlying message in both media and society, about the new generation replacing the old, is not evident in Dragonball Z as it was in Dragonball. Akira Toriyama purposely lessened the power of his own personal favorite character, a character with the most potential in the history of Dragonball, to allow Goku to once again take the spotlight after it transitioned to Gohan for about 40 episodes. They then allow Ultimate Gohan, the strongest non-fused character before Battle of the Gods, to lose to Majin Buu so that Goku could once again save the day. After this, they reduce Gohan from being one of the two main characters in Dragonball Z to a background character replaced by Vegeta who gets less screentime than Piccolo, Goten, and even Bulma and Chi-Chi. This fan fiction will not only show how I believe Dragonball Z should've ended, but also how they should have proceeded after the end. This one is for you, Gohan fans.

Disclaimer: I do not own Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT or Dragonball Super. Every character and location mentioned in Seven Years Later, with the exception of ones created by myself and not mentioned within Akira Toriyama's manga and anime.

Chapter 1: The Gold Fighter

In a dashing display of speed and power, Dr. Gero's prime specimen dashed towards the Son household, a vision of green and black. Electricity crackling at his every side and chunks of earth and rock upheaved by the sheer force of Cell's unadulterated power. The creature gave a chuckle when a sound of commotion radiated from the small East District household. A light switch was quickly flipped from inside the household, acting as a beacon of light and hope within a dark secluded area far away from the modern industrialization of man. As Cell approached the household, his knowing victim sensed an overwhelming power headed his way.

Gohan's fork dropped to his plate, the collision of silver and glass being heard throughout his parents' humble kitchen. The golden-haired pre-teen's senses were blown away at the pure power, hatred, and evil about to interfere with the family dinner. A pair of wide eyes glanced towards the door, from which a sound of power surging seemed to approach. Goku glanced inquisitively at his son with a frown.

"Is there something wrong, Gohan?"

The youth responded to his father's question with a stare of bewilderment. What's wrong? Why can't he sense this? This, this, power of absolute evil that is approaching our household that is diminishing all chances of hope and peace? Chi-Chi seemed to agree with her husband's concerns and threw a worried look upon her son. She lowered her right hand onto their small wooden table while continuing to chew her home-cooked meal.

"Gohan, shame on you! You know better than to cause such an outburst at our kitchen table, what's gotten into you? Must be this new Super Saiyan transformation you and your dad are always blabbing about-"

"Chi-Chi your son has become an amazing fighter!" - Goku interrupted.

"Fighting?! Becoming a respectable and successful scholar beats roughing people up any day? Where does fighting get you in our modern society, Goku? Will fighting get into a prestigious university? Pay the rent? Attract a wife?"

"Well it definitely worked on you-"

"Times have changed, Goku. You can run around like a barbarian with your golden hair from here to Kami's Lookout or the Otherworld for all I care. My Gohan will not become a fighter!"

"Yeesh, okay Chi-Chi calm down."

As the married couple ceased their bickering over the future of their child, their rickety door began to creak. The sounds of outside rain became more apparent as this stranger seemingly stumbled upon their small family house near Mt. Paozu. The door was gradually opening further and further until Gohan could see a reptilian looking man. As the stranger walked past the doorway and descended upon the dinner table, Gohan could feel his enormous level of ki and instantly confirmed that this tall green stranger was the power level he had earlier sensed. Gohan quickly glanced at his parents, Goku and Chi-Chi, maintaining the same shocked mouth expression and wide-eyed glare. His father, seemingly oblivious to his surroundings, simply smiled at his son with a cheerful and hopeful expression on his face. Dad. Why aren't you fighting? Mother. Why aren't you running?

Cell now stood directly next to Goku, staring at Gohan with purple eyes filled with malicious intent. As Goku stood from his seated position, eyes still locked on his son, Cell gave Gohan a vicious grin that was anything but benevolent. Goku remained unaltered, bringing his middle and index fingers to the front of his head. I feel so helpless...why can't I save him? Gohan was using all the might his eleven-year-old form could offer. He attempted to get out of his seat to rush Cell headfirst, tapping into Saiyan instincts that Vegeta would be proud of. He attempted to shout to his father to shake him from this daze, to open his eyes to the threat that lay directly beside him. Gohan couldn't move, couldn't speak, and couldn't save his father from his terrible fate. Gohan was frozen in an unfamiliar state and couldn't provide assistance to his family. It's all my fault.


The young half-Saiyan warrior looked upon his father's face. Looking into his father's blue-green eyes was as if he was staring into the very soul of his role model and parent. What is it, Father? Gohan could feel the emotions that his father welled up inside of himself while looking upon his face for the final time. His father was cheerful. Happy. Content. Proud. Gohan could even discover a tint of sorrow within his father's gaze. The one emotion which Gohan could not find within his father was regret.

"Take care of your mother for me."

A hand penetrated through Goku's chest, spraying the table in the blood of a fallen hero. The evil android's hand removed itself from the puncture wound that it had created in Goku's chest. Gohan's caring father, Chi-Chi's loving husband, and the earth's formidable protector fell to the floor as life faded from his eyes. He passed away to the otherworld with a smile on his face, entrusting the future generation to uphold the value of peace on earth. Cell gave a hearty chuckle as he looked down on his fallen opponent while lifting his left arm to fire a ki blast at Chi-Chi and Gohan's unborn younger sibling.

"CELL!" - Gohan screamed at the top of his lungs.

Regaining full control over his body, Gohan frantically glanced around to discover he was sitting up in a sweat drenched bed. It was a dream. Gohan untangled the heavy damp bed sheets wrapped around his torso and legs to sit in an upright position at the side of his bed. The strong rays of sunlight coming through his bedroom window momentarily blinded him. Better go see what mom has made for breakfast. As Gohan propelled himself upwards from his bedside, his mind wandered back to the traumatic visions of pain and suffering he had witnessed in his slumber.

Since Goku gave his life to save the earth's inhabitants seven years ago Gohan had experienced that recurring dream at least once every month. Gohan had come to terms with the fact that his father's sacrifice was necessary to protect all life on earth, but had not been able to overcome the dreaded feeling of guilt that overcame himself every time he thought back to the events of The Cell Games. That sacrifice would have not been necessary if I took my opponent seriously and put an end to Cell's tyranny with my newfound power. I acted like an idiot, and that's why mother no longer has a husband and why Goten is fatherless.

Gohan exited his bedroom and made way to the kitchen to find a small child who gazed upon him with all the respect and admiration in the world. His hair was black and messy, long bunches of hair sticking out of his head which came together in a fine pointy tip. His attire included an orange gi with blue sleeves, along with a black belt and small boots of the same color. He looks just like dad from when he was a child.

"Gohan, Gohan, Gohan! Have time to train me? Huh? Do ya?" - Goten exclaimed with the innocence of a child.

Gohan was about to accept his younger sibling's offer until realization hit him like a ki blast. Damn, that's right! Gohan gave out a long sigh and approached his eager brother, ruffling his messy hair in a sign of brotherly affection. "Sorry, squirt. Right after we eat breakfast I'm going to have to head to high school."

Goten looked at his brother with sad, puppy dog like eyes. "Do you really have to go, Gohan?"

"Unfortunately, yes, I won't be able to get a good education and support myself as an adult if I don't attend high school. Mom's homeschooling worked wonders, but now I have to show the education system what I can do." Gohan lifted his arm and gave a thumbs-up to his disappointed little brother.

"But when will we play? I won't be able to train with you as much now that you are in school. This is a bummer."

Gohan looked down upon his pouty little brother and gave him a reassuring smile, one that only a member of the Son family could perform. "I'll tell you what. After I go to school tomorrow I'll quickly finish my homework, then we can spar for the rest of the day. Sound good?"

"Yes! Thanks a lot Gohan."

"Don't mention it, Goten."

Gohan and his brother jogged into the kitchen to find their mother setting the table for breakfast. As she spun around to open the drawer where their forks are kept, Chi-Chi caught sight of Gohan.

"Good morning, boys! You guys sleep well?" - Chi-Chi asked.

"Yeah!" - Goten exclaimed, jumping into one of the chairs in preparation for his meal.

"I slept well too, mom. Thanks for making breakfast." - Gohan lied.

Chi-Chi looked at her son with a smirk on her face. "Ready to start your big day, son? Remember to make an absolutely perfect impression on your teachers. Y'know it affects what grade they will give you. Teachers are like that, not all of them will be fair, but I'm sure they will love my handsome boy! Make sure your shirt is tucked in, it makes you look more educated and profound. And don't forget to make new friends, especially with the girls, I'm not getting any younger and I would love to have some grandchildren!"

Gohan looked at his mother with a hand on his cheek which had turned a light shade of red. Goten, on the other hand, could not control his laughter and almost fell out of his seat at the sight of his brother's dissatisfaction.

"Mom! You're embarrassing me!"

A flustered and annoyed Gohan quickly demolished his meal with his Saiyan appetite, trying to ignore the snickers, giggles, and chants coming from his younger sibling. "Gohan's getting married! I'm going to be an Uncle!" After finishing his meal, Gohan glanced at the kitchen clock in an attempt to discover what time it was. He let out a sigh of relief after he realized it was only 7:30.

"Mom, I'm going in the living room to see what's on tv. There's still and hour and a half until I need to be at school."

Chi-Chi gave a kind smile to her son as she cleaned the dishes. "Okay, have fun!"

For Gohan, the transformation his mom undertook after the events of the Cell games was almost scary. Once upon a time, Chi-Chi would have forced him to study his brains out instead of allowing him a couple of minutes of free time. These days, she's very laid back and understanding, allowing Gohan to train an hour for every hour he puts in studying every day. After seven years of sparring with Vegeta in three thousand times gravity and even taking in pupils of his own (Goten and Trunks), Gohan had completely surpassed his eleven-year-old self. Instead of Goku, Gohan was now Vegeta's motivation, greatest rival, and closest ally. He remembered the moment he had convinced his mother to let him refine his martial arts skills as if it was yesterday.

Seven Years Ago

Gohan approached his mother while she was watering flowers outside their humble house. She was now visibly pregnant with the second son of Son Goku and seemed at ease for the first time since her husband's death. Gohan believed that this would be an excellent time to approach her and confess what was on his mind, the fact that he now did indeed crave to become a warrior like his father and Vegeta and to train his skills daily.

"Hey mom, can I talk to you about something?"

Visibly flustered from gardening chores, Chi-Chi turned around to face her son.

"Gohan, why aren't you studying inside the house?"

Gohan stared at his mother with the determination and will of a true Saiyan. "I need to train."

Chi-Chi gave her son a sad smile, reminding her so much of the man she loved. "Gohan, there's no purpose in training anymore, you defeated Cell and are probably the strongest kid in the universe." She chuckled for a second and then regained her composure. "Now studying should be the only and most important aspect in your life Gohan. It will set you up for success."

"Mom, I love you, but you don't truly understand what I'm saying. I never needed to constantly train before because dad was the protector of the earth, the one who we would turn to if we needed trouble. Friends and family completely relied on him and now...he's gone. Before he died he entrusted the peace and safety of the earth to me and told me to protect you and our friends from the future evil that will descend upon earth. I understand that studying is important mom, but the fate of this world is on my shoulders and I can't let them down like I let dad down." Tears streamed down Gohan's cheeks as he remembered the death of his father. Chi-Chi gazed upon her son in a stunned state, with tears stinging her eyes. "I have to become smarter, but I also have to become stronger. I need to become braver and I need to become a man who can protect his loved ones! Dad was that type of man, and I let him down, so now I need to keep my promise and protect all that he held dear!"

Chi-Chi wrapped her small arms around her son, finally letting tears fall from her eyes. "Don't ever say that you let him down. Your father was very proud of you and he loved you."


Gohan changed the channel to the news station to become informed on any noteworthy events, but instead felt gravely disappointed when a man wearing an afro and a cocky face appeared on the television screen.

"Mr. Satan, back to the Cell Games, the greatest battle of all time and the tournament that made you a worldwide celebrity and hero. Please tell the people, your adoring fans, about the aftermath of the fight." - an interviewer said.

"Oh, heh, well, those blonde dudes and that green guy were all flying in the sky, like some sort of aliens. They came down and used their little magic tricks hoping to fight Cell. Well, uh, all those other blonde guys and the green man got their asses handed to them until this tall blonde guy decided to take on Cell. I felt a little left out, being the greatest normal human-being on the planet and all, hahaha, and decided to join them. Then suddenly that tall blonde guy threw in the towel and let that little blonde delivery boy of theirs fight cell. After all the little cells were beating up his friends, that kid got mad became even stronger than Cell, knocking out all the cameras with some sort of blast. Anyway, I blacked out after that, and when I woke up that kid defeated Cell. Then, of course, those alien friends of his proclaimed me the strongest man alive and entrusted the earth to their world champ! Hahaha! Can't be as strong as those trickster aliens but I'm still the strongest of this world!" - Hercule replied.

"Mr. Satan! Mr. Satan! Mr. Satan!" - the crowd roared.

Gohan switched off the tv and twisted his face in disgust. That last part never happened! Me and my friends save the world and our methods of fighting are explained as tricks and random blasts of light. What a phony this guy is, hasn't anyone in that crowd heard of ki? Gohan chuckled to himself after beholding the sheer ignorance of stupidity of the Satan fanbase. Hey, at least he was decent enough to not take all the credit for himself.

Gohan grabbed his bag and opened the front door their house, looking back to say his goodbyes to his family. "Bye mom! Bye Goten! Off to school!" Gohan pushed himself off the ground and up into the air as Chi-Chi came barrelling through the door. "Don't forget to smile, young man!" - exclaimed Chi-Chi as she frantically waved to her son.

The eighteen-year-old smirked as he flew through the sky, wondering how this first day in an unfamiliar environment would turn out. I better be careful if I don't want any of the students to discover my little secret. The teen flew for fifteen minutes in the air at an unbelievably fast speed, passing villages and forests and plains each miles apart from the each other. The medium length spiky hair of Gohan's eighteen-year-old form whipped around violently as he traveled faster than a high-grade military aircraft. Gohan glanced down to an area covered in towering trees and watched some wildlife scurry below the masses of green whereas others flew from branch to branch. The sight of earth enjoying such a prosperous peacetime brought a smile to his face. The world has changed since I defeated Cell. For the sake of protecting the value of each individual life, I must grow stronger and wiser in battle.

Five minutes passed and Gohan was now flying directly above Golden City, named for the mysterious group of individuals who saved the world from the evil monster known as Cell. The citizens of Golden City worshiped the fighters of the Cell Games similar to how one would worship a deity, erecting golden statues in their honor and praying for the day that the so-called aliens would descend once again upon the earth. Gohan let out a chuckle as he flew overtop the statues of him and his friends, the anonymous heroes of the world. His father, Vegeta, Trunks, Piccolo, Krillin, Tien, Yamcha, himself, and even the peace loving Android 16. All of the hundred feet high golden statues went without a description, except for Gohan's which read 'The Saviour of our World' and Hercule's which read 'The Strongest Man to Ever Live'. What a character Mr. Satan is! He's so ridiculously helpless and clueless that it's hard to get mad at him for claiming to fight alongside us. I kind of pity the guy!

Gohan was taken from his thoughts when he overcame three masked men dressed in black, guns drawn and terrorizing the citizens below. Gohan frowned at the cruelty that the men were displaying. My friends and I fought Cell so that humans could live in harmony. They're still ruthlessly killing each other. Gohan quickly swooped down to a back alley in between two buildings, in close proximity to where the men were threatening the local populace.

"Get your ass over here bitch!"

"Who the fuck do you think you are messing with us, huh!"

Gohan looked out behind his hiding place to find one of the men dragging a young woman by her hair while she frantically squirmed and screamed for help. I can't just let these guys get away with this. There must be something I can do, but I can't let them see my face. Gohan pondered a resolution to his problem before an idea quickly came to him. With a smirk, Gohan powered up, releasing a yellow surging aura that consumed his body. While the transformation turned Gohan's hair a light blonde and his eyes teal, it also quintupled his power level leaving him with tremendous strength and speed. Time to go super. In a blinding flash of light Gohan disappeared from the alleyway and reappeared directly in the line of sight of the three criminals.

The leader of the trio quickly let go of the woman's hair at the sight of the intruder right before she quickly dashed away to safety. The man in black lifted a gun towards Gohan's chest but the golden-haired man remained calm and in control while the villain appeared wide-eyed and shook to the core. His sweaty finger was firmly wrapped around the gun's trigger.

"Who the fuck do you think you are, interrupting us like this? One of those fucking golden boy fans? Do you know who you're messing with punk?" - the man said as he fired several rounds aimed directly towards Gohan's heart.

As the bullets bounced off the Super Saiyan's chest and onto the pavement, both the attackers and the victims looked at the golden man in awe. Gohan remained calm and stern, giving the criminals who disrupted the peace within Golden City a death stare.

"What...are you!?" - another one of the criminals exclaimed.

"I am the hope of the universe. I am the answer to all living things that cry out for peace. I am protector of the innocent. I am the light in the darkness. I am truth. Ally to good." - Gohan said as he looked over towards the cowering civilians who had been crying out for salvation from the terrorists before him. Gohan turned back towards the criminals before finishing his speech. "Nightmare to you!"

Gohan dashed towards the gun wielder, slapping the gun out of his grasp and breaking his arm using a backhanded strike with very little exertion. The fiend was sent hard to the ground, moaning and holding his arm with tears in his eyes. The remaining two of the trio opened fire at the mysterious teenager after seeing the disposition of their leader. While bouncing bullets off of his extremely durable body, Gohan casually walked towards the duo as they wasted their ammunition. As both of their clips became empty Gohan send both of them into the brick wall of a building across the street with one swift kick, rendering the terrorists unconscious. As the sound of sirens began to flood the area Gohan dashed into the sky and out of the authorities' line of sight while the victims waved and cheered for their new savior. When the police arrived they became completely baffled at the sight of hundreds of civilians jumping for joy behind a broken body and hundreds of shell casings.

That was a close one. I need to come up with an alternate approach when I require the use of my powers. After school I might pay a visit to Vegeta and Bulma to see what they can hook me up with. Gohan flew to the ground and powered down from his Super Saiyan transformation when Orange Star High School came into his field of view. He could see hundreds of students carrying their thick textbooks as they approached the front entrance of the educational institution. Heh, if that's all they are giving the students to work on, this high school stuff will be a real breeze! Gohan walked inside his new school looking like a typical and completely normal scrawny high schooler. Little did they know that Son Gohan, Orange Star's new prodigal student and extremely well-mannered teen, was the strongest mortal being that Universe 7 had ever seen.

These are my POWER LEVELS!
Power Levels:

Cell Saga


Base: 12,250,000
Super Saiyan: 612,500,000
Super Saiyan 2: 1,225,000,000


Imperfect Form: 300,000,000
Semi Perfect Form: 450,000,000
Perfect: 1,000,000,000

Goku: 12,000,000
Super Saiyan: 600,000,000

Cell Junior: 30,000,000

Orange Star High Saga


Base: 24,000,000
Super Saiyan: 1,200,000,000
Super Saiyan 2: 2,400,000,000
Great Saiyaman: 1,200 (Raditz)


Base: 18,000,000
Super Saiyan: 900,000,000
Super Saiyan 2: 1,800,000,000


Base: 500,000,000


Base: 2,000,000
Super Saiyan: 100,000,000


Base: 2,250,000
Super Saiyan: 112,500,000


Base: 4,000,000


Base: 3,800,000


Base: 2,000,000




Base: 7


Base: 10

Future Trunks

Base: 8,000,000
Super Saiyan: 400,000,000
Super Saiyan 2: 800,000,000

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