Okay guys, I'm gonna start this out with a little statement. I have no idea what was planned for this story, so I'm just winging it. Also, my Gohans always turn out to be a bit more Saiyan like, so his heightened anger issues are going to play a huge role in his attitude, don't forget that.

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Gohan rocketed through the sky. His golden aura illuminating his black battle armor. His teal eyes were locked onto the large yellow jet copter that flying over the city in an almost frantic state. It was heading in the direction of a plume of smoke, so Gohan could understand why. He was actually going there for the same reason, fancy that!

In a flash of light, Gohan shot past the jet copter, reaching the crime scene before Videl. He landed on top of the building opposing the bank. He quenched his aura, trying to at least maintain some form of stealth. He gave the crime scene a once over, taking in all aspects and energies. There were about 20 thugs in the bank, one energy signal was higher than the rest, which Gohan stored for later. Several, pure energies were dotted in their midst, signifying hostages. 3 more thugs were on the roof of the bank. They were armed with what looked to be snipers and small arms. Easy to take out for someone of his level. Now the front of the bank was a WHOLE new ball game. There were dozens of thugs lining the front steps of the grand building. The thugs had created a barricade of cars and modified safety barriers that had enough metal and armor on them to stop a bullet. Thugs hid behind the barricade, aiming their military grade weapons at the many police cars and SWAT vans that littered the street in front of them. There had to be at least 50 thugs in total and double that of cops.

Videl's yellow jet copter landed on the street behind the police line, adding one to their ranks. She jumped out of her vehicle and jogged over to the Police Chief, Jeffrey Cash. "What's going on here Cash?" She demanded, malice evident in her voice. Officer Cash was standing at the front of the police line armed with a bullhorn and a six-shot revolver.

The short, overweight man rubbed his moustache thoughtfully, thinking as to answer her question. "Well Videl," He started when he finally pieced together something plausible. "It seems that they want your father. His head, to be more exact." He explained, sympathy in his eyes.

The raven haired teen scowled. Wasn't her mother enough. Now these bastards wanted her father as well. "Do you have a motive."

"No, unfortunately."

Videl pushed past him, grabbing the bullhorn from his hand. "Then lemme at 'em." She walked a few feet past the police line, opening herself up to anyone who wanted to kill her at the moment. She brought the bullhorn up to her mouth. "Why do you want my father?" She questioned.

No answer.

She scowled. "Why do you want Hercule Satan." She repeated.

No answer.

Her scowl grew deeper with each passing second. This was getting annoying. "Why do you wa-" She started.

"Now, now boys. That's no way to treat a lady." A voice interrupted her. The street went silent as all noise in the area seemed to cease. Gohan listened very carefully. He recognized that voice. "You all know that when a lady asks a question, you're supposed to answer. Right?" Footsteps could be heard from behind the double doors of the bank. The doors opened. A cloak covered figure walked out, the owner of the voice.

Videl was growing tired of this. "Who are you and what do you want with my father!" She yelled, casting aside the bullhorn.

The cloaked figure started laughing. It wasn't a normal laugh either, it was a crazy, deranged, maniacal laugh that a killer would have. A laugh that Gohan, again, recognized from somewhere.

"Answer me!" Videl shouted.

This only fueled his laughter.

The crowd that had gathered and the police were starting to grow uneasy. This man was obviously insane, and he had a small army to back him up. If they started fighting, the police would be able to do nothing. They were heavily outgunned.

Gohan had just about had enough of waiting. He was fully prepared to go down there and bash some insane heads when need be. His legs tensed as he prepared to jump down from the building at a moment's notice.

"Your father claims to have fought alongside those monsters." The laughter stopped. The cloaked figure's nasally voice broke the thick silence. Yes, Gohan definitely knew that voice. "He has claimed that he is the strongest of this world, yet he knows not that they still reside here. Waiting, waiting, waiting. WAITING! For the chance to strike everyone down and rule this planet." His insane laugh started again. This man really was dangerously unstable.

Gohan was done waiting. He jumped down from the roof and landed on the ground in front of Videl on one knee, his fist on the concrete. All guns in the area were trained on him in an instant. He stood to his full height of 6 foot. His black battle armor gleamed in the sunlight. His teal eyes were cold and calculating. Golden hair swayed in the wind. To say Gohan was happy with this costume would be an understatement. He thought he looked amazing in this. Much better than what his original idea was. That orange helmet looked ridiculous.

Videl was in awe at the character before her. He was her idol. THE Delivery Boy. She didn't even need his confirmation to know it was him. He looked to be in his early twenties, around her age but older. The Delivery Boy looked a bit older than her in the Cell Games video that was available. She studied his form. He was build like a god. The tight spandex under his armor gave her a view of almost everything. His face was extremely handsome from what she could see. And oh kami those arms.

"Tell your men to stand down and I'll let them go without injury." His voice commanded the attention of the gang leader.

The man was shocked. He didn't expect one of them to be here. "I-it's you!" He exclaimed, backing up. "You shouldn't be here. This is Golden City. You people avoid this place like the plague!" While he was backing up he tripped over his own cloak, falling to the ground. Gohan grunted. This man obviously knew a lot about him and his friends to make that assumption.

Gohan disappeared. Videl staggered back from shock. "Fast!" She thought. The Police and gang members (all of which were now outside watching) alike looked around in confusion, where was he? Nobody was that fast. But of course this was one of The Golden Fighters.

Gohan reappeared in front of the gang leader. He reached down and grabbed him by the front of the cloak. The man found himself being hoisted into the air. Gohan ripped the cloak off of the man, accompanied by a frog like croak that came from the revealed gang leader. All eyes turned to the top of the steps where The Golden Fighter was holding the now almost butt naked man. The man was bizarre. His face was almost completely covered with cybernetic attachments, save for his mouth which had a thin, black moustache. His hair was tied back in a braided ponytail with a pink bow holding it in place. His body was almost completely uncovered. The only thing saving the surrounding people from mortification was a pair of tight, black spandex shorts.

"Mercenary Tao." Gohan spat. He knew this man from his father's stories, and his own encounter with the man back before the Cell Games. They were not fond memories.

"Son boy." The shaking mercenary seemed to gain some composure back. Enough to regain his look of indifference.

Gohan threw him down to the ground, tired of holding him. "You should have stayed away Tao." The hybrid warrior circled the downed mercenary.

Tao stood back to his feet, brushing off his legs as if there were dirt there. "No. Your kind needs to pay for what you've done to me."

"And what is that. " Gohan questioned.

"You ruined my business and credit. After you brat of a father defeated me, I could no longer find anyone who would hire me anymore. No one wanted a killer who couldn't kill a 12 year old." He gestured to his face. "Not to mention, he did this to me."

"So what, we stopped you from killing people."

Tao growled. "You also proved me weak. I was shunned by everyone who respected me."

"A killer deserves no respect. They are the scum of the Earth"

"So what are you?"

Gohan's hand wrapped around his throat so quickly that the mercenary didn't even see movement. His anger reached new heights. Cold eyes burned into Tao's skull as the cyborg man feared for his life. "Leave. Go crawl back under whatever rock you were under and don't show your face if you want to keep it." Gohan shoved the man onto the ground before turning and walking away. Not even paying attention as the man scurried to a nearby tree. He passed the thugs behind the barricade. They quickly moved out of his way, dropping their weapons in surrender. He kicked the steel barricade out of the way, moving what took 6 men to in an instant. After this display of strength all but one of the thugs dropped their weapons, inside and out. The hostages that were being held rushed out of the building. They ran into the crowd of people, tearfully greeting their friends, family, and peers.

The one thug who didn't drop his gun rushed forward towards the golden warrior. He tried to ram the butt of his stock onto the Saiyan's face. It connected and with a crack broke the stock in half. The thug staggered back. "H-how?!"

Gohan grabbed the back of his neck and headbutted the man, knocking him out. "I defeated Cell. Your gun can't hurt me." He continued walking, not missing a beat. He made his way over to where Videl was standing. She thought he was going to say something to her, but was instead ignored as he picked up the bullhorn on the ground next to her. He turned to the gang of surrendering thugs. Holding the bullhorn to his mouth, he spoke. "Let this be a warning to all potential criminals. I come to a city dedicated to me, and find it littered with the scum that you call yourself. I will not tolerate crime anymore. If you so much as think of committing a crime or other heinous act, I will be there." He dropped the bullhorn and levitated off of the ground, starting his flight back to school, he knew he was cutting it close.

"Wait!" He stopped in the air, looking to Videl. "What do we call you?" She asked gesturing to the people behind her. "Who are you?"

A small, Saiyan like smirk came to Gohan's face. "You know well enough who I am. The question is, who are you." He vanished into a golden blaze and shot into the sky.


Whelp, there is my teaser chapter for my partaking in the story. Hope you liked it! Also, Gohan's Golden Fighter personality will be more brutal towards criminals, he has no love for them and would rather set an example to prevent future crimes than be gentle.