Demons and Angels

AN: inspired by Lupine Horror's omake Rituals and Horrors.

AN2: another plot bunny is abducting my muse!

Chapter one: Summoning the demon.

A seven year old boy was running. It was a common occurrence in this town, with the cookie cutter buildings to see said short and scrawny boy running, and the running boy being ignored... sadly this was also common... despite the fact that he was running from a group of boys much larger than his overly skinny frame.

The boy saw a house, one of two in the town that has been abandoned, but still had the upkeep paid for longer than he was alive. Turning a corner, he saw it, a window left open a crack, since the other boys were over a block away and out of sight, he opened the window the rest of the way, climbed in, then closed it and the curtains. The first thing he noticed was the smell of really old, imperfectly preserved leather. The second thing was the books. Said books numbered in the hundreds, some neatly on shelves, even more stacked haphazardly around the room.

The third thing he noticed was even odder, a circle with odd designs in the middle of the room that was incompletely smudged out. The young boy's curiosity spiked and he decided to explore the house to wait for his cousin to give up, and after wiping his scarred forehead he went searching the house, the first door he found had stairs leading downward, and he decided to start from the bottom.

The basement was obviously odd from the start. For the basement was empty except for six, now seven things. The first was the same circle that was on the first floor, except both complete and whole. The second through sixth things were five floating flames set strategically around the circle.

It was what the new seventh thing in the room did that would cause many headaches, cursing, violence, and cuddles.

He tripped and hit his nose on the ground on his way to look at the other things in the room. And some of the blood dripped into the circle.

Normally this wouldn't cause any problem, because power would need to be applied. The problem is that the circle was one of a pair that was kept in separate locations, and each of the pair had a similar structure.

The wizard that drew it was very weak, so he made part each circle absorb magic on its own, that he intended to utilize to activate the main part, a summoning array. He had wanted to keep it simple, so he linked the summon and binding aspects to a single catalyst, blood.

An explosion of smoke, harmless flames, and brimstone emerged, and at the same time the boy felt as if something latched onto him, in a deeper than physical sense. And when the pyrotechnics ended, he saw a figure.

The figure was female, looked around sixteen years old, and had a slender with a good, but not oversexed, exaggerated, or huge assets figure. Her face while pretty was marred by her current scowl, that showed her fangs, and her slit pupils. Her hair went to mid-black and was a deep purple. She stood around five feet two inches tall.

She was wearing a Victorian-style Gothic dress. The sleeves were red as was the majority of the dress. Only the center and the lace at the end of the sleeves was not, those were black as the void, only broken by the three red bows one across the center of the breasts, and two more between that one and the waist. The red from the sleeves stop just to the sides of the breast area and extends downward in a vaguely triangle fashion. The dress extended from just over her completely covered breasts, to a few centimeters above the floor, concealing her shoes. (look up red and black Victorian Gothic dress)

"Okay brat, how did a squirt like you manage to summon and bind me?" she snarled out, while materializing her spear and pointing it at him, only to shriek in pain and drop it as soon as the weapon pointed at him.

"I-i-i, do-don't kno-know," the boy stuttered out afraid, but noticing her pain, he had to ask, "are you okay? Can I get you anything?"

the summoned girl look at the boy, and took a calming breath. "Kid, I'm going for a walk to calm down, then I'll try and answer you k'?" the demon said and started walking away up the stairs, everything went fine at first, until she hit twenty five feet away from the boy. Then the pain started, and got worse with every step, until she hit fifty, then she stopped, not due to the extreme pain, but due to the fact that it was if she had hit a steel wall. She gnashed her teeth as she started back, realizing that she couldn't move too far. She was either bound to the summoning location, or, more likely, the boy.

When she got back to the boy her suspicions were confirmed, the boy looked like he was recovering from a bout of extreme pain. Ignoring him for the moment she looked over the summoning circle, and took note of the absorption array, the summoning array, the binding array, and the age of them all.

Sighing and sitting gracefully on the floor, looked at her new master. She considered lying to him, but decided that it was best to be mostly honest. "Boy, what's your name?"

the boy started at hearing that hated name, but answered anyway for despite not liking being called boy, at least the person near him had no malice in her voice, "Harry Potter, mam."

"Not mam, Master-Harry, "she paused looking like she had swallowed something particularly unpleasant as another aspect of the binding seemed to kick in upon learning his name, but continued, "My name is Hikari Krichevskoy, call me Hikari master. Please let me explain before you ask questions master."

That last comment stopped Harry from opening his mouth, so he got more comfortable, and waited while Hikari gathered her thoughts.

"You apparently accidentally activated a demon summoning ritual that summoned me, and bound me to you, as a virtual slave," she paused, and while still not happy, she was pleasantly supersized that Harry had a look of horror on his face at that comment, so she elaborated. "That means that I cannot disobey a direct order, but I can still use interpretation on an imprecise order. We also cant seem to get too far from each other, and an even lesser distance before pain starts. As such, I'm going to have to stick very close to you, at least till dad finds me, and see weather we can get the contract broken. Any questions?"

Harry thought for a moment then gave first order, an order that made her think this wont be so bad, "I order you to call me Harry, and not refer to me as master. Let's get out of here," he started and paled, "crap, how am I going to explain this to aunt Petunia and uncle Vernon."

"Let me take care of that Harry, I can be very... Persuasive," she said with a smirk.

After the duo left the house Harry had two thoughts, and gave the orders, "i have two orders, if you have objections to an order, please tell me before doing it so I can retract it, and two, could you destroy the circle and books to prevent a repeat?"

The demon-girl smirked at both orders, they showed that this summoning might not be nearly as bad as she thought, and then the second order hit, and since she had no objections she automatically obeyed, causing the house to be engulfed in a tower of flame that left nothing but molten stone behind.

Harry blinked the spots from his eyes at the pillar of flame that had erupted in-front of his eyes in the dusk twilight, and reflected that he really needs to word his orders better, before turning toward 'home.'

Thirty minutes later master and demon, found themselves at number four privet drive, and Harry took a deep breath before entering, only to receive a punch to the cheek that snapped the bone, causing him to try out in pain, fall back, and knock himself unconscious on the cement of the sidewalk. The very large man that had just struck him pulled his booted foot back to give Harry a kick for daring to cry out in pain, unaware that, as he had done it in the doorway, that the neighbors, whom he had convinced Harry was delinquent and lair about the abuse he suffered, had witnessed it. He was also unaware that there was a demon not five feet in-front of him, and wouldn't be until she blocked the kick with a single finger. Not that he knew she was a demon, just that she was there.

A few minutes of her blocking attacks that someone of her frame shouldn't have been able to block, something changed.

A police car arrived to see a girl shielding a boy against a much bigger man, whom had just picked up a cricket bat and struck her across the head, only for the bat to splinter and the girl not even bruise or turn her head.

"Freeze, asshole," the police officer demanded, pointing his gun at the man. "You're under arrest for assaulting two minors, and possibly child abuse, now drop the weapon."

Vernon froze at the demand of the police officer, and the fact that the girl in front of his shook off his blow like he was less than a fly, and did the intelligent thing, well not really, but smarter than he could have done. He dropped the splintered remains of the bat stepped back, then slammed the door shut.

The officer walked towards the two children while speaking into the radio, "this is officer Peter, calling from the Pivot drive disturbance, I'm asking for backup to arrest one Vernon Dursley for attacking two minors, and for child abuse, as well as an ambulance. We have at least one child that needs to get to the hospital," as he finished his call he stopped by the boy's side, knelt down and checked his pulse under the disturbingly intent watch of the young girl, whom didn't have even the slightest bruise on her. He was relieved to find the pulse strong and steady, it was then he took a better look at the girl, and swallowed a curse. He was a squib and he had a sinking feeling why she had slit pupils and pointed ears.

Knowing he had a minute or two he asked, "Why does a demon care about a human boy?"

"He accidentally summoned me, using an array carelessly left primed, and so far his orders haven't been too bad, so fulfilling protection part of binding is no problem. He will be staying with me, or me with him," she explained.

"Got it, I have contacts that can get you proper Ids and emancipation paperwork, you'll be his guardian on paper, please don't cause too much trouble," the officer said in a resigned tone of voice, and put finger to lips as he heard the sirens of approaching vehicles.

It took little time after that for the two youngsters, by their species standards, to be loaded into the ambulance, and Vernon to be lead away in cuffs, and after a search of the house his wife and son joined him, after all, it isn't a very good thing for the police to find a cupboard under the bed to be set up as makeshift bedroom, with evidence that someone bled in there often.

The report from the doctors that treated him only confirmed the suspicions of the arresting officers.


In a tower, an old man started swearing as multiple silver baubles started exploding, causing a fire that destroyed three priceless tomes, multiple stacks of paperwork, his sherbet lemons, and his teddy-bear that he absolutely can't sleep without.

Some of those complications will give him headaches later.


chapter end

EN: blame my online chat buddy, we started throwing ideas round, and the idea kidnapped my muse.