Demon and Angel

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Chapter 15: Year 2 Pre-Christmas and Yuri's thoughts.

Harry was scowling at seeing his android being repaired/healed. He didn't think to check her level before they went to Earth, and now she was paying the price. The robot girl barely hit one hundred before heading to Hogwarts, because she had decided to work on creating a plan for the soul jars, and split off from the group before they hit the item world with Flonne.

Harry wouldn't let her make that mistake again and internally pledged that the gynoid would be at least five hundred before they headed back for their second term.

But first, he had to go buy some gear for her, she was also woefully under-equipped, with only a medium rank emblem on her, the one she got for last Christmas.

"Take care of her. Nerf, please stay with her until I get back," Harry said, and then turned to his ever-present company, "We need to go shopping. This wouldn't have happened if I had insisted on having her properly equipped and insisted she come along with us when we hit the robe item world, and we should correct the first part right now."

The two girls looked at Harry and nodded, they also kind of liked the android, and were rather upset that she was so severely damaged, and so, they went to the Rosen Co. equipment stores.


Harry was frowning, he had already picked out a good quality armor, and was now waffling on what weapon to get his android. The problem was he had no idea of her weapon preferences. Shrugging, he picked out a set of high-quality fists as a close-range backup weapon, and a high-quality gun for her primary, then picked up a pair of glasses to enhance the HIT stat, to increase the power and accuracy of the gun.

The choice in primary weapon was simply because he had a hard time thinking of his futuristic servant not using at least something more high tech than a sword.

Then Harry dropped by the item shop for a bouquet and a get well card. Rather pointless for the last except the thought, since both netherworld and celestial hospitals correct anything, even recent death within a day at most, but it was the thought that counts.


Kaniz reactivated an hour after Harry dropped off the equipment and flowers, as he had to get to the Dark Assembly for an appointment he had made over a month ago. He was trying to pass a bill that would make reduce the paperwork that he needed to complete every time he switched realms.

Oddly, he was also the most powerful person in the room by a long shot. He had expected the bill to be of a high enough rank that he would have had some sort of challenge if he needed to pass it by force.

He was sick and tired of filling out fifty forms, per person, each time he wanted/needed to go between Celestia, Earth, and the Netherworld.

Considering that with his expanded party, that was three hundred pages, he felt justified in doing so.

Not surprising to Harry, the bill failed, and the melee commenced.

Since the young hybrid was over level one thousand, and fully equipped, while the senators tend to have nothing equipped, and the highest level was only one hundred, he was feeling perfectly safe.

It would just take a while since some kept trying to run.


Yuri was watching her master fight. She was more than high enough level to join in, but Harry had asked to let him handle it. So she was standing by with a towel, in case the senators had some sort of surprise for him.

She was proud of him, although unhappy at what he had become.

After she had sacrificed her life for him to survive, she had awoken as a soul in a penguin suit and found out that contrary to many religions and beliefs, self-sacrifice was considered a serious sin in the realms.

So she went through the prinny training easily and kept her head down. She was at first, rather unhappy to be sent to serve a being that was known to be cruel to prinnies, but she was rather surprised that, she had almost immediately been given to the very boy that she had sacrificed herself for.

She had renamed herself the Japanese version of her name, so as not to be potentially discovered, and simply did her job.

She had been furious when she had heard that her will had been disregarded by Dumbledore, and Harry had been sent to her sister's house, a sister that had agreed to ignore each other's existence ever since the wedding of Lilly Evens to James Potter.

Her feelings on the engagements were complicated. There was pride in who he had nabbed, disgust at the enslavement, more pride in how her son had handled it, and shock that it even happened in the first place.

Then came the disaster of a reincarnation.

Now Yuri had nothing against many demons or angels, but her son should never have had to become part of each to survive. Then there was the fact that the protection ritual had initially been corrupted, and then corrected. Lastly, Dumbledore should have had Harry checked by professionals before doing anything with him, but did... nothing.

Although, Harry's new servant hosting the soul of her killer, and serving her son provided her with a delicious sense of irony.

Harry's Hogwarts years so far made her finally believe Dumbledore was losing his damn mind. The first year she had witnessed Voldemort's mangled spirit ripping itself out of the defense professor's head. A direct warning to the students to avoid an area, something that any intelligent adult would recognize as tempting children.

This year was a contemporary of hers, one that was almost useless in the practical classes, and only really passed any of them because of copious bribery, or in the case of charms, the fact that he was acceptable in them.

The man would have been much better as a history professor, as she remembered he had a passion for it.

The fact that her son killed the man without issue was the source of her current concern for him.

Not that she blamed him for being pissed, as the man had attempted to drug and rape his fiancees, but the fact that he showed no hesitation, or remorse for the act made her wary.

"Thinking of your son?" a voice next to her stated.

Looking to the side, the prinny blanched. It was her future in-law, Etna, who was spinning a spear idly.

"Do you think you're the first mother who sacrificed herself and became a prinny to protect her son? Laharl's mother did it, and she worked in the castle as a prinny for a while. You act much like she did with Laharl, always watching from a distance, never speaking to him, until the day of the red moon, when it was her time to reincarnate.

One of his biggest regrets was not being able to speak with her before that point, and I wonder if she felt the same at the end. Don't let that be you," Etna finished, and watched her future son-in-law corner the last of the senate. Stowing her spear she stated, "He's not a psychopath. He needs to be greatly provoked to kill. It doesn't show up much here since our hospitals can resurrect others, so he lets loose far more, but think of how many people have provoked him at Hogwarts, but he never acted. Don't let what he did to that man color your perceptions. Laharl would have done the same, but with considerably less... finesse. Well, I see your son is done, so have a nice day."

She then stalked off, leaving a contemplative prinny behind.

She shook herself out of her thoughts as the remaining senator, who was the only one that voted for the bill, stamped the bill approved, meaning that Harry only needed to sign one piece of paper for everyone that traveled with him.

She waddled down with the towel so he could wipe off the sweat.

"Thanks, Yuri, we should go check on Kaniz now," the boy stated while he was toweling off his face.

The prinny simply nodded, and followed, conflicted as to what she should do.


The android was back on her feet and trying on her new gear. They, like all the gear sold by that company, could be worn both visibly, or, in the case of those that like their current looks, invisibly.

Kaniz was currently wondering why her master suddenly went out of his way to obtain equipment for her, but she wasn't going to argue.

She had gotten pummeled because, while she was stronger individually than any of those moving corpses, she hadn't had the levels, skills, or equipment to handle the hundreds that had attacked her.

She won, but barely, and she had herself to primarily blame, as she had skived off the item world jaunts partway through the first one.

So she decided to go check on what level the item worlds were in her new gear, as she would probably be regulated to leeching EXP at first, as she was so far behind the rest of her group.

She knew that her master wanted her to be, while still loyal to him, more independent, so she took her first step in doing so if only to find out where would be the most appropriate place to start getting her levels up when he started the process.

Heading out, she scooped up Nerf in her cat form, and placed her on her shoulders, and left a note with the doctors for Harry... and so an android took her first steps to becoming more than a willing slave.


The bound trio and Yuri dropped their shopping lists off with Etna and went to collect the android.

They were shocked to just find a note in the hospital.


I'm checking out the level of the equipment that you obtained for me and looking for places to level up.



"About time she started to think for herself besides her hunt," Harry mumbled as he disposed of the note. "Let's head to the item world."

Harry smiled at seeing the Android at the item Worlder and smirked at the scowl on her face.

"Equipment too high a level for you to risk going in?" Hikari asked with a smirk.

The android did her best to blush, as she hadn't expected them to catch up so quickly.

Umbra came up with a much lower level weapon, and gently said, "Let's start with this one."

The lowest level one there looked at the group and smiled. She felt like her eyes were leaking.

Harry then said, "Kaniz, this if for you, we will keep you healed, but we will only fight if you get in trouble, other than that, you will be the only one fighting, at least until you hit five hundred or so, understand?"

The android nodded, and they entered the item world.


The weeks leading up to Christmas were filled with training, a lot of it, item world after item world, were conquered, including Kaniz's new equipment.

This lead to her reaching over eight hundred, Nerf broke a thousand, Hikari and umbra reached over three thousand, and Harry reached one thousand five hundred by Christmas eve.

Harry personally thought their power level was getting ridiculous, considering that all but Kaniz before they left Hogwarts could crush the one thought to be the strongest at Hogwarts like a bug.

Then he reconsidered and decided that if they wanted to make an issue about how much more powerful he was than them, that was their problem.

Besides, he was nowhere close to Laharl's level, and that was the measuring stick the boy used to measure himself with.

Harry had called an end to the training when he realized, belatedly, that they had shot so far beyond his target level, not that he was going to stop his group from becoming stronger, but he didn't need to spend fourteen hours a day grinding the item worlds.

He also realized that tomorrow was Christmas, and he wanted to spend it with his family.

So he decided to call a break on the morning of Christmas eve, and let those that couldn't just hand the shopping lists to someone else, do there shopping.


End chapter.

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