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No one could see her unless she wanted to be seen. She blended into the night. She left no sound, no trace, and no evidence of her footsteps and whereabouts. No one could track or catch her.

The night was hers.

Creeping up a set of metal emergency staircase alongside an old apartment, a dark figure stopped at the third window. With an easy swipe of a clawed finger, wooden window sill unlocked and slid open. A woman stepped inside a dimly lit studio room where the only inhabitant, a young teenage girl sat on a squishy couch and was typing away on a small compact laptop.

Resting a hand against her hip, the woman spoke in a velvety tone. "Hey, twerp."

The young girl continued typing away, unperturbed by the intruder.

"Catwoman," a emotionless voice answered back. Too emotionless, Catwoman noted, a trait that concerned her sometimes. She may spend her time juggling with the villains and the occasional hero, but she knew a kid in need of mental help when she saw one.

"Aw, did you miss me?" she teased as she came closer, heels lightly clicking against the old wooden floor. Her nose wrinkled when she noticed the drabby wallpaper beginning to peel.

"You seriously need to find a new place," Catwoman commented as she glanced around. In the past month that she's visited the girl, the apartment only seemed to break down more and more. Nothing was particularly in bad quality, however the apartment was simply old. Barely functional, affordable, but depressing.

There was a short sigh. "Cat, don't pity me, what did you really come here for?"

A flicker of a smirk passed Catwoman's face before she schooled it into sugary concern. Not for the first time, the woman considered the idea of taking the girl under her wing. The twerp was smart, too smart for her own good that it made the thief nervous for the child's well-being. The kid had a mouth on her sometimes. However, as soon as the thought came, it quickly passed like the many other instances she thought of adopting the girl. She didn't have time to babysit.

"You know me so well," she purred. "Fine, I want the social codes for Henry Duvet, a software engineer, he's that guy who-"

"-recently got almost eighty million, from a scam by thrifting a couple of cents off billions of credit accounts checked into his new website for healthcare," the girl finished.

Catwoman smiled sweetly. "Yes, and I want his-"

"-savings account number and the code for his banking wire. Just give me a couple more minutes," the girl intoned flatly.

This time, Catwoman pursed her lips, not particularly amused by how foreseeable her request seemed to the girl.

"You already knew I was going to ask." It wasn't a question.

The girl shrugged. "It was an educated guess, but your targets are a little predictable sometimes."

Catwoman made a 'tsk' sound before sauntering into the kitchen and and scoping the inside contents of the fridge. She made a mental note of approval at the sight of a balanced food pyramid sitting on the inside shelves, although the amount of food was less than she would expect of a growing kid.

"You gotta eat more, twerp," Catwoman called out.

"Mm," was the wordless reply.

"Do you have soda?"

"Bottom door shelf."

"Thanks, twerp."

Catwoman hesitated for a second when she held the can with her gloved hands. Her claws could unlock, grip, crack, tear, or scratch just about anything. But the one thing she couldn't do was pop the tab off of soft drinks, or rather, she could, but didn't have the patience to struggle for five minutes to maintain a grip on the tab instead of having her claws clack uselessly against the surface. The thief's fingers twitched on the impulse to slide out of her gloves. She never took her claws off as long as she still had the mask on her face; it was one of the golden rules for people who hid their identities.

"You can't pop the tab, can you?" Another sigh came from the couch. "If you want, I can help y-"

There was a hissing sound of releasing gas from the fridge and when the girl turned around, she saw a triumphant Catwoman holding up an opened soda can with a bare hand.

"Good job," the girl said dryly. "Okay, I've got the numbers-"


Both heads snapped to the apartment door.


Damn, the girl must've missed erasing her tracks on the software when she hacked, Catwoman assumed. Judging by the girl's alarmed expression, it was a rare mistake, but a costly one, nonetheless. Wasting no time, the girl clicked out of all files and windows on the laptop screen while Catwoman yanked her glove back on. The twerp was scribbling stuff on a scrap of paper that the thief couldn't see in the darkly lit room.

"Window," the young teengaer whispered fervently as the banging got louder.


The girl followed the burglar to the window and shoved the piece of paper into Catwoman's gloved hand. Looking down at the pencil scratches, the cat burglar wavered for a second when she saw Duvet's banking numbers and codes.

"Come with me," she said. The girl blinked and choked in surprise.


Catwoman was surprised with herself, too.

"Come with me," Catwoman repeated impatiently. "They'll know what you can do with your laptop and they'll use you. You'll never be free if you get caught now."

The girl's shock quickly smoothed and a clouded expression took over in its stead. Catwoman had seen the girl hacking into the most sensitive information frames and how that same, blank stare would stay unfazed throughout impossible hacks. But now. The girl seemed so lost at the simple offer.

"I-," she stuttered. "I-I can't."

Was that disappointment pricking into Catwoman's conscious? Surely not. She hadn't felt her conscious in a long while.

"I mean, thanks, I really appreciate it," the girl said in a thick voice. Catwoman paused. Were those tears in the twerp's eyes?

The girl let out a rattled breath. "But I can't. I promised myself that I'd face the consequences of my bad habits and I think my time is now."

Catwoman let out air through her nose and turned away. Twerp was too morally conscious for her good despite her talents in this line of business. It was a waste, but Catwoman wasn't the type to push people's personal life codes since she disliked it when others did the same to her.

"Let me know if you ever want out," Catwoman said. It was a gesture of support, something that she barely ever granted to anyone.

"Thanks again, but you really got to go," the girl responded as she slammed the window shut. Catwoman stared at the glass panel once more, before she heard door splinters exploding inside.

"Hands up!"

Catwoman didn't give a second glance over her shoulder as she jumped off the emergency stairs and gained distance from the apartment surrounded by flashing police cars. The kid would hold up. The girl was tough.

The girl stood at the window with hands held up, watching the dark figure jump roofs while armed people dressed in dark garments flooded the small room. To the casual eye, they would have appeared as one of the GPD task force, but these people were not police.

"Nice work," a voice said behind her.

Turning around, the girl gave a curt nod as greeting to a tall man in a silver suit strode inside the apartment, the armed platoon making way for the stranger.

"I gave her the bait," she said hollowly. "Catwoman will probably break into the bank vault in nine days."

The man chuckled. "You got Catwoman's fingerprints along the way too."

"It was a bonus. I didn't think she'd actually take her gloves off, but even if she didn't, it wasn't her prints I was aiming for."

"It's a valuable bonus," the man amended. "It's time to leave. Pack whatever you need and we're leaving tonight."

"Where are we heading?"

The man smiled. "Taipei. I'm negotiating a peace effort between Northern and Southern Rhelasia."

"Wow, I think I'll have fun seeing you try that, those two governments hate each other," the girl remarked.

"I am also supposed to be assassinated," he added.

A short laugh escaped the teenager. "Okay, yeah, I'll have fun. I'll be out with my stuff in five minutes."


Any guesses on who's who? If you know me, you probably know one is an OC haha. #trash