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"Stop where you are. Faora Hu-Ul you are under arrest, surrender to us peacefully and we will not harm you."

Faora Hu-Ul of Krypton spun about to face her pursuers and saw several fully armoured and armed Kandorian soldiers with their weapons aimed at her only for the soldiers to lower their aim slightly as she held the young infant in her arms higher to cover her vital areas "Go ahead shot me."

"Hold your fire!"

Stepping out from behind the soldiers came a man with black hair and blue eyes with the crest of the House of El on his chest "Jor-El!"

Jor-El had volunteered to accompany the soldiers because he had visited the planet earth before. Upon learning that the wanted criminal was on earth he had led the soldiers and tracked her down to a forested area outside a small village in the country of England. They approached the woman and attempted to apprehend her only for the woman to hold an infant hostage by using it as a shield.

"You're weak Jor-El!"

Faora gave a smirk of satisfaction as Jor-El quickly became angry "It is not weak to value life! Now give me the child."

Faora looked down the child in her arms and watched as the young male infant opened his eyes revealing green eyes the same coloured as emeralds, only for his eyes to flash red for just a second. Seeing the flash of red in the infant's eyes Faora grew angry as images of the past year flashed before her eyes, the main among them was a large being with glowing red eyes and stone like skin that towered over her. Jor-El sprang into action as he saw Faora grow angry and her grip on the infant tightened making the infant boy scream in pain.

Jor-El leapt forwards at high speed, the power he gained from the yellow sun fuelling him, he grabbed Faora's arms and wrenched them apart, the still screaming child began to fall to the ground but before he fell even a few centimetres Jor-El had thrown Faora through several trees and then reached out and carefully took the screaming child into his arms.

After making sure the child in his arms was not injured he looked up and went to order the soldiers to apprehend Faora only to see they already had "Take her back to the ship while I find where this little guy came from."

The soldiers nodded and began to make their way back to the ship with Faora while Jor-El made his way towards the closest town. It didn't take long before he reached the relatively small village and saw not too far away from the town's only graveyard a house that had just been destroyed within the past hour or two, he could tell because it was still on fire, making his way to the house Jor-El was confused to not see anyone trying to put out the fire or look for survivors.

"This must be the work of Faora."

He carefully made his way into the house and the living room lying dead at the foo rot the stairs was a body, the body was male with black hair not unlike the child in his arms. After offering the dead a quick prayer to Rao he stepped over the body and made his way upstairs, he searched the rooms and when he found what was a child's bedroom he found a dead woman with red hair who had to be the wife of the man downstairs, he looked at her face and noticed that she had green eyes like the boy in his arms, seeing an empty crib he set the infant down in the crib.

He looked around the room and saw on the door it said "Harry's Room"

"So, your name is Harry huh little guy. I'm sorry about your parents."


Jor-El heard someone call out for who he guessed was the dead parents, seeing that someone was hear he looked over the child once more before he took of at high speeds to reach his ship and head home to Krypton.

Had he been a bit more observant he would have noticed the charred cloak and ashes on the floor indicating that another person had been in the room, he also would have noticed similar ashes but not as much in the crib he had just placed the young boy in.


"You're a wizard Harry."

Those words had changed everything, now Harry James Potter stood in the main foyer of Gringotts looking around at the goblins and witches and wizards all around him. When Hagrid had showed up last night and told him about magic being real and how he was some kind of famous wizard he had trouble believing it at first but when Hagrid had asked him if he had ever done something without meaning to his mind drifted back to several times over the years when he had discovered something new about himself, the first was his immense physical strength, then his speed and several months ago he had been so angry after his cousin Dudley had gotten him in trouble the fire had shot from his eyes. His strength and speed had taken some time to learn to control but he hadn't been able to make fire shoot from his eyes again so far.


Shaken from his thoughts he followed Hagrid as they approached the counter "Can I help you?"

Hagrid offered the small goblin a smile as he nodded "Yes Mr Potter here would like to make a withdrawal."

Instead of asking for identification or showing them to his vault the Goblin scowled at them "Is this supposed to be a joke wizard."

Hagrid just blinked in surprise at the goblins words and slightly aggressive tone of voice "Pardon."

"There are no more Potters after the death of James, Lily and Harry Potter on Halloween 1981."

Hagrid looked down at Harry making the goblin do so as well "Did this man put you up to this boy?"

Harry looked confused "I don't know what you mean sir, I am Harry Potter."

The goblin seeing the honest look of confusion on the boy's face called for a senior manager, within moments a much older goblin appeared and after a hurried whispered conversation with the goblin teller the aged Goblin turned to them "You shall wait here Mr Hagrid, and your young man shall come with me so we can sort this out."

Hagrid didn't even get a chance to object before Harry was led away by the older goblin, after several minutes of waling they reached and office which the goblin led him into and then offered him a seat while the goblin sat behind the desk "Do you understand what is going on child?"

Harry shook his head "No sir, the goblin said at the counter the I was dead. But I'm not!"

The goblin shook his head and could easily see the confusion and fear of the unknown in the boy's face "Calm yourself young man, let me explain, we goblins are masters of using blood magic to keep track of the many bloodlines in the magical world, on October 31st 1981 we recorded the deaths of James and Lily Potter and their infant son Harry James Potter. Yet here you are claiming to be that young boy. Do you see the problem here?"

Seeing the young man nod his head the goblin removed a silver dagger and a silver bowl inscribed with runes "Now I would like to perform an inheritance test, all I need is three drops on your blood in this bowl, from that I will be able to determine if you are indeed Harry James Potter, now while I prepare for the ritual I would like you to explain to me why Mr Hagrid brought you to us."

So, after listening to the boy's explanation the goblin nodded "I see, well hopefully this will explain some things, hold out your hand child."

With a prick of the boy's finger making Harry flinch back, a reaction the goblin took notice of because it was a much more expressive reaction then what even children much younger then this young man gave, it was as if he wasn't used to physical pain at all. Within moments the blood was gone and sitting in the bowl was a small scrap of paper which made the goblin frown.

"Is something wrong sir?"

"Yes, the parchment that has your family details should be much bigger than this." Quickly snatching up the parchment the goblins eyebrows rose in surprise at what was written

Name: None

Father: ?

Mother: ?

Vault Number: None

Showing the paper to the child the goblin shook his head "I have never seen results like this before young man, but it would seem that you have been lied to your entire life, you are NOT Harry James Potter."

Seeing the boy was in shook he called for a goblin to send word to the head of the DMLE. Within ten minutes Harry was still sitting there in shock as Amelia Bones, the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement arrived and had a quick conversation with the elderly goblin.


Looking up the now apparently nameless young man found and older lady with Auburn hair and a monocle over her right eye standing there giving him a smile "My name is Amelia Bones, I'm the head of the Department of Magical Law Enforcement. I'm going to have to ask you to come with me while we sort this out ok."

Harry didn't speak up, he just nodded his head and let her lead him away.


Albus Dumbledore marched through the Ministry of Magic, the scowl on his face and the oppressive feeling of his magic pressing down on the people around him caused the people to cut him a wide path, within moments he reached Amelia Bones' office only to become extremely confused as he saw young harry sitting of to the side of her office.

"Would you care to explain your message Amelia, what do you mean Harry Potter is dead?! He is sitting right there!"

Amelia waved her wand and cast a privacy ward around them "No Albus, I don't know who that young man is, but from all the evidence I have been able to gather, the real Harry Potter died on Halloween with his parents, yet this young man who has been living with Lily Potter's muggle relatives, and who has always know his name to be Harry, and who was picked up by Hagrid who told him about his supposed legend in our world. According to the goblins blood magic Harry Potter is dead, so who the hell is this young man Albus!"

Albus looked absolutely shocked, for the first time in a long time he was rendered speechless as he turned to look at the young man across the room "Sirius pulled Harry from the wreck of their house in Godrics Hollow, Hagrid brought him to me and I placed him with his relatives. I honestly do not know what is going on Amelia."

Amelia rubbed the bridge of her nose in frustration "This is going to be a nightmare Albus, I can only keep this secret for so long before it leaks, I've contacted the unspeakable, they've sent someone to Godrics Hollow to find any clue as to what the hell is going on. In the meantime, I have no idea what to do with this young man, his whole world has just been torn down around him Albus."

Albus looked back at the young man across the room before he left the privacy ward and approached him "Hello young man, my name is Albus Dumbledore."

The young man he thought was Harry looked up at him and Albus felt his heart clench at the lost look in the boy's eyes, he then noticed the boy look at Amelia "You both have names, but according to the goblins I don't. Why don't I have a name?"

Albus sighed and gave the young man a pat on the shoulder "Worry not my boy, once we figure everything out you will have a name, even if I have to give you a name myself."

A knock on the door took his attention away from the sullen young man as an Unspeakable entered the room, quickly entering the privacy ward again followed by the Unspeakable "What did you find?"

"Traces of what used to be Voldemort's body, as well as ash remains of a second body, a small body found in the crib. Seems the goblins are right, Harry Potter never survived that night."

Amelia looked to the boy across the room before he turned back to the unspeakable "Go and get Sirius Black from Azkaban right now, I want answers, and if he was the one who removed that young man from the house then he is going to give them to us."


Within two hours Sirius was sitting in a chair which had chains wrapped around him, in the middle of Amelia's office with Albus and the unspeakable standing there "It's about time Albus."

Albus narrowed his eyes at Sirius "What do you mean about time Sirius, about time we discovered your deception regarding Harry."

Sirius looked back at Albus shocked "No, about time I got a proper trial, what do you mean about Harry? Did something happen to him?"

Amelia looked at the two men and could tell she wasn't the only one confused "Sirius, did you not receive a trial?"

Sirius shook his head making Albus's eyes widen in shock "No, Crouch had me dragged into the courtroom and accused me of betraying James and Lily, I was silenced so I couldn't defend myself, he then sentenced me to Azkaban with five minutes and that was it. Now what happened to Harry?!"

Albus sat down in slight shock, how had he missed such a miscarriage of justice "Harry is dead Sirius."

Sirius looked at Albus in shock before he began to shake, the Unspeakable cast a quick calming charm at him "Let us explain Mr Black, according to the Goblins of Gringotts Harry Potter died that night in 1981, I myself was at Godrics hollow just hours ago, and found the remains of an infant in the crib upstairs. So, we need to know who the child you gave to Rubeus Hagrid was."

Sirius began to shake his head "No it's not possible, I went upstairs, James was dead in the living room, Lily dead right in front of the crib, and Harry was sitting there in the crib."

"Sirius all the evidence points to the young boy you found in the crib not being Harry Potter."

Sirius shook his head again as tears rolled down his cheeks "No, it was Harry, messy black hair like James and Lily's eyes. It was Harry!"

"I'm sorry Sirius, but Harry has been dead all these years, and now we have a confused young man who was raised to believe he was Harry, a young man who has just had his entire world torn down around him.


"Greetings child."

Harry looked up from where he was sitting and found that he was no longer in an office in the DMLE, he was now in a jungle of some kind with all kinds of plant and animal life, none of which he could recognise. Standing in front of him was a very tall person, and he used the term person because it stood on two legs but other than that he had no idea what it was. The being stood around twelve feet tall with green skin, a bald head with and angled face, four arms all of which had two fingers and a thumb, and all four hands where holding some kind of strange tool.

"Who are you?"

The green skinned four-armed giant smiled at him, at least he hoped so "I am Vhoc, also known as He-Who-Builds. I am a God from the planet known as Krypton."

"Even you have a name."

Vhoc nodded in understanding "I know what has happened to you child, and now you are at a crossroads, one path leads you down a path of death and destruction, the other to life and creation. But before I give you more information, you need a name."

Vhoc watched as the young man before him began to perk up "You want to give me a name?"

The Kryptonian God nodded "I do, everyone needs a name. when the humans discovered that you were not who they thought, they focused on their problems first and yours second, they didn't even give you a name, even a temporary one. So, I shall, and I would be pleased if you used mine, I name you Vhoc-Ul of Krypton."

The now named Vhoc Hu-Ul smiled as he repeated the name over and over "Vhoc-Ul, Vhoc-Ul, I have a name. Thank you Lord Vhoc."

Vhoc simply nodded to the young Kryptonian "My pleasure young Vhoc." Seeing the young man light up at someone using his new name made the god smile "Now, we should discuss your future."

The young Kryptonian nodded "Sure, what do I need to know Lord Vhoc." First thing Vhoc did was explain about Krypton, its people and its destruction years ago, "So I'm Kryptonian?"

Vhoc nodded "Only half, your mother was a wanted Kryptonian criminal named Faora. Let me show you the events that led to you being known as Harry Potter" and so Vhoc-Ul was shown as his mother used him as a shield against Jor-El, and how Jor-El mistook him for a human child and left him in the Potter's house.

"Why did she hate me?"

The Builder God waved an arm and an image of eight or nine foot tall being with rock like skin stood before him "This is your father, his name is Uxas but he has long since gone by the name Darkseid, from what I have seen, your mother was fleeing the authorities of Krypton when she came across Apokolips, the home of Darkseid, she demanded that he aid her, Darkseid offered her a challenge and if she won he would aid her and if she lost she would bare him a child and become one of his servants, she lost and soon you were conceived. But instead of honouring her end of the agreement Faora fled here to earth and along the way she gave birth to you."

"Darkseid? Apokolips? Those names done sound very nice."

"For good reason, Darkseid is a tyrant feared throughout the known universe and Apokolips is a hell world. You are one of the last Kryptonian's in the known universe, I do not want to see our people reduced even further, and I don't want those few to be known as monsters that would leave a dark shadow over the memory of Krypton. So, I ask you not to walk down the path of darkness."

Vhoc-Ul nodded as he looked down in thought before he said something that caught the Builder's attention "Before creation comes destruction. You said before, that I could walk down a path of destruction, or a path of creation, but after destruction comes creation. You don't need to worry about me Lord Vhoc, I'm not going to go around killing people with my powers like my parents would."

Vhoc the Builder smiled at the child and patted him on the head, and while he did that he gifted the boy with an instinctual knowledge of the Kryptonian language both written and spoken "That is good to know. My time here is up my young friend, but before I go I will give you a warning, be wary of the Flamebird and Nightwing, we have a history together. Good luck to you Vhoc-Ul."


Vhoc-Ul woke up with a smile finding himself in the office in the DMLE with the same grizzled old man watching him "What's with the smile lad?"

"I was given a name, it's Vhoc, Vhoc-Ul."

The one eyed old man stared at him for a moment "And who gave you that name, no else has been here."

"A god." The old man studied him for a moment before nodding surprising the young man "You believe me?"

The old man gestured to his missing leg "Know who took my leg lad?" seeing the boy shake his head the man continued "Had a run in with Ares years ago, believe me I know that gods exist."

Vhoc nodded knowing who Ares was from the library in his primary school "Are they still not done talking with that Sirius guy?"

The man nodded his head as his fake eye rolled around his its socket "Aye, so what god visited you?"

"Vhoc the Builder. He gave me his own name."

Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody narrowed his one remaining eye "Never heard of him."

Vhoc nodded as he stood up "You would have, he's not from around here."

Alastor drew his wand but didn't aim it at the kid "Where do you think you're going lad?"

Vhoc smiled at Alastor "don't know, but I do know that I don't belong here. So please step aside."

Alastor shook his head but had a big grin on his scared face "I don't think so lad."

Vhoc just continued to smile "You can't stop me." The next thing Alastor knew he was slamming into the wall and just managed to catch sight of a blur before he passed out.


Mad Eye Moody woke up with a start and reached up to rub his head "Ow."

"Alastor, what happened?"

Seeing Albus standing there next to him he shook his head "That boy Vhoc, he can sure hit hard for an eleven-year-old."


Seeing Albus' confused face he continued "The lad said a god named Vhoc came to him in his dreams and gave him a name, so that lads name is now Vhoc-Ul. I don't know of any god named Vhoc, do you Albus?"

Albus shook his head "No I have never heard of a god named Vhoc, are you sure about this Alastor."

"We have both had run ins with gods before Albus."

"I know, I'm not questioning the existence of gods, I'm questioning if a god really spoke with the boy, it could very well have been a demon or some other kind of creature that spoke to him."

Alastor just shook his head "Can't tell you anything else Albus, just that the lad is possibly Hagrid level strong and faster than a unicorn in full sprint."

"I'll tell Amelia to keep a look out for this young man, Vhoc you said he called himself."

Alastor nodded "Vhoc-Ul."

AN: Okay now i know that Vhoc technically isn't Harry but the Wizarding world wont accept this so Vhoc will eventually be drawn back into the wizarding world because i believe that the power behind a Prophecy lies in belief, IE Voldemort believes that Vhoc is Harry and that he is prophesied to defeat him so he will attack Vhoc in that belief.