AN: Okay i seem to be on a roll atm. Now some of you may notice that i changed Vhoc's name from Vhoc Hu-Ul to Vhoc-Ul, i did that after a conversation with Darkcrest27. now in this chapter i have tried to explain how Vhoc is so much younger then Kal-El even though he should be older. But if anyone can come up with a better idea feel free to let me know and i may change the reason.

"There's another Kryptonian symbol, in Egypt this time."

A now twelve-year-old Vhoc-Ul was sitting in a library in downtown London searching through ancient history books looking for Kryptonian symbols, so far he had found several in ancient Norse writings as well as Roman history and now in Egypt. The young Kryptonian hybrid was wearing a simple pair of blue jeans, black sneakers and a black hoodie.

Shutting the book, he placed it back on its shelf and exited the library, with nowhere to go Vhoc simply wandered the streets of downtown London contemplating his next course of action until he was shaken out of his thoughts by the sound of a woman's scream that was quickly cut of, searching about for the origin of the scream Vhoc focused and his vision changed from normal to X-Ray, his newest ability. Scanning the nearby buildings, he quickly saw the cause, inside an old apartment building was several bound women wearing torn clothes or no clothes, all of them looked to be in poor health, except the only one fighting back, she was struggling to fight of a group of five men all of whom where armed.

Knowing what was going on up there the young Kryptonian leapt at the closest wall to the struggling woman, said wall was on the fifth floor of the apartment building, he super strength easily letting he crash through the wall like a wrecking ball, knocking two of the five men to the ground in the process. Acting quickly, he grabbed the two he knocked down and threw them out the hole in the wall he just made and grinned as they screamed for several seconds before they hit the pavement five stories below. Probably dead or at the very least severely injured.

"Who the fuck is this kid?!"

"Who cares shot him!"

The sound of a gun firing echoed through the city block alerting many that something wasn't right and drawing attention to the two men laying on the sidewalk. Back in the apartment Vhoc simply moved faster than the bullet and grabbed it out of the air before racing forwards and grabbing the man's hand that held the gun, unfortunately for the guy Vhoc used to much strength and crushed the man's hand and the gun it was holding reducing the man to a screaming mess. One of the two remaining men ran out the door of the apartment while the other grabbed the woman to use as a hostage.

Seeing this Vhoc was instantly reminded of when his own mother did such a thing to himself when he was an infant, overcome with rage and ignoring the hysterical cries of the gunman twin beams of red energy burst from his eyes shooting over the crying woman's shoulder and striking the man in the face disintegrating him into ashes in an instant. Quickly checking to make sure the woman was okay Vhoc scanned the building with his X-Ray vision and saw the last thug exiting the building and pushing through the crowd that had gathered to gawk at the two people on the sidewalk and the large hole in the wall of an apartment. Super speeding downstairs he grabbed the man and threw him back through the crowd into the wall of the building.

The crowd of onlookers gasped and some screamed as Vhoc appeared and began to strangle the would be human trafficker "Human scum! You don't deserve to live!"

However instead of killing him Vhoc released the man letting him fall to his knees and begin to cough as he tried to get some air into his lungs, but he barely got in a single lungful before Vhoc struck him with a backhand sending him crashing down the street where he struck the front windshield of a car setting of its alarm. Vhoc turned to the crowd to see people staring at him and whispering amongst themselves and several people had their phones out and recording him. Deciding that he needed to leave he vanished in a burst of super speed.


"You'll need to see this Albus."

Albus Dumbledore looked up from the paperwork on his desk in his office in Hogwarts, to see Alastor Moody enter his office with a newspaper in his hand "Alastor?"

Moody simply handed him the newspaper and there plastered on the front page of The Telegraph was young Vhoc, quickly reading through the article which spoke about the possibility of this young man being a new superhero in the making, explaining that the men that were apprehended were running a human trafficking ring and Vhoc had taken them down, the two men that had been thrown from the fifth floor would survive but would remain in the hospitals for many months.

"Young Vhoc has been quite busy this past year Alastor."

Mad Eye nodded as he dropped himself down in a chair across from Albus "Aye, I've noticed a few other articles over the past year speaking about a young man stopping muggings and the like, thought that that was him."

Albus sighed as he removed his glasses and rubbed the bridge of his nose "Do you know where he is now Alastor?"

"No but if I had to I could probably find him, it would just take a bit of time."

Albus nodded before he sighed and placed his glasses back on "I believe you should Alastor, but I want you to speak with him, do not try to force him into anything, ask him to come here to speak with me."

Alastor nodded before walking of leaving Albus to his thoughts.


While Alastor and Albus where speaking in Hogwarts, back in London Vhoc was standing atop a building with several bottles lined up on the edge of the building and trying to force his heat vision to work.

'I must look like a complete fool standing her staring at a bunch of bottles.'

Letting loose and explosive sigh Vhoc decided to simply stop and sat down with his back against the railing on the building's edge. Feeling his stomach growl he pulled out a store-bought sandwich from his hoodie's pocket and began to eat. Within moments he had finished and then caught sight of a flash of light on another building. Wondering what it was Vhoc was caught completely by surprise when a bullet slammed right into his forehead just above his right eye, the bullet pierced the skin and cracked his skull but it didn't penetrate the skull, it just dropped him to the ground stunned and in pain.

"W-What the fuck was that?"

Reached up to his forehead Vhoc grunted in pain as he removed the bullet from his forehead and then stared blankly at it for several moments before he dropped the bullet and got to his feet, he began to stumble his way across the rooftop before he tripped and fell to his left and fell over the railing of the building and fell seven stories where he hit the pavement with a thunderous crash that shattered the pavement beneath him and sent the people around him screaming in fear.

Vhoc opened his eyes while noting that they stung because of the blood that had run into them, he just barely managed to make out several people standing over him trying to speak to him before he lost consciousness.


Bruce Wayne scowled as he examined the area, not that anyone could see it beneath the infamous cowl of the Batman. When he had read the news article from London about this young super powered teen he had decided to look into it, finding nothing concrete about the young teen he had decided to return to Gotham until he heard on the police radio that said young man he was looking for was found with a bullet wound to the head but still alive, even after he fell from the roof of a seven-story building. So now here he was investigating the scene.

"Find anything Bruce?"

Bruce didn't even bother to turn and look at the Man as Steel as he floated behind him "I should have known you'd be here Clark."

Clark Kent aka Superman just smiled "I could say the same to you Bruce."

Bruce didn't respond, he simply knelt down and examined the blood splatter "Looks like the boy was sitting here, judging by the wrapper left here he was eating when he was shot. Judging by the blood splatter, what little there is, the shooter was using a large calibre rifle from some distance."

Clark nodded and used his X-Ray vision to examine the surrounding buildings "there, several blocks away, looks like someone had a rifle set up, I see signs of a person lying down with a long object."

Batman nodded "It was Lawton."

Superman turned to his friend "You mean Deadshot? Why?"

"Someone probably who had some kind of link to the human trafficking ring the young meta busted up probably hired Floyd to take the kid out. Any word on the kid's condition?"

"Flash and J'onn are keeping an eye on him after we had him transferred to the Watchtower. The locals weren't happy about it though."

Suddenly their conversation was interrupted by their communication device went off "This is Superman, go ahead J'onn."

"The young man is going to be fine, but you will be interested to know that he responded well to the solar lamps, to well, so Flash exposed a sample of the boy's blood to some kryptonite and we got a reaction, the boy is Kryptonian."

Batman was shocked at the news but didn't show it while the Man of Steel was visibly shocked by the news "J'onn, this is Batman, is there any way to know how long he has been on Earth?"

"No, we don't know the boy's name so it makes searching for any records almost impossible. All we can do is wait for him to recover."

"Thanks for the update J'onn, Superman will be returning to the Watchtower, I'm going to keep searching for Deadshot, Batman out."

Clark turned to Batman who was simply watching him carefully "There's another Kryptonian."

"I heard. Get going Clark, the kid will probably have a lot of questions when he wakes."

Clark just nodded and then he was gone with, Batman shook his head as he heard Superman break the sound barrier as he headed for the watchtower. Deciding to head for the building Clark indicated Deadshot was set up for the shot.


Vhoc came to with a start as a jolt of pain went through his head, rubbing his head he couldn't feel any bullet wound, opening his eyes he looked around to see that he was in some kind of advanced hospital room and standing next to his bed with a smile on his face was the Man of Steel himself.

Clark found himself smiling as the young Kryptonian stared at him, he was used to young people staring at him in awe like this young man was, so he offered his hand to shake and said "Hi there, my name is Kal-El."

Vhoc shook himself out of his awe induced stupor and quickly shook his hand "Hi, my name is Vhoc-Ul. Wow, I can't believe I get to meet you, I'm a huge fan!"

Clark just chuckled as he sat down next to the bed "Well I'm always happy to meet a fan. So, do you remember what happened Vhoc?"

"Yeah, someone shot me. Why aren't I dead?"

"Your Kryptonian physiology saved you, we believe the man who shot you was Floyd Lawton also known as Deadshot, because you're young you don't have the same level of durability as I do, but if Floyd had have known you were Kryptonian and used a Kryptonite bullet you would be dead."

"So, I'm really lucky then?"

Clark just nodded "You are. So, do you mind if I ask about your parents, seeing as you are a Kryptonian I must confess that I'm curious." Seeing the young man begin to withdraw slightly Clark grew concerned "It's okay if you don't want to."

Vhoc just shook his head "It's not that, I was told that my mother's name was Faora Hu-Ul. She was a serial killer back on Krypton and was sent to the Phantom Zone."

Clark winced "Sorry."

Vhoc just shrugged "That's not the worst part. Its who my father is that makes me not want to tell you, you two have history together."

Clark narrowed his eyes as he through over all the people he had encounters with over the years "I promise that no matter what I won't judge you for what your parents have done."


Clark felt his jaw drop "Excuse me, I could have sworn you just said your father was-"

"Darkseid, I did. My mother had an encounter with him years ago, what I don't know is why you are so much older than me?"

Shaking himself out of his stupor Clark frowned "What do you mean?"

"Well from what I know I was born years before Krypton was destroyed and you were born just before it happened, yet you look like you're in your late twenties while just turned twelve."

Clark's eyebrows shot up in surprise "How do you know all this."

"Vhoc the Builder gave me all the information I would need." Seeing Superman's confusion Vhoc explained "Vhoc the Builder was a Kryptonian god, he gave me his own name and then gave me all the information I would need about krypton."

Kal nodded his head not quite believing about the god having spoken to the boy but he went along with it "Well I know that our people used portals a lot, perhaps something went wrong and without realising it they time travelled. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll ever know for sure."

Vhoc simply nodded as he had already come to the same conclusion "So what will happen to me now?"

"Well since you and I are the only Kryptonian's on Earth, I'm willing to look after you for a few years until you're old enough to live on your own. And while I look after you I'll help you learn to control your powers."

"Hey why do you get first dibs on the kid Kal?"

Vhoc turned his head to the doorway and felt his jaw drop and his cheeks heat up as he stared at the buxom form of Power Girl "Karen."

Karan Starr aka Power Girl smirked at the young man's expression before she sauntered over and closed his mouth with a single finger under his chin "You've already got your hands full with Kara, so I'll take care of the kid." She then smiled at the young Kryptonian who was blushing and looking anywhere but at her "How about it kid want to be a superhero?"

As quick as the Flash Vhoc's expression changed from embarrassment to excitement "Really!"

"Karen, he's too young to be a hero!"

Karen just shook her head "He already is one, or did you already forget why he was injured in the first place, so how about it Vhoc-Ul, want to be Power Boy."

Vhoc couldn't contain his excitement and leapt forwards and wrapped his arms around Karen in a hug "Hell Yes! This is so awesome!"

Clark just watched this happen with a frown on his face, he wasn't particularly pleased that his young cousin Kara wanted to be a hero and now this young man a few years younger than her was going to be fighting.


"Okay Vhoc this is my place."

Vhoc looked around the nicely furnished apartment "This is nice."

"Thanks, so you'll be staying in the guest room. It's down the hall, first door on the right, go get settled in while order us some food, you like pizza?"

Vhoc just shrugged "Never had it before."

Karen just stared at him for a moment before shaking her head "Wow. Okay let's start with something simple, Ham and Pineapple or Pepperoni?"

Vhoc thought for a moment before deciding on "Ham and Pineapple, I'm not too fond of spicy foods."

"Good to know. Now while we eat I'll give you a rundown of all the powers you should expect to develop over the next few years ok."

Vhoc nodded and then to check his new room while Karen went to order pizza. An hour later had the two Kryptonian's sitting on the couch with two empty pizza boxes on the table in front of them. "So, the next power is heat vision."

"I think I've already used that, but I can't make it work, it just seems to be when I get really angry."

Karen scratched her chin in thought "That's odd, Kal and I didn't develop Heat Vision until around 17. What happened?"

Vhoc was nervous about telling her how he killed one of the human traffickers with his heat vision but decided to trust her. Much to his surprise she did immediately start reprimanding him for killing someone "You aren't mad that I killed someone?"

Karen just shook her head "Not really, guy was a scumbag, but don't tell Kal or the others okay, they are all about the no killing under any circumstances rule, me, I believe that sometimes it's the only option. Guys like Luthor or the Joker I won't shed a tear for, but you should be careful."

Vhoc nodded "I won't kill everyone, like you said guys like the Joker I'd have no problem killing, but I'd give them a chance to surrender first, if they don't take it, well boo-hoo for them. But people like Catwoman, she's just a thief, she doesn't hurt people when she doesn't her heists so her I'd just capture."

Karen just shook her head in amusement and finished up her drink "Alright, it's getting late, time for bed kiddo."

Vhoc just stared at her for a second and Karen stared right back "Seriously?"

Karen just nodded and pointed to his new room "Seriously. We have a busy day tomorrow. Now go to bed."

Vhoc just glared at her playfully before super speeding to his room "And no powers in the house!"


"Okay you ready Vhoc?"

Vhoc who was standing in one of the Watchtowers training rooms with Karen, was wearing a simply pair of track suits pants and a sleeveless shirt while Karen was wearing what looked like skin tight yoga pants and a stomach revealing tank top.

"Yep, what's first Karen?"

Karen led him over to the weights and loaded up 100 pounds of weight "First we're going to find your limits, so you left this, and then I'll ad more until we find your limit."

Vhoc nodded and laid down under the weight and lifted it with ease, seeing him have no problems Karen had him lower the weights and then she added more. Soon enough he was lifting 25 tonnes when he reached his limit.

"Not bad, because your so much younger then Kal or I it makes sense that your limit would be much lower than our own. Head over to the treadmills."

Vhoc stared at her for a moment before shaking his head "Okay."


"No, I'm just wondering how a treadmill will be able to test my speed?"

"Well it's a treadmill built to test the Flash's speed so I'm pretty sure it can handle a pint sized Kryptonian. Now get moving."

Vhoc scowled at Karen for calling him short before he went over to the Treadmill which was currently being used by the Flash, Vhoc ended up watching in awe as the Flash ran on the treadmill so fast that his arms and legs were a blur "Wow."

"Thanks kid."

Flash slowed to a stop and stepped of the treadmill "Testing the kids speed Karen?"

Karen nodded "You mind sticking around for a few minutes, we could use some advice from an expert."

"Sure. Let's what you can do kid."

Flash stood beside Power Girl and watched the little Kryptonian ran on the treadmill "well he has got some speed, but he's nowhere near as fast as I was when I first got my speed. He'll probably get faster as he gets older but I've always found that you Kryptonian's are faster in the air than you are on the ground."

"I agree. That's enough Vhoc."

What happened next sent the Flash rolling around on the ground laughing when Vhoc stopped running immediately, unfortunately the treadmill didn't and Vhoc was sent crashing into several weights stands.

Karen giggled before she went to help him up "What did you learn?"

"Don't suddenly stop on the treadmill."

"Good, now let's see if we can get your heat vision to work."

Walking across the training room with Karen and the Flash, Vhoc stood several metres away from a training dummy "Alright, now Heat Vision when first activated is triggered by a feeling of lust in Kal's case, and in mine, but your trigger seems to be anger. So, I want you to think about something that makes you angry, you should feel a heat build in your eyes, then you focus on the target ahead of you."

"Lust? Really?"

Karen nodded to Flash "It's true."

"I wonder what triggered Superman's first accidental ignition."

Karen chuckled at the Flash's choice of words "Ask him about it."

Flash just chuckled and shook his head before they two heroes turned back to Vhoc as he cried out as twin beams of red energy shot from his eyes, only they didn't strike the target, they began to zigzag and turn around the room before striking the ground several meters away from the target dummy.

"Um, that didn't look like Heat Vision."

Karen shook her head "That's because it wasn't. That was the Omega Beam."

Making her way over to Vhoc she found him crouched down with his head between his knees and his arms wrapped around his legs and she could hear him crying, she crouched down next to him and carefully pulled him into a hug "Hey it's okay."

"I-I really am Darkseid's s-son!"

Karen just shook her head "It's going to be okay Vhoc. I promise."