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"Hey you!"

Vhoc turned to see who was speaking to him only to see a blonde haired teenage girl a few years older than himself wearing a blue skirt and a white shirt with a red symbol of the House of El on her chest.

"You're the new Kryptonian right?"

Vhoc just nodded "Yeah, my name is Vhoc-Ul."

"I'm Kara Zor-El, so when did you arrive on earth?"

"Uh, about eleven years ago, I was mistaken for a human kid named Harry whose parents were killed and I ended up living with their relatives until about a year ago."

The sixteen-year-old Kryptonian girl nodded "I see, so do you have any powers yet?"

"Yeah, strength, speed and my Omega Beams."

Suddenly Kara went from friendly to guarded as she stepped away from him "What do you mean Omega beams?"

Vhoc tried to swallow the lump in his throat before he answered her "Um, my father is Darkseid, the ruler of Apokolips."

Kara began to eye him with some distrust making Vhoc really upset that she would judge him just because of who his parents are "And you said your name is Ul, right, that means your mother must have been that Psychopath Faora Hu-Ul!"

"That's enough Kara!"

Harry was thankful to see Karen storm of to them and step in front of him blocking him from Kara's view "I thought you would know better than to judge someone because of who their parents are."

"His parents are monsters!"

Vhoc knew it was true but to hear someone say it out loud made him both sad and angry, unable to deal with the conflicting emotions he was feeling he decided to run away and took off running through the halls while Karen stayed behind.

"What the hell is wrong with you Kara!"

Seeing the young Kryptonian run of Kara felt bad about what she had said but she refused to take it back "What, I didn't say anything that wasn't true."

"What's going on?"

Karen and Kara both turned to see Kal-El approach them "Kara here thought it would be a good idea judge Vhoc based on who his parents are then basically call him a monster."

"You know who his parents are Kal, do you really expect him not to turn out just like them!"

"He will if you push him towards it by treating him like he is his parents!"

"Enough, Karen is right, Kara go apologize to Vhoc."

Kara glared at her cousin and her alternate self before storming off to find Vhoc.


Vhoc was angry, really angry.

'She's judging me, she thinks I'm just like my parents! But I'm not, am I?' His mind drifted back to the man he had killed last week when he took down those thugs, and his use of the Omega Beam 'maybe I am just like my parents.'

He looked around and found himself back in metropolis, he must have used the Zeta Beam without realizing it. He decided to head back to Karen's place. He walked for several blocks before the sound of an explosion followed by people screaming caught his attention. He turned to the sound of the screams and saw a nine-foot-tall machine with a glowing green light in the middle of its chest.


Not knowing where Superman was and seeing people in danger Vhoc shook his head clear of all the about his parents and charged the machine. Metallo was not expecting him and so when Vhoc crashed into his side at high speeds and slammed his fist into the side of the machines chest sending him crashing through a building.


Metallo pushed his way out of the wall he hit and stared down at the young Kryptonian who glared back at him "I did! What are you going to about it bolts for brains!"

Metallo didn't respond with words, instead his raised his right arm which was shaped like a cannon and fired several blasts of Kryptonite energy at Vhoc, not that he knew it was Kryptonite. The young son of Darkseid leapt to the side accidentally crashing through a wall before charging at Metallo again, said giant cyborg stopped firing at him and took a swing. Vhoc feeling cocky grabbed the giant hand with both hands stopped the large punch with ease only to feel weaker suddenly before he was struck by a blast of Kryptonite energy from point blank.

Vhoc screamed in pain as he was thrown down the street where he rolled to a stop. He could hear the loud footsteps of Metallo as he marched towards him but he was in too much pain to move, he had never felt pain like this before.

'This must be Kryptonite'

Suddenly the footsteps stopped and Vhoc was suddenly rolled onto his back so he could see Metallo standing above him ready the end him "Any last words kid?"

Vhoc just managed to catch a glimpse of a blur behind Metallo and said "Behind you." Before passing out.


Metallo just scoffed "Like I'm dumb enough to fall for that."

Preparing to end the kid's life he was caught completely by surprise when some attacked him from behind. He caught a brief glimpse of Supergirl before she tore of his cannon arm and then proceeded to tear into his chassis and rip out his Kryptonite heart. Knowing he needed to escape before his backup power ran out he blasted her with a weak dose of Kryptonite and quickly made his escape leaving Supergirl to quickly recover and then swoop down to pick up Vhoc into her arms and take of back to the Zeta Beam.

With the unconscious Vhoc in her arms Kara quickly flew him into the medical wing where J'onn was already waiting with Karen and Kal. They placed Vhoc down on the bed and activated the solar lamps.

"Is he going to be okay J'onn?"

The Martian Manhunter nodded "I believe so while he was struck by a large amount of Kryptonite if it didn't kill him immediately which it didn't then he isn't in danger of dying. But he will be sore for a while once he wakes up."

"Metallo got away."

Kal-El turned to his younger cousin and offered her a smile "That's not important, we can always catch Metallo again, Vhoc's health is more important."

"Agreed" Kara saw Karen approach her "You did good Kara."

Kara just smiled and then turned back to look at Vhoc "I didn't get to apologize yet."

"The important thing is that you will get that chance."


"Get up Vhoc!"

The now fourteen-year-old Vhoc-Ul groaned as he got up out of bed and rubbed the sleep from his eyes "I'm up, jeez woman can't you let a guy sleep."

Karen simply shook her head "I heard that, maybe if you didn't stay up all night playing with yourself you wouldn't be so tired in the mornings."

Vhoc just scoffed "Please, I don't stay up all night playing with myself, I ask Kara to do it for me."

Karen just barely managed to hold in her laughter as the younger version of herself who was sitting at the dining room table turned red in anger and embarrassment "What was that you little pervert!"

Karen finally let out her laughter as she heard the sound of a sonic boom as Vhoc flew out his bedroom window away from the mad Kryptonian teenager who quickly followed.

Ten minutes later Vhoc was standing in the kitchen eating some cereal, well away from Kara who was glaring at him and Karen who was found the whole situation amusing "I told you that mouth of yours would get you in trouble someday."

Vhoc just glared at his mentor making Karen laugh again.

"You are so dead Vhoc."

Seeing his best friend still angry at he decided to apologize "I'm sorry Kara. I had no idea you where here."

"Oh, so if I wasn't here it would be alright?"

"I didn't say that!"

"What else do you say about me while I'm not around huh? Probably more of your dirty fantasies?"

"For Rao's sake, Karen could you help me out here?"

Karen just chuckled but decided to get him into more trouble with Kara "Hey Kara did you know Vhoc has one of your posters hidden in his room, one of mine as well."

Seeing Kara get mad again Vhoc speed out the front door and took to the skies as fast as he could while within the city "Damn it Karen, how did she even know about the posters? Right X-Ray vision, stupid question."

After leisurely making his way to Metropolis Junior High Vhoc landed on the roof and quickly made his way inside and into the front of the school, he saw Kara standing with her friends while sending him the occasional glare. He was looking around trying to spot his friends when he caught sight of someone across the street, someone he hadn't seen in years.

Quickly making his way away from the school he headed into an alleyway between to large buildings "Mad Eye Moddy right? I haven't seen you in years, hope I didn't hurt you when I left."

The sound of Mad Eye's wooden leg stomping was heard as Alastor Moody stepped into the light "Bah, knocked me for six you did, but I'm a tough SOB. You've made quite a name for yourself over the past three years Power Boy."

Vhoc couldn't help the grin that graced his face, he had worked hard and fought alongside Karen for two years now and was known globally as the sidekick of Power Girl, Power Boy, he wasn't going to lie, it felt good "Guess so. So, did you need something?"

"Albus had me tracking you down since we read about you taking down those human traffickers two years ago, he wants to speak with ya lad."

Vhoc just nodded "Sure I guess, where and when."

"Asap and he's at Hogwarts."

"Right, the school I wasn't really supposed to go to" pulling out his I-Phone he sent a text to Karen letting her know where he was going and why "Alright Mad Eye, I assume you got a way to get us there quick yeah?"

Moody nodded and removed a length of rope from his jacket pocket "This rope is enchanted to be a portkey, instant teleportation spell, just grab hold of it."

Vhoc nodded and grabbed the end of the rope and instantly felt a pulling sensation around his navel, within moments he was standing in the cold Scottish Summer staring at an admittedly beautiful castle "Welcome to Hogwarts lad."

Vhoc admired the view of the castle and grounds as Alastor led him towards the castle, as they entered the castle grounds he noticed the occasional student who would stare at him as they passed, soon enough they reached the main gate to the castle and entered "So where is the Whiskered One."

Alastor chuckled at his name for Albus and motioned to the large doors in front of them "Probably eating breakfast with the rest of the professors and students."

Vhoc studied the doors for a moment before nodding "Cool, I always like to make and entrance."

Stepping up to the doors he placed a hand on each door and easily pushed them open with his super strength and enter the great hall as all eyes within the hall turned to him, ignoring them all he marched down the centre isle between the two middle tables and approached Albus who was smiling at him while the other teachers had their wands drawn.

"Hey Whiskered One been a while."

Back at the doors to the Great Hall Alastor's chuckling could be heard throughout the now silent hall, as could Albus's chuckles "It is good to see you doing so well my boy. I must confess I was worried after our first meeting."

Vhoc just nodded "Yeah well a lot of shit had just happened. But I'm doing good now."

Albus just laughed "So I hear, you've made quite a name for yourself Power Boy."


Suddenly Vhoc was swarmed by quite a few of the younger years and several older years all asking for his autograph and if he really was Power Boy "Hey just take it easy guys, yes, I'm really Power Boy, yes, I really work with Power Girl, Superman and Supergirl. No, I don't mind signing some things for you."

"Perhaps later, for the moment Power Boy and I must have a chat, besides it is time for classes, I'm sure that he will still be here around dinner time so perhaps then."

Vhoc just nodded "Sure, I can hang around until then, I love meeting fans."

So, after agreeing to stick around until after dinner Albus led Vhoc up to his office and after giving the password to the stone gargoyle guardian (Hubba Bubba) the two men where now seated in Albus's office.

"So Vhoc-Ul?"

Vhoc nodded as he looked around the office "Yeah, Vhoc the builder gave me the name."

"I must confess that in all my years I have never heard of such a god."

"You wouldn't have, he's not an earth god, he's a god of the planet Krypton." And so Vhoc spent the next hour telling Dumbledore about his origins and how he wound up in the Potters home.

"I see, thank you for telling me all this. It does fill in a few blank pieces of the puzzle. Now perhaps we should get to why I have asked you hear, you see just recently word has spread about the death of Harry Potter, needless to say that our world was in an uproar, I have spent the past 8 months trying to get things back to normal which hasn't been helped by certain individuals in our society. Originally, I wanted to extend my deepest apologies for placing you with Petunia and her husband, which I do offer my apologies for, but now I seek your help. You see just two months ago, at the Quidditch World Cup, Quidditch is a sport by the way, several people were severely injured when several supporters of Voldemort decided to have some fun for old times' sake."

"Oaky, first I accept your apology, second what does these supporters of Voldemort have to do with me?"

"You see before young Harry was born there was a prophecy that basically stated that a child would be born at the end of the seventh month who would have the power to defeat him, hence the reason for his attack on the Potters. Now even though he is dead word of you, the young man who was raised to believe he was Harry Potter spread, not to far mind you, but I fear just far enough for Voldemort to hear of it, I have little doubt that he will not believe these rumours and fully believes that you are in fact Harry Potter and because of this he will not let you go, he will try to kill you, as will his followers."

"I see, so you want to help me and I in turn help you defeat him?"

"Yes, I am offering to train you, now I cannot teach you magic because you don't have the ability, but I can train you to fight against a wizard so you will be prepared for Voldemort, this will take several months no doubt. So, I am hoping you will consent to be an extra layer of security for an event that is being held this year, the TriWizard Tournament."

Vhoc thought about the offer for several minutes before giving his answer "It sounds good to me, but I have to run it pass my mentor and legal guardian first, once I explain it to her, she'll probably want to meet with you but she should be okay with it."

"You are referring to Power Girl yes?"

"Yeah. I'll head back to the great hall like I promised, sign a few autographs and then head home to speak with her. Now that I know where the castle is I should be able to get here on my own."

So after getting a quick tour of the school from Albus they made their way to the Great Hall where Vhoc was quickly swarmed by the students, he spent half an hour signing autographs and even getting some pictures taken by an excitable young man named Colin before he was approached by an attractive bushy haired brunette "I was just wondering if you were related to Superman?"

Vhoc shook his head as he signed another autograph "No, Kal-El is from the House of El, I'm from the House of Ul."

"Oh. So, are there many houses left?"

"Not really, as far as I'm aware the only Houses left are El and Ul. You said your last name was Granger, right?"

"Yes, why?"

"Are you related to Holly and Dawn Granger?"

Hermione nodded "They're my cousins, do you know them?"

"Holly is a friend of mine, I haven't met Dawn but Holly has mentioned her once or twice." Looking at his watch Vhoc decided that it was time to go. So, after saying goodbye he walked into the courtyard followed by many of the students, he gave them a wave before shooting into the air at high speeds and moments later the students cheered as they heard him break the sound barrier. Instead of heading towards Metropolis he headed into orbit and made his way towards the Watchtower. It took twenty minutes to reach the Watchtower and when he did he landed in one of the Javelin bays and saw Hal Jorden about to leave "Hey Hal, have you seen Kal or Karen?"

"I think Kal is up here but I haven't seen Karen."

"Thanks Hal."

Hal just shook his head as Vhoc took off at super speed "Kids these days, always in rush."

Vhoc speed through the hallways of the Watchtower weaving in-between various heroes and heroines until he spotted the iconic red cape "Hey Kal!"

Clark turned when he heard his name called and smiled at the young man "Vhoc, good to see you, Karen told me someone from England visited you."

"Yeah, is Karen here, I only want to have to explain once."

The Man of Steel shook his head "No she's not, but I'll send her a message, meet me in the Hall of Justice."


And with that said Superman went to contact Karen while Vhoc ran to the Hall of justice at the top of the Monitor Womb (Just so you know, I'm using the DCUO Watchtower). He entered the room and instantly froze, standing there with her back to him going over some files was Wonder Woman herself. He couldn't help himself, she was gorgeous.

Hearing a chuckle behind him Clark entered the Hall of Justice with Karen behind him, both of whom where grinning at him while he blushed "Oh, Kal, Karen, and Vhoc, I haven't seen you in a while."

Vhoc tried to regain his composure but still ended up a stuttering mess "H-Hi Princess D-Diana."

"You know you don't have to call me princess all the time Vhoc."

Karen and Clark who were now standing out of Diana's sight began to silently laugh at the young Kryptonian hybrids crush on the amazon princess, and laugh even harder when they remembered that Diana was oblivious to said crush, she just thought he was shy.

"I-I couldn't do that P-Princess D-Diana!"

Diana simply smiled and him making him blush further "Well the Hall is all yours Kal. I'm heading home."

"Goodnight Diana."

As soon as Diana was gone and the door closed Vhoc turned to Karen and Clark who were still grinning "Shut up!"

"Alright we gave hassle Vhoc about his love life later Kal, tell us what happened."

So Vhoc explained what happened, about the prophecy which he would likely be forced to fulfil and Albus's offer to train him to fight Voldemort.

"I don't know about this, why can't we just as Zatarra, or even Dr Fate to teach you."

"Because they fight differently to how Albus and Voldemort would fight. Please Karen, it would be a chance for me to learn new things, maybe make some new friends and kick some bad guy ass."

Kal just shook his head in amusement before turning to Karen "I say we let him go, under the condition that he at least text us once a day to let us know everything is alright and if anything comes up that he can't handle he contacts us immediately."

Karen studied him for a moment before nodding "Alright. But like Kal said you have to text me every day so I know you're okay."

"Yes mom."

Kal chuckled while Karen blushed slightly "You do act like you're his mother Karen."

Karen just huffed in annoyance before turning to Clark "I could say the same to you about Kara."

That made Vhoc laugh until Karen turned back to him "Oh don't think you're off the hook for this morning, Kara is still out for your blood. Good luck."

"What happened with him and Kara?"

"Oh, he made a rude comment this morning not knowing that Kara was there and almost got a super powered beat down for it."

Deciding that he didn't want to know Kal left leaving Vhoc with a still smirking Karen.


Vhoc made his way to his locker in the Watchtower and quickly changed into his Power Boy suit before making his way to the training area where he had been told by J'onn that's where Kara was. Inside the training room was various superheros training, he scanned the room and spotted Kara sparing with Cassie Sandsmark aka Wonder Girl.

Approaching him Cassie spotted him first and smiled at him, smiling back at her he super speed up behind Kara went to scare her only for her to spin around and land a solid kick between his legs doping him to the floor.

"Oh shit! Vhoc are you alright?"

Cassie knelt down next to him and tried to help him up while Kara just glared at him "Leave the pervert alone Cassie, he got off easy."

"What? Kara, you just super strength kicked him in the balls!"

Quick as a flash Kara was at Vhoc's other side when she realised she had gone too far "I'm sorry Vhoc!"

Vhoc barely managed to squeak out "S'ok" before he passed out from the shear amount of pain in his balls.