Adamant King, Indomitable Slave: Chapter 1

Sonic's POV

There was a storm brewing tonight. Despites the warm Summer weather with its near cloudless blue sky, I could just somehow tell and I can't help but be worried. Standing here on the back porch of the farmhouse, I look over at our crops on one side and cattle on the other as I leant against one of the narrow beams holding the roof up above my head.

The latter has been skittish lately, further proving my point.

I heard footsteps behind me, but I didn't turn to see who it was as I had a pretty good hunch of who they belonged to.

"You look worried." A red echidna by the name of Knuckles joined me here on the porch, leaning against the other beam near the steps. One of his dark purple eyes was missing and was instead covered up by an eyepatch underneath that cowboyish hat of his.

"I get this feeling that a storm is coming. Maybe tonight, maybe some other day, I don't know. I'm just worried that it could ruin our crops. I don't want a repeat of last time." I admitted my worries to the other, who huffed as his arms crossed in front of his chest.

As he looked over our property too, I could see a glimpse of concern clear in his eyes too.

"That could prove to be problematic." He stated, deep in thought.

Last year most of our crops were destroyed by heavy rainfal and that cost us a great deal of money.

If we need to go through another year of eating leftovers from our leftovers because we could barely buy any food to feed ourselves, than I don't know what will happen.

We can't afford to make many more mistakes. If authorities start coming and knocking on our door because we're late with taxes or whatever, we might draw some unwanted attention.

I'd hate to bring anyone living on this farm in danger just because of one storm.

Catching something pink in the corners of my eyes, I see a hedgehog of that bright colour by the name of Amy tending to the horses, combing the mane of one of them.

At the young age of 18, she was four years younger than me. I would hate to have something happen to her. Not after all we've been through, the four of us.

"Sonic." Knuckles caught my attention again and I turned my head to gaze back at him.

"We'll survive. With or without the money we earn from the crops." He reassured me with that usual headstrong glint ever present.

A smile returned on my face and I looked back up to the slowly orange tainted sky, the sun already just starting to set as it was very late in the afternoon.

I guess only time will tell weither or not we'll make it again. But should something happen to bring our very way of living in danger again, than I'm sure we'll pull through. Just like we've done numerous times before.

Once everything on the farm had been taken care off for the day, we retreated back inside and pretty much watched tv for the rest of the evening as we all sat on the couch.

Amy, curled up underneath a blanket on an armchair, and I were picking apart and predicting the clich├ęs of this one soap we had come across. Meanwhile Knuckles just sat on the same couch as me except at the other end, but he was ignoring our near bickering and laughter and simply watched the show.

Girlfriend and boyfriend, other girl flirting with the guy, him completely falling for it, things get heated, and the girlfriend walks in on them. That was as classic as it could get and they always get caught in every soap!

It was almost like all of these shows were written by the same person but under different names.

"You two can laugh and complain all you want, but you're just as bad as them. You repeat yourself with every soap we come across." Knuckles suddenly stated, chuckling in amusement.

"We do not!" Amy quickly retorted, though she knew that was true. Her foresty green eyes glinted in slight embarrassment.

"Can you blame us? They hardly give us new material to work with!" I chuckled, tearing my attention away from the screen to look at the older mobian.

Though there was only an age difference of four years between Amy and I, I was 22, Knuckles was considerably older at the age of 35. And he acted like it too! The pink one and I, we were sorta acting like kids compared to him. It wouldn't be the first time we had driven him insane because of that.

"You could do something more useful. Like read a book once in a while or something. It might crank your IQ up a little." He stated, smirking.

This time it was me who huffed.

"Read a book? What's up with you? Grumpy that the missus is away from home for the next couple of days?" I asked as a tease, returning the smirk he had given me.

And with the missus I'm referring to the crimson echidna's wife.

She was also a mobian, but she wasn't an echidna. Instead she was a bat, one as white as snow and with clear teal blue eyes. Her name was Rouge and she would be gone for the next few days.

The white bat had told us that she wanted to visit her parents in a neighbouring country, but if that was true...

Anyway, the laughter died down a little when we noticed something in the background.

It was raining.

"Shit." I could hear Knuckles grumble as he shot up from the couch and walked to the back of the house. Amy and I quickly followed him to take a look out through the window too.

The older mobian almost ripped the door from its hinches in his hurry to get on the back porch and a chilly gust of a wind came rushing in.

The rain poured down in whole gallons and the wind howled outside. Soon enough, lightning was the only light that pierced the darkness outside.

That warm Summer weather had suddenly made a U-turn and the storm I feared had come and it was a very heavy one too.

Our crop for this year, it had been the best one yet. Losing this would be such a devastating loss for us. I had to see if there wasn't anything more I could do to save it.

So against my better judgement, I ran outside into the hazardous weather, ignoring the others calling my name and telling me to come back. I didn't listen as I was much to anxious to make sure I had exhausted all of my options to keep my crops safe.

My clothes, my fur, ... I was soaking wet to the bone in a matter of seconds as I sprinted to our corn as fast as the rushing wind allowed me to go. The lightning flashed and thunder boomed, but fortunatly the forest in the distance drew most of its attention.

I reached the field of corn and tried to find a way to save the very thing that kept us afloat.

I should've studied better, I should've learned more about farming, should've taken a lesson from the rainfall last year. Maybe than I could've known what to do because now I'm clueless.

Suddenly a heavy hand fell on my shoulder.

"Sonic, you idiot! You think that lightning is just for show?! We should get back inside!" Knuckles needed to yell in order to be heard above the loud storm.

"And lose everything again?! I can't allow that!" I had to raise my voice too. I stubbornly stayed put when Knuckles tried to pull me back towards the house.

"I'm not going, Knuckles! I'm gonna make sure we'll be safe until next year first!" I shouted and when I was refusing to come back with him, the echidna growled in anger.

"Listen here, Your Majesty. As long as you're alive, we haven't lost a thing! What's the use in risking your life for a couple of plants? Get less addicted to wifi and we'll be just fine!" The man had always been a force to reckon with and as he looked down on me in absolute anger, I actually had to take a step back and stare up at him in shock.

"Stop using that against me." I said, undoubtedly inaudible and tore myself out of his grip.

"Sonic. Sonic!" I ignored Knuckles as I ran away from him, still trying to think of a solution.

There probably will be hell to pay when I do go back into the house, but that had to wait. There were more important matters to take care off right now.

But it was when I reached the last field that I noticed something strange.

Approaching the narrow border between our corn and the wide, dense forest, I noticed a dark form, a black hedgehog, lying on the ground flat on its front. Whoever they were, they were knocked out and shivering from the freezing cold caused by the wind and rain. They wore nothing but what looked like a ruined robe or coat. He or she was covered in dirt and grime and was soaked to the bone.

How long as this person been out here on our property lying face down in the mud? Seconds? Minutes? Hours?! Either way, we had to bring him inside.

Exhaustion plagued the form, but I did see movement as its eyes opened halfway and lifted its head to look up to me, attempting to push themselves up, but just didn't have the strength to go any farther than on all fours. He looked like a guy.

He had deep red eyes, I found myself unable to tear away from them.

One hand reached for me.

"Please... Just... one night." The voice was a smooth one and soft because of the noise going on. I had to strain to hear what he was saying.

"Hey... Hey, stay with me!" As I went to my knees in front of him and placed my hands on his shoulder, I noticed that his strength was failing him again, his trembling arms unable to keep him up any longer.

He couldn't answer or repeat himself as he lost consciousness again. So I was left to hold him up and keep him from possibly drowning in that pool of mud.

Didn't matter if he could answer whatever questions I might have, he was cold, wet, pretty much naked, and alone. I had to take him in, I couldn't leave him out here in the rain.

"Sonic, what're you doing?" Knuckles asked as he finally found me in this pitch black darkness. A flash of lightning quickly showed him the figure resting his head on my lap.

"Who the hell is that?" He asked, looking down on the stranger.

Instead of answering him, I hurried to pick the hedgehog up in my arms, the person groaning weakly, and raced back to the farmhouse where he would be warm.