Warning: contains blood and character death.

Adamant King, Indomitable Slave: Chapter 7

Sonic's POV

"Sonic... Sonic, wake up!" That same night, it was my mother's voice who woke me up that evening, just minutes away from midnight.

She wasn't her usual kind and gentle self. She was even in a haste to rouse me from my sleep. Grabbing my shoulders, mom even shook me to try and get me to wake up faster and with a groan did I reply.

"Uh? Mom? It's way too early." I had groaned and tried to roll onto my other side.

With my mind still clouded by sleep, I failed at noticing her state of panic until she grabbed my shoulders and shook me awake again, only this time with more force.

As I sat up and watched her quickly grab the bare essentials from my cupboard and wardrobe to stuff them messily in a suitcase. It was then that I realised something was wrong. In an instant I was alert and worried, I got up from the warmth of my bed to see what was up with her.

"Mom, what's wrong?" I had asked. She was in a complete frenzie as she tried to zip the suitcase closed. She didn't even answer my question at first. Not until her equally green eyes met mine.

Once again her hands settled on my shoulders, only to push me down on the bed to sit next to her. Mom took a deep breath to calm herself.

"Sonic, you have to listen to me." She started with a shaky tone I wasn't used to hear from her.

"Your father thinks someone may be trying to steal the throne from him. He doesn't know who, but we do know that some of our guards have been 'taken care off'." Mom told me, staying incredibly vague about how dire the situation could be.

"Wha-what do we do?!" I didn't really get what was happening, just that it was bad.

Who would try to steal dad's throne? I always thought our people were happy! Not one possible culprit came to my mind. This entire predicament just seemed unreal, like some tasteless practical joke someone was pulling.

"We need to grab our things and go. Knuckles is waiting for us out in the corridor." Mom answered to my question, as she stood up from the bed to grab my suitcase and hand it to me.

I stared at the fancy thing with golden lining. I hoped she had packed hers aswell.

"Knuckles is going to take us to a safehouse. We'll be safe there and we'll wait for good news." She tried so hard to stay calm, to keep her level head and not let her panic get to her as she instinctively grabbed my wrist to pull me along and out of this room, not even giving me the time I needed to pull on some shoes.

Leaving the bedroom, our gazes fell on the red echidna, who wasn't wearing his uniform either as he was supposed to be at home with his wife. He had obviously come here in a hurry, but had still taking his two holsters with him, one on which laid a hand for reassurance.

"Your Highness, young prince, we need to hurry." Knuckles stated as we drew his attention. Knux didn't often smile even back then, but I've never seen him this angry before either.

That glare, it oozed the contempt he felt for this attack.

"I know we do, but I can't leave without Scourge!" Heh, I hadn't even noticed he was missing.

"Your Highness, I'll-" Knuckles probably wanted to suggest he go get Scourge, but mom didn't let him finish.

"No, I'll go! You have to make sure my little boy stays safe. Go to the hidden tunnel in the servants quarters and leave the grounds. I'll meet you at the end when I've found Scourge." Mom interrupted him, taking the task of finding her eldest son on her shoulders because she was his mother, though it was probably safer to go together.

"Queen Aleena!" The echidna tried calling out to her as she ran down the hallway, her light nightgown floating behind her, but she did not listen.

"Make sure Sonic is safe! I'll be right there!" Briefly she glanced back at us to shout that one last order and then she disappeared around the corner. She was adamant in finding her son herself.

I wondered if I should've followed her.

"Come on, Prince Sonic, we're leaving." Knuckles didn't think twice about it as he started walking with a heavy hand on my shoulder to drag me along with him, squeezing tight to make sure I knew that I wasn't gonna go chase after my mother.

"Are we leaving her?! We can't go without mom!" I stubbornly tried to protest, but it was useless.

Dude didn't even look at me, so all attempts at protest would be in vain, no matter what I tried.

And so he dragged me towards the servants quarters, where a tunnel was hidden away. Once they were used by servants for whatever reason, I didn't really pay much attention to the history of my own home, but now they were mainly used as emergency exists. For emergencies such as this.

But in order to reach the servants quarters from my room, we had to pass the throne room. After descending a good long flight of stairs, that is exactly what we passed.

When we did, I caught a glimpse of my father through a crack in the door. Ripping myself away from my current guardian, I quickly approached the door, just wanting to see if dad could come along.

But what I saw inside...

"What's the meaning of this, Mephiles? Why have some of my men turned rogue?!" My father, Jules, asked, unable to move from his seat because the hedgehog in question was aiming a gun at him in his left hand.

My heart skipped a beat in fright, terror made its way on my features.

Mephiles wasn't a name that was unfamiliar to me. I knew he was also an officer in the king's army, heard Knuckles complain about him under his breath occasionally, knew he had a bad rep, but had never seen his face before.

That must be him. That black hedgehog with the greyish, blueish streaks in his upturned quills, a venomous kind of green in his cold eyes. He was the one pointing a gun at my dad.

And at mom.

"Mo-" As if able to read my thoughts, Knux quickly covered my mouth before I could make too much noise. He, too, was watching the events unfold.

But just what was she doing here? Wasn't she supposed to be searching for Scourge? How did she end up in that mess?

"Mephiles, if you're going to kill us, you can at the very least answer our questions." Dad continued to speak despites the other hedgehog's silence, one of his hands held onto my mother's, as if he needed the reassurance that she was still there.

"I apologize, Your Majesty, but I'm not the one who needs to answer." Mephiles spoke with a deep voice, his aim not waivering even as his gaze left my parents to settle on someone entirely different instead.

It was then that I noticed Scourge was in the room too.

A smirk slowly made its way onto his muzzle.

"Son?" Dad's attention moved to my brother, his tone of voice betrayed his confusion.

He was nonchalantly holding the blade he's been taught how to use for so long to keep the tradition going. His eyes were admiring the way the blade shone in the light.

Scourge has always rubbed me the wrong way ever since I can remember. Now that feeling had grown tenfold.

"I'm so sick of it." He started with a deep sigh, refusing to give my father the dignity of looking him in the eye.

But when he did, it was with a look of unbridled anger.

"We do everything to keep the people happy. We lower the taxes, hold 'democratic' votes when it's monarchy who's supposed to be in charge. And when some minority doesn't agree, then you listen to their 'problems' instead of dealing with them like the ungrateful pests they are!" An angered growl accompanied the look he was giving our dad.

"At this rate or royal family is nothing more than a pack of dogs, groveling for their masters in the hopes of getting some scraps for dinner when really the people should be idolising us!" His voice had grown louder as he shouted, his quills bristling.

This time dad returned the look of anger. And as he stood up, mom holding onto his hand for a moment longer in worry and giving out a soft 'but Dear', he approached Scourge with a glare.

"You spoiled child, is that really what you think? As the royal family of this kingdom, it's our duty to keep our subjects happy. A king is nothing without its people." He protested, like a parent scolding a stubborn kid.


Stating something like that, it had only made Scourge angrier and still dad didn't shut it.

"If you can't understand that, than I'm afraid the responsibility of the throne shouldn't fall to you. At least now I know your brother will be a better heir than you. I should've known all along, my advisors had been correct about you. I'm just sorry it took a coup to see it that way." My father stated his disappointment in my brother and looking back to it eight years later, I'm not sure that was such a bright idea.

Scourge was not going to stand for this. His temper got the better of him and with sword in hand did he plunge the blade into our dad's abdomen, much to his horror, and with the other one he held onto his shoulder to keep him from pulling away.

A look of terror flashed onto my dad's face, his eyes were filled with disbelieve as he looked up to his eldest son to see a smirk appear in glee. This was an adrenaline rush for him, you could just see how much the green hedgehog was enjoying it.

Now as I'm remembering this, I could clearly see the last question that ever popped up in his mind.

How could he have ever let Scourge be the heir?

Said hedgehog watched the life drain from our father's eyes and pushed him off of his sword to slump down on the floor in a limp mess. With the crimson-stained sword now no longer lodged inside, blood was left to pool beneath him and king Jules let out his final breath.

He died because of a lack of caution, because he hadn't believed the son he helped teach how to fight would ever have the guts to do this.

We were all left frozen in shock. Mom sat immovable on the throne, unable to look away with wide eyes filled with horror while also feeling her last dinner make its way back up.

I felt like my feet were nailed to the ground, my gaze glued stuck in the unmoving figure of my father, my heart shattering.

It was a feeling I don't think I can ever really describe. My chest constricted and I felt pain, yet at the same time I was numb. My mind ran wild with questions and still it was like not a single coherent thought passed through. Time was slowing down, but at the same time it was all over in the blink of an eye.

When exactly it happened, I don't know, but I had left the hiding spot the door had provided for me and Knuckles. Like I wanted to approach the fallen figure until the Commander and temporary guardian stopped me.

As Scourge caught sight of me, he didn't look scared or shocked too. He just looked annoyed to see me present out of nowhere.

How can someone look annoyed by this? What was wrong with him?!

Knuckles was the only one of us three who could still move. He grabbed my hand and ran. While Scourge barked at the traitors to give chase, to kill Knuckles, and bring me back alive, the two of us fled the palace.

Reaching the servant quarters to search for the hidden tunnel, we had come across Amy, who had lost sight of her parents in the skirmish and having only just woken up aswell, and Knux couldn't possible let a young hoglet of only 10 run around all alone in there. So we took her along aswell.