I had this inspiration and everything, so this is all I can do with this chapter.


When I first woke up, I saw Blue. Well, to be specific, a shade of Blue that looks like grey but the Blue was very warm and yet, I feel like I'm blind like I'm not using my glasses. I could see colors only. Green and brown, which I'm guessing are trees and leaves as it associates with it, Blue, the warm blue, and Red that was slowly growing.

I tried squinting and widening my eyes to try and make sense of where I am. We finally got pretty close to Red. It turned out to be Beige and Faded Red. But the Blue set me down as soon as we got to a close distance to the Beige and Faded Red

As he did that, I could feel water dropping on my face. And that was when I realized that the Blue was crying. I could feel warm hands cupping my cheeks and softly felt it with the thumb. I cradled the hands as best as I can when I heard a deep chuckle.

A warm kiss was bestowed upon my forehead and I went crosseyed to see why the heck would someone kiss me? That was when I realized that I have chubby hands when I went to reach out for the Blue. The Blue whispered something that was incoherent to me or something.

I felt something placed around my neck. As I brought it closer to my face, I could see that it was a pendant. Akame. Who the heck is Akame? I heard the chuckle once more and some murmuring as he probably saw me scrunched up my face. I resisted the urge to gnaw on the pendant and I don't know why.

His hands were removed from my person, which I whined in protest, trying to get the warmth back. I don't know why, but I clearly heard the word 'Aishiteru'. The Blue disappeared from my vision soon after. I cried, trying to find the Blue in panic.

But then I saw more of a Brown, Green, Blue and White combo coming closer. Moreover, two of them. I scrunched up and wailed even more. I was picked up by BGBW #1 and they both headed inside the Beige and Faded Red with me as a tag along.

Then, there was the burst of colors as soon as we came in. Yellow, White, Blue, Green, Brown, Red, Orange and Black. Soon, we reached towards a Huge Red building and went inside. It was quite boring. We reached somewhere, I got bored of it and so I went to sleep.

The next time I woke up, I woke up because of a sound and an epiphany. I woke up to the color Brown. My epiphany was that I was in the body of a baby, just like every fanfiction I've read and I did not know where I am but that loud sound is too noisy. I grumbled and tried to go to sleep. Nobody came. I figured that the loud sound was the sound of a crying baby.

It was quite sad to hear them. And me, being the one with adult mind and with a guilty conscience, I sang. I sang to different melodies I've heard over my past years. Possibly my previous one. I sang to numerous songs like How Far I'll Go, Reflection, Intoxicated, On Love: Eros and Agape, Innocent Blue, His Theme, Return to the Sea, and anything for them to keep quiet. It was cute to hear no silence. But as a baby, like how I'll assume that I was and hope that I'm not disabled, I could only hum as all my words turn into meaningless garbles.

My throat hurts by the time the babies are all quiet and ostensibly asleep. I don't even know how old I am.

I pondered in my supposedly crib. Where have I seen blue before? If I assume that this is all like fanfiction, there would be numerous possibilities. There's Kuroko Tetsuya, but the wrong shade of blue, so I crossed him out. Grimmjow Jaegerjaquez? No. Different. Or else I would have associated him with White. Definitely not Wendy Marvel nor is it Juvia Lockser...Wait, I got it! Ika-musume!

I nodded. That must be why I'm here. She probably thinks that I need to be with other humans because she doesn't know what to do with them and probably kissed my forehead because she's seen people (mothers) do that. I nodded. Though what doesn't explain is that she gave me the pendant, not that I'm complaining.

So now, I got everything in the story. I laid on my crib. If this was a new life...Then why don't I remember my supposedly memories before this?...


I'm sure that you know who the Blue Grey guy is. If ya still don't know, well... A pun on her name I guess. Akame. Kame is a turtle in Japanese. I'm not giving her a last name, so she'll be like an orphan without any last name, just like most people in the anime.

And I was curious. I would have thought that Naruto would be a no-name person, but he got a last name! Even if some people have family, we don't even know what their last names are because of the fact that it was never revealed. Only when shouting and introducing, basically.

And the reason why she can't remember is because currently, she is watching too much anime and reading too much manga. So basically, it's like a nagging feeling like she knows but can't touch it.