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It was in the afternoon, and I had been returning from a school football match when the first incident happened. I was wearing my football clothes (because I couldn't be bothered to change), which consisted of a red and white striped sports shirt, white sport shorts, blue trainers (I can't walk home in studs can I?), and white knee-length socks. I was carrying my black sports bag, which had my school clothes in them, along with my football studded shoes, and some casual clothing for the party I was going to go to after I got home and changed. The weather was mostly average, not very cold, but the wind was making me shiver, despite the rays of sunlight. The street was pretty normal too, for me anyway. A couple alleyways here and there behind the cafes and takeaway stores, but I was used to those. I knew everything about my home town, and could traverse it with my eyes closed. So I was kinda surprised to see the group of teenagers loitering in the alleyway behind the corner-shop. I had never seen them before, and they looked like they wanted to cause trouble, but I didn't really care. Not my problem. I don't mean that to come across as selfish, but I guess it was. I mean, they hadn't actually caused any trouble, so who cares?

"Hey, kid. You mind helping us with something?" Well, I cared now. I looked back at them. The one who spoke to me was roughly 19 or something, and he was wearing a grey hoodie, along with some dark green jeans and white running trainers. He had the beginning of a moustache on his chiselled face, above which sat his emerald eyes, which seemed to look straight through me. So much so I turned to check if there was someone else. Unfortunately not, so I guess he looked at people like that all the time.

"What is it you need help with?" I didn't feel like sticking around. The others in this guy's group were all dressed similarly to him, with the only variation being the colour of their eyes and height. There were about 5 or 6 of them including the apparent leader, and some were sneering at me menacingly. Not the signs I wanted to see.

"Well, I seem to have left all my cash at home, and so did all my friends. You wouldn't mind lending us some, would you?" Yep, this was a mugging. Strange; I always thought that if I got mugged, I would be in the alleyway, not next to it. That doesn't change the fact that I was scared of what might happen to me if things got rough, especially because they wouldn't like my answer.

"If only there was some way to give you some. But alas, woe is me, for mine own breaches have been emptied of all things precious. Oh, woe is me indeed." I said, with a fake super posh accent. This wasn't a smart idea, but I like to make jokes, and my mind was working overtime to keep the potential fear at bay. Besides, everyone likes jokes, right?

"I don't really like your jokes," Crap. "And I especially don't like lies. So why don't you let my boys check to see if you're telling the truth? Lance, go rough him up." One of the taller boys started advancing towards me. His well-defined muscles could clearly be seen underneath his intentionally smaller hoodie, and he cracked his knuckles in his sausage like fingers. A snarl crept onto his face, and I could see the only languages he knew were either grunts, or punches. Shame I could only speak English and reason. I started to panic. What should I do? I couldn't reason with this guy, that much was clear, and I definitely wouldn't stand a chance if I tried to fight him. Give him you're stuff said the reasonable voice in my head.

I ran. Darn it

I had surprised them and was a couple of meters away, so I had a head start. I ran past all of the people in the small shops or restaurants, and turned my head back to see the huge teenager gaining on me, while the other thugs were lagging behind. To be fair to them, I did come first in my year in the 100m and 200m. I turned my head forward to see that I was coming up to a junction in the road. There didn't seem to be any cars on it at the moment, but anyone who's ever heard of health and safety would know that running on the road is dangerous. A quick glance behind me told me that I didn't have a choice. I ran straight into the middle of the road. I checked my right and was thankful that there weren't any cars there. When I checked to my left, all I saw was the front of a Range Rover before my mind slowed down to micro-seconds to process everything happening. I could see just how the sun shined off of the silver bumper, how the mighty tires covered every crack in the concrete road, how the red light swept from the middle of the car window to the edges. Wait, what? I didn't dwell on that last one, as I jumped into the air, trying to angle myself so the car hit my bag first. As I did, I saw what looked like an angry red gash in the universe slowly align itself in the centre of my field of vision, before the car struck , throwing me into it.

In another world

A nameless group of scientists looked on in amazement as a both literal and metaphorical portal to their dreams opened itself in front of them. Oh, the decades they had spent researching, testing and theorizing, just to get this result! The hours spent testing on the homeless Humans and Faunus (mainly Faunus) that they found, the searching and capturing of the only person that could hope to make their dream come true! It was like heaven on earth for them! However, if anyone had bothered to look, they would have noticed an empty cage. A very important cage, that carried all of their hopes and dreams in. Did I mention it was empty?

Raven Branwen glared from a dark corner in the room, hidden by the shadows from overhead machinery and her training. She could have easily evaded the scientist's search parties, or escaped whenever she felt like it, but this organization was garnering interest from her, so she thought it best to find out what they were doing, and why they needed her to do it. She had to say, she was shocked when she found out the answer. Inter-dimensional travel? It sounded insane, but the way they went about it meant that they mean business. After capturing Raven, they had kidnapped homeless people off of the streets, or gone to towns where the Faunus population wouldn't be missed and taken them away. Afterwards the trapped them in cages and unlocked their auras forcibly, before forcing (like they could ever make Raven do what they wanted by force) to open and maintain a portal. Once that was done, to put it simply, they boosted the portals power using the aura of dozens of the people they captured, willingly or not, whether they were man, woman, or child. If their reactions were anything to go by, they had succeeded. At first Raven was tempted to let the experiment continue, to see what the possible results could be, and how worried she should be by the Queen's growing interest, but a groan from her left distracted her. The caged people were lying limply on the floor, lacking the strength to stand, or even scream from the pain they were being put through. A person's aura was their soul projected and theirs was being sucked away from them by towering machines. Raven quickly made her choice. She cut the lights.

Random Scientist pov

I quickly grew silent as the power seemed to go out. Had the portal started taking electrical energy as well as aura energy to keep it going? Or maybe the test subjects had run out of aura and were beginning to die from exhaustion. Oh well. No-one cared about them, and they could always get more.

"Hey Janna, go check out what the readings say. Janna?" I turned around and noticed that a good quarter of the original team was missing. "Hey, where'd they go?" Suddenly another scientist was dragged of, so quickly he didn't even have time to scream before he disappeared into the darkness. "What's going on here?" Taking out a walkie-talkie, I said "Guards, where are you? We need help here, now!" I was met with static. I glanced fearfully around the room, as my colleagues seemingly vanished before they could blink. Soon, I was the only one left. I glanced fearfully in every direction, flinching at the tiniest of sounds, hoping I could save myself from this unseen monster. It was then that my eyes glanced across the cage. The empty cage

"Oh no…"

Raven's pov

Having dealt with all the scientists and guards, I recovered my sword from one of the rooms and quickly opened all of the cages, dragging out the unconscious people inside. As I turned to leave, however, I saw my portal. My lack of concentration was making it flicker in and out, and whenever it flickered in, it was never the same place as before. She quickly cancelled her portal. Better to leave on foot for now, than check first-hand if there were any lasting effects to her semblance. She left a beacon for any nearby police to check out the lab she was in, before leaving the facility and hiding from any that might look for her.

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