I cautiously jogged around the boar thing. It didn't seem at all interested in me, but that doesn't mean I wanted to test my luck. My fear of the thing had begun to lessen. Now I was just worried if it would be interested in Jane. As soon as I made it back, I quickly shook Jane to get her attention, before motioning to be silent. "But why?" she whispered.

"There's a black boar thing coming. We need to get out of here!" I said quietly. Just because it didn't seem to care about me, doesn't mean I wanted to take any chances. She nodded in agreement, but I could see the fear creeping onto her face. "Hey," I said, crouching down and putting my hand on her shoulder. "We'll be fine." I put my bag back on the cart and started pulling it along, while trying to keep it quiet. Jane was walking alongside of me, constantly looking fearfully at the tree-line. I began to pull the cart along faster, hoping that the boar thing would just pass us by, and that the direction it was going in was just a coincidence. Unfortunately, because the universe can be a jerk sometimes, it wasn't.

The black boar (that's what I decided to call it) came charging at us from the side, letting out a bloodcurdling screech as it did so. I dropped the cart and pushed Jane to the side before jumping as well. The black boar went straight past us before stopping and turning around eyeing us. It stomped its feet, getting ready to charge again. I quickly tried to sort through what I and Jane's options were. Run for it? No, this thing was too fast. Fight it? Yeah, I'm sure I can totally punch through that bone plating surrounding it. Think Jack, think! What can I do? I looked at our surroundings, and noticed all the trees around. The very thick trees... Oh God I hope this works. I looked over at Jane. She looked terrified. Her lips were trembling, and her hands were twitching uncontrollably. Was this one of those "Grimm" that she was talking about? I pushed that thought aside for now. I tried to fight back the terror I was feeling, tried to keep it out of my voice when I said "Jane! Head for the trees! I've got a plan!" She looked at me, before looking back at the beast. It let out a screech before charging again. Jane took off running, but when the beast started chasing after her, I picked up a nearby rock and threw it at the black boar. I managed to nail it in the eye, making it screech and change its course to charge at me. Does that count as lucky? I waited until the last moment before diving out of the way when the boar got to close. Now, to clear up any confusion, these weren't professional dives that I was doing. No, this was me diving and sliding a bit on my side or front. This meant that when I had dived to the side once again, I landed on the side that got hit by a car, which made the bruise flair up in pain again. I winced at the agony my side was feeling, but I didn't have any time to focus on that. Picking up another stone, I ran to the tree that Jane was hiding behind, grabbed her, and started running.

You see, my plan was fairly simple. In the forest, there were plenty of trees around. So I figured if the black boar started chasing us in here, sooner or later it would hit something, which would either knock it out from the speed it was going, or get its tusks stuck. When that happened, I would use the rock that I grabbed to try and kill it. Maybe the latter part of the plan could use some work but hey, it was the best I could come up with under the circumstances. I glanced behind us. The black boar had slowed down to get through the trees, meaning that if it hit us, it (hopefully) wouldn't be fatal. As we were running away, my mind was taking the second overtime shift it had taken within the same ten minutes. Okay, it's slowed down, that's great! Not! It won't crash into anything, and it can still trample me and Jane! I've got to get Jane to a safe place before I try anything. But how? The only possible safe place for her is up a tree, and there's no way she could climb up a tree in time. I looked down at Jane, who was trying her best to keep up with me while I drag her along. Her long red hair was billowing behind her, like a column of flames. Her face was drawn tight, and I could see she was scared, and that fear was keeping her going. Her tail was swinging around behind her, keeping her balanced whenever she was close to tripping (tails are surprisingly useful to cats). Her tail...

"Jane! How well can you use your tail?!" Jane glanced at me confused.


"Your tail! How well can you use it?" She still looked confused, but decided not to question it as we heard the boar thing let out another screech. It was gaining on us.

"It's as simple as breathing to me! Why?" I looked for what I would need to carry out "operation: get Jane up a tree." Inventive, I know. A little to the right I saw a tall tree with a low hanging branch. I prayed this would work.

"How fast could you climb up a tree with it?"

"What are you talking ab-"

"How fast?!" It took her less than a second to realize what I meant.

"Faster than the Boarbatusk. But what about" That was all I needed to hear. Dragging us towards the tree, I suddenly pulled Jane close before throwing her as hard as I could at the lower branch. She managed to catch on to it with her tail and pulled herself up without any difficulty. Stopping for a second, I turned around and threw the rock at the Boarbatusk (I guessed that was what it was called). The rock bounced off of its bone plating, but it did focus its attention on me.

"Come and get it, you big black bacon ba..." I glanced up at seven year old Jane. "aaad thing I don't like!" Nailed it! The Boarbatusk screeched in rage and refocused all of its attention on me. Does that count as a good thing? I took off running again, taking its focus away from Jane. Without having to drag Jane along, I was able to run faster than before but that was only delaying the inevitable. Think James! Think like your life depends on it! Because if you haven't noticed, it does! All of a sudden, the thunder of hooves stopped behind. I slowed down to catch my breath and turned to see what was happening. The Boarbatusk had stopped and for a moment I allowed myself to relax. Then, it did a small hop into the air, before rolling into a ball and dashing towards me at an astonishing pace, completely demolishing the small trees that had been between us. What? That doesn't even make sense! Just how... screw you universe. I jumped out of the way a second before it rolled past me, a hit that would have killed me for sure if I hadn't gotten out of the way. Looking back, I saw the beast continue its path of destruction before hitting a large boulder, which stunned it and left it lying on its back. Now's my chance. I looked for anything I could use and saw what remained of the body of a small tree, its ends broken, but one end of the tree had a sharp point from getting torn away. I picked it up and ran over towards the Boarbatusk, which was still trying to get its bearings back. Letting out a yell, I jumped in the air before stabbing its unprotected stomach. My makeshift spear broke through its hide, burying itself deep while the Boarbatusk continued to struggle. Slowly, it began to stop struggling, until a dark mist began to pour off of its skin. I pulled out the tree I had used to stab it with, and slumped onto my back, exhausted. I continued to lie there for a whole minute, until I remembered Jane. I slowly pushed myself up, but when I went to pick up my forest grown spear, I noticed my hands were shaking. I'd been terrified the entire time that Boarbatusk had been chasing me, and I almost fell back down as the terror finally released itself. But I couldn't falter now. I needed to get back to Jane, and put on a brave face for her. Steeling my nerves, I grabbed my new spear and slowly followed the destruction the Boarbatusk had left behind to the tree I had thrown Jane onto.

When I got back to where I thought I had left Jane, I couldn't see her. Worry started to get into my voice when I called out "Jane? Jane, where are you? Jane?!" I suddenly heard a flurry of leaves, and turned around to see Jane upside down behind me, grinning.

"Got you." I laughed in relief, glad to see she was okay.

"Jeez, don't do that to me. I was worried!" She continued grinning at me, and I couldn't help but smile back. I heard a tint of worry in her voice, however, when she asked

"What happened to the Boarbatusk?" I put on as much false bravado as I could, and used the manliest voice I could muster when I bellowed

"One Boarbatusk? Against me? Hah! It didn't stand a chance. I slowly lured it into a false sense of security by running in what looked like abject fear, when all of a sudden, bam! I lifted it up, threw it in the air, broke off part of a tree with my bare teeth and stabbed it in the heart. All with my eyes closed, because I am that amazing!" Jane began to laugh at my display of manliness, all traces of fear gone. I smiled slightly wider when I noticed this, and began to laugh alongside her. Once she climbed down from the tree, we made our way back to the cart (we almost got lost since it was still dark, but the light on my phone would put us back on the right path), which for the most part looked untouched. A far cry from the two who had been using it, but we didn't really mind. Jane let out a loud yawn, clearly tired from the previous events, and the fact that it was night time clearly wasn't helping. In a bad imitation of an English butler, I said "Would the lady like to make her way onto the carriage?" while motioning to the farmer cart. Jane giggled a little before saying, in an equally bad posh accent,

"But of course. It is only befitting of a lady such as me to accept your request as humbly as possible." She gave a quick curtsy before climbing onto the cart and settling in the hay. With more difficulty than I wished to admit (hey, I hurt my left side again, and killed a Boarbatusk. What have you done?), I picked the cart back up, and we continued on our journey.

In an unknown location...

"Hey, check it out! A whole new season of "Dogs, Cats and Hamsters galore!" has come out!"

Well that was anti-climatic.

"Get back to work! If we don't find anything useful, then I've got to tell her what went wrong! So take this seriously! If I was ever in need of a silver lining..." A small group of armed men were combing the countryside, looking for something, anything that wasn't normal. They weren't having much luck, and by the state of the sorry town they were next to, there were Grimm nearby that they wanted to get away from as soon as possible. The silence was shattered when one of the men in the group shouted out

"I've found something!" Everyone quickly hurried to his location, keeping alert in case any Grimm – or townspeople – was still around to see what they were doing. Upon approach of the one who had called for them, the leader saw deep marks in the ground. Something had landed here, and it wasn't any kind of Grimm. She smiled, a feature she rarely ever used, and which caused her subordinates to inwardly shiver. Something had landed here, and nothing was going to stop her from finding it.