An armored man walked down a spaceship, wondering what his next assignment was going to be. He was wondering if he was going to have to be frozen again. He was walking past that same slumber pod he was thinking of when he paused slightly. He turned to inspect a possible glow that was emanating from inside. A glow that got bigger as it surrounded him and disappeared, with him along with it.

"More beer!" The "king" was restless. Having lost the love of his life, not even the power of the castle could lift his spirits. "But sire, you drank all of it. All we have left is this milk." The King was about to smack it away when he noticed that it was glowing. Before he disappeared.

Sitting back up on the shelf at the voodoo store, the doll was bored. Making sure no one was around, he pulled out some zombie dust that he hid, ready to pull a few pranks. His chuckling stopped, however, as he noticed that the dust was glowing.

Rowing away with his lady love, and making sure his guts weren't spilling out, the zombie turned to look at the city getting blown up. He didn't know why, he didn't care for it, seeing how he was the reason it was destroyed in the first place. But he did get some concern for the glowing debris flying at him.

Once again, all over the multiverse, the glow appeared yet again to take away warriors and fighters to an unknown location.

An alien fighter.

An explosive guy.

A block builder.

A revenge-driven cowboy.

A time sweeper.

A bird and bear.

A cybernetic god.

A psychic detective.


A warrior elf.

A fighting spy.

A secret agent.

A thriller author.

A feral alien.

A cyborg agent.

A hero.

The boy with the dragon shadow.

A ninja actor.

A tricked patriot.

The liberator of them moon.

The Moonblood's Sen-Mithrarin.

An immortal warrior.

A Roman general.

A selfish superhero.

A jetpack flyer.

A mystical martial artist.

A photographer.

A Ghoulie fighter.

They all appeared in an open area, confused at their surroundings and the people around them. Their questions would only grow as a bright light appeared, revealing a man standing above in a balcony, a mischievous glint in his eye. "I am The Gamer! And you are my next game!"