Kameo, fully healed, walked forward to The Gamer, ready to speak her wish. She gave a quick glance at the other contestants standing at the side, feeling a little guilty. But their faces showed no sign of a grudge or malice, so she felt a little better about being the winner. "Kameo, you have fought honorably and well, and you deserve the prize that you will receive. Now, speak your wish, and let it come true."

Kameo breathed deeply before speaking. "I...I wish..."


Everyone jumped at Master Chief sudden outburst and entrance, and were even more shocked at the ready-to-fire railgun. "You honestly think we were all going to buy this? I don't know what your plan is, but you won't succeed."

"What? How dare you! I am a man of my word - "

"Shut it."

Firing the gun, he missed The Gamer by a hair's width, but it hit the wall behind him, unleashing a massive energy storm that was continuously growing. Everyone started to get pulled towards the insane energies, threatening to destroy them. "No, you fool! You hit the main generators! Now the energy of my powers is out of control, and with the controls locked in a delicate state, I can't fix it. You've doomed us all!"

Kameo took note of what The Gamer said, and realized what the "delicate state" was. She looked at the other contestants, getting closer to the energy wave with the danger of getting wiped out. Mustering all of her courage, she used her only chance to help those in need.


The energies reacted in a bright light at Kameo's words, and the light dimmed, the room once again knew peace. The Gamer quickly launched at the controls, putting Master Chief in a containment field. "I thought I wasn't going to have to use them this time." Kameo, fighting back tears, turned to Master Chief. "That was quite possibly my only chance to save my sister from her prison of stone. And now, I might never see her again, because of you. I will never forgive you for this." She turned to The Gamer. "Is there any way I can get another chance?" The Gamer gave a quick glance before pushing a button. "Maybe. I am always in the mood for a game." The glow returned everyone to their home worlds before any more questions could be asked.

Later, The Gamer recorded his final thoughts of the matter in his journal. "Surprisingly, there was hardly any point to this game, as there was barely a purpose or goal in mind. I just thought that after so much fun with the other two worlds, I thought that their world was a little neglected. But it might serve a purpose in the long run, as it has provided excellent candidates for the lineup of my Ultimate Game."