"Harmony Ever After"

AN: 5 years after the series finale of Passions, we find the residents of Harmony doing relatively well. Ivy and Sam have finally married and the chief of police has forgiven her for her past transgressions. Eve and Julian have also married and turned the Crane Empire into a force for good in the world. The new Mrs. Crane is now chief of staff at the Harmony hospital and often has her hands full. Luckily, her daughters have returned to Harmony to help. After caring for her father until he passed away, Simone became a nurse and now works at the hospital. Whitney returned to her first love and became a tennis coach. Her newest student?. Jane Winthrop.

"Come on honey, you're doing great!" Whitney cheered as little Jane jogged across the court swinging her racket.

The little girl on the opposite side of Jane swung her racket back with ferocity causing Jane to miss.

"Chelsea!" the tennis coach fussed. "I told you to go easy on Jane. She hasn't been doing this as long as you have."

"Sorry Mommy." the pretty little girl shrugged. She was the perfect blend of her parents, she had Chad's light brown eyes and her mother's deep curls. Every time Whitney looked at her daughter she saw Chad and it broke her heart.

"It's okay honey", she replied softly. "Come on girls; let's see what your brothers and Aunt Theresa are up to."

During the past five years, Ethan and Theresa had opened a very successful law firm in Harmony. While Theresa was no longer head of the Crane Empire, the Winthrops' made more than enough money to live comfortably and help their families as much as possible. Theresa was working from home that day when her best friend brought the children home.

"Mommy!" Jane yelled as she rushed inside to see her mother.

"Hey sweetheart", Theresa exclaimed as she put her work aside and gathered her daughter into her arms.

As Jane excitedly told her mother all about her day, the brunette kissed her daughter's forehead.

"I'm so glad you had a great day honey," she said. "Daddy will be home soon, so why don't you take Chelsea up to your room while Aunt Whitney and I talk?"

"Okay Mommy", Jane said before grabbing Chelsea's hand and running upstairs.

"Wow", Whitney said as she sat down on the couch beside Theresa. "Even after all this time it's hard to believe we have little girls."

"I know!" the brunette exclaimed. "After everything we've been through our lives are finally the way we always dreamed. We have our careers, our kids, and our husb-."

Whitney looked away.

"I'm so sorry Whitney," her best friend said feeling terrible about her blunder.

"It's okay Theresa", Whitney replied and hugged her. "Really, it's been over five years now and I've come to terms with it. Chad had his demons but I know he loved the kids and me. I look at Chelsea and Miles every day and I know he's still here with us in spirit."

"You're absolutely right", Theresa said, tearing up at the thought of Ethan's best friend. "You know Ethan and I will always be here for you and the kids, just like you've always been there for me".

The two women hugged and wiped away each other's tears.

"You know, if no one else in the world got their happily ever after I'm glad you got yours", Whitney said. "You deserve it."

"Oh sweetheart", Theresa said gathering Whitney in her arms. "You'll get yours too I promise!"

Oh Theresa I hope you are right, Whitney thought.


Over at the Bennett's, Ivy Crane Bennet was busy doing dishes while Little Ethan did his homework and Jonathan played. While Sam was still acting as Chief of Police, Ivy was once again a homemaker who often did charitable events. Only this time around she was happy. After losing Fox and finally making amends with Sam, Ivy resolved to spend more time with her remaining children and grandchildren. She even visited Pretty in the mental hospital on occasion. While Ivy had a better relationship with her children, Sam's children had still not forgiven her for what had happened to their mother. They were cordial though all except for Kay. This did not much bother Ivy because she still held Kay responsible for Fox's death. If Kay had simply broken things off with Fox instead of stringing him along as she chased after Miguel, her baby boy would still be alive today.

"Grandma", Little Ethan called interrupted her thoughts. "Miles is coming by to play basketball!"

"Fine darling, as long as all your homework is done!" the blonde replied as she started dinner.

It was still hard to believe that Little Ethan was she and Sam's grandchild. After all the years of war with Theresa, Ivy was stunned to learn that she had been telling the truth all along. Luckily, Theresa and Ethan had forgiven her and allowed her to be a part of the children's lives. It had taken time for her relationship with Theresa to heal and grow, but once the two women realized how similar they were it got easier. Yes, she was lucky to have her remaining children, grandchildren as well as the love of her life. Nevertheless, Ivy Crane Bennet still had a few scores to settle. As she pulled Sam's favorite sweet potato pie from the fridge, she smiled. Revenge is a dish best served cold.