Chapter 2

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In nearby Castleton, two old friends sat in a coffee shop catching up.

Living so close to their former partners had been tough, so Gwen and Sheridan had decided that it was best to live in the nearby town instead. After her three-year prison stint, Gwen had reached out to Sheridan to apologize for her actions. Eventually Sheridan had forgiven her, understanding well what love and desperation could drive a person to do. After all she had her son Marty back and she had Antonio she was happy…wasn't she?


"Sheridan?" Gwen called pulling the Crane heiress back from her thoughts. "Did you hear a word I said?"

"I'm sorry Gwen", Sheridan said sheepishly.

"I asked how Marty was doing", her friend said.

"Oh he's doing great Gwen", Sheridan replied. "Luis took him to a professional baseball game the other day and he couldn't stop talking about it."

"And Fancy?" Gwen questioned eyebrow raised.

She had never taken to the idea of Fancy and Luis and never tried to hide it.

"Marty is my son with Luis, Fancy has nothing to do with him", Sheridan snapped.

Gwen held up her hands in surrender.

"I know Sheridan, I know", she said. "It just seems strange that after all this time they haven't tried for another baby."

The two women sipped their coffee silently wrapped in their thoughts of the past. Shortly after the weddings 5 years ago, Fancy had been in a routine traffic stop. Only the suspect refused to stop resulting in a high-speed chase that ended in a horrific crash. Fancy had lost her baby and the suspect had been killed in the accident. Everyone involved was left devastated but no one more so than Fancy.

"I know how hard it can be to lose a child", Sheridan said quietly breaking the silence. "I'm so thankful I got Marty got back."

Gwen nodded in agreement.

"I still miss my Sarah", Gwen said. "And now I'm missing out on Jonathan's life."

"Oh Gwen", Sheridan said as she squeezed her best friends hand. "I thought you were seeing him more?"

"Every other weekend", she scoffed bitterly. "I am his mother Sheridan! I should be the one taking him to school in the mornings, asking about his day, and tucking him in at night!"

"Have you tried asking Ethan and Theresa for more time?" Sheridan asked feeling bad for her friend.

"That bitch Theresa is not Jonathan's mother, I don't have to ask her for anything", Gwen snarled. "I asked Ethan for every weekend and possibly transitioning to me keeping him during the week and Ethan having him on the weekends."

"Well, what did he say?" Sheridan asked skeptically.

"Of course he said no to full time but he'll think about the weekends", Gwen said. "It's the least he could do Sheridan, they have Jane and Little Ethan I have nothing."

"That's not true Gwen", Sheridan said as her phone began buzzing. "You have your mother, Jonathan and me"

"Thanks for reminding me", Gwen said hugging her only friend goodbye. "I'm going to pick up my baby boy from Ivy and Sam's and we'll see you at Marty's baseball game tomorrow."

After Gwen left, Sheridan finally checked her buzzing cell phone and one message stood out. It was simple text from Luis that got her heart racing in a way Antonio never could…"We need to talk"

As Ethan arrived home from work, he was delighted to find his happy wife and daughter waiting for him. He had always dreamed this scene, coming home to the love of his life and their children. The noise level in the house quickly let the lawyer know that two of their children were missing.

"Hey guys", he said kissing his wife and daughter. "Where are the boys?"

"At Grandma and Grandpa's", Jane said with a pout. "Mommy wouldn't let me go."

Ethan raised an eyebrow at his wife, who refused to meet his stare. Losing custody of Jane as a baby had been especially devastating for Theresa. She had missed being her mother for almost two years. After finally getting her daughter back, Theresa had worked tirelessly at bonding with her. Even now, years later the brunette rarely let Jane out of her sight.


"I'll tell you what", Ethan said breaking the tension. "You run in the kitchen and grab a snack; I'll call your abuela and see if she'll come pick you up."

"Yay!" the girl shouted with joy. "I hope Maria's there!"

She kissed her father and ran to ask their housekeeper for a snack.

"Honey", he began but Theresa held up her hand to stop him.

"I know Ethan and I'm really trying", she said. "I even let her go with Whitney to the Mansion to have her tennis lesson instead of having it here."

Ethan grabbed his wife by the chin and gently forced her to look at him.

"Listen", he said softly. "You never have to worry about losing Jane or any of us ever again."

Theresa give a teary-eyed smiled and hugged her husband.

"Now, let's call your mother to get Jane for the night", he whispered in her ear. "While we work on a little sister for her and the boys."

"Ethan!" Theresa squealed and giggled as he kissed her

The only thing that had changed about Pilar Lopez-Fitzgerald's home over the years was its size. After settling into their lives and careers, the Lopez-Fitzgerald children had come together to rebuild their childhood home. They had added as many new wings as Pilar would allow and it was a good thing they had, with her growing brood of grandchildren, Pilar would need the room. She loved having her grandchildren around, and since she no longer worked at the Crane mansion, she had plenty of time to baby-sit as well as pursue her own hobbies.

Pilar was just returning home from picking up Jane. After allowing her to play with Maria and Paloma's son Joseph, she quickly fed the children and put them to bed. As the older woman settled down on the sofa to watch her telenovas, she heard her rowdy grandchildren doing anything but sleeping.

"Just like their parents." she said to herself and smiled.

Even though her children were all grown now Pilar could not help but worry over them and right now, she was very worried. Her girls were doing well for the most part. Theresa and Ethan were happy with their children and finally settled down. Paloma and Noah had Joseph 9 months after the wedding. Noah was now part owner at the bar, and Paloma was enjoying her career as a police officer so Joseph spent lots of time with his grandmother.

However, when it came to her boys Pilar was worried. Even after five years, Sheridan and Antonio had not remarried or had any children together. Moreover, with Fancy and Luis never really recovering from their loss all those years ago the matriarch worried that Luis and Sheridan would be drawn to each as they always were. Even with Miguel, she worried that he was not truly happy in his marriage to Kay, after the first few years he seemed to become distant. She wanted nothing more than for him to be a family with Kay and Maria but the devious way that Kay had broken up her own parents' marriage in order to be with Miguel was disturbing. If she would go to those lengths to get Miguel what else, had she done? Would Miguel ever truly let Charity go?

Pilar sighed and looked up to the heavens for guidance, she definitely sensed trouble ahead.