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Chapter 25

I would hold the hands of the one who would lead me places

And kiss the lips of the one who could sing so sweet

And I would fly on the wings of a bird I knew

Could take me higher

Breathe in, breathe out

You keep me alive; you are my passion for life.

One week later

"Are you sure you're going to be comfortable here by yourself Charity", Pilar asked as she and Paloma bustled around the house.

It had only been a few days since Charity's release from the hospital and Pilar was worried about leaving her and Elijah alone.

"I'll be fine Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald", the blonde answered as she snuggled on the couch with Elijah. "I appreciate everything you guys have done for us."

"How many times do we have to tell you", Paloma fussed. "You're family, and this is what family does."

Charity nodded but struggled to hold back her tears; she'd seen little of her own "family" now that everything was out in the open. Honestly, she couldn't blame them for keeping their distance after what she'd done to Kay and Miguel. Her Uncle Sam had been thoroughly disappointed, suspicious even when she'd told him she remembered nothing leading up to her fall. Jessica was the only one who reached out to her, telling her that she, Kay and the children were back in Texas for good.

But what did that mean for her and Miguel? He'd said so many loving things to her while she was comatose but was that just grief talking, or did he still care for her?

"Charity?", Paloma called snapping the blonde back to the present. "Did you hear a word Mama said?"

"I'm sorry", she apologized. "I zoned out for a minute."

"Mama offered to keep Elijah tonight while you get settled in".

"Oh no thank you", Charity said holding her son tighter. "I've been away from him enough lately."

The Lopez-Fitzgerald women set with Charity and Elijah a while longer, making dinner and small talk. After some time, Pilar told her daughter to wait outside while she spoke to Charity alone.

The blonde laid her now sleeping son in his playpen and mentally prepared herself to for the tongue lashing that was sure to come. As she faced the Lopez-Fitzgerald matriarch the sadness written on her face managed to make Charity feel worse than she already did.

"Ms. Lopez-Fitzgerald I want to apologize for everything I've put your family through", she said. What happened between Miguel and I-?

Pilar held up a hand to stop her.

"Never apologize for giving me another beautiful grandson to love", she said. "I'm not angry with you or Miguel but I am worried. Worried about what's going to happen to all of you especially my grandchildren.

"I-I'm going to try to reach out to Kay", Charity said. "I had no right to interfere in her marriage"

"They weren't happy for a long time before you came back into the picture", Pilar said placing a hand on Charity's knee. "I fear that she's another casualty in the famous Lopez-Fitzgerald love triangles. Charity my children love passionately, wildly and though they may have the best of intentions their love can hurt. It can destroy and push people to do the unthinkable".

Charity swallowed hard.

"Beth, Gwen, Antonio, Fancy and now Kay have all been hurt in the many love triangles my children have had.", Pilar continued. "I'm not saying any of this to warn you away from Miguel, I'm hoping it encourages you to go to him."

"What?", Charity exclaimed.

"I believe that each of my children has a soulmate", the matriarch said. "Some have been lucky enough to find theirs others have not. Luis' soulmate is Sheridan, Theresa's is Ethan and Miguel's soulmate is you Charity"

The blonde shook her head as she began to cry.

"Both of you have spent years fighting your fate and it's done nothing but bring misery. The sooner you go to Miguel and tell him what's in your heart, the sooner we can all heal and move forward as a family."

Charity gave no reply other than to hug Pilar and guide her to the door. She had a lot to think about.

Once the door was firmly closed behind her, Pilar lifted her eyes toward the sky and said a silent prayer that all of her children could find some happiness. If Fox Crane could come back from the dead surely her request was a simple one.


The following morning

Julian Crane struggled to conceal a smile as his wife sighed heavily for the third time that day.

"Something bothering you darling", he asked sipping coffee.

"You know very well what's bothering me", the doctor frowned. "I'm glad to see it amuses you Julian"

"Sweetheart I'm sorry but I really do think you're blowing this whole thing out of proportion"

Eve raised a brow at her husband but made no reply.

Since the news of Fox Crane's return from the dead had broken worldwide paparazzi had swarmed the Crane Mansion making it almost impossible for anyone to get in or out. Unfortunately for the doctor, Ivy rarely left her sons' side these days and as such was virtually trapped in the Crane Mansion with the rest of them.

Eve could understand the icy blonde's desire to be near her son after all they'd been through; it was Ivy's attitude, sashaying through the mansion as though she were still Mrs. Julian Crane that annoyed Eve to no end. Speaking of annoying houseguest, Ivy hadn't come down for breakfast this morning. Neither had Fox.

Eve looked across the table to see a thoroughly amused Julian smiling back at her.

"Looking for someone dear?", he asked rising from the table.

"Yes, I was wondering if the other Mrs. Crane would be joining us for breakfast", she replied. "should we have her served in bed?"

"Tease all you like", the Crane patriarch said. "As long as you know that there is only one Mrs. Crane in this house and in my heart."

Eve couldn't hide her smile as Julian kissed her cheek and offered her his hand.

"Fox elected to return to the Crane Cabin early this morning by way of the Crane tunnels. He feels more comfortable there and wanted to get some rest before his flight to Paris. I strongly suggested his mother join him"

The doctor sighed with relief and wrapped her arms around her husband.

"Hopefully this media circus will down soon, and our lives can get back to normal"

"I'm sure it will", Julian replied as he began to kiss Eve's neck and shoulders. "In the meantime, I'll enjoy every minute I have with you"


Oh, I cannot believe your father", Ivy fumed. Throwing us out in the middle of the night like street trash"

The newly returned Crane heir rolled his eyes and flipped through the morning newspaper. His mother had been on a nonstop rant since they returned to the cabin and it was wearing on his nerves. Due to her falling out with Ethan Ivy had contented herself with managing every aspect of his life; while it was endearing at first Fox was quickly growing exasperated. Sensing his father and stepmother felt the same, Fox had decided to return to the Crane Cabin.

"Don't you have anything to say Nicholas", Ivy prodded.

Fox lowered the paper he was pretending to read and glared.

"Mother you know very well Father did not throw us out. I choose to come back to the cabin because you were wearing on everyone's nerves"

"You mean Eve's nerves", the blonde huffed. "And who cares how she feels it's your house!"

"Not until the Father croaks", Fox said raising the paper. "And don't get any ideas"

Ivy shrugged and grabbed her coffee mug.

"Cheer up Mother", the Crane heir said changing the subject. "Aren't you excited to see Fancy?"

At the mention of her older daughter Ivy brightened.

"Of course, I am, I'm also excited to see her new store is doing. And it'll be good for you to see your sister"

Fox nodded and focused on his buzzing cell phone. The two settled into a comfortable silence until they heard a knock at the door. Ivy rushed to answer the it.

"Mother", he called. "What are you up to? No one is supposed to- "

The words died on his lips as Whitney, clad in a simple summer dress, walked into the room.

"Hi stranger", she smiled softly.

"I thought you two might like to see each other before we head off to Paris", Ivy said. "I'll give you two some privacy"

"Long time no see", Whitney said once they were alone.

"I'm sorry it's been a crazy couple of weeks I- "

"I understand", she interrupted. "You've been busy getting use to your new normal. Being the Crane heir takes a lot"

"Whitney", Fox said sharply. "Me being the Crane heir doesn't change anything. I still care about you, Miles and Chelsea the same as before. I've stayed away because of the paparazzi, not because I don't care or have time for you. I just didn't want them hounding you".

Whitney nodded realizing what he said made sense.

"Tell me you understand", Fox pleaded taking her into his arms.

She resisted for a moment before relaxing into his embrace.

"Thank you for thinking of us".

"When I get back from Paris, I want us to talk", the sandy blonde said seriously. "Really talk"

"Talk about what?", Whitney said tensing up.

"You can't tell me that you don't have feelings for me Whitney",

"I don't know what feel Fox", she said pulling away. "Especially after everything that's happened."

He smiled as he cupped Whitney's chin, pulling her back to him.

"We've got forever to figure it out", he said before pressing his lips firmly against hers.

Ivy fanned herself as she eavesdropped from the next room. Despite her insufferable mother it was clear that Fox was head over heels for Whitney. The blonde decided then and there that she approved of this relationship; her son deserved some measure of happiness after everything he'd been through.

A soft knock interrupted her thoughts. Surprised, the blonde rushed toward the door; her surprise quickly turned to panic when she found herself face to face with Kay Lopez-Fitzgerald.


Later that evening

Rebecca Hotchkiss stared impatiently at her watch and sighed. The redhead was waiting for Gwen, Madison and Jonathan at the ice cream shop in Castleton and they were thirty minutes late. Hopefully Ethan and Theresa didn't give Gwen a hard time about getting Jonathan. Rebeca picked up her phone to text her daughter again just as the trio walked into the parlor.

"Meme", Jonathan yelled and rushed to embrace Rebecca. "Have you met my new sister?"

"Hmm" the redhead feigned ignorance. "Is her name Madison?"

"How'd you know", the toddler asked as he crawled into the chair next to his grandmother.

"I know everything", Rebecca winked.

"Mommy Gwen", Jonathan asked. "does Meme know everything?"

"Of course, not sweetheart", the blonde replied. "Read the menu and see what kind of ice cream you want okay?"

"How are you Gwennie?", Rebecca asked turning her attention to her daughter.

"Happy", Gwen said as she hoisted Madison onto her lap. "Happier than I've ever been. I've got two of my own beautiful children to love and I'm marrying the man that truly loves me"

Rebecca kissed her glowing daughters' cheek.

Soon you'll have even more reason to be happy, Rebecca thought to herself.

"Waiter", she called. "We're ready to order"


It was bath time at the Standish house and Charity was laughing as she watched her son splashing around in the bathtub.

"Alright Mr.", she scolded playfully. "time to get out"

"No! No!", Elijah yelled slamming his hands into the water.

Water sprayed everywhere causing his mother to erupt in laughter once again.

2 hours later Charity finally had her son washed, fed, and put rather unhappily to bed. The single mom settled onto her couch and turned on the television. Watching televised drama made it easier to forget the drama in her own life.

Yesterdays conversation with Pilar replayed in her head. What would her mother think if she could see her now? Would she be proud or disappointed? Brushing the thoughts aside the blonde decided to check on her son.

As she grabbed the banister, there was a knock on the door. Suddenly Charity had a splitting headache.

Hadn't this happened before? Knocking on the door, rushing up the stairs, then falling, falling.

The blonde gasped as she was brought back to the present by the continuous knocking. Hesitantly she looked through the peephole before opening the door.


"I know its late", he interrupted. But I needed to see you. I was out at the Blu Note just thinking about what a huge mess we're in. I think it's time to straighten it out"

"Come inside", Charity said softly pushing her memory flash into the back of her mind.

Miguel stepped inside and the two sat down on the couch.

"Are you okay", he asked noticing the blank look on her face.

"You didn't have to come over Miguel", she replied ignoring his question. "I understand that you and Kay want to work things out for Maria's sake"

Miguel grabbed her hand.

"What's best for Maria is to have happy parents, Kay and I haven't been happy for a long a time. When I got the call that you were in coma, I had to face the prospect of losing you again. The idea that I might have to live in a world without you just reminded me of how much you mean to me, Charity. It reminded me that I'm still in love you"

"I don't want to be responsible for breaking up your marriage, Charity replied as she began to pace.

She stopped as she suddenly remembered lying in her hospital bed listening to Miguel beg her to put their love first.

"But I can't deny that I still love you".

Miguel stood up and hugged Charity from behind.

"I can't say that I'm not still angry with you about a lot of things", he said. "But I'm willing to try again and now that I'm not married nothing is standing in our way"

The blonde pulled away to stare at him.

"What do you mean not married?"

"Fox Crane is alive", Miguel said. "Which means that legally Kay was already married when we got married"

"That's a technicality Miguel", Charity argued. "In your heart you were married to Kay, you loved her."

"Kay has always been in my best friend", he said cupping the blonde's face. "I've always cared about her, but I have never loved anyone the way I love you Charity. You are my soulmate, and I knew it from the first time I laid eyes on you."

"Miguel, I love you so much", she said tears running down her cheeks. "I-

Her words were lost as Miguel kissed her deeply, determined not to let this chance at happiness slip away from them.


Next Time on Passions: After a night of passion, Charity explains her memory flash to Miguel. When Ivy's flaunts a devastating truth to Kay, she turns to her father who grows suspicious of his wife's activities. Rebecca's revenge plot takes center stage as Gwen makes a surprising move at Jonathan's custody hearing. Fox and Fancy reunite in Paris, but a stunning tabloid reveal may bring Fancy home for good.